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Thread: Tales of Amn **Hot Topic**

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    Smile Tales of Amn **Hot Topic**

    Hello everyone ^^. I'm here for another RP, let's hope it'll be as successful as Happy Home ^^. This will be a pure fantasy RP with Elves, Dwarves etc. Everyone is invited, prepare to read a lot though ^^.

    Let me assure you, I'm not forcing anyone to read all of this from the get-go. The most important parts are I - III, VIII and IX in order to grasp how to create your CS. However I must say that if you only read those parts which I mentioned.. Amn will be just one big mystery to you. If you really want to delve inside Amn and understand it, you have to read all of it ^^. Think about me for example, can you even guess how many times I've read this through? The answer isn't a single digit I can assure you. I would've loved to put more pictures there but frankly I wasn't sure what to put ^^.

    If you're planning on reading the whole thing at once, don't do it in a rush. Take your time. Choose a slow period of time for you, fix yourself a cup of coffee or such, and read it carefully ^^. Don't read it because you have to, but because you WANT to!

    Now then the only thing left to do is.. the actual reading part ^^. Have fun!


    Table of contents

    Intro Part I – Amn
    Intro Part II – Elves of the East
    • Fairies
    • Voco e Vorago

    Intro Part III – The Three Elves
    • High Elves
    • Dark Elves
    • Moon Elves

    Intro Part IV – The Five Dragons
    • Valham
    • Faen
    • Ik'har
    • Arlith
    • Xarxes

    Intro Part V - The Other Regions of Amn
    • Nihil Mountains - Dwarves
    • Onomu - Beastkin
    • Zenith
    • Qualus - Merpeople
    • Riverna – Inuiks
    • Netherworld

    Intro Part VI – The Chasm of Terra
    • Soul Crystals

    Intro Part VII – The Elder Council
    • Garmilio
    • Ka'Tar
    • Kinos Alte

    Intro Part VIII – The Elements
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Earth
    • Wind
    • EXP

    Intro Part IX – Magic Arts (Follow-up chapter to part VIII)
    • Important NPCs

    Intro Part X - Creatures of Amn
    • Jitai
    • Draken
    • Xeloain
    • Tamba
    • Margni
    • Svert
    • Numen

    Intro Part XI - Those without Names
    Intro Part XII – Rules


    Tales of Amn

    Intro Part I - Amn
    Welcome to the beautiful and peaceful world of Amn. Amn is only a few centuries old world, born from clusters of magic floating in the deep Abyss. You can reflect the Abyss to our understanding of space and universe. Unlike our world, which was suddenly thrust into existance, the Abyss has always existed. It will not disappear, nor can it be ”contained”. Thus, the Abyss is an endless source of information for which many lives have been sacrificed. The species among Amn were all created from the Abyss, just like Amn itself.


    If looked from the surface of Amn, the Abyss would look like an endless sky with white clouds sailing through it. It is caused by the sun which helps sustain the beauty of Amn.

    Amn bears similar traits to Earth. However Amn is not round, nor is it a planet as we understand it. Amn is in the shape of an ellipse, and unlike Earth, Amn actually has an edge from which there is nothing beyond it. Only the Netherworld greets those who venture through it. People generally refer the edge as ”World's End”. The actual name of the platform below Amn where, yes you can see the Grim Reaper sailing, is Netherworld.

    Not a single living soul has returned from the Netherworld(Decide which name you use, I shall use Netherworld), and none seek to go there willingly. It is the world of the dead.
    Even though the world is peaceful, there are still those who seek that which belongs to others. These outlaws are commonly known as Tainted, meaning they are ”tainted” by the Abyss.

    The world of Amn is full of different kind of species which all live in peace with each other. There have been no wars, only everlasting peace. How is that possible? Since everyone has whatever they need and everyone's an equal. There is no need for conflict for everyone already has everything.. according to the high elves. A perfect world, wouldn't you say?
    In Amn, each race have their own kind of sanctuary. The sanctuaries are the races' homelands.

    Intro Part II – Elves of the East
    Amn is covered with lush trees which reach their highest point in the eastern part of Amn. The eastern part of Amn is the magical cradle of the world. Every living thing in the forest of Auburn has magic infused in it. From the highest trees to the smallest flowers, each and every thing contains magic. As mentioned earlier, the eastern forest is named Auburn and it is the sanctuary of the Elves. Elves are considered the main species in Amn for they are the wisest and populate the largest area. Elves live atop the trees and along the trunks by creating hovering platforms which serve as homes.

    In the center of the forest of Auburn lies a large opening where there is a fresh spring. On top of the spring, high among the trees, is a city completely constructed by magic. In the city there lies one of the most famous structures in the world of Amn: Elven Library. It is the place where all the information and stories gather. It is an important structure for the Elves and thus it is heavily guarded. The city is called Nayru, and it is overseen by the dragon Valham. Valham also oversees the whole forest of Auburn.

    Nayru has existed as long as elves have. It was the first thing the elves constructed as they were born into this world. Nayru can be split into two, in the centre lies the palace and the Elven Library while surrounding those two structures are the colosseum and residential areas. The colosseum is the place where the bravest of the elves gather and fight over who is the mightiest of them. Fighting is entertainment, thus the battles done in the colosseum are never deathmatches. They are more like contests of those who want to prove they are strong. On some occasions, a few Tainted ones are sent there to be punished by the warriors. However that happens rarely for it is rather barbaric and doesn't fit elves. Whenever Tainted are involved, use of deadly force is allowed.

    Fairies are an important companion which every elf has. Every elf from birth is given a fairy corresponding their nature and personality. The color of the fairy can be anything but it is strongly influenced by their owners personality. Those who are calm and possess high intellect tend to have a blueish fairy while on the other hand those who have, what you call, a passionate outlook on life seem to have a reddish fairy. These colors can differ naturally, there is no single color for a fairy.

    Fairies have their own personalities and minds, they are beings of their own who usually have a ”host” in order to survive. They have always been considered as sidekicks for the elves. If a fairy with a host dies, it returns into the Abyss from whence it came. This does not have a side-effect on the host but losing a dear companion will undoubtedly hurt.
    Now then, the fairies who don't have a host are called pixies. Pixies live on their own in the nature and care not for the affairs of the world. They despise the fairies who cling on a host with their life. Sometimes pixies can even act hostile towards the fairies. As for pixies color.. it's 80% of time green but it can turn yellow too. The reason for this is unknown.

    Voco e Vorago
    In the Elven Library exists all sorts of books right from the beginning of the world however even the library doesn't have all of the books. One book which was said to not even have an author is not located in the Elven Library. It is called Voco e Vorago, and it contains everything you could possibly want to know about summoning. It details how summoning actually works which is still unknown to most in Amn. It also has a complete list of creatures which can be summoned, making it one of the most seeked treasures in the world of Amn. Sadly, this treasure has been long gone. No one knows where it could possibly be, which in turn creates speculation that the whole book doesn't even exist. Dozens of treasure seekers have attempted to find the book but all of them have returned with empty hands.

    One high elf has said that the book has found it's way into the Netherworld. Of course no one takes this high elf seriously because he couldn't possibly know that. All that can be said is that whoever finds the book will surely be able to become one of the greatest summoners in the whole world of Amn.

    Part III – The Three Elves

    The High Elves
    Elves possess the best magical abilities of all the races in Amn. They are also split into three different sub-races for all the elves are not alike. First are the High Elves, they are the elves most blessed with magic and they tend to live in the residential areas in Nayru. They are the most common of elves and thus are also portraited as the main species of elves. In the main region of Amn, Zenith, exists an Elder Council in which there is one representative from three races. High elves were chosen to be the representatives of the elves.

    High elves have what you call a ”royal heritage” although the truth is something much else. It is as they say.. winners shape the history. As for their appearance, high elves have a tan skin color, the same as humans. Their hair is often blonde and the color of their eyes is bright. They are also tall and slim in figure.

    The Dark Elves
    The second major species among elves are the Dark Elves. Dark elves are cast offs who are branded as ”lesser” elves. This is never announced, however each and every dark elf knows this. They are given the same rights and laws as the high elves, yet they are still considered lesser beings.
    No one knows where the rumor started, however ever since the world cast it's eyes upon a dark elf, the rumor has existed. Perhaps some find their appearance intimidating, and thus proclaim that they are weaker? The truth is quite the opposite. Some have even said that dark elves are tainted by the Abyss right from birth, thus the color of their skin. However these are all just assumptions from those who fear the dark elves. Where the high elves are the favorites of magic, the dark elves are the favorites of weaponry and combat.

    Dark elves infuse their combat skills with their knowledge of magic, making them lethal weapons and excellent hunters. This is why most dark elves work as hunters who bring in the food while the high elves maintain the city. This balance has worked well for most dark elves find ”desk jobs” repulsive. The dark elves live among the high elves however they choose to sleep in the homes they create in the tree trunks. They are much more with nature than the high elves are, thus the reason they rather sleep outside than inside.

    Dark elves skin is much darker in tone than the high elves. Some have called the skin color midnight blue, and that is what they mostly use to describe dark elves appearance now. Dark elves eyes are crimson red and this is their most intimidating feat. Their hair color can be pretty much anything, they don't have a single color that is dominant over the others. Other than those features, dark elves are similar to high elves.

    The Moon Elves
    Last, but not least, are the Moon Elves. They are scarce among elves since moon elves are born only during Moon Days(explained below). It is said that the moon elves represent the pureness of the moons that surround the world of Amn. Amn has three moons and they are as follows: Pent is the smallest of them with a grey landscape, just like earth's moon. Ura is the middle one with a blue aura and the largest one is Satir with a red surface.
    They have their own orbits so you won't catch all of them often in the midnight sky. Having all three moons on the same night has a meaning for the elves, that day is called the Moon Day. It occurs seven times during a year, on each month (it means there are 7 months in a year in Amn). It is celebrated with a huge festival among the elves.

    Enough of moons, let us turn back our attention to the moon elves. They do not have someone to call a parent because they are brought into this world by magic. Moon elves are the most linked with nature because of their powers. They have a beast tongue with which they can communicate with wild animals.

    Moon elves are the best summoners out of all the elves. Be it a simple wisp or a mighty elemental, the moon elves can control them quite well. However there always is a risk when summoning. The summoned being might defeat those who oppose you but in the end it could also destroy you. Sadly, this happens quite often and it is also one of the primary reasons why moon elves are scarce.

    Moon elves are different from high elves and dark elves, that much is clear. They have different powers but they are also different by their looks. Moon elves skin has a cold hue surrounding it, the skin itself is pale blue. Their hair is always silver and their eyes are also always white. This doesn't mean their eyes are mere blanks, it means that their irises are white while their pupils remain black. They are more ”appreciated” than the dark elves thanks to their looks. Some also fear their powers, thus they are given some priviledges.

    Intro Part IV – The Five Dragons

    There exists five dragons in Amn, they all serve as overseers and guardians except for one. As mentioned earlier, Valham is one of the dragons and he oversees Auburn. There exists four different elements in the world of Amn, and for each element there is a dragon. Valham has the wind element. His scales are green and so are his eyes, he also has two sets of wings bringing a total of 4 wings. Valham is the fastest of the dragons and also the oldest of them. Valham has a calm nature and he thinks before he acts.

    The second dragon is Faen, she has the element of fire. Faen has red scales and crimson eyes, the exact opposite of Valham. Faen has a line of fire going all the way from her neck to her tail, her tail also has a rather large flame in it. Both her horns are also coated with fire, she truly is the fire dragon. Faen oversees the city of Kalah which resides in the southern part of Amn. I can not go into much detail for there is not much information about the people of Kalah. They do not record anything, they don't even have tales to tell. Faen's personality is quite the opposite when compared to Valham, she acts before she thinks. She is also rather impulsive and ”touchy”.

    The third dragon is Ik'har. He guards the Nihil Mountains and also the sea, Qualus, located in the northern part of Zenith. Ik'har has the element of water and ice which is clearly visible by his looks. His scales are mostly white, however his whole body is surrounded by thick blue scars. Ik'har has sky blue eyes and his fire is blue colored. Ik'har's most distinctive part is his horn, yes a single horn. He doesn't possess two horns like all the others. If Ik'har stands still, anyone could mistake him for a statue made of ice. Both the merpeople and the people of Nihil Mountains are overseen by Ik'har, thus landing him the second biggest territory. Ik'har takes pride for being a guardian, thus he spents most of his time aiding the people. He strives to be the best guardian.

    Fourth, and last of the honored ones, is the earth dragon Arlith. He lives in Zenith and oversees the main city of Amn: Monark(the castle and the city below which is visible in the map). Arlith's scales are dim gold and he doesn't possess any wings. Instead of wings, Arlith has four arms. He is rather passive when compared to the other dragons, he'd rather just roam around in the nature than actually do his ”job” and oversee Zenith. He never really cared about the other species, however he would still never cause misfortune to them.

    The fifth dragon is Xarxes, the guardian of Riverna who was banished into the Netherworld. When he was guarding the floating city of Riverna, Xarxes had elegant silver scales and a multitude of sharp, yet beautiful horns. Xarxes was the overseer of all the other dragons and also the guardian of Riverna. That's why he did not possess a single element, he possessed all of the elements. You'd think that he would be the oldest of them, however as mentioned earlier Valham is the oldest.

    Xarxes lost himself to greed, jealousy and lust for power. He sought to become the ruler of the world, not the guardian. That was when the other dragons interfered and banished Xarxes into Netherworld. It was a vicious fight and the result was a deformation within all of the dragons(for example Arlith's four arms). Dragons are tightly involved with the balance of the world, that is what they have always claimed. Due to the fight the balance had shaken, thus the deformation occurred. Riverna rests now without a guardian however it had always been an independant country so the loss wasn't great. Or that's what they told to everyone at least.

    Xarxes is now residing in the Netherworld and his former self has already diminished into nothingness. His silver scales have turned pitch black and all those horns he possessed once are now mere stubs. You could say that Xarxes is the overseer of Netherworld, however the truth is rather hard to tell since no one has come back from the Netherworld.

    Part V – The Other Regions of Amn

    The Nihil Mountains
    The Nihil Mountains are located north of Auburn. They are treacherous and harsh, ending an ill-equipped traveler's life with ease. The habitants of Nihil Mountains, the dwarves, are rather friendly to outsiders. Those who find themselves on their territory will have a surprisingly warm welcome. However it would be foolish to let your guard down.

    Deep in the Nihil Mountains exists a single village, a very old village at that. It is the village of Palo, and it is most known for it's magnificent stone structures which are build into the mountains. Palo is the sanctuary of the dwarves. In truth, only the dwarves can withstand the cold in the Nihil Mountains. Thus they reside there, deep inside the tall mountains digging deeper and deeper.

