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    Default 30 exp. I don't even know who I should give these to =D


    The journey through the Calm was quick. There was no time for sight-seeing, not that Balthazar even wanted to. Falteer nor him didn't stop at any of the numerous settlements that populated the Calm. They figured it was best to just get as far away from Nayru as possible.
    It was peaceful in the settlements but how long would this peace last? Once the news of Nilak's betrayal reached these settlements people would start panicking. Nilak was after all considered a hero.. No, he was almost a symbol for the people. Children looked up to him and wanted to become like him once they grew up. It saddened Balthazar that their dreams were shattered now. It was all the more reason to ask Nilak about his intentions.

    Balthazar raised his head and glanced towards the sea of green. The gentle breeze felt good on his face. It was only a few hour walk from here to the edge where Amn ends and the Abyss begins. Balthazar had never went to the edge, something about it just felt off to him. He wanted to avoid the place at all costs. Falteer noticed Balthazar looking into the distance. ”I wonder what the edge looks like. The World's End they say”. ”Who knows.” Balthazar replied and continued on toward their destination.

    ”Not interested, huh? That reminds me.. I hope Jovan is safe.” At first the name 'Jovan' rang no bells to Balthazar but he then remembered Falteer had tamed a Xeloain for himself. ”You left him in Nayru?” Falteer's eyes fell to the ground before he responded. ”Yes.”
    ”Xeloains are beasts. He'll survive on his own.” Balthazar said, a hint of comfort in his voice. ”Thank you, Balthazar.” Falteer said before the two continued their journey.

    Nilak caught up with them on the edge of the Calm, near the root of the Nihil Mountains. There was no talk between them until they reached the root and set up camp. Falteer handled most of the questions and Nilak seemed to answer them truthfully. The fact that the mastermind behind this was Kinos Alte shocked even Balthazar. The man is the most prominent member of the Elder Council, the ones who uphold all the laws.

    Most of the things Nilak told them was all just speculation, even Nilak himself acknowledged that. To think that Nilak would jump into such conclusions without a shred of evidence.. It worried Balthazar. The final reason however explained a lot. Nilak was looking for his long lost human friend: Terra. It didn't surprise Balthazar that Nilak would go to greath lengths in order to find a friend, he knew it all too well.

    Once the camp fell silent, Balthazar formed a chisel stone from a few pieces of rocks and started sharpening his katanas. He wouldn't sleep tonight, he knew it from the beginning. Falteer fell fast asleep while Nilak kept watching the flickering campfire. Nilak didn't have that usual easy-going look in his eyes, on the contrary. After sharpening his blades some more, Balthazar finally spoke. ”Do you regret anything?”


    It was early morning when Inpa and Tolbi reached Nayru. As they climbed up the stairs towards the city, both of them noticed how silent it was. Usually by this hour it was already bustling with all sorts of dwarven salesmen. Once they entered the city they were greeted by two of the blue-suited guards that held the law in the city. ”Who are you? What is your business in Nayru?” Inpa was confused by this sudden interrogation. ”I-I'm Inpa ni Thesas. I live in Nayru.”

    The guards looked at one another before turning back to Inpa. ”Keep going then. I suggest you return to your home. It's not safe outside.” Inpa had a puzzled expression on his face. Did the people already know about Valham's death or was it something else? Curious that he was, he asked the guards about it. ”Why isn't it safe? Did something happen?” The other guard sighed and then replied. ”Were you here when Minathiel told everyone of the attack on Valham? We don't know much about it yet but.. Kinrai Alte's body was brought back from Valham's nest. He is being resurrected as we speak I presume. Hopefully we'll learn something new from him.”

    Kinrai Alte? He is.. the son of Kinos Alte, isn't he? Hmm.. He might be exactly the one who I should tell about the Inuiks' plan. Inpa raised his head and thanked the guards for their information. He then rushed off towards his home in order to get some supplies. He hoped to meet Balthazar on the way too.

