What ticks you off and sends you into a swirling inferno of anger and frustration?

For me it's when random people check you in town and then comment on your gear. Now don't get me wrong I don't care about /checks, infact I check a lot of people myself but when they go out of thier way to mock your ENM or BCNM or SOLO gear or subjob it pisses me off

Take for example when I used to level drg/whm, I would get a lot of checks concerning my gear and how gimp it was. Now when I play DRG/WHM usually I'm just trying to solo a few more xp to level up, or just looking for a change of pace. For this reason I take off most of my Acc gear and replace it with MP gear.

So next time you see a strange subjob/equipment combo there is no need to try to enlighten the player to the conventional choices