    They only dig deeper because of crystals. Dwarves are very greedy and their hunger for more wealth is unsurpassed. Because of this hunger of wealth, the dwarves are easily the wealthiest of the races in Amn. It is also why many of the dwarves end up becoming salesmen around the world.

    Onomu is the region located in the west of Auburn. Onomu has large lava pits and rivers which spread across it. Rumor has that the lava rivers go all the way to the Netherworld. There are also small volcanoes located there, thus making a traveler's life a living hell. Onomu is also rather secluded from the other regions, however that is only because the environment is difficult to pass.

    There is only one city located in Onomu (there can be small villages though). It is called Kalah, and as earlier stated, it is the fire dragon Faen's territory. The people of Kalah are known of their fiery will and passion. They are called Beastkin, and their appearance is that of a leopard on two legs. There is much variety among the Beastkin appearance(panther, snow leopard, tiger, lion etc.). Sometimes they are referred as ”Cat People” however that will only summon misfortune to the one who calls them that.

    The region of Zenith, the region containing the main city of Amn: Monark. Zenith has the largest territorial area covering the nearby ocean and the canyons in the middle. In the far west of Zenith lies Monark. It is a city build inside a castle however there is also another city next to it.
    In truth, Monark can be split into two cities. The other one being in the castle, and the other in the root of the mountain. The city inside the castle has the Elder Council and it is also considered the main city. The city below is more of a poor district even though that isn't the whole truth.

    The citizens in Monark are a mix of races located in Amn. There isn't a single race which is dominant there.

    Zenith Sub- Chapter:
    The ocean next to Monark is called Qualus, and the sparklicious city within it is Sirum. Sirum is the sanctuary of the merpeople. It is fully their territory, no other species have any business going there. Since the merpeople live in the depths of the ocean, they are rather isolated from the rest of the world. Also the fact that they can't spend much time on land due to their gills is why they are isolated. Those who have ventured into the open ocean have quickly found themselves caught in thunderous roars of waves. The merpeople can control the sea and they don't like strangers, thus this is the ”treatment” they get.

    The palace located in Sirum has thousands of different jewels attached into it. During sunset, the palace is actually visible when looked from land. The jewels glitter so much that it is easy to recognize the palace from the water. The Queen of the Seas lives in the palace and she is known by almost everyone in the world of Amn. She is known as Queen Milra, and she is much respected by her people. Queen Milra is not someone to be pushed around, she protects her kingdom from everyone. Ik'har is the dragon who oversees the ocean however since the merpeople are quite independant, he doesn't have much influence there.

    Riverna is the last of the regions in Amn. It is also the smallest of them, consisting only of a few floating islands which sail with the clouds in the sky. Riverna is only accessible by those who possess the ability to fly, thus only the people who live in Riverna can go there. These people are known as the Inuiks, they possess the head of an eagle(parrot for females), torso of a human and bull's legs. Also, naturally they possess a pair of wings attached to their back. Inuiks are a traditional race full of different customs which make living a ”normal” life there next to impossible.

    Riverna's guardian, Xarxes, was considered the being next to a god. The Inuiks worshipped Xarxes and offered him sacrifices nearly every day. This was of course foolish because the rate of births would never be able to keep up the sacrifice amount, however as earlier mentioned the Inuiks are very traditional. If you dare to break their ”rules”, you'll be mercifully denied of your life. You read right, dealing death to someone is called mercy for them. What's merciless for them then? You do not want to know.

    After Xarxes' banishment, the Inuiks have become unstable. They've lost their god and find it unfair that the rest of the races can keep their ”gods”. If things stand as they are, eventually the Inuiks will attack the other races. This is one of the most dire situations Amn has ever experienced, it is also the main subject at the moment in the Elder Council. Whether Amn will suffer it's first war depends from the actions of the Elder Council.

    World which belongs to the dead. No living being has ever set foot there, and never will unless they wish for a quick death (the exception being Xarxes). Netherworld resides under Amn, it is as if every living being which dies ”falls” into the Netherworld. No one knows what it looks like but only one look at a Lurker, and you know that it is a dark place.

    Intro Part VI - Chasm of Terra

    The people of Amn generally refer the center of the world as Chasm of Terra. It is a huge canyon which arches to every possible direction. The peculiar name of the canyon comes from it's only speculated resident, a gladiator named Terra. The history of the Chasm of Terra is kept secret for it is a shameful one for the elves.

    Fifty years before the present day, the elves constructed a colosseum into the middle of Amn where the infamous battle between the dragons had transpired two hundred years ago(this means it has been 250 years from the time when Xarxes was banished). This colosseum served to honor the ground and the history it held. This was the first colosseum the elves constructed, the second one resides in Nayru. Nevertheless, the colosseum was a hit so to speak. It's location and sheer purpose drew people from every corner of Amn.

    Back on those days, beings called humans existed too. The Chasm of Terra was supposed to become their sanctuary, however it was denied from them. It was because of a single reason: humans were incapable of maintaining peace. Their hateful thinking would only summon an all-out war. Also they were feared of their power, some said they were fiercer in magic than the elves. That is why the colosseum was built there instead of a human city. As you can imagine, the humans were not pleased. It only served to strengthen the theory that they actually ”liked” war and fighting because almost every human became a gladiator in the colosseum.

    There never was a real species called human, they were just considered another branch of the elves due to their similarities. Yet, the elves did not accept them as one of their own. The only place for humans was actually the colosseum or the poor district of Monark. On one ominous day, two of the best fighters in the colosseum were set against each other. The other one was a dark elf named Nilak, and the other was a human called Terra.

    Both of them had exceptional swordplay and magical capabilities. This fight was by far the most anticipated in whole Amn. Who would've guessed that a human was able to fight his way to the top. Nilak's and Terra's duel lasted for a whole day, both of them had so much endurance that some thought this fight would last forever. However it did not last for Terra unleashed an earth-shattering blow right from the sky in order to finish off Nilak at the 24th hour. Yet the force of the strike was much greater than Terra had expected. The attack tore the ground into vast canyons, and it also wiped out the colosseum completely.

    Nilak had survived the strike and escaped with his life. However everyone in the colosseum had died, everyone except Terra. No one has heard of him ever since, however some speculate that Terra still lives in the chasm.

    Soul Crystals
    Every dragon possesses a Soul Crystal, which means there is a total of 5 of them. A Soul Crystal has that dragon's soul and all power. Removing the Soul Crystal from a dragon, which is quite hard to say the least, does not kill the dragon however it will drain all of it's power. The dragon will be powerless and it can be slain by anyone at that point.

    There is also another meaning to Soul Crystals. They maintain the barrier between the Netherworld and Amn. They serve to prevent dead souls from returning to the realm of Amn. The barrier is strong but it has it's faults, there have been times when a dead soul has entered Amn. These dead souls are called Lurkers but thankfully they are a rare sight. Lurkers look nothing like they used to when they were alive, they are covered in black liquid and their eyes shine bright yellow from under the liquid. They are hostile towards everyone, that much is sure about them. The rest is all just speculation.

    Where is the barrier located then? In the Chasm of Terra. The place where the human warrior Terra rip the world apart.

    Intro Part VII – The Elder Council

    The Elder Council consists of three appointed elders from said races. The dwarven elder is known as Garmilio. He was chosen as the elder for he was the wisest of the dwarves which mostly lacked intellect. He is not a genious, rather a down-to-earth fellow who strives for a cause. Garmilio is one of those who have lived from the very beginning of times, accumulating a total of 500 years.

    The elder of the beastkin is Ka'Tar. She is the youngest of the elders, 105 years, but shows remarkable promise for the beastkin who have always been considered nothing more than brutes. She has quick wits which have saved the world of Amn from trouble more than once. This is the single reason why she was picked as an elder into the council. The rest of the beastkin couldn't care less for her however, she is not that respected there (intellect < physical strength). They did not vote Ka'Tar to become an elder, the Elder Council handpicked her.

    The third elder is the elven spokesman, Kinos Alte. He has a strong influence over what happens in Nayru or any elf inhabitated place. He is well-respected among his kin, thus he was a ”natural” choice as an elder. His influence surpassesses all except the high priestess of the elves, however Kinos is known to manipulate others into working the way he wants them. This manipulation is also known as.. politics. Kinos is a revolutionary who wants to make a change. He is known of taking a ”case” and finishing it within the very same day. Kinos also serves as the voice of the Elder Council, making him a sort of leader among the three. He is truly an individual who has a lot of power dancing around his finger tips.

    Intro Part VIII – The Elements

    There are four elements in the world of Amn: Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. As earlier mentioned, for each element there exists a dragon (the exception being Xarxes). Here are the basic features of these elements. Note that this is only the first step of creating your unique magic art which your character can use.

    Everyone knows fire, it burns down everything in it's path but also gives a chance for new life to be born. Fire is usually the first spell everyone learns. It is used the same way everywhere, even in Amn. Fireballs? A classic. Infernoes? Naturally. However furthering your skills with an element is very beneficial because it unlocks whole new advanced states to that said element. There are three advanced states for every element, and the nature of these advanced states is this: beneficial, destructive and the forbidden one which endangers the user itself: sacrificial.
    The difficulty of obtaining these advanced states rises the more powerful the state is (beneficial = easy, destructive = hard, sacrificial = next to impossible).

    Beneficial fire – Resurrection & Warmth.
    This should be self-explanatory, you can revive something that is dead. There is one rule though, the one who is being resurrected can not be more than one day ”old”. The warmth means keeping yourself and everyone around you warm even in a blizzard.

    Destructive fire – Blue flame and Lava.
    By truly understanding the fire element, you can upgrade it's power by turning the regular red flame into a blue one. Blue fire is essential against Tainted and the Lurkers (notorius beings in the Netherworld). Using molten lava is time consuming and hard, however if you succeed you can obliterate almost anything.

    Sacrificial fire – Sol Magic.
    By obtaining Sol, you can use the intense heat contained in a star. This heat can burn through solid rock. You could say that it is an even more powerful version of the regular red flame. Sol also works as a light source for whenever you cast it, everything in a certain radius is blinded by it. However using Sol Magic is strictly forbidden for it is far too powerful to be wielded by anyone. Also, the fact that Sol Magic drains your life whenever you use it makes it a forbidden state.

    Fire summon – Lava serpent.
    By combining the earth and fire element, you can summon an enormous serpent covered in molten lava. It's power is beyond belief, and anyone who has witnessed it has not returned to tell a story about it.

    !! Note that the lava serpent is only one of many combinations of summons!! Feel free to make your own combinations and summons ^^ !!

    Waters of life, the single thing that can sustain life on it's own. Water is by far one of the most sought elements in Amn. Why is that then? Well, for starters one can heal any wounds with it. It also possesses a devastating advanced state: Ice. You can't possibly survive in the wilderness alone if you don't have the water element.

    Beneficial water – Healing.
    I don't think much explanation is needed here. By using the healing attribute of water, you can heal any kind of wond. Even bone fractures can be healed, however if the bone is broken in two there's little to be done by healing alone.

    Destructive water – Ice.
    The piercing ice. With ice one can do many things. With the ability to turn liquid water into ice you also receive the ”cold touch” ability. With it you can freeze anything you grab or just touch. Ice itself can be used in many different ways. Whether you mold it into sharp ”missiles” or create a pillar to crush your enemies, ice is deadly in any way.

    Sacrificial water – Water shield.
    By no means does this mean a shield of water appears before you. This means your whole body becomes.. water. You can not be hit by normal means because the strike will only hit water. It's the best kind of defense against physical attacks and it does protect from magical attacks too. Using water shield has serious side effects. Every time someone uses it, a piece of their mind is consumed. Whether it is little or lot depends on how long the shield was used. Eventually you will turn insane no matter how little you use it, so it is best to be avoided. However it can be the thing that saves you in a tight spot.

    Water summon - Ice phoenix
    By combining first ice and then the fire element, you can summon the ice equivalent of a regular fire phoenix (and vice versa). Of course in order to succeed in this, the two elements must not ”destroy” one another.

    Earth element is mostly known by it's strength. Most of the hunters choose earth element because of it's qualities. Earth is not simply just a boulder which you throw at an enemy. There is a lot of variety in the earth element, however how far that variety goes depends on the user.

    Beneficial earth – Alchemy.
    The ideal method of repairing something or creating something completely new. Alchemy is used by the builders who construct all the houses. It can be used in all manner of things, thus making life a lot easier. There is however a rule to be obeyed when using alchemy: Nothing is free, you must always offer something in return.

    Destructive earth – Nature.
    Nature covers it all, it is a small word which expands to unimaginable lengths. All the powerful earth spells such as creating earthquakes, stone pillars or boulders are enlisted in the nature state. Nature also has the ”animal companion” in it which allows the user to call forth animals to assist him or her.

    Sacrificial earth – Transformation.
    You wish to turn into a werewolf? With this forbidden advanced state, you can! Anything you could ever imagine can be obtained by using the transformation state. Of course, you can't turn into a giant sea serpent. The transformation is limited to your own height. Each time you use the transformation, a part of the real you becomes transformed (a fingernail, your whole torso etc.). It all depends how long you stay in the transformed state. It is possible to become a completely different being just by transforming yourself all the time into it.

    Earth summon – Colossus
    By combining earth, fire and wind (in that order), you can summon an enormous Colossus to wreak havoc on your enemies. The downside to this summoning spell is that you will turn into stone and remain in that state as long as the Colossus is alive. And yes, there are people who are still trapped into their petrified state. This means that the Colossi roam Amn just as anyone else. Their favorite spot is the Chasm of Terra.

    Wind is easily considered to be ”cool”. Flying in the sky, wielding a katana which creates whirlwinds.. it is safe to say that the wind element is cool. But the fact that it's cool does not mean it's more powerful than the other elements. Valham controls the winds of the world, each and every one of them (North, South, West and East). If your detemination is high enough, you may well be able to wield all the winds.

    Beneficial wind – Flying (East) & Dash (West).
    Quite self-explanatory, it basically means that by using the currents of the eastern winds you will be able to fly. Remember though that gravity does exist in Amn, don't stop flying high above the ground or there will be a painful experience afterwards.
    Dash is just as it's name suggests, by giving yourself a boost from a western wind, your character will be able to move with a very high speed for a short distance. Dash is excellent when escaping or making a surprise attack.

    Destructive wind – Whirlwind (South)
    By creating a whirlwind using the southern winds, you can either trap an opponent inside the whirlwind where he is vulnerable to pretty much anything. Or you can send the opponent flying in the air where he/she is also rather vulnerable. Whirlwind isn't actually dangerous on it's own, there must be something added into it in order to make it lethal.

    Sacrificial wind – Wind God (North).
    You won't become a god. I mentioned that because I don't want people to get the wrong idea. Your whole body becomes invisible, plus it can move as fast as the wind. Quite deadly, and yet there is a single disadvantage to this. The faster you go, the less you can observe your surroundings. Also, by letting yourself be fully taken by the winds, your stomach will not be able to handle it well. Whenever you turn back, there will be a violent twist in your stomach which forces you to puke. The more you use the state, the more violent the twist. In time, you will be able to withstand the change better however you won't feel least bit good no matter how accustomed you become.