    Inpa checked Balthazar's ”crib” before going home but didn't find him there. It was as if he had vanished completely. Tolbi scratched his head a bit before sighing. ”Maybe Nilak left somewhere and took Balthazar with him?” Tolbi suggested but Inpa was quick to deny it. ”No way. I know all of Balthazar's plans. I don't spy on him while he's sleeping for nothing, y'know.”
    ”You are such a creep. Who stalks their friend while they are SLEEPING?!” Tolbi almost yelled out. ”I do.” Inpa replied innocently and started jogging towards his home.

    Inpa's home was as regular as a high elf's home could get. It was round and white from the outside with a big marble round door on the front. Inpa walked inside and went straight into his study room. ”Hmm.. I think I'll take a bottle of Jolly poppin with me. Ooh! And some Reezy weezy too!”

    Tolbi looked at Inpa with a bored expression. ”You need to give those potions better names. I know what Jolly poppin does since you made me drink it.. you barbarian! But what's Reezy weezy?” Inpa pondered about it for a moment and then his eyes lit up. ”Ah! It restores your stamina.”
    ”I guess it's a handy thing to have on a long trip.”
    ”Hm? Yeah, I guess. I'm just going to do a little prank with it.” Tolbi's face was instantly filled with dread. ”A prank.. ? On who?! Besides, how could you play a prank with a potion that restores your stamina?”

    Inpa giggled devilishly before answering. ”You need to be careful not to drink too much. Otherwise you get.. jittery.” Tolbi dared not delve further. Actually he was almost certain Inpa would target him with that prank now. Inpa turned around to check if he needed any more potions.
    ”Oh, bugger. I don't have Raise all resistances by infinity for eternity -potion here. Faen could use one right now.” Tolbi slammed his hand on his face. ”Congratulations, you just won the originality award in naming potions. Who puts the description of the potion as the NAME of the potion?!”
    ”I do.” Inpa answered innocently, again. ”So what did I win?”
    ”A punch in the face.. ” Tolbi muttered and looked away.
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    Talking 9 exp! Oddly, everything I planned to write never made it in this post. o.o

