If you are playing Atlantica Online and you want a mercenary that will deal so much damage using gun, well this is best choice, this mercenary is a gun user that have a skill that increases his damage, take note his damage is massively hurt the opponent without using the skill what more if you use the skill, this is totally awesome, but of course Al Feren is a long ranged mercenary so he cannot be in the front line or he will die faster however using princess mercenary with Al Feren will surely boost his defense and attacking power.
Basically this is a grade C mercenary which means you can hire him by doing the quest, quest definitely incorporated with the history of Al Feren, which is created by the Atlantica Online developers that is inspired with the old Spanish gun holders that protects political people, however they also disintegrate it with the capability modern gunner, however just make sure to finish the quest in order to have the Janissary Pledge, which is the carrier of this merc. which will be able to acquire upon reaching level 96. Janissaries are strong warriors from the Ottoman Empire. They can disrupt the enemies’ battle formation with higher attack power than Gunners and Inventors and their high health allows them to endure more attacks.
How to get?
Well as I have told you earlier this mercenary can be acquired after finishing the quest, just visit your Game Info Book and look for the Quest for Jannisary.