    !! Note! Invisible, not invincible. Big difference ^^ !!

    Wind summon – Rennin
    By combining wind and earth element, you can summon Rennin to your side. Rennin is a 5 feet long blade which has a large but thin blade in it. The blade part has a goddess carved in it. This sword is a conscious being, it is like a real person. It will float around the summoner and attack whenever requested.

    !! Note! The summons can be different. Not all of them have to be animals or even living beings !!

    Obtaining the advanced states (EXP)
    Now then, how can you get these states? I will be using an EXP counter for that. How do you gain EXP? Every paragraph which has at least 4 rows equals 1 EXP. There is also a restriction here.. No more than two posts a day and also no more than 3 EXP can be achieved with a single post (total of 6 EXP a day). Writing a paragraph longer than 4 rows does not give any bonus EXP. Here are the amounts you need in order to gain the advanced state:

    Beneficial = 5 EXP
    Destructive = 20 EXP
    Sacrificial = 40 EXP
    The counter resets everytime you obtain an advanced state! Also, you have to learn them in order: First beneficial, then destructive and lastly sacrificial (equaling a total amount of 65 EXP). I know it's a long way to the sacrificial state, but it'll be worth it ^^.

    Keep track of your EXP! I won't be able to count down everyone's EXP amount so you have to do it yourself (No cheating thank you ^^). Once you've gained enough EXP, let me know and then you'll be free to come up with the way your character actually learns the state.

    The reason why I use something like EXP is quite simple. Everyone knows that the first time you use something, you're pretty bad at it. Well, with the EXP, you don't have to be bad at it ^^. Once you gain the advanced state, you're already handy with it because of the EXP. Of course you can always become better, but at least you won't start with nothing ( however in the beginning you actually do start with nothing ).

    Intro Part IX – Magic Arts
    This is the best part beyond a shadow of a doubt. Here you come in to the picture dear reader. I will provide a quick ”Do-it-yourself” course in how to make your own unique Magic Art. It won't take long and it'll be fun as hell! Now then, let's start.

    First! Pick a hobby! Hockey, baseball, music, cooking.. Any hobby, even collecting stamps! As long as you have the imagination to create the Magic Art for it, any hobby is possible! You can also combine hobbies!

    Second! Pick an element that suits your style and implement it into the hobby you picked!

    Third! Pick a sign! Design it yourself if you so wish. This sign will appear somewhere in your character's body when he/she uses Magic Art.

    Fourth! Get creative! Let me show you an example of a Magic Art.

    Bowling and fire element. Let's see.. first of all, balls of fire! And since bowling balls are solid and hard, it really hurts when it hits. Thanks to the fire, it doesn't matter even if it missed a little, the flames would still burn.
    Then if the ball would be molded into your hand, you could pound away anything AND set it on fire!
    What else? Perhaps create multiple balls of fire, make them surround you and then launch all of them in a flurry at your opponent.
    The sign? A triangle within three jointed circles. Inside the triangle is a picture of a flame.

    Remember, this is only one of the hundreds of different Magic Arts you can create. What if you infused wind element instead of fire with bowling? Think of the possibilities! I want you to create something that will blow my mind, since I probably already did that to you with this ”little” RP of mine ^^... (not to brag or anything of course).

    Also something important to remember! Combining the different advanced states of a certain element AND your Magic Art is highly recommended! There are so many possibilities that you just have to sit down and think about those options. That's how you respect the RP ^^.

    Important NPCs! (Those that aren't already introduced)

    Elven priestess, Minathiel Amar. Minathiel is one of the oldest, her birth taking place only 20 years after the world was born (thus she is 480 years old). Her curly blonde hair reaches down to the ground and spreads like the roots of a tree. She is loved by her people because of her kindness.
    During Valham's assault, Minathiel was killed by Andrim with the assistance of Reed.

    Queen Milra, the queen of merpeople living in the Qualus. She was mentioned but not much was told about her. The merpeople belong to the oldest of the races in Amn, second to only the Inuiks, and they take pride in it. Queen Milra is a symbol to the merpeople, she represents everything that the merpeople are capable of. Her flowing crimson hair and golden fin serve as proof of her royal heritage. Only those with golden fins are fit to rule, Queen Milra is the only one possessing golden fins to this day.

    Weiss Family
    Amelia, an elderly high elf who is kind-hearted and polite. She hasn't seen her son, Xan, nor her granddaughter, Fieyira (Fia), in years. She met Vita and Oren on a fateful Moon Day when she was supposed to finally reunite with her family.
    Fieyira Weiss is the daughter of Mien and Xan. She is a traveling merchant and longs to see her grandmother: Amelia. Fia is a high elf just like Amelia and was born on a Moon Day.
    Mien is a talented magician who can sew together the most intricate of clothing with special qualities. Her maiden name is Mien Luert (Ha!). Xan is an Auspice, guarding travelers on the open roads. He is a rather adventurous lad according to his mother. Nomads that they are, Xan and Mien met by coincidence near Qualus.

    A mysterious moon elf whose agenda is for now unknown. He assists Nilak, Falteer and Balthazar in their mission to collect all the soul crystals. Unlike the other moon elves, Reed has bright green eyes which suggests that he is no longer a complete moon elf.

    Yiazmat and Loki
    Yiazmat is the current shaman of the Inuiks. He is the highest possible authority for them right next to Xarxes himself. Kinos and Yiazmat share a very similar cold and calculative personality. Loki is Yiazmat's son and a prominent leader of the Inuik army. Loki is easily recognizable by the odd mixture of black and white feathers on his wings and head. Like all Inuiks, Loki has a strong sense of pride and he would rather die than lose his pride.
    At the moment Yiazmat is plotting with Loki in order to resurrect their banished god: Xarxes.

    !! Note! This list will be updated as new characters are added !!

    Intro Part X - Creatures of Amn
    !! Note: List will be updated as new creatures are introduced !!

    Jitais are huge yeti-like creatures which inhabit the cold Nihil Mountains. Due to their thick white fur, they can withstand the cold which is below freezing most of the year.
    They walk on two legs and have bare human-like feet with 5 toes, they also have a set of two arms with bare hands. Their fists can be the size of their own head which is twice the size of a normal elf's head. Only it's two 50 cm long fangs and yellow eyes can be seen from it's otherwise concealed face. Jitais usually avoid contact with people however it is known that they can be hostile.

    Draken are considered Tainted due to their malicious nature. They were once noble and exotic beasts which thrived on the edges of Qualus. Around 100 years ago they were driven near extintinction due to the loss of female companions within the race. No one up to this day knows why the females vanished from the ranks of the race.
    Even though somewhat intelligent, Draken do not possess the ability to speak or the ability to make logical decisions. They mostly rely on their instincts.

    Draken are humanoid creatures, some could say lesser dragons due to their appearance. They have a scaly skin and a set of wings, they stand on two feet and possess sharp claws.

    Xeloain are scaly beasts whose physique reminds one of a lion or a panther. They have sharp teeth and claws which they use to hunt prey. Some daring people, namely Falteer, actually managed to tame one for his own purposes. However his pet was left in one of the dungeon cells in Nayru once Falteer fled.

    Tambas are a new species in Amn. They are only around 100 years old, however the way they are born into Amn is unusual. They crawl their way out of the ground, as if they had been born out of dirt. Tambas are a mix of a pig and a bear. It bears two heads, a bear's and a pig's, the torso of a bear and legs of a pig.
    Tambas are not hostile unless you pass on their territory. They are very territorial creatures, so if you dare to set foot on their area, you'll be attacked with no remorse. They tend to hole up in caves scattered around the Nihil Mountains and Auburn forest.

    Margni is a colossal spirit in the form of a sea serpent. His scaly shell glistens like the tail of a mermaid, radiating with a silverish blue. Sharp fangs twisting amongst each other like icicles appear threatening with a sarcastic grin. Sapphire whiskers dangle from the edges of its mouth and around its intimidating nose, which has rings upon it of a dim, grayish blue hue. More rings are found on his prickly tail, which ends with sharp diamonds like feathers. His eyes are as faded in color as the rings on his body. Margni and Vita Vero are connected to each other, serving as both a mutual advantage and disadvantage.

    Sverts are large, human-sized beasts covered in animal fur. They hunch their backs as they prey on their victims and also because their spine is bent. Sverts use their long arms effectively, thus their preys rarely have the chance to flee from a Svert's grasp. At the end of their arms, Sverts have paws like that of a lion's. The paws house so much power that they could rip a man apart. However the very best feature to recognize a Svert from is their head for it is just like an anteater's head. Even though Svert's paws are powerful, the real threat lies in its tongue. If the tongue latches on to a prey, it will suck all the blood the prey has, thus killing it in seconds.
    Thankfully Sverts are night creatures and not hostile towards the denizens of Amn, they tend hunt vermins and the like in the sewers (with Nayru as an exception for the city has no sewage system). There is something you must know about a Svert though: Never expose it to light. Since Sverts are so used to darkness, even the slightest source of light will hurt their eyes. This causes the Svert to go completely berserk and attack anything in sight.

    Some say Numens are spirits, others just mark them as wild animals. Numen is a translucent worm, the length of a hand. They travel from river to river, almost undisturbed by barriers, as they are capable to move through both water and earth. Numens are also known as Light Chasers for their unusual habit of following the sunlight where they go, although it was also known that they never manage to swim directly under sunlight either. Whenever there is a gathering of Numens in water, you can see a clear glimmer coming from that spot. The glimmer comes from their silver blood which is visible through their flesh, circulating in organized layout through their body.
    The glimmer is more than enticing, it lures you to just keep watching however prolonged gazing causes a hole to be burnt in the back of your eye. This is something the children who witness Numens don't always remember.

    Intro Part XI - Those without Names

    In Amn exist beings who have discarded their given names. Their appearance might be that of any race in Amn, however they certainly aren't who they look like anymore. A nameless dwarf is not a dwarf, but only what he or she is ”named”. They all have have strict laws about their ”names”. You don't have to be born nameless in order to become one, however you must commit your whole self into the process in doing so.
    Nameless are found everywhere in Amn, they do not have a single place where they gather since they have nothing to do with each other. Every nameless is an independant individual, they share in common only two things: a mark on their forehead and a pact with magic.

    Perhaps one of the most frequent seen nameless is the Gullible One. He sails between Auburn, Onomu and Monark with no goal in mind. Nameless' most important law is to stay true to their ”name”. It is a pact made by magic which forces the nameless to stay true to their name. Thus, Gullible One is easy to fool since he believes anything you say to him. If someone was evil enough, they could convince him to take a swim in the lava river because it would give him a nice tan.

    There are hundreds of nameless ones in Amn, each bearing a different name and entity. The only ways to recognize a nameless is either through their behaviour or the mark on their forehead. The mark is an oval with a single star inside it. As you might've already realized, a nameless one's name is an adjective + ”One” after it like for example: Joyous One or Wise One. Not much is known about their history or purpose however it is known that the first nameless was, coincidentally, called Nameless One. His reasons for abandoning his name are unknown but it is speculated that he wanted to erase his past by doing so. Perhaps something terrible had happened and he just wanted to forget it?

    He first made his appearance about 50 years ago and since then he taught his ”ways” to others who wished to learn. Now it has been almost 30 years since anyone has seen him so there are rumors that he has passed on to the Netherworld. Whatever his purpose was, he certainly left his mark on Amn before passing on.

    Intro Part XII - Rules
    Well well, we've reached the end of this long journey ^^. Now you can rejoice for you are nearly done! Only the rules and misc. remain ^^. No point dragging this on.. let's continue.
    The same rules apply as always. Cursing is allowed to a certain extent, but it would be appreciated if you didn't curse. Then of course the post length. Well, that is for you to decide ^^. I have explained the EXP system, if you wish to make your character stronger you just have to write a bit longer posts. It all comes down to the RPer in the end ^^.

    What else? Hmm.. questions of course! If there is anything that you don't understand, just ask ^^. I'll be happy to answer your questions! Or perhaps you wanted something to be added? Just ask and I'll see to it ^^. Oh, and remember that you can have only one main character. Create as many NPCs as you see fit ^^.

    Also there is something which you have to go through before being accepted. The character sheet is not in this post, I will send it to you via PM (Just ask!). Why exactly I do it like this? Because there will be a total of 3 questions which you have to answer. They are all related to this RP and the answers can be found from that humongous pile of text above ^^. Fear not, I won't be asking anything too difficult, just to make sure that you remember some things.

    I certainly hope that this is ok with the moderators ^^ (the character sheet not being in this post).

    Before I forget, elves are in a high role in this RP. Most of the happenings revolve around the elves. That's why they are so well described. I know I'm neglecting the other races, but fear not because there is a solution to that. This RP is only the first part of the lore of Amn ^^. After the story is over, I'll be moving to ”Tales of Amn II” where most likely the dwarves will be the ”main” species. Shocked you out of your wits yet? I hope not ^^.

    Oh, and as always, there's no rush ^^.

    I'll be a tad inactive for the weekend so don't feel left out if I haven't replied to your PMs ^^.


    \Character sheet\

    Full Name: Kinrai Alte
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male
    Race: High Elf
    Element: Fire
    Weapon(s): Roulette blades
    Kinrai doesn't have a single weapon, he has thirteen of them. More of them will be explained in the Magic Art section. All the blades look normal at first glance however if looked closer, each of them is different and possess a different attribute. Each blade has a golden ring hanging from the edge of the handle and every blade has a jewel set into it.

    Fairy: Issat – green


    (( OOC: Credit goes to Gabeszntx from deviantART ))

    Kinrai has a blonde hair and sharp green eyes. He keeps his wild locks restrained by a band which covers his forehead. A set of bracelets decorate Kinrai's arms, they are both made out of silver. As for a shirt, he wears a green cotton shirt and a piece of ripped cloth together by a belt. His pants are tan colored and bear marks of much use. His shoes are made of leather and also indicate much use.

    Magic Art: Roulette of fire
    Roulette of fire was constructed by combining gambling and the fire element. It summons thirteen different blades which rotate around the user with a fast speed. Once they've gained enough speed, one of the blades lits up. The lit up blade will soon turn back to normal and the blade next to it lits up. This will go on until a blade which doesn't turn back normal is found. Note: This is completely random but through practice one will be able to slightly influence the outcome.

    The blade which keeps itself lit is the blade which has been chosen from the roulette. It will form itself into the user's hand, ready to be used at any given time. Once the user is experienced with this Magic Art, they can call up to two blades from the roulette. Now then, here are the all the blades which are in the Roulette of fire.
    Note: The blades look just like the ones in the picture above unless said otherwise.