    Elrik had warned Vita that hauling Andrim and Kinrai on their backs would cause quite a stir, but the reactions of the guards still stunned her. The instant their hawk eyes locked upon Elrik's jellyfish, their weapons were raised and their bodies were poised with alertness. If it wasn't for Elrik's powerful command for them to lower their weapons and assist them with the injured, purposedly revealing Kinrai's face for all the guards to see, Vita was certain it would have taken hours to enter the palace. Unlike the rest of Nayru, which was emptied of all activity, the guards around the palace seemed more vigilant than ever.
    In no time, a sea of blue armor carefully lowered Vita and Kinrai onto their feet, the jellyfish quickly darting high into the sky the moment it was free from the additional weight. Then a few guards lifted the lower half of the bodies, Elrik supporting Andrim's upper half while Vita cradled Kinrai's breathless head. Tears were once again swelling in her eyes, but Vita did her best to supress them. Elrik had suggested to carry Kinrai, sensitive to the fact that Vita was emotionally distraught, but she refused to exchange Kinrai with Andrim. Vita still felt responsible for what happened to Kinrai, so she secretely swore to do all she could to keep him away from as much as possible hence forth. Also, even unconscious, Andrim still held a dangerous aura, as if he was aware of the darkness he carried in his heart.
    Two of the guards closest to the massive doors jerked them open, both shuddering noisily in the silence of Nayru. Combining the brilliance of the sun with the stunning white of the inner halls of the palace created a blinding effect. Someone gasped from nearby, their silhouette closing the distance between them and the throne. Blinking, Vita was able to finally make out strands of yellow, two bobbing green eyes. Kinrai's mother, Liana, quickly had Kinrai and Andrim on the floor in a matter of seconds. Another few seconds and Liana's fingers shredded Andrim's shirt with an anxious violence that surprised Vita. Someone else, a guard dressed in clothes superior to the rest of the guards, checked Kinrai. Elrik muttered the name "Cirno" before Liana began to speak.
    "Odd. I assumed Andrim was unconscious, but, judging from the manner of which Liana spoke directly to him, Andrim must have been only lightly resting."
    For some reason, the very thought of Andrim being awake the whole time sent chills throughout her body. Had he seen how vulnerable she had been, how the thought of Kinrai never opening his eyes ever again had shaken her to the core of her being? Death in Amn terrified Vita. The body remained ever present, merely dwindling away into the earth. And the soul. What of the soul? Certainly, the soul would remain trapped in Amn. For beings born in an endless chained called family in Amn, the endless cycle would never be questioned. But...what of those born elsewhere, only sent to Amn upon adulthood? What of the souls of the moon elves?
    "Of course, resurrection is still possible." Elrik's words snapped Vita out of the abyss of her thoughts. Glancing at his face, Vita could tell that his easy-going, happy-go-lucky attitude was all but a glimmer of the past. His voice was sharp with the longing for answers to the growing mysteries. Obviously, he had no problem having his own secrets, but like Vita, it troubled him when the truth was obscured.
    " soon as --" Vita caught herself before uttering Nilak's name. For some reason, it felt like taboo here. Instead, Vita lowered her head a bit, feeling heat flush her face as she altered her sentence. "-- the danger around Kinrai disappeared, Elrik and I hurriedly headed here." It was for the sake of avoiding further torment. Liana was clearly suffering enough. Still...was this why lies easily masked the truth?
    And there it was. The unresolved promise to "punish" the one who took Kinrai's life. What would they think if they knew Nilak, Balthazar,and Falteer were behind all their pain and sorrow? Even though Kinrai could still be resurrected, the gravity of the situation still held the weight of true death, and Minathiel's corpse flashed in Vita's head. That's right! Everyone was so concerned about Andrim and Kinrai that no one inquired about Minathiel. Well, that was for the best. Cirno still seemed stable, but if Liana learned of what happened to Minathiel as she was, Kinrai may never be resurrected. No, she had to focus on bringing her son back.
    As if on cue, Cirno motioned for Elrik and Vita to follow him. Nodding his head at Vita, Elrik was the first to obey. She knew it was best to do as she was told as quickly as possible, but Vita couldn't help but steal some of the precious seconds to gaze back at Kinrai. Nilak...was he still haunted by all that happened to Kinrai? Or was there some greater event that required all of his concentration? What were his thoughts when he faced Valham? When he faced Kinrai? Were those thoughts the same, or was there a heavier burden upon him when he took -- no, when he sealed Kinrai's wrath? And just what was Kinrai's wrath? Who or what gave birth to it? So many questions, not enough time.
    Once again, guards were all around Elrik and Vita, but this time, they were going to be questioned. Vita could feel it. Glimpses of Elrik's face confirmed to Vita just how stubborn he was towards interrogations. His face was nearly unreadable, but his eyes were calculating. For some reason, Vita got the impression that Elrik was about to flip the interrogation into a debate. Information for information. And what if Vita spoke? Would Elrik silence her, or would he simply twist her words to fit his argument? If there was ever a chance for answers, Cirno might be the very person to get them from.
