Yay! Jiendia is in a festive mood and we are happy to see that La Talerís are coming out to enjoy the festivities!

Check out new fashion outfits, the Dark Gothic Set (Male), and Dark Gothic Set (Female). There are a few more outfits being released, but they are full sets. Donít forget to check all of them in the fashion shop.

Itís beginning of October, which means there will be a new update of functional fashion set, the cardboard robot set will be coming to userís hand. This unique functional set gives reasonable options so donít forget to check them in the fashion shop and on the LaDeck board.

A season of gamble item has come back. Gift box is on its way to the fashion shop, and this time users are able to open the item directly purchasing from the fashion shop.

So far there have been lots of functional sets added to Ignateís Capsule. Here is the entire list of whatís in it.

Functional coupons in Ignate Capsule:

1. Mustang Set Coupon
2. Gota Set Coupon
3. Janice Set Coupon
4. Curt Set Coupon
5. Pioneer Set Coupon
6. Mikoyan Set Coupon
7. Berkhart Set Coupon
8. Sonia Set Coupon (M)
9. Sonia Set Coupon (F)
10. Wasashu Set Coupon
11. Luna Set Coupon
12. Sol Set Coupon
13. Saito Kimono Set Coupon (M)
14. Saito Kimono Set Coupon (F)
15. Magical Set Coupon (M)
16. Magical Set Coupon (F)
17. Tengu Set Coupon
18. Tulpit Set Coupon
19. Brownie Set Coupon (M)
20. Brownie Set Coupon (F)

If you are functional set collector, please refer to the list above for future purchasing.