For a long time, there has been a stalemate between Merchants, Hunters and Thieves in Silkroad.

However, the delicate balance has been broken. The Game Masters have finally decided to be the Standard bearers of each opposing faction.

To whom shall the Balance of Power tip? It's up for you to decide.

[Event Period]

October 12 ~ 26, 2010 Silkroad Standard Time (2 weeks)

[Event Schedule]
- This event will be launched in the first day of the event after server inspection on Oct 12, 2010.
- This event will be finished in the last day of the event before server inspection on Oct 26, 2010.
- Event will be held two times on all servers during the whole event period.

[Event Procedure]
1. GM will announce the start of event in-game.
2. Players who want to participate should wear job suit cape and should proceed to the Thief regroup point or Hunter/Merchant Regroup points to be specified by the GM Hunter-Merchant/Thief Leader.
3. Groups of Hunters/Merchants and Thieves and will fight each other in the battle area.
4. Players must protect their GM Leader and kill the GM Leader of the opposing team in order to win.
5. Winning GM Leader will reward his protectors.

[Sample screenshot]
Rally with the GMs and be part of the epic battle between the hunters, merchants and thieves in your server!

We hope that you will enjoy the event. Good luck and have fun!

* Players will lose experience points when killed by opposing team.
* If the battle has not ended within an hour, battle will be considered as draw
* GMs decision is final.

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