    Sitting in the only two chairs available for them, Vita skimmed the room. Judging from the red matress on the floor, it was Cirno's bedroom, but it certainly didn't offer much in terms of personality. Perhaps he was simply organized, meticulous, and, above all, carefully guarded. Getting answers from such a man would require much skill. Besides, he was the guard captain, leader of the guards who even flocked his very room. One false move and the little trust they were given would dwindle. Even so, Elrik was the first to begin.
    "As you can clearly see, we are both moon elves. So, identifying ourselves won't benefit you much." Was Elrik mocking Cirno, or was he being brutally honest? "I was also born recently. I call myself Elrik, and the gold fairy beside my shoulder is Mina."
    Mina merely bowed to Cirno, the both of them quietly staring at Vita. "I call myself Vita Vero." Suddenly, it felt very strange that Vita had given herself a last name while Elrik only had his first name.
    "And I am her dear friend, Oren." Oren obviously was preparing himself for a grand speech, but Elrik cut him off before he got the chance.
    "Vita encountered Kinrai seconds after I departed from the colosseum. Considering we had both witnessed the teamwork of Nilak, Balthazar, and Falteer in the colosseum, I can only assume that Vita told Kinrai of what we witnessed, right?"
    Vita's turn again. "Correct. I did so innocently, unaware of the fact that Kinrai knew the three. However, I admit that Kinrai later told me he knew them. Forgive me, but I encouraged him to meet them, along with his fairy, Issat."
    "I, on the other hand, went to reunite with my fairy. When I found Mina, she had found Vita's fairy, Oren."
    Vita knew Elrik had left out an important detail on purpose, but Oren immediately blurted out, "I was with the Weiss family. We were waiting for Vita's return, but she never came back. Luckily, Elrik showed up and took us all to her. But, well..."
    "It was complete chaos near Valham's nest." Elrik must have felt he was losing any chance at bargaining for information, because he took control of the conversation. "Nilak, Balthazar, and Falteer were in the sky battling Valham. Fire was scorching the nearby trees. Andrim tried to interfere, but nothing could be done to stop what was happening. Valham fell, and a few more people arrived." Elrik looked straight into Cirno's eyes, signalling that he should know who came.
    "Minathiel and a few guards did their best. There were golems that were summoned to attack us. Ramvil was the name of the one who summoned the golems, but..."
    "Ramvil may have not been his true name. Then again, he may not have a true name after all..."
    Again, the stare. "...Ramvil is also a moon elf, but..." Vita still had trouble saying their names.
    Elrik was quick to fill the gap. "He was with Nilak, Balthazar, and Falteer. We're not associated with him in any way."
    "Andrim held him captive for most of the time, but..."
    Yet again, Elrik took his turn. "Something happened to Kinrai." Elrik's eyes met Cirno's to see if there was any reaction. "Kinrai seems to be harboring a wrath deep within him. He became...wild, unresponsive. I had to quickly get everyone away, leaving Vita and Oren behind."
    "Matters only worsened. Minathiel interrogated..." Gulping, Vita forced the name from her lips. "Nilak, and then...she, after witnessing what happened to Valham, she declared him a..."
    "But she didn't attack him right away. Kinrai, he...because he was...not, in many ways, himself, they...N-...Nilak..."
    As if Oren couldn't take it anymore, he finished for Vita.
    "Nilak struck Kinrai to seal his wrath. Minathiel approved, regardless of whether Nilak was a Tainted or not. It was the only way!"
    Before anyone could stop him, Oren went on the offense, his words like daggers in the tense air.
    "But if we're going to just blurt out facts, then yes, Nilak killed Kinrai, Ramvil chocked Minathiel with his severed arms, and before we knew it, Minathiel, Andrim, and Ramvil vanished. Balthazar and Falteer escaped, and Nilak told us to take Kinrai to his mother, Liana. When Andrim and Minathiel reappeared, Andrim was severely injured and Minathiel was a corpse beyond revival. Ramvil never returned, and Nilak also got away."
    Just when everyone thought Oren was finished, he also took over Elrik's role in terms of asking the questions no one else had yet to ask outloud.
    "But, despite all those facts, we still don't know why Nilak attacked Valham, why Balthazar and Falteer supported him faithfully, where Ramvil came from, how Ramvil vanished so suddenly, whether he did what happened to Andrim and Minathiel or not, what happened when they vanished, why Kinrai went beserk, why only Nilak to seal his wrath, and who planned everything that happened because Nilak certainly didn't seem like the leader of it all! But you don't have all those answers, do you, Captain Cirno?"
    Elrik just slumped in his seat, his mouth opened and his eyes seeing nothing in particular. Oren continued to fume, not caring that he just broke Elrik's train of thought and shattered all his plans. As for Vita, she had snapped in her head many times for Oren to stop speaking, but she never gained the nerve to do so. All eyes fell on Cirno, waiting for him to speak.
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    Elrik started the explanation of the events that had transpired. The fact that both Elrik and Vita were moon elves indeed wouldn't benefit Cirno, just as Elrik had told him, but their identities were required. Cirno didn't say it though, he only listened. The gold-haired fairy known as Mina bowed slightly to Cirno to which he responded with a nod. During the course of the interrogation Cirno found out which one of the two elves was clearly on top of things, something the elf might even use to his advantage. Vita and Oren introduced themselves shortly after Elrik and Mina. Before either had the chance to say anything more, Elrik continued the recap of the events.