    The Magic Art's sign is Kinrai's hair. It turns pure silver whenever he uses the Magic Art.

    Weapon attributes:
    #1 Unshakable Faith: This blade feeds itself with fire and enguls itself wholly in it. Can be enhanced with the blue fire.
    #2 Fires of Honesty: This weapon is not a blade, it's a bow made of fire. The arrows it shoots are coated in fire.
    #3 Bushido's Pride: This blade is a long katana which sets itself temporarily in fire and then unleashes a shockwave of fire. Can be enhanced with the blue fire.

    #4 Courage: The blade itself has little to do with fire, instead the one who holds it receives a surge of courage through himself/herself. Their eyes start ”burning” and they become fearless. It's said that the blade shines if the owner is a rightful one.

    #5 Chivalry: It's blade is large and heavy. It resembles that of a shield and in fact, it can create a shield made of fire.

    #6 Mercy: Can lay a dead soul(Lurker) to rest by purifying it with fire. The fire is not normal, it has a special ethereal fire mixed into it. The sword itself is in the shape of a rapier which is coated in a green fire (ethereal fire).
    Using ethereal fire is only possible after fully mastering the fire element.

    #7 Justice: A blade which has a set of wings in it's handle. It glows with a bright orange color whenever used. The blade also creates a set of fire wings in the back of the user, enabling them to fly for a short period of time.

    #8 Diligence: This blade has a conciousness of it's own and it will take over the user's body if they become unconscious. The user is in no control, the blade does everything at that point. Thus, the user's personality changes completely whenever the blade is in control. The effect will last until the user regains consciousness.
    The blade splits into two and becomes a pair of wrist blades(coated in fire) when the blade takes over.

    #9 Hope: Unknown.
    Even though the outcome of the roulette is random, it has never chosen the 9th blade, Hope.

    #10 Wrath: Wrath is filled with insatiable rage which is clearly visible just by looking at the blade. The blade part is thoroughly black and arches into different directions in order to cause maximum bleeding. It is often coated in ominous black fire. Just like Diligence, Wrath also has a consciousness of it's own. It is the same in every way to Diligence, however the user is consumed by rage. They can only see their opponent, nothing else.
    Black fire is only possible to achieve if the user has mastered two elements.

    #11 Envy: Envy is a double-edged blade where both blades have been split into two, creating a total of 4 blades in a single weapon. Envy's speciality lies in it's capability to produce arrows. In addition to being a blade, Envy can also be used as a bow. The string is a thin line of fire and the arrows it produces are black fire arrows.
    Black fire arrows are only possible to achieve if the user has mastered two elements.

    #12 Lust: Lust is a short katana with a black hilt. It is able to produce a ring of black fire which entraps the opponent rendering them immobile and open for attacks. It is a blade which skilled assassins would love to use.
    Black fire is only possible to achieve if the user has mastered two elements.

    #13 Mortal Sin: Unknown.
    Even though the outcome of the roulette is random, it has never chosen the 13th blade, Mortal Sin.

    Kinrai Alte was born into a both, loving and uncaring home. He was born only a few years after Terra's and Nilak's final fight. His father is Kinos Alte, an Elder Council member, and his mother is Liana Alte, a personal advisor of Minathiel Amar. While Liana offered love towards Kinrai, Kinos offered a cold stare. Kinos was not fit to become a father, it can only be presumed that Kinos wanted a rightful ”heir” for himself. After witnessing the first 5 years of Kinrai's life, Kinos returned to Monark. He had no more ”business” to attend to in Nayru, Kinrai was in capable hands after all.

    This was more than a mistake from Kinos. Kinrai started hating his father more than anything for just leaving him and Liana behind. This hate is still a part of Kinrai's personality, and it will most likely never go away. Kinrai demanded an answer from his father, but Kinos refused to make any contact to his family. It was as if he didn't even acknowledge he had a family. Sadly, this was not the first time it had happened. This same kind of situation occurred several years before Kinrai's birth. Another son of Kinos's, Valtier, was also left without a father. No one with even half a heart could understand what Kinos was trying to achieve by leaving his children on their own with their mother.

    Kinrai's life was spent quite normally even though he had no father. His mother, Liana, took good care of Kinrai and raised him well. Even though Kinrai was filled with hatred, he still refused to submit to his anger. Instead, he wanted to show Kinos that one day he would surpass his father. This thought led him to training with the arts of magic for Kinos was known of his knowledge in magic. In his younger days, Kinos had showed the world how miraculous magic can be. He was one of the first who developed a Magic Art for himself.

    Through a twist of fate, Kinrai ended up as Nilak's apprentice. Nilak was loved by the people and he wanted to pass on his legend. He already had two apprentices, Balthazar and Falteer, before he took Kinrai under his wing. Kinrai never met his two ”brothers” as they called each other at times, but he knew about both of them. Kinrai trained 20 years and is actually still training with Nilak.
    Nilak taught Kinrai his Magic Art, Roulette of fire, however his blades end in number 7. It appeared that Kinrai had much more talent with Roulette of fire than his teacher, however Kinrai was still a complete novice with it.

    Up to this day, Kinrai is still quite a novice with his Magic Art. He lacks the destructive state of fire element but is somewhat able to summon the different blades now. They lack the fire attribute but at least he has the blades now. Suffice to say he has much to learn. Little will he know what fate has in store for him.
    It is unknown why Nilak chose to taught his own Magic Art to Kinrai but it would seem it had something to do with the connection between them.

    Additional info: Most of the people in Nayru know Kinrai and his mother because of Kinos. Kinrai has had his share of problems because of that too.
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    Default Innocence. Pain. Hatred.

    Hello Takesh, thanks for the space in your RP! been working on this all day! Oh I'm so excited I just had to return the favor of posting my CS first as well! ^^ If theres anything you feel uncomfortable with, please just tell me! ^^

    Oh, and expect lengthy reading here also ^^.

    Character Sheet:

    Full Name: Falteer 'Lun' Kuriki.
    (Lun is the nurturing name given to Falteer as a baby by his mother.)
    (Kuriki - Ku - Ree - Key.)

    Age: 112 (Human years – 21.)

    Gender: Male.

    Race: Dark Elf.


    Mourning Strike:
    This is Falteer's more...conventional weapon...Mourning strike is a beautifully hand crafted bow passed down from his father, to him. On it, are intricate designs woven throughout and around the entirety of the wooden arc. The designs, themselves, interpret into a woven tapestry of Falteer's family history, intricate designs which are, by birthright, passed down to Falteer, for him to add his mark to the family tapestry.

    The bow itself is imbued with the powers of his predecessors amazing and individual abilities. This bow, is as much as Falteer as his own soul. Without it, he himself does not feel the will to move on. It is like a mothers warm and loving embrace, there to catch him when he falls and there to guide him when he is led astray.

    Now, earlier I mentioned that the powers of his predecessors were imbued within this instrument. By this, I meant that Falteer has, from generation to generation, been passed down the knowledge to know how to hunt and kill effectively, adapting each of his predecessors abilities to make him that more effective in combat. He does not even have to use the weapon to have access to their abilities, just as long as it is with him. Always.

    However, an incident occurred – will be eventually revealed - which disallowed Falteer from accessing his predecessors abilities, but it has been noted that whilst on his ongoing travels, each memory of his past is returned, and one of the intricate designs of the bow are returned. The bow itself, is plain...just like an ordinary bow. What I mean by all this is that THIS is my character's EXP system. Each time my character gain access to a new ability, knowledge is restored to my character (in the role plays case the magic spells of beneficial, devestation, and sacrificial.) And with each...level up...a design is restored to the bow, and the bow itselfs transforms into the legendary weapon it once was, and with the restoration of an ability...a memory of Falteer's past is revealed...

    Falteer's Melee weapon. Aegis is a curved dagger like short sword with a tipped hook at the end of the blade. Again, this blade was passed down from him, but this time by his mother. His father came from a long line of elven rangers, since the formation of Amn, and his mother, came from a long line of hunters from the beginning of Amn. The sword itself also is plain at first sight, lacking no unique attributes at all, apart from it curvature and hooked edge.

    Alas, this sword eventually physically changes during the travels in which Falteer undertakes, the outcome of which it looks like will be completely different than how it had started. Along with this magical blade also comes the history of which was handed from generation to generation which Falteer will eventually learn of in the the process of his travels, it will also become more intricately designed as like his bow.

    The idea in which I felt I could make this work is when Falteer unlocks a new ability of his magical trait he will both gain his new power (beneficial, destructive, sacrificial), his weapon will become intricately designed (both his sword and bow) and a shard of his history will be unlocked – instantly recalled within his memory. This basically makes up Falteer's level up package. I'm sure everybody will have their own powerful and mythical weapons already but mine will eventually meet that standard over the course of the role play, to kind of balance it out a bit.

    Fairy: Arwen
    Colour – Silver.

    Element: Water.


    -Props to keelerleah for creating the picture that perfectly describes my character's troubled and emotional turmoil!

    Falteer's Attire:

    Magic Art: (How I created this? My hobby – RP'ing My 10 sparks of lightning digits represent the speed in which I type when I get a wonderful idea on what to write in my head. Element...Lightning for my personality. I am spontaneous, full of life, and not just a one-hit wonder, I leave a lasting impression on the people that I meet .)

    Thunders Wake:
    Falteer's magic art. A unique one at that. Falteer is able to create sparks of lightning between his fingertips and can use these sparks to cast powerful lightning based attacks against his opponents. There are ten sparks of lightning that Falteer can create, one for each digit of his fingers. These sparks can be combined for amazingly powerful spells, or shot instantly into quick multiple discharges to jolt the enemies body.

    His electrical charges are created just like that of a real thunderstorm. His thumbs are the generators which hold the magical power which he collects. The left being the thumb which creates positive electrical charges, whilst the right makes negative electrical charges, and when combined with ice creates the magical power which only Falteer can possess.

    Once the sparks of lightning begin to race through Falteer's fingertips his hands begin to click together in a fast motion. Each individual digit on his hand has to flick off of his thumb before he is able to create the spell. Okay, to make this more clearer to those who do not understand I am going to perform a little demonstration, which you, at home can take part in as well . Don't worry, its nothing harmful!, and its mildly amusing if you are bemused quite easily! Okay make the letter “O” using only your index finger and your thumb, it doesn't matter about which hand, it can even be both!

    Once you have got that make sure the back of your hand (not your palm) is facing the ground so you can clearly see into your palm. Now, the final step. Quickly flick your finger off of your thumb, now proceed to this with each other digits of your fingers. That is how Falteer casts his lightning spells . Now, how to cast the final two sparks off of his thumbs? Good question, and with that, I shall politely answer.

    The thumbs are the most dominant spark holders within Odhran for the reason being the thumb is the generator in which the electrical sparks are created. Now then. Two generators, when they go on the Fritz what happens? That's right! They short circuit and induce a MASSIVE electrical shock...see where I'm going with this?.

    Now then, one more demonstration for Falteer to create this massive electrical discharge he has to do the following, and you may partake in this again as well ^^. Okay. Falteer puts his hands out in front of him, so that his palms are facing away from him. He then joins his thumbs together until they point downwards? Got that so far? Good stuff! Now, join your two index fingers together so you are creating an arc. See that ring that you have just created? That is Falteer's crosshairs. Now, to quickly cast his powerful spell (you may have to stand up for this) Falteer quickly brings the crosshairs to his waist (as if he just loaded a bullet into the chamber) he then quickly and forcefully throws his crosshairs back into position, and the result? Crispy bacon.

    The symbol which represents Falteer's magic arts is a design that rests on his left cheek. A thin sharp line protrudes from his left lower eye lid. It breaks off to the left sharply once it reaches his cheek bone and then continues down to his jaw bone, getting thinner and sharper along the way. The symbol in fact, represents a lightning bolt, and each time Falteer uses his magic art, the symbol glows a teal colour, as if you can see the magic coursing through Falteer's veins.

    Falteer. The most polite young gentleman you could ever encounter in your life. His voice is pure and dreamy, and his words are vivid and romantic. Everything Falteer sees, he sees blooming with romance. He has a vivid and extravagant imagination and can resemble the romantic mind of a poets, seeing the world in a completely different view when compared to others.

    Falteer you see is pure of soul, like a dove. If he could be an animal he would be a dove, the most purest and untainted creature in the world. But what happens when taint finally reaches the dove? You find a broken old fool drowning in his empty shell of a being. A particular event left Falteer this way, and since then, he has not been able to see the romanticism in the world anymore, all he sees is the hatred and the anger. Feelings which he knows all too well.

    Innocence...taken from him at an early age, now left as a mature but hollow being. Wishing for it to be over. Sooner or later. Eventually, all things come to an end. Or maybe, just maybe, Falteer will open a new chapter in his life, and regain the pure soul that he once held. Revelations the tale of Falteer Kuriki.

    Rogue. Traitor. Troublemaker. Killer. Words. Words branded on a dark elf by the name of Falteer Kuriki. Alas, every body has a reason for dwelling in the darkness, what of Falteer's? For that, we would have to travel back 90 years in his past. The night that his innocence was taken from him..


    ~Breathe sweet Lun...

    I saw the birch wood trees breaking into distance as I crossed over the meadow fields.

    Behind them,

    a cottage vivid with scents of morning-baked fresh out of the stove apple pie.

    The one memory that I grasp onto for my dear life.

    The only memory that I can remember, and remember like it was just today. Returning home from the city had always been an eventful skirmish. Trekking from field to field, climbing unmaintained fences and dashing across cobblestone paths. Little did I know however of the horrors that awaited me as I jumped into my home with a childish and innocent grin painted across my dimpled cheeks.

    It was 4 hours and 35 minutes into the afternoon by the time I arrived home. The red cottage half door, one half already open invited me in to sink my teeth into mothers latest baked sweets. Opening the bottom half of the door, with an uninviting creak I stood inside. It was cold. I remember the coldness most vividly because by then, I already knew what had happened. Interment beads of sweat slowly dripped from my forehead down past my cheeks, soon joining with the tears that trickled down to my chin.

    She was dead.

    Murdered. Butchered. Tortured.

    They called themselves “The Ravagers”. They were still there.

    With my father.

    Then a piercing scream. After that, my head refuses to recall what happened next. Almost as if, it doesn't want me to know...It is the only memory I cling onto for dear life.

    Because, without it, I am nothing but an empty shell. I will recover my memories. I will find my father. I will find her murderers. And I will have my revenge.

    --History reflects on the romantic personality of Falteer, before it finally being washed away in one final closure. Not even one goodbye...

    After this, events spiralled out of control in Falteer's life, and eventually he turned to creating his own clan. A clan of which would take revenge on the “Ravagers”. A clan made up of four sturdy warriors, and a not so innocent leader – Odhran.

    It wasn't long before he was eventually captured and detained by the High Elves.

    “Fight or Die” they said.

