Now who's the lucky winner of the CHEVY CAMARO?

I just read in Atlantica Facebook Page that the winner of the event already claiming her prize.
Yes HER.. a lady! wooot! never expected this. But NDoors are still not revealing the information about this winner.

Check out more information here:!/...d/438253947108

Also, a New mercenary has come in Atlantica to suck blood!

New Instrument Mercenary: Vampire Carmilla -is an upcoming Instrument B-Class mercenary that Ndoors is releasing soon on Atlantica Online USA International.

check it here for more info about this new mercenary:

Just read this update on my email, after my vacation.. never thought that this is happening in Atlantica.
I'm still working on with my new Christine merc and now a new merc again was going to be release...
How difficult it was for me to manage my formation.