When we hear about Monks, we usually think of something religious or someone who is calm and in solidarity, and someone who is bald and sometimes good in martial arts or yin yang. Well the case is somewhat different in Atlantica Online. Yes they are still old, wrinkly and bald, but they are a vital part of any formation of any player, mostly in Player versus Player (PvP) battles.
So letís take a good look on the Monk mercenary:

Type : Magic Grade: D
Weapon: Staff Off-hand: Orb

Left: Monk, Center: High Monk, Right: Great Monk, Dharma, Dharma (Hero I, II)

The Monk is the most important mercenary aside from the Exorcist that is required to be in your formation during PvP battles; the most sole reason is that the Monk nullifies the stun counter and stun status of your mercenaries during a battl. Aside from removing stuns, Monks have passive skills that regenerate and increase the main characterís life and defense. Some players prefer using two Monks during the early versions so they can have two passive skills (you can only learn one passive skill per Monk) and to increase the usage of the Awakening skill (use to remove the stun status and counters)

As for the PvE battles, Monks are not that quite useful except for the passive skill, some prefer to bring healers and replace the slot for the monk with a AoE damager or long range damager, but this doesnít mean that the Monk is not that useful in PvEs, the Monk can become a backup healer; the Awakening skill not only removes stun status, it also heals a small portion of your teamís HP and targets your team in a cross formation, unlike in some healing skills which only target a single row.

Overall, the Monk is more suited for PvP situations rather than in PvE, but the Monk can also be flexible to both scenarios depending on the playerís gaming style.