    He chose to fight. They agreed to release his disciples, so long as he surrendered himself, and became a gladiator of the Colosseum. A general spectacle for the audience to boo over. A person they would see die, before lasting another second on the world of Amn.

    Oh but they underestimated Falteer. They underestimated him indeed. In lethal combat, Falteer proved to have nobody to match up to his combatant skills, and it wasn't long before he was hailed as a champion of the Colosseum. Its funny how circumstances change. One minute you are threatened with misfortune and death. The next, you are cheered and worshipped, just like a true champion...but still a prisoner.

    A lonely broken prisoner.

    With only one reason to live.


    Additional Information: Falteer is one of Nilak's apprentices, making him a force to be reckoned with, a very very powerful dark elf who should not be underestimated.

    Falteer starts with both beneficial and destructive properties of water.
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    Character sheet!!

    Full Name: Balthazar Nathilius
    Age: 102 (somewhere in his 30s in human years)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dark elf
    Weapon(s): Two long katanas with a red hilt.
    Fairy: Aria. Color: Midnight blue. State: Deceased
    Element: Earth

    (( Pic from deviantART ))

    Magic Art: Rocka Bong
    Rocka Bong is the combination of playing bongos (a drum like instrument) and the earth element. What it does is that Balthazar will summon a set of bongos, the bigger the set the more powerful the Magic Art is. Once he starts banging the bongos, the soundwaves they send awaken the earth. With this he can lay the most deadly traps to his foes.

    Let's take an example (since everyone seems to be doing it lately) that Balthazar has three bongos in front of him and a field with nothing peculiar about it. His foes arrive to the field and that's when Balthazar starts banging the bongos. The ground will shatter and a deep pit is formed right under the foes feet. In the bottom of the pit is a cluster of long spikes formed out of the rock solid earth. All the foes fall into their deaths with the bongos ringing in their ears. Deadly, don't you think?

    The Rocka Bong symbol which appears on his right shoulder is the omega symbol upwards. It starts glowing with a dark red color whenever Balthazar uses Rocka Bong.

    Balthazar was born into the heart of the elven country, Nayru. He was born into a family with three siblings, all of which were younger than him. Because of his ”tainted” bloodline, Balthazar's life wasn't without flaws. He never had any real friends because no one really dared to say anything to him because he was scary. A silent giant with two intimidating katanas wasn't exactly the friendlist outlook. Because of this, Balthazar found his way into the colosseum.

    He was fighting for.. the sake of fighting. He had no real reason to fight, there was just nothing else for him. During his years in the colosseum, Balthazar met Nilak, a dark elf just like him. Balthazar became Nilak's apprentice after losing to him in a fight. He somehow admired Nilak, he was the first one who actually spoke to Balthazar without looking like a scared rabbit. After years of training with Nilak, Balthazar had became something much more he had been before.

    Balthazar is one of the few who has confronted a Lurker, and killed it. It happened on a journey with Nilak before the incident of Chasm of Terra. A small village in the territory of Onomu was attacked by a small group of Lurkers. Nilak and Balthazar were the ones who rescued the village by slaying all of the Lurkers. This was Balthazar's first heroic deed, and it felt right to him. He wanted to continue doing this.. hero stuff. That way, people wouldn't be so afraid of him.

    After the incident of Chasm of Terra, something happened between Balthazar and Nilak. They acted the same way towards each other but something was clearly amiss. It was as if something had taken a hold of Nilak, and was not going to let go. Balthazar also met Nilak's other apprentices during this time period. He never got to know them well, but he would recognize them nevertheless.

    Nowadays Balthazar is living a silent life in Nayru. He hasn't stepped foot in the colosseum for some time nor has he done any heroic deeds. Some say he quit, but nothing has been proven.

    Additional info: During the Lurker fight in Onomu, Balthazar's fairy died which left some painful scars. Also nature seems to like Balthazar, birds and animals are not afraid of him. Balthazar is one of Nilak's apprentices.. thus he is stronger than your average elf.
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    Full Name: Kien Cephalon (kahy-en sef-uh-lon)
    Age: 223 (comparatively, 23 in human, 4 in dog, 3.7 in cat, 1 in avg. fish )
    Gender: Male
    Race: High Elf

    “Delusion’s Will”
    The nickname he gave to his Shu-Zhu, better known as Japa Mala. It consists of 108 beads, and was given to him 50 years ago by a Zen Master named Delusion during a very unfortunate event. It was then that his fascination of humans began, and after their “extinction”, he kept the beads close as a constant reminder of them.

    The beads have an attractive affinity to only 2 other beads in the group, allowing it to form a continuous chain whenever the groups are put into close proximity. The attractive force can be said to be magnetic, but the reason that the attraction only occur between specific individuals can only be labeled as mystical.

    The bead is made from a type of wood that is crystal clear. It absorbs moisture, energy, chemicals, as it travels from place to place like hungry little animals. As it does so, the bead slowly becomes cloudy, until it turns dark. The resources of the bead can be obtained by ingesting it. After which the individual will spit and loose some blood, and the bead will be recovered from the blood in its original clear form. The loss of blood is caused as the bead tries to purify a person’s inside, and the body will reject it as it attempts to do so.

    In order to not cause the side effect of loosing blood, the resources can be absorbed though prayer. This is a much more versatile method, because the supply can be used for other purposes, like medicine, and be mixed into different type of composition. However, only when one has reached a certain state of enlightenment, could this method be used, and Kien is certainly not at that level.

    It is better to simply think of the beads as a storage, rather than only food.

    However, the Japa Mala’s main purpose is to ease down an individual’s mind. The greater the stability of an individual’s mind, the greater the attraction between the beads, over time, thread will form between the beads, and they will no longer be able to separate, which has its pros and cons.

    “Dainty Overpriced White Gloves”
    A cloth gauntlet made of what was supposed to the manes of the Namea lion, sold to Kien’s father by a dwarf at an obvious unreasonable price. It was impossible for Kien to convince his father that no such thing as the Namea Lion existed, but his father was only too obsessed with myths to think intelligently and given away 80% of the family savings. However, the dwarf didn’t lie about the glove’s impervious durability. No matter if it is fire, acid, poison, edges of a blade, the glove stands on its own. So Kien’s father made it a duty to wear it whenever he can. Despite all that, on the day he decided to go out hunting with the Dark Elves and he was still accidentally shot in the heart by a friendly arrow and slid down to the cliffs below.

    When they finally found the body a few days later, the flesh was clear from the bones, preyed upon by the nearby beasts. What’s left was the pair of gloves, which was deemed a family heirloom was passed down to Kien. Even after years of use, it looked brand new.

    Aside from the impervious ability, what was the most distinctive property was its ability to reflect the mood of the environment. The extent of which depends on an individual’s own magical abilities.

    Fairy: Tianna, light green to white.
    Element: Water

    He is more built than the standard high elf because of his reliance on physical activity rather than magic. However, he still possessed the trademark bright eyes of the elves.

    Magic Art:
    "The Cartesius Game"
    Kien’s ability is to shift memories from an individual to himself using his ability with water. There are several rules which limit his abilities.

    1) He cannot extract information at the costs of nothing. For every piece of memory he takes, he need to give the other a memory of his own. Or else other consequences will occur. Detailed further down below.
    2) The memory that’s exchanged must correspond to each other. A semantic memory must be replaced with a semantic memory. A motor memory must be replaced by a motor memory. A sensory memory must be replaced by a sensory memory.
    3) Memories must be integrated in order for it to be remembered. For example, memories of horse riding can only be integrated if you other memories to connect to it, for example bull riding.
    4) He could choose what memory to extract, or give, but after the process, he’ll not remember the choice that he made, nor which memory is his.
    5) If he knows the memory of ability, he cannot perform it unless he has the physical ability to do so. So if he exchanged the memory from a lizard, which can scale walls with attractive pads on their feet. He cannot perform it, because he does not possess the pads.
    6) He cannot give memories which he did not integrate.
    7) He cannot give memories of his own, without taking another’s for exchange.
    8) Except for one time in his lifetime, all memory exchange must be initiated with close contact.
    9) Above rules also apply for memory destruction.

    The consequences are also stated in series of numbers, each number correspond with the rules above.
    1) Kien possess a watch, which measures the proportion of his memories in relation to “foreign memories”. If the foreign memories exceed the proportion of his own memories, he’ll no longer be “Kien”, and subsequently, loose his ability to perform the Cartesius game even though he would not realize the difference.
    2) He’ll forget the memory he’s extracted, and there’s a change that the other will know something’s wrong with their memory.
    3) He’ll forget the memory he’s extracted.
    4) Nothing, just a passive rule that will always apply.
    5) He’ll get injured, or look idiotic attempting it.
    6) Neither he nor the other will remember the memory.
    7) His mind will reach dissonance, and he’ll lose the ability to perform Cartesius game.
    8) A passive rule involved in the insteps required to do initiate the game.
    9) For all memory destruction, if the rule is disobeyed, both the user and the target will turn into a vegetative state.

    Steps in Cartesius game
    First of all, close contact must be made, be it a hand shake or hug, or a touch. Kien exchange small trace of water vapor. Think of this as obtaining a sample of an individual’s brain chemistry.

    Then depending on if the individual is dead or alive, the steps are different.

    If dead:
    1) The body must have sufficient water content, the brain cells must not have died.
    2) The system must be purified.
    3) Close contact must be made to a part of the body where there is water to carry to the brain. If water is scarce in the body, direct contact of the brain might be required.
    4) The memory can be transferred only once, after which, the brain of the dead shrivels and dries out.

    If alive:
    1) Kien will speak a keyword, which must be audible to the other individual, but does not need to be directed at the individual.
    2) The key phrase must be related to the subject matter at hand. And posed as a question. For example, if I want to exchange information regarding skydiving. I’ll ask, “How scary is it to fall from the sky?” Just to make sure again, this does not need to be asked to the individual specifically.
    3) Memory exchange is immediately carried out from then, and is terminated when the other individual (even if the question is not posed at them) replies, “I don’t know, but…” After that, they’ll speak a key phrase related to the memory you’ve given them. For example, if Kien took memories of skydiving in exchange with his memory of track and field, the other will reply during termination, “I don’t know, but I fell once while running.” The other person will not realize that they are speaking, in a trance rather.
    4) Memory exchange is complete, and Kien will not remember what specific information he’s extracted, but will recall it if ever was reminded of it. For example, after memory exchange, Kien will really believe he had gone to sky diving, and when asked, “How was skydiving”, he’ll recall it as if it’s his own memory. Although there are physical ways to help him keep track what memory is his.
    5) The process must be reinitiated to extract another memory.

    When the process is active, a Rorschach inkblot appears between his shoulder blade that reflect the transferred memory.

    Both his parents were scholars, and when they discovered that their son possessed photographic memory, it was pretty much set that he’ll need to venture into the same path as them. However, Kien hated to study, a part of him which was attributed to his father.

    His father, despite being an advocate of learning, became more of distraction for Kien’s study than aid. Often he took Kien out on business trips across the plain, which Kien was thankful for. This was where majority of his learning took place. However, what he was most thankful was the birth of his sister Dia Cephalon. This marked as a transition point in Kien’s life. Being a much more gifted learner than Kien, the job to carry out the family’s educational banner was placed on Dia instead.

    Now without the pressure of continuing study, he soon left the “proper” path and worked as a local detective. However, such a job was almost useless, because crime rates within Auburn are close to nil because everyone was satisfied with life; and only time where he’s needed was to track down a Tainted. However, he liked the easy going pace of the job, and the lack of responsibility.

    After his parent’s passing (his father had the exciting one, his mother had the peaceful one), Kien still kept at his lazy ways. His sister on the other hand rose to become one of the most prominent magicians and began teaching magic to others. Things remained for a long while, and Kien seemed to be destined to live a peaceful life, probably single as well (he wasn’t very dashing).

    Then on one night, when the Seven Moons aligned the sky, he was sent out for a job to hunt a Tainted located at the center of Amn. This was a few days before the historical battle in the coliseum. He hunted the Tainted down, and killed it under a bridge by piercing through its heart. That was when he met the saddened Zen Master Delusion. The two conversed for seven days, and Kien was convinced not to kill another being ever again. It was during this period that he obtained the Delusion’s Will and was taught the unique way of water, the Cartesius game, that will later define him.

    When he came back to Auburn, a series of unfortunate events unfolded. The Tainted he thought he killed through a stab to its heart lived because of Situs Inversus, and had travelled to Auburn when Kien was with Delusion. It killed 3 families before finally being subdued and disposed of. Safe to say, the higher ups were not pleased, and they questioned him, “Why did you not make certain the death of the Tainted? And why did you not return to Auburn immediately?”

    For the first, he had nothing to say. For the second, he explained his meeting with the human Zen Master. It was probably fate, punishing him for his sin of sloth, because just the day before, news of Terra’s act had reached Auburn, with Kien completely unaware of it. The mention of human, stirred negative emotions in the elves, and it was decided that Kien would be marked as a Tainted, an accomplice of murder, to be sent to the coliseum to be punished.

    It was then, Dia Cephalon stepped in, and on the condition that Kien be spared, banished her own magic, and destroyed her knee caps permanently, trapping herself to a wheel chair. The elves were not a violent race, and seeing their own kind suffer made them regret their decisions. They dismissed Kien’s case, and forgave him, hoping the matter would settle as a bad memory.

    Kien was never really close to Dia, as he often felt intimidated by her gifts. Neither of them saw each other often after childhood, much less talk. However, in that one moment, there was an intense surge of regret and shame swelling up within Kien, as he came to his realization about his responsibility.

    Kien could not forget what happened, nor could he hate anyone else because it was his own fault. The next day, he left Auburn with his sister to the city of Monark. He took only necessity with him, leaving behind his home, his friends, and two bloodied elf ears, severed from his own head. Ending his relations with the elves of Auburn forever.

    Additional info: He did not communicate with his fairy much after he left Auburn, and it is often left unattended. Thus it slowly fades into a color green to indicate the distance between their relationships. However, when Kien do talk to it, the color immediately changes to a bright white.
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    ((CS Approaching, Old Woman advised too back away [that means you Anglo] and not look....That is all))

    Full Name: Akito “Valtier” Alte (His nickname Valtier came from the Wind Dragon, because he is very well at Wind Art and his personality is very similar to his)
    Age: 128 (19 in appearance)
    Gender: Male
    Race: High Elf (Lives like a Dark Elf though, doesn’t like all the popularity, he isn’t shunned like the Dark elves, but lives like one)
    Weapon(s): A slim sleek green bow with a angel design and feather on the top and bottom which is called “Vatica” which has wind under it and is somewhere far up in the sky(Akito is a very skilled Archer as well), the arrows that come assorted with these are attached to the bow. The bow is able to shoot when Akito tells it too by wind, so it can shoot its arrows at a designated area without any wielder for a air barrage.
    Akito’s tie is interchangeable, when he wants to he can pull the red strap underneath the main part of the tie and it will unfold into two similar poison tipped purple edged katana’s, the left one has a red hilt and the right one has a blue hilt, left one being named “Crucifix” and right one being named “Vodruth”, that he can use for battle, but after the battle is done he can connect both of the hilts and it will turn back into a red tie. (This katana will do poison damage as well as regular dual wielding damage)

    Fairy: Jett, his cool, calm personality like Akito’s made him call him that making him as fast as a jet. Blue is his main color, a sign of his calm persona. Jett is usually flying somewhere, not paying attention to Akito, or in better words, not having the need to pay attention to him.