    Cirno listened quietly as the story started from the events that transpired in the colosseum and little by little moved on to the pinnacle. It appeared that Vita was responsible for luring Kinrai to Valham's nest which confirmed her as a suspect. So far their story matched with the facts. Cirno had managed to get something out of Issat but he had discarded most of it because it felt so ridiculous. Now however he could no longer look away. When Elrik told him the same thing Issat had told him about how Nilak, Falteer and Balthazar had attacked Valham, Cirno's eyes fell momentarily.
    When Elrik mentioned of someone appearing to the scene, Cirno knew who he was talking about judging from the stare he gave him. Vita confirmed it only moments later and also introduced a new character: Ramvil. Cirno closed his fists, disappointment was plastered all over his face.

    The name 'Ramvil' rang no bells to Cirno and just like Elrik, he had his doubts of the moon elf's real name. Elrik was quick to correct that neither of them were in any way associated with Ramvil or Nilak. Andrim had also played his part and restrained this Ramvil but it would appear his efforts had been fruitless. Next came Kinrai's part which was disturbing to say the least. Cirno knew what it was for it had happened once before, and Nilak had been the one to eliminate the threat that time too. For now Cirno kept silent however, he'd rather hear the whole story before opening his mouth.

    Minathiel had declared Nilak a Tainted which sealed his fate immediately, Balthazar and Falteer would soon follow. Cirno motioned one of the guards to spread the word. It would take a few days for the news to arrive to everyone on Amn but after that the trio would have no hiding places anymore. Cirno could only hope that he would he able to catch Nilak before any more tragedies occurred.

    Once Kinrai's part had been explained, Vita's confidence seemed to vanish and she started stuttering. It was obvious she had witnessed something shocking. Cirno could already guess what it was however even he wasn't prepared to hear of Minathiel's fate. Her death was filled with mysteries, the most prominent one being the sudden disappearance of Ramvil. Andrim was naturally a suspect however the grave wound on his chest told that he might've been protecting Minathiel while Ramvil had attacked. He didn't want to admit it but Kinrai was also a suspect, not necessarily in Minathiel's but in Valham's death. Cirno couldn't possibly just ignore Kinrai's relationship with Nilak.
    It was still hard for him to even accept the fact that Valham had been defeated.

    After Oren's outburst ended, Cirno was silent for a moment, seemingly unfazed. Elrik looked crushed, perhaps he was going to bargain some of the details before Oren destroyed his plans.

    Cirno: ”I respect your honesty, fairy. I want those two worthless guards Minathiel took with her, and I want them now. Send a team to scout the forest around Valham's nest. They can't have gone far. If we're lucky they came back to Nayru. Also send a few to collect Minathiel's body. We will hold a funeral for her at a later date.” Cirno told the other guard who was still standing behind the two moon elves. After that he turned his attention back to the moon elves.

