Spartans are elite warriors who went through torturous training since childhood.

Spartans have high attack power and vitality. What makes them exceptional is that they can use a shield together with a spear making them great mercenaries on the frontline.

You can recruit the Spartan through the NPC “Ancient Spartan Hero”

1. Forgotten Hero’s Armor
Mission: Old Spartan Shield x1
Reward: Experience: 100,000 / Gold: 150,000
2. Forgotten Hero’s Heart
Mission: Colorful Soul Stone x1
Reward: Experience: 100,000 / Gold: 150,000
3. Bowl
Mission: Brave Soldier’s Spirit Slate x1
Reward: Experience: 100,000 / Gold: 150,000
(Hint: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
In order to craft the “Brave Soldier’s Spirit Slate” you need a “Beast Trainer Summon Marble”, an “Exorcist Summon Marble”, and a “Lady Knight’s Pledge”.
Workload: 1,000,000
4. Viva Sparta!
Mission: Kill [Ancient Bronze Giant] x1
Reward: Experience: 200,000 / Gold: 350,000 / Item: Spartan’s Sealed Slate x1
(Tip: The [Ancient Bronze Giant] will appear only after you use the [Ancient Hero’s Spear] in the [Forgotten Warrior’s Battlefield]. [Ancient Spartan] Hero will provide the [Ancient Hero’s



The Spartan has only one skill but it is not to be underestimated. It is called “War Cry”.

War Cry greatly reduces the opponent’s chance of multiple attacks.

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Combined with the Canoneer’s “Smoke Bomb” skill it can leave your opponent physically unable.

But beware, never use War Cry on your opponent’s mercenaries with this buff.

This is called “Beast’s Soul”.

Or else, “Enraged Beast’s Soul” will happen.

Spartan - Elite Spartan - Spartan Captain - Leonidas - Leonidas [Hero I] - Leonidas [Hero II] - Leonidas [Hero III]
Level 20 - Level 50 - Level 80 - Level 100 - Level 120 - Level 130 - Level 140
50 Giant Soul Crystals - 100 Giant Soul Crystals - 20 Giant Soul Jewels - 40 Giant Soul Jewels - 60 Giant Soul Jewels - 80 Giant Soul Jewels

The Spartan is a very valuable mercenary and can easily fit in any formation. It is especially good against snipe builds because it can greatly reduce the multiple hits of enemy mercenaries.