    Element: Wind

    Appearance: Akito usually has a white shirt and a red tie, he occasionally chews on something edible, to get the time over and has khaki color pants with sleek black shoes fit for business and is around 7'4 in height.

    Magic Art: Hmm…(the fun part)…hmmm(seems like an irritating part)….Idea!....Wind and Shaolin Kung fu with Parkour. (Parkour is the form of adrenaline running where your adrenaline is pumping and you can do almost anything, run over cars, jump down buildings and make it alive feeling no pain, and Shaolin Kung Fu is a sacred form of Kung Fu known to few and second to none, Akito knows all versions of this and is one of the few who does know this and can do it with a katana as well) The name of this Magic Art is Wishungfour (WInd SHaolin kUNG Fu parkOUR) Wishungfour (WISH-uhhnggg- ffferrr). Wishungfour is an art developed solely for calm peaceful men, mostly just Akito, it’s actually a very easy working system where he just has to do something (Kung Fu or Parkour) and wind will help him, by doing damage as well as helping him get faster and such. It has various attacks he Shaolin Kung Fu and Parkour with wind, just look at Shaolin attacks and more. Wishungfour Pwnz! The sign is a large green circle with various designs incorporated into it and usually comes out of his hands in a 15 cm diameter all around.

    History: Akito was born somewhat in an eccentric and small environment, well as you humans say prison. Akito Alte was born into this damned world we call home in a very poor family in prison, not exactly in a jail cell, but close enough. Akito Alte’s mother was a very young beautiful woman with the strength to protect herself and those dear to her in every way. Susanna was the name that graced a woman fit for it; Akito was born outside of a jail cell in a table where his mom and dad were soon killed off afterwards. Akito had no relatives as he thought now, a natural born elf graced with power was Akito. His mom, Susanna and his dad, Valtier both were strong parents but died in a raid through the cells. Akito had a very strange appearance as a baby, not crying nor laughing, it was just calm, cool for him, Akito was taken care of by a small woman about average height with a fear for him, but a love for his mother. The small woman’s name was Josemaria Santafell, a long name fit for a short woman. Akito was raised until 50 years where he was left to fend for himself, he soon found out that he was the Elder Council Elf head’s grandson. Akito soon was scorned by him, and he only knew of him and his uncle as his only living relatives. He found out that his relative the Council Head was corrupt and not exactly good. Akito slept in a tree or on a building, it was all the same to him, his life was only jumbles, not his body.

    Additional info: Akito is cool and calm, doesn’t like high people or acting like one even though he is pretty high up there. Akito chooses to not talk to people who are not part of his business, he is considered a "shined light dimmed" because he is very high and rich, but lives among the poor, even though he does have an extreme reputation in his area, he just doesn't like rich environments.
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    Talking Character Sheet

    ((Well here it is. Thanks for all the answers on my questions Takesh It was very helpfull. I hope you like it.

    Lots of pictures are included, because I felt like it ))

    Full Name: Sirilia “Vice” Rhuimiel
    (Vice is practice or a habit considered immoral and is the name given Sirilia because she was banned. See below)
    (Rhuimiel is pronounced as Ru – i – mi – el)

    Age: 100 (that would be around 19/20 but Vice looks very young for her age)

    Gender: Female

    Race: Dark Elf



    First of all I encountered this idea on deviant art so it is not mine that I have to admit. Still I love the concept of it so I’m using it. Credits go to Antenox.

    The clue is this: An athal is a shuriken like weapon created from crystal that thus can be thrown to the enemy. But, and here is the fun part, when not used it can be closed and become very small (which is useful for when you travel and don’t have much room for things). Next to that is not dangerous at all when closed. It is a great ranging weapon for those who don’t have a bow at hand at still want to hunt. Vice likes them because of their strength and smallness and uses them when she doesn’t want to be seen and still needs a weapon.

    Tadtinc: (too big, credits to anastezia)
    Vice only uses one of those blades. The name of blade means Two Metal in Elfish, but also resembles the tinkling sound that the blade makes when it collides with another blade.

    Fairy: Nyx – Very Dark Red

    Element: Earth

    Actually you’ll never know how Vice looks. She is a master of deceiving, dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Her true looks are in fact this:
    (Also very big, credits to Leavan)
    Her skin is the midnight blue color that all the dark elves have, her hair short and soft white, her eyes bright red as usual.
    The only things she wears almost always are simple gloves that cover her fingers.
    Vice is short, only around 1,50 m, but she doesn’t mind at all. Actually her shortness comes in handy in many times that she has to sneak away.

    Magic Art:
    (This idea was born not because of me, but because of a friend of mine who found me all irritated and depressed on school since I lacked inspiration. We started at the beginning with my character and what I like, which is playing the piano (and of course writing and much more other things). Then she came up with this idea so credits go to her )

    Creators Touch
    Vice’s powers are based on Alchemy and the structure of the world and are very useful for her because they require nimble-fingeredness which Vice possesses very much. On her fingertips Vice has a total of ten signs that stand for several elements from which nature is build as well the sign for earth itself located on her left hand palm (See below).
    By touching her fingertips with another finger the symbols will start to glow (so Vice has actually eleven marks instead of one which will glow when used). It is like touching the right keys on a piano to produce a melody. There are countless of orders in which the ten symbols can be combined. After she has chosen her symbols softly clapping her hands together will activate the earth sign and the magic. Vice can so use Alchemy in a very easy manner to create numerous things. She can turn her surroundings into something she wants or needs. This goes from her clothes, weapons, but also her hair for example, to letting the earth split or transform herself completely. There are two very important rules to this, but this being also the normal Alchemy rules:

    1. One cannot create something out of nothing,
    2. (And as follows out rule 1) When creating something one can only create things with the same mass as the original substance.

    When combined with the element fire Vice would be able (in the course of time) to create creatures that can “live” for a short amount of time thus she is able to create replicas of herself to distract the enemy. Since Alchemy can create the body and fire the soul. Still this is restricted for one cannot create or resurrect someone who has been dead for a long time.

    The symbols on Vice’s fingertips are the following. The one in the middle being Earth:
    Note: These are real alchemy symbols (or derived from them), but I’ll not be following their real meaning most of the time. That would be kinda hard…

    Born in Monark, the main city of Amn, Sirilia was raised in a family of her parents and two sisters (one older, one younger) that even though they were dark elves had some respect around them. Sirilia was therefore raised to have good manners and be a proper girl. Yet her personality was quite the opposite instead of that of her sisters. She wanted to run free through the city, she wanted to watch the sea, she wanted to travel through distant lands, but none of this was allowed. She had to stay inside, as her parents tried to life up to the high elves, and study. Even though she hated it she learned a lot from it and found it fascinating to read about the races.

    Still under the watching eyes of her parents Sirilia managed to slip outside every now and then and live the life she always wanted to live. She also found out that the world wasn’t exactly so as her books told her. The questions to what was good and wrong got a new perspective and Sirilia figured out that there was no such thing as pure good. Every creature had its own things it desired. She hated how people lied about such things and told others they were good and she decided for herself that she would not do this. She would live up to her desires. In mind you could say she might have become a Tainted though not through actual crimes.

    Of course eventually in the fiftieth year of her life (same year that Nilak fought Terra) her parents found out, but neither did Sirilia try to hide it. She was banned from the family and lost her name for another: Vice. Finally she could start the life that she wanted. So she started traveling the world she had always longed to see. Her dark skin didn’t help by getting good acquaintances, but then again she didn’t need them. Vice might be a stereotype dark elf, or the at least the stereotype that the other races in the world believe them to be. She loves fighting and doesn’t mind if blood is shed. Still this does not mean that she wants to kill everyone, but just that those who deserve to die in her eyes are allowed to be killed.

    Additional info: A thief is not a thief unless he or she is caught. Just think about that (Thanks Takesh )

    A man said to the universe:
    "Sir I exist."
    "However," replied the universe,
    "this hasn't created in me
    a sense of obligation."

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    Talking I added some stuff to her APPEARANCE and HISTORY!

    ~*~Character sheet~*~

    Full Name: Vita (Vee-tah) Vero (Veh-roh)
    ("life in truth" - According to my translator...)
    Age: 48 - 25 in age (Born on the 4th month)
    (She was about 20 when she was born)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Moon Elf

    Appearance: A tundra of silvery strands drifted from the far left of her head and across the right side of her face. Her locks of celestial beauty obscured her right eye, concealing the mark of her Magic Art. A tattoo of Ura existed above her eye, followed by Satir around her eye and Pent below her eye. Her visible left eye shimmered with pearls of pure whiteness outlined by a thin strand of obsidian wonder. In the center was a bowing whirlwind as her pupil. Beneath her eyes was the faintest trace of blush, a touch of life to the pale glow of her blue skin. Overall, her eyes are wide with knowledge, and her lips were full, yet stern.

    Apart from her face, evidence of toned muscles could be seen throughout her body. Contrasting with her fit form was her whispy hair, which formed waves upon her back and the sides of her arms.She has the height and dignity of a High Elf, but her demeanor is neither rejecting nor taunting. Instead, her long, slender fingers reach out to all who willingly trusts her as she may in turn trust them, so long as their heart rings true. Upon her frame was a simple white dress held by a silverish purple ribbon. She did not wear shoes.

    Element: Fire

    Weapon(s): Vita has never even touched, let alone used any weapons crafted into existance, for she feels that such attachments would mock her own existance. Weapons are created from the materials that were born into Amn, merged into all kinds of weapons, and, as time passes, become diminished shells of their once radiant selves. Though eternal, only through the care and nurturing of those around them can weapons shine. For those reasons, Vita has avoided weapons, almost as a kind of phobia, but is more of a way of life then an irrational fear. Magic, on the other hand, provides a fleeting existance that reminds Vita of herself. It is a gathering of otherworldly elements that gives its form in the world of Amn, just like herself. Therefore, Vita has never ran away from the dangers of summoning, but has tried her hardest to learn all about it.

    Halo of Antics - Laughter. Expressions of joy. Wild movements of excitement. The festivities of Moon Day is reflected in golden flames, its warmth fueled by spirited streaks of red. Boundless as it may become, the serenity of calmness tames the golden flames, at which a halo is born. Bouncing upon the brilliant ring of unity are the emotions of youth, ready to explore the land of Amn. Be wary, for they know not of the dangers they invoke. A steadfast heart and a unnerved mind shall guide them towards the target, keeping all else safe. A feeble heart and a chaotic mind shall be the demise of whomever is in their way. Duration: 7 seconds.

    Magic Art: (Hobby - studying and gazing at the moon)

    Remnants of Infinity - Without a past to remember, a home to return to, and a future that may never be, all melts away in the Remnants of Infinity. It's an eternal dimension that may have some connection to the Abyss. The sky bears hues of red, blue, and gray blending together like an aurora. Directly beneath the untouchable sky exists a pond that neither flows or sinks, as if its surface is frosted over by glass. The space is both never-ending, yet fractured. After ventering in any direction for some time, a vast mirror zooms into view. When touched, ripples vibrate thoughout the mirror, but rejects access into the world beyond it. The strength of its presence is determined by size of the moon above Amn, which is the key to entering. Pent causes it to become extremely unstable, Ura causes it to be slightly unstable, Satir mostly stable. Only on a Moon Day may the whole dimension be explored, at which the three moons can be seen and the surface of the water flows.

    The significance of the Remnants of Infinity is simple: the heart and mind can only ring true, an aspect Vita holds dear. Beloved memories. Forsakened memories. A blissful heart. A sorrowful heart. No lie can be uttered here, shattering fragile hearts and encouraging hearts seeking purity. Such purity isn't brutal honesty, nor is it misleading goodness. It is acceptance of happiness, love, and kindness as well as fears, regrets, and sins. In other words, it reflects a person's true self. By keeping such purity close at hand, Vita may glimpse (when no moon is present) upon the secrets that slowly rip apart a person's heart and hold their hand in the midst of their struggle with themselves.

    No one knows for certain as to what elements contributed to the foundation for Remnants of Infinity. It is indeed a part of the Abyss, but it is hidden from the world of Amn, existing as a mirage that only those who know well of the moons may perceive. Vita speculates it is comprised of the "essance of moonlight". Fire is the light which unleashes a person's true nature. Water provides the scope into the past, present, and future. Ice offers the omniscient moment in time which connects Fire and Water. This is the assumption of what combines into the "essance of moonlight.

    History: When she awoke, the three moons were departing from one another. All around her was forest, from lofty trees to crouching bushes. A rough patch of dusty land marked where she had slept, her body scrunched together in a tight ball. Her birth had formed an enclosed eclipse, shoving the sea of grass a few feet away. Confused about her surroundings, she immediately scurried to her feet, her heart pounding vigorously. Tapping against the branches of a nearby tree, she launched higher into the air. That's when her eyes encountered the embers flickering like crimson stars into the night air. They had detached themselves from the massive flame beneath them, which engulfed wood with ease. The sounds of song and chatter came from those enjoying the festivities some distance from her, which she never partook on. Instead, she continued watching and listening, until the frolic of Moon Day lulled her to sleep.

    2nd Night: Awakening

    After witnessing the events of the Moon Day, Vita felt even more troubled and confused about who and what she was. She was born with enough knowledge to know that the moons -- Pent, Satir, and Ura -- were the forces that allowed her to live on Amn, but she didn't understand why she was so different from the other elves. All the other elves had a family -- a mother, a sister, a father, a brother. It didn't seem right that the same didn't exist for her, and as time passed, the more of an outsider Vita felt. Of course, Vita didn't know that the turmoil in her heart would beckon forth the mysterious and mocking cloud serpant, Margni.

    Margni knew that Vita's heart longed to love, yet her position as an outsider conflicted with her sense of longing. Instead of telling Vita that she was as much a part of Amn as any other living being, her decided to stir up the anarchy in Vita's heart even further. It wasn't clear if Margni simply wanted to trick Vita into giving him her life or that he just loves toying with the moon elf, but Margni passed on the opportunity to eat Vita that night.

