Giving Back to the Players
When you play La Tale, you are the community and you are making our community strong and lively. That is why we thought it would be good to reward those who share their time with fellow La Tale players. Now we’re introducing a month-long special event that rewards you for the time you enjoyed in the world of La Tale!

No screenshots, no Astros, just play the game, and be rewarded. It’s our little thank you to our players. The longer you play, the better the reward, and if you are able to log in every day, we have a special prize for these LaTale Champions.

We hope to kick off the last half of November for players with the new event. The event will start this patch on the 18thof November, and run until December 16th. We’ll be rewarding every player based on three brackets of play time. Be aware as well, that to count for a full days worth of time you’ll need to be logged in for one full hour. If the time is broken between two play sessions in one day, it won’t count.
-27 days of play time = Gaira or Tartarus set (90 days)
-17 days of play time = Kazno’s Stone (30days)
-7 days of play time = Prime Potion

New Crafting Recipes
Last but certainly not least, we are also adding in 17 new Jelly Kit crafting recipes to the NPC in Elias, named Bianca. She will be able to provide some long overdue crafting recipes for Soul Urns that have been in the game for some time now.

Fabulous fashion
Along with this comes with two new fashion sets for players to dress up in. From the formal ‘Magic School Set’, to the cute ‘Chick Set’, you should find something to your fancy.