A work in progress MMOG title Towns Life is looking for community support!!

Inspired by popular Harvest Moon game series... CT Games team, present to you, a 2 years old project closing down on its alpha stages...

Towns Life is a 2D MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) based on a distant continent land denominated by Bloomland, located in a planet similar to Earth in terms of atmosphere and life forms.

Bloomland continent has a perfect geographical location and presents favorable conditions for a wide selection of agricultural products, and plants all over the year, turning it into the leader of industry, providing huge amounts of supply to neighborhood continents trough hard and well organized work of three main sectors.

And it will be your task to settle down in one of those towns, get one of the three sectors property and grow it into the leading enterprise of the city.
During the course of it you'll be able to make new friends, build constructions, raise pets, grow some trees and even get some medals for doing it all!

So get ready, get excited and prepare yourself to receive the ticket to join the world of Towns Life.
Although we are still young and many features are yet to be implemented and released to the public we would like to have some more support and general awareness.

If you like Harvest Moon series, play Farmville on Facebook or just loves animals and nature then you definitely should like this project as all boundaries found in the other titles will be broken on towns Life! Expand yourself to a new level and dominate not only Agricultural market but as well as Business and Mining... meet friends online, cooperate, grow animals and visit other farms, join in events, collect thropies and much more of it will all be available on Towns Life!

Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, link to us on your sites and the more you do it the faster you'll see yourself playing this game!

Towns Life Official Site