    3rd Night - Truth

    After venturing into Nayru and observing the other elves from a closer perspective, Vita came across the Elven Library. She studied for as long as she was permitted, researching about the location she was trapped in as well as how to handle Margni. At that point, Vita knew that an unstable heart would only allow Margni to consume her, so she had to show her that she was the master. Of course, that meant that she also had to hide her anxiety at the same time. Thus, Vita decided on a name for herself before calling upon Margni.

    Margni was, of course, quite furious at Vita. He was the one who had all the power, yet Vita was trying to force him into a contract. Around the same time, Vita finally opened her heart to her fairy, Oren. It seemed that Oren was quite concern about Vita, but her detachment from the world also left Oren abandoned in the clearing she first appeared on. Once Vita formally apologized, however, Oren quickly forgave her. The reason for his quick recovery may be because Oren had moon elves for masters before. Although it may not be true, Oren most likely lost one of his masters before to Margni. Thus, Vita had to act as a mediator between him and Margni while finishing her contract with the latter.

    The contract gave Margni the right to eat Vita should she be near death, as to leave no physical trace of herself behind in Amn. Of course, Vita came to understand that she could form relationships during her time on Amn. Currently, Margni resides in Vita's ribbon, occassionally summoned with an icy chain binding him.

    Fairy: Oren isn't your typical fairy that merely glows a certain hue and follows their "master", as Oren mockingly calls everyone he is "assigned" to. His skin emits a royal purple, which he claims reflects his "true spirit". However, his eyes are scarlet and his shoulder-length, grayish purple hair is as spiky as his personality. The clearest distinction of his appearance is attire, though. In order to prove his allegence to Vita, he wears a blue cape, a gray top and trousers, and a red sash. His feet remain bare, and after noting the loosness of his clothes, it seems he likes his freedom.

    Additional info: I'll build on Vita's history as the RP rolls on.
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    -- farag0n; Tales of Amn

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    Default 3 EXP (This can be where you list how much EXP you've gathered so far)

    Tales of Amn

    ~New Sun~

    Hello, I welcome you again and would like to say how much I appreciate that you joined the mystical world of Amn. A new day is about to rise, bringing forth it's joys and sorrows. Spring has just settled in, melting most of the snow. From the looks of it, it's going to be a sunny day. I wonder what you're going to do? Are you going to hunt? Or perhaps you want to hone your skills in combat or magic? Are you a gladiator in the colosseum, fighting for your life.. or entertainment? For some this is a regular day just like all the rest and yet for others, today might be the day which seals their fate forever. I'm curious, what will you do today?

    The sun awakened Kinrai from his slumber. The leafy pattern which the sun created on Kinrai's floor was most intricate. He stood up and looked outside of the window. People were already bustling within the city of Nayru.
    From his window, Kinrai could see the colosseum towering not far away. The colosseum was on the far left and a large market area was right in the middle. The market area was surrounded by white houses with round rooftops. It was clearly elven architecture, smooth and round had always been something the elves admired and strived for. The Elven Library resided behind Kinrai's home, right in the opposite side of the window in his room. Kinrai glanced into the distance and saw how the trees swayed in the soft wind.

    Kinrai: ”So peaceful.. I love these kinds of days”
    Issat: ”Good morning, master”
    Kinrai: ”Good morning Issat. You know what I've said about calling me ”master””
    Issat: ”Forgive my rudeness, but that is a request I can not fulfill”
    Kinrai: ”You should try to relax sometimes. Have you ever taken a bath in a hot spring?”
    Issat: ”If master recalled, he dipped me in a hot spring once”
    Kinrai: ”Oh. Umm.. Sorry. It must've slipped my mind”
    Issat: ”Please don't apologize, I enjoyed the experience. You were having much fun that day”
    Kinrai: ”Guess I was. Well, time to fix something to eat for myself”

    Kinrai walked over the bright green rug which decorated his bedroom. He grabbed the golden door handle and pushed the wooden round door open. Kinrai's home was a small one even though he could've easily buy himself a bigger one. His family's wealth was quite large, Kinrai wouldn't probably ever have problems with money if he wasn't as stubborn as a mule.
    He refused to use his family's wealth for his own benefits, instead he wanted to survive on his own. This sort of lifestyle was partly good but relying completely on yourself would spell disaster in the end. Issat always did her best to guide and advice Kinrai, thus she was quite formal about everything.

    The living room separated the bedroom and the kitchen. There was only a comfy sofa made of hovering leaves in the middle of the living room. There was a large green rug underneath the sofa, next to the sofa was also a lamp made of wood. The actual lamp was a glass jar with magic fireflies inside. Whenever you wanted the fireflies to emit light, you only needed to gently blow at them so that they would awaken. There was a shelf in the corner of the living room, there were actually a lot of books in the shelf.
    Kinrai enjoyed reading every now and then, heroic tales were his favorites. There was also a combination of three round windows in the living room, you could see the market area and the colosseum much more clearly from the living room. Of course this also meant that the sights from the window weren't exactly good.

    If you wanted to gaze the wonders of nature, you'd have to go outside and climb over a few rooftops. One of the best places to see the sights of the city was on top of the Elven Library and the colosseum. The dark elves however shared the best view outside of the city. They could observe the whole city from their homes in the trees. Kinrai was quite the explorer at times, thus he had been on top of the colosseum and the Elven Library.

    Each and everytime he went in either of them he was stunned, moreso whenever the sun had set and the moons had taken their places among the stars. The glow which the city produced during nights made it all the more glorious. Mostly the glow was produced from the fireflies in the lamps scattered among the streets of Nayru. Kinrai wasn't the only one who every now and then came to see the city from above.

    One time he met the dark elf everyone redeemed as a hero: Nilak. He had also found his way, or actually he had found his way there a long time before Kinrai had. It seemed the two shared something in common which in terms led them to become friends eventually.
    Nilak was wise and he told about all of his great journeys in the world of Amn. Kinrai was like a little boy craving for more fantastic tales whenever Nilak started speaking. He was a great storyteller, he could capture his audience with his voice instantly. Nilak enjoyed telling his tales to someone so eager to listen and eventually, Kinrai became one of his apprentices.

    In the Past

    Nilak: ”I was watching the beast eye-to-eye, there was only a small field of white flowers on a grass bed between us. The flowers were one of the rare kinds which could repel cold. Our eyes locked into each other as we were about rush in and attack. The beast was an enormous Jitai, a creature which stood on two legs and had a thick fur which protected it from the chilly breeze of the Nihil Mountains. Only it's two 50 cm long fangs and yellow eyes could be seen from it's otherwise concealed face.”
    Kinrai: ”And you faced such a beast all by yourself?”

    Nilak smiled and then continued.
    Nilak: ”.. Time was running nigh, for the cold had taken it's toll from me. I would not be able to fight with my full strength. The Jitai did not hesitate, it went for a lunge towards me. If the hit contacted, my life hath ended in an instant. I was able to dodge in the nick of time and make my counter-attack. I used my Magic Art to render the monster immobile and immediately went for the killing blow. I summoned the Angelic Hymn blade and sliced right through the creature. The creature turned around, and in that instant turned into a mist of magical dust. I had slayed the beast, and saved the village.”

    Kinrai: ”.. Wow. You're as good as they say! I wish I could become as strong as you..”
    Nilak: ”Ha ha, I'm an elf just like any other. There is nothing special about me. Actions are what makes you who you are. Follow your heart and never let go of your faith.. it's the key to becoming something great in Amn”

    Kinrai glanced down to his hands, it seemed something was on his mind.
    Kinrai: ”.. Take me as your apprentice Nilak! I won't fail you!”
    Nilak: ”.. Kinrai, I treasure our friendship but I don't want to make you my apprentice. I already have two, and they are enough of a burden already! Haha!”
    Nilak laughed, pointing out he was just joking around.

    Kinrai: ”I won't be a burden! I want to prove myself, and you're the only one who can help me with that! You said I have to follow my heart, and now I'm following it more than anything!!”

    Nilak sighed but smiled afterwards, he nudged Kinrai with his fist.
    Nilak: ”Looks like I can't just say no to you. Alright, we'll see what you're made of. Stand up, we duel right here and now”
    Kinrai: ”W-what?! Now?!”
    Nilak: ”Yes, now! Raise your blade!”

    The past fades back into the memories..

    Kinrai had just finished eating his breakfast which consisted of a piece of bread and water. He placed the glass on the counter and walked outside. He didn't have anything to do in the morning, his training would start only after noon. Seeing as another Moon Day was closing in, the market place was filled with the most exquisite goods. Kinrai hopped down from the platform and landed near the market.

    He walked over and started eyeing through all of the stuff in sale. There were hundreds of different jewels in sale, there were so much that some of them had to be fake ones. As usual, most of the salesmen in the market were dwarves. They were milking the citizens of Nayru from all the wealth they had by selling the most bizarre things. Naturally some of them were smart enough to sell stuff which had something to do with Moon Day, or at least that's what they kept telling everyone.

    Dwarf Salesman: ”COME ON OVER! SPECIAL MOON DAY NECKLACES ON SALE! Witness the amazing three moons captured inside a tiny necklace! Give it to your loved one! . . . ”

    Kinrai: ”It's beautiful alright.. but I don't see a connection with Moon Day at all”
    Issat: ”I do believe that is only a cheap marketing trick which the dwarves just love to use, master”
    Dwarf Salesman: ”C-cheap marketing trick?! I would never ever do something like that! In fact, to prove that to you I'll take 25% off the necklace's original price JUST for you!”
    Kinrai: ”Sorry, but I have no use for it. Maybe another time”
    Dwarf Salesman: ”Ah-ha-ha! You're a clever buyer aren't you, elf? Alright, JUST for you.. 50% off the pri-..”

    Kinrai left before the salesman was able to finish his sentence. There was no other way, otherwise the salesman would've just insisted on lowering his prices and switching the stuff he sells. The marketplace was a fascinating spot but for someone like Kinrai, it offered very little. The fights in the colosseum were starting since the roaring of the crowd could be heard from where Kinrai was standing.

    Perhaps Nilak was once again ”keeping the rust off” from his sword. Of course it could've been anyone, Nilak certainly wasn't the only combatant. If Kinrai remembered right, both Nilak's apprentices are gladiators in the arena. It would've been nice to see them in action, however Kinrai headed towards the palace instead of the colosseum. He had some business with his mother, Liana, who was no doubt busy as always.

    Once Kinrai arrived to the doorsteps of the palace, he noticed how security tightened the closer he got. Guards were posted in multiple locations near the palace, of course there were guards all around the city too. They were there to prevent any Tainted or wild animals' attacks.
    All of them weared the same kind of clothing: A light-weight armor with a blue tint in it. The helmet had a long red piece of cloth in the middle which easily got caught by the wind. You could barely see the facial features of the guards because of the helmet. Most of the guards wielded spears but those posted above houses as scouts had bows. Any attacks would be swiftly dealt with with this kind of force.

    Kinrai walked further and entered the long stairs which lead inside the palace. The palace was, just as one could imagine it, beautifully decorated. There was a large hall located right behind the big front doors, it was all white inside with threads of yellow hanging from the ceiling from random places. There were also a multitude of pillars to keep the roof from crushing the interior, after all the roof was extremely heavy. In the middle of the hall was a long red carpet which lead all the way to the throne where Minathiel Amar was sitting.
    Liana was standing right next to her, talking to Minathiel about something. Kinrai walked over to them and bowed to Minathiel before addressing his mother.

    Liana: ”Hello Kinrai. What brings you here?”
    Kinrai: ”Good morning mother, your Highness, I wanted to talk to you about something mother”
    Liana: ”May I excuse myself for a moment your Highness?”
    Minathiel: ”Yes, of course Liana. I'll be fine”

    As an elven priestess, Minathiel Amar was one of the most beautiful of elves. Kinrai couldn't help but feel stunned everytime he saw her. She still looked so young even though she was one of the oldest of elves.
    Today she was dressed up in a scarlet dress with golden strings going around the dress, it gave her a very royal outlook. Above her head she had a golden circlet which embodied her right to be the priestess. She had multiple rings in her hands which were all very expensive from the looks of it, most of them had large jewels set in them.
    Liana grabbed Kinrai from his ear and dragged him into her own quarters in the palace.

    Liana: ”Do not stare at her Kinrai. It's impolite you know”
    Kinrai: ”You nearly ripped my ear off! It really hurt!”
    Liana: ”Oh, don't be such a baby! So what do you want?”
    Issat: ”Good morning Ms. Liana”
    Liana: ”Ah, good morning Issat. Have you kept a watch on my little boy?”
    Issat: ”Yes, of course. He hasn't gotten himself in any trouble lately”
    Liana: ”My, my.. are you perchance growing up Kinrai?”
    Kinrai: ”Mother! Cut it out!”

    Liana laughed and Issat smiled at the situation brought upon them. Whatever Kinrai was about to ask from his mother would be out on hold for now. His question was a serious one so the mood wasn't exactly right.

    Transition to Nilak

    Nilak said as he glanced over the battlefield. Five warriors were up against him, all of them were still fresh and naive. The crowd was roaring more than usually, it seemed they were getting more excited by the day. Nilak could only wonder, was violence truly gaining more popularity? Suddenly a huge shadow flew right over the colosseum. Nilak's eyes shot right up and he was able to catch a glimpse of the four winged beast which guarded Nayru. Right as he saw him, a painful expression formed on Nilak's face.

    Nilak: ”Valham..”

    Everyone's eyes had turned as the magnificent dragon had flewn over them, the five rookies too. Nilak glanced at them before summoning a whirlwind which threw all of them in air. While the rookies were still airborne, Nilak dashed and jumped into the air, flying right towards them. Everything happened in the manner of seconds.. with the result being the five rookies unconscious and stripped of their weaponry and armor.
    The crowd had a difficulty realizing what had happened before enormous cheering echoed all around Nayru. Nilak bowed and smiled to them, he had once again ”proven” himself for them.

    Nilak walked away from the colosseum and walked all the way over to the shrine of Valham. The shrine was located a bit further away from the city itself, next to a hot spring which was considered sacred. It was a beautiful stone statue with remarkable resemblance to Valham himself. Nilak knelt down before the statue and then looked at it. Sadness seemed to fill Nilak's mind as he looked at the statue.

    Nilak: ”Forgive me.. old friend”
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    It was during the darkest of the night, when the clouds veiled the three moons upon the sky, that a soft knock was heard at Kien’s residence. Kien, who slept in the living room in a make shift bed of tables, jerked awoke and looked around in a relative daze. He glanced at the hour glass to note that it is barely 3 in the morning. With a grumble he slid off and dragged himself to the door. His fairy, Tania silently trailed ahead; her soft green glimmered, shining a path for Kien to follow.

    He made his way around the kitchen table and was careful not to stub his toe by the leg, protruding awkwardly out on one side. When Kien arrived by the door, he already feel the cold night air brushing past him, an absolute terrible way to start the day.

    He didn’t need to check through the peephole, he only knows of one individual who’s so kind as to knock at his door during his sweet dreams. He opened the door, and glanced down at the tiny dwarf, who looked up at him every time, a shimmer in his eyes as if a great opportunity came by. The name’s Helmholtz, a being barely in the height of a meter, but holds more confidence and charisma than a priest in a sermon, and that for Kien was hell of a lot of charisma. His tiny white beard signified relative youth among his race; well, as young as a dwarf might look. Age 80, and dignified single, it is not a surprise why he’s a friend of Kien.

    A business this early in the morning?” Kien gestured a slight greeting to the dwarf.

    “Nothin’z too early, especially not somethin’ in our linez of work. I’ll go wait out here while you get yerself dressed. Wear lots, it’z a cold night out.”

    Kien closed the doors after mumbled an inaudible noise which resembled an acknowledgment of some sorts, before closing the doors again to shut the cold air out of the house. Through the daze, a thought came to his head, and he convinced himself to reopen the door and asked, “Want to come inside and wait?”

    Dia’z still asleep?” Helmholtz asked curiously.

    “Like any normal being would at this time.”

    “Then no, would be rude to wake a lady in her sweet sleep.”

    “You certainly didn’t seem to mind when you woke me.”

    The dwarf shrugged, and with a grumble Kien closed the door again, only to reappear in his work cloth, a composition of 90% rags, and 10% thread that ties the rag together. “Let’s get going, where is the place?”

    “Over at Grimlin’s bar, several blockz back. He’z already out of it I’m afraid. Might hafta get our handz dirty tuday.

    Horrible start of the day alright, Kien reflected for a brief second and nodded. He followed Helmholtz down the path, wrapping his scarf tighter around his neck, and sincerely wished for a muffler that could warm the holes where his ears had been.


    About a half an hour later, they’d come to a stop in the front of an alleyway. Even by Monark’s standard, this one takes the cake for the filthiest place that Kien knew in the area. In fact, from Kien’s experience, any alleyway that’s squished between a midnight food joint and zero star motel can earn a medal for its presentation. Dirt and junk in its most glorious moments.

    Kien could pick up the distinct sound of rodents scurrying around, and motioned for Helmholtz to come closer. The dwarf walked toward him and hosted his bag up close to Kien’s chest level, clearly a routine. Kien shuffled around the bag and took out what appears to be a regular wooden branch. It was Wisp Wood, a common material obtained from the undergrowth of any forest. He cracked it in half, and a small shrill cry came from it, and immediately, a stream of glowing white liquid poured out, warming Kien’s hand as it dripped down. Kien quickly threw it into the alleyway, and as it landed, a burst of light sizzled about, illuminating the narrow path, adding just the right touch to this untitled installation piece. As expected, the sudden light frightened the critters in the alleyway, and several hissing was heard as they scurried away. However, Kien’s job wasn’t pest control, no, it was something messier.

    “Any hope left?” Helmholtz asked Kien as he treads into the alleyway.

    “No, not at this place, give me the details.”

    “Gerald Silvertail, age 23, son of Galvin Silvertail and Susan Silvertail. Involved wiz some local groupz, specifics unknown, but waz last seen over at Grimlin’s place, with some merchants from the west. Grimlin reported to us at 2 o clock in the mornin’. Didn’t want to dirty his place up, so asked us to clean it up before customerz show up in the morning. Several days ago, the boy waz marked as…”

    “A Tainted.”

    “As alwayz.

    Kien put on his white gloves as he walked over to the “thing”, for that’s all he can call it. It was no longer recognizable, not as a body, more like a lump. All sorts of accessories covered it, fruit cores, fish bones, and possibly vomit. A little farewell present to respect the dead perhaps?

    “Sometimez I wonder why we do thingz like zis,” Hemlholtz stepped back, allowing Kien to come closer.

    “Because no one else does it, and we are good at it,” Kien knelt down, and scratched his unshaven beard as he gives the object a brief examination.

    He took a deep breath, which he regretted, as his lung is filled with the filthy air of a poorly maintained alley, and let out a sigh. “Got your notes ready?” He looked over the dwarf, who scavenged through the bag to take out a book and pen all slightly a bit too big for him.

    “When yer good ta go.”

    “Alright,” Kien looked back down, and moved his hand expertly across the figure, with an air of expertise. He felt the joints, they were soft, “Time of death, about two hours ago,” he felt a soft spot on the head, “Suffered from a head injury.”, he peeled back the eyelid and noticed they were still aligned “Probably received it after death, might be something internal.” He felt around the body, only to find several more bruises and a soft spot near the left of the chest. “I may need my kit, Tania can you pass me it please?”

    It took several good second before the dwarf looked up from his notepad, and responded. He clumsily shuffled around the bag and brought out a metal tool case. Tania glided to it, and with some straining effort managed to pass it into Kien’s hands. Who took it and placed it on the ground, and lifted the cover with an uncomfortable creak, revealing several stairs of tools. Tania took a rest upon the lid of the box, as she watched him looking through the rows for what he needed. He took out a scalpel and carefully cut along the ribs, “Three broken ribs, and I’m going to see if it protruded into anything,” a moment of silence, “No, it’s clear from the vitals, despite some hemorrhages nearby, it isn’t lethal, well, not enough to stop him from screaming for help.”

    The skull chisel was used next; as Kien slowly made a gentle slice around 2/3 of the scalp, and peeled the layer back slowly with forceps. Blood oozed out slightly where the bruise had been, but clotted soon afterward. There was a visible crack from where the collision was made to the head, but the bone manages to hold together, and dura matter unharmed. He began a new cut, down the dorsal left side of the spine, taking care to not mark the bones. The flesh was then peeled away, cleared from the spine and neurons cells. At this point in time, blood was leaking out at an uncontrollable rate, and a strong pungent smell was in the air. Without muscle control, the body is releasing gas. Hemlholtz coughed, and turned away, before asking, “Can I use some Roze powder around here?”

    Kien didn’t look away from his work, “There’s no point, it only covers the smell, the particle will still travel up your nose, down the nasal cavity, merge with your digestive system. It’s just that you won’t know it.”

    “Well, at least use Frjosa agent, ye can hardly see what ye are working on.”

    Kien paused for a moment, and nodded, “True, let me have it.”

    Tania flew over and took the brown packet from Helmholtz and passed it to Kien, which Kien opened and spray the content over the newly made cut, instantly, the area glistened, and the blood flow slowly came to a halt. Kien waited for it to completely finish, before continuing. The sound of glass breaking was heard as the blade went through where the agent had been.

    “No spinal injuries, it’s pretty much perfect. Hmm…what could it be...” Kien stood up, and walked over to Hemlholtz, taking the notepad from him. His eyes glanced through to see if the dwarf missed anything during the initial reporting. It seemed about right. “Did Grimlin say what type of people this fellow’s being hanging around for?”

    “Well, itz Grimlin’s place, mostly merchants from the north, stayin’ in to rest their legs before making their way further down,” Hemlholtz stroked his short beard as he thought, “my couzin used to drop by there, I heard it iz also the place where some unofficial buziness contracts are signed and made.”

    Kien let out another thoughtful “Hmmm…”, then bent down once more, and stared at the body. He turned it around so it faced upwards, then with a look of determination, he told Helmholtz, “Keep wise eye out, I’m going to begin an open examination.”

    “Now?!” Hemlholtz wasn’t pleased, “It’z almost morning, the sun’z going to be up in a while, and people aren’t going to like seeing an elf cutting someone open in the middo of the day.

    “Gave me some time,” Kien took out an hour glass from his pocket, and turned it, the sand slowly drifts out. “Half an hour. Until the sand drains, don’t talk, and keep your eyes open.”

    After his instructions, Kien’s two arms immediately moved in a synchronized dance, as they worked to unveil every single bit they can. Pectoral major, minor, rectus abdominis, serratus anterior, external oblique, even the abductor digiti minimi brevis. The bones are perfectly exposed, a stark contrasting beige against the surrounding strands of red. Kien took a fleeting look at the hourglass, 25 minutes had passed.

    The Frjosa is wearing off, and Kien knew he doesn’t have much time left. He had everything opened to him, all he needs is look. Hemorrhage on the right side of the chest, but purely external, not lethal, he made sure of that before. 28 minutes elapsed.

    The sternum remained intact. 28 minutes, 27 seconds.

    The heart undamaged. 30 minutes, 27 seconds. He looked at the hourglass, and thanked himself slightly that he bought a rigged one.

    Stomach, well, nothing’s really wrong there, flexible muscle, hard to cause any damage with blunt weapons. 30 minutes, 43 seconds.

    Lungs no, pancreas could be damaged, but wouldn’t kill you so fast. The liver, a vulnerable spot seemed alright, circulation seemed to be complete. 36 minutes, 52 seconds.

    “Isn’t it time already?” Helmholtz asked.

    Kien gave a quick glance to the hourglass, “No, sand is still there.”

    His reply was returned by a grunt from the short fellow. He crossed his arms, and stared at him with impatience.

    Kien paused a bit, thought things over, and in a moment of curiosity, Kien reached in and squeezed the heart slightly. There he felt an unusual pressure, as if the cap has been on the bottle too tight. He peeked closer, and followed the aorta and up the artery. And to his honest disbelieve, hidden under the lobe of a lung was the artery, which contained a budge possibly one centimeter big.

    “A thrombus,” he muttered to himself. His hand reached out turned the hourglass, and tapped it on the ground, signal the end of examination.

    “A thrombus!” the dwarf exclaimed, “how ol’ iz the boy?”

    “Is there anything on the record about this?”

    “No, nothin’ that I’ve known. It might be his diet, who knowz, young onez don’t pay attention to what they eat.”

    “Not possible, anywhere else, sure, but not in the slum of Monark. You have to dedicate a life time of fatty diet to get a thrombus that big. Last time I recalled, Monark isn’t exactly the most luxury place to let you do that.”

    “Then what iz it?”

    “No sure, I’m going to open it and check.”

    “Please no, not here, it will be a mess.”

    “The blood’s pretty much drained, and I doubt the heart holds much anyway. Just a small one. Just to see.” It was a lie.

    Kien squeezed the artery prior to the budge, and with the other hand, made a small cut near it. What he saw made him stop, and in his surprise he let go of the artery, and immediately, a stream blood flowed out and over his gloves.

    “Ye made a mess! I knew it!” The dwarf raised his hands in the air, in utter disappointment, and rolled his eyes.

    Kien puts his finger up for the dwarf to be quite for a moment. Things seemed strange. Tania sensed it too as she lands softly on Kien’s shoulder, both staring at the exact same location. He put his hand back to the mess and fondled around, until finally he found it. A hard smooth solid. He pulled it out, and lifted it to the moonlight that managed to creep its way into the alleyway. And even in the dim light, it was clear what Kien saw.

    Adimis,” the dwarf gasped in clear awe, “never saw one zat big, iz it pure?”

    Kien moved it around his finger, and watched as the dim light reflects within the clear stone, filling the innards with a brilliant display of the visible spectrum. “Yes.”

    “How did he get it?”

    “He’s a thief.”

    “But in his arteries?”

    “He must have diffused it through his bloodstream beforehand.”

    “Why did it solidify? Did the merchantz do it?”

    “You need to know some magic to solidify this in your body like that. Merchants of the north don’t regularly wield magic, and if they knew where the Adimis is, it wouldn’t have landed it in our hands,” Kien slide it down his pocket, and watched as Hemlholtz gazed at it as it fell out of sight.

    “Then are ye saying…”

    “The boy materialized it himself, and blocked his artery.”

    “A self stimulated heart attack.”

    “Only possibility.”

    “Why would he do it?”

    “I don’t know, greed, a moment of rashness, or…,” a small moment passed as Kien tried to think for an explanation, came up with none, he said, “I’m going to play the game.”

    “Can ye still do it?”

    Yes, he’s brain is still intact,” Kien took off his glove and put it back where he got them, then knelt down again beside the body. “Okay, the questions, ‘can merchant tell jokes?’, ‘what to think in fleeting moments?’, and ‘was father a wise man?’ Got it?”

    “Yes,” a simple solid confirmation came out of Tania, as she spoke for the first time of the day.

    “Here I go,” Kien put his hand onto the body, and slowly, he closed his eyes. In the blink of an eye, and the game started.
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    Akito woke with a shudder as sunlight poured on him, he noticed himself in the slums of the area high in a hammock sleeping. Akito looked to the side and his face was unmoved as a large circle of people surrounded something out of sight. Akito's fairy was hovering slowly toward the crowd, his blue light shining the area. He slowly jumped down from the high tree and landed on the ground softly, he brushed himself and looked to the sides. Many people were looking at him strangely, he was the only one with a demeaning look among the poor people of Auburn. Akito was a rather popular person, so he hadn't the need to say his name many times, one because he just didn't like it. Akito walked up to the large crowd and had a pathway in front of him to the front. Akito closed his eyes and turned around as he saw the horrid child with a large gash on his heart, barely struggling to live.

    "This boy defies me, prince of the Auburn Volts" the man walking around in a circle said to the crowd. The man said that like it was a good thing, the Volts were a gang designed for the poor people, to torture them. The boy huffed, his chest rising, and blood pouring out of his mouth. "If any of you go across this line until this boy breaths his last breath, I will kill you" the Volt said pointing to the circle around the boy. Akito's face was still unmoved with a straight, calm face there was limited movement, but he was pushing the limit. The Volt walked back to his group and started talking, the murmurs rose and crying erupted the area, no one had the guts to do anything. They all were standing or sitting their crying over spilled milk, no one had the guts to do anything except cry. No one would pick up the milk, no one but one person. Someone even he is surprised that he is doing it.

    Akito moved his foot with his hands still stashed in his pockets, the entire crowd almost gasped as his foot stepped over the lines. This must be Volts territory, that was a given, but not anymore. Akito picked up the boy, barely living and handed him to his family and told them to take him to treatment. Akito saw a shadow behind him that barely covered his giant stature, he turned around and brought his leg up with it kicking the man in the arm and sending him flying into the crowd. Akito walked slowly, his huge shadow covering the area, there was 3 Volts left, too easy. Akito saw two of them run at him with the prince staying back confidently. Both of the men were trying to punch him in his face to knock him out, Akito ducked the punches and grabbed their arms twisting them over his body into the ground, that would mess up his shirt. Akito saw the prince pull out two katanas from his bag and charge at him. Akito towered over the man by a foot and some, but he was easily at an advantage with the weapons. Akito pulled his red tie and it turned into two similar katanas with poison. "Run Crucifix, Vodruth" Akito said calmly getting his weapons in position. Akito jumped in the air and cut the prince in both shoulders, poisoning him. Akito turned the blades into his tie again and walked away, with many thanks from the citizens. Akito kept on walking toward the coliseum and he saw Valham, the dragon of birth in his words, Akito closed his eyes and thanked him, his beauty and more. Akito saw some commotion, but he was done being nice for now.

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