    ”No, I do not have all the answers. I can however shed some light on a few things for you. Take it as my way of saying 'thank you'. Indeed, what Nilak did was necessary in order to bring Kinrai back from his berserk state. It has happened once before and because of it.. someone died. I will not go into details. I presume the sword Nilak uses has ethereal fire somehow mixed into it. It is said that ethereal fire can banish evil spirits like Lurkers back to the Netherworld. It's not too far-fetched to presume that the same would work for a a wraith inside someone."
    "Kinrai still doesn't know about his.. illness, at least it would seem that he isn't aware of it. His mother insisted that no one can ever tell him about it. I expect that you will keep this to yourselves. Miss Liana was so adamant about it that I began to doubt that the berserk state was simply a manifestation of Kinrai's hatred towards his father. I've said too much already though.”

    After a brief pause Cirno continued.
    Cirno: ”Before I let you go.. One thing sparkled my interest. You said that Nilak didn't seem like the leader of this attack. Why do you think that? If that's true then this Ramvil's role in all this becomes much more important. Also from what I can gather from your story is that Nilak still cares for Kinrai. Becoming a Tainted didn't apparently kill his feelings towards his subordinates.” A clear advantage for us, Cirno thought. ”Stay in the city. I might need you for some more questioning at some point. Now I have some more pressing matters to attend to. Farewell.”

    Cirno called out another guard who directed the two moon elves back to the main hall where Kinrai, Andrim and Liana were. Cirno himself walked the other way towards the room which Minathiel used to communicate with the elders. He walked inside the room and went through a narrow walkway to the middle of the room. The room itself was shaped like a globe with three man-sized crystals on the northside wall next to one another. There were no other furnishings since the room was quite small.
    The crystals on the wall use a type of summoning magic where the person you wish to speak with is temporarily transported inside the crystal. These crystals are scarce so not many have them. Cirno shot a blast of fire into each crystal, activating them, and then spoke.

    Cirno: ”I wish to speak to the elders. Summon Garmilio, Ka'Tar and Kinos Alte of the Elder Council.”

    (( OOC: If you can't remember what happened to Ka'Tar then this short summary is just for you. Otherwise just move on to the actual chapter.

    Ka'Tar left without a word from Monark in order to see the barrier to the Netherworld with her own eyes. Apparently she wanted to get into the Netherworld for reasons still unknown. Her chapter ended with something appearing behind her as she studied the barrier. ))


    The beast's eyes glowed bright yellow as it studied Ka'Tar. The black slits in the beast's eyes peered into Ka'Tar, she felt like the thing saw right through her. Eventually the beast raised its head and sighed. The shadow that had emerged behind Ka'Tar was Arlith, the earth dragon who was the guardian of Zenith. Ka'Tar kept looking at Arlith, not once did her sight waver away from him. Arlith's golden scales shimmered in the moonlight. Unlike the other dragons, Arlith didn't possess wings but instead it had 4 strong arms. The beast yawned and scratched its belly, completely ignoring Ka'Tar for the moment. After a few minutes the dragon finally spoke and Ka'Tar felt like the whole earth shook as the words came out of his mouth.

    Arlith: ”What are you doing here, beastkin? This is no place for a weakling like you.”
    Ka'Tar: ”Nothing, and I'm not weak.”
    Arlith roared once, causing Ka'Tar to almost lose her balance.
    Arlith: ”I despise liars. Most of all those who do not understand their limits. You are weak and the reason you're here is because you want to see the Netherworld. Is it love you seek? Or is it that obnoxious curiosity that all the people of Amn share? I have seen pitiful people like you more than I care to count. Each of them have died in the hands of the colossi or other manner of beasts that roam this chasm. You are no different.”
    Ka'Tar: ”Don't you know who I am? Even though you're a dragon, it gives you no right to treat me like.. like this!! I am Ka'Tar of the Elder Council, one of the three who rule all of Amn!”
    Arlith: ”You are nothing but an ant to me, an obnoxious ant I'm supposed to protect. I don't care about the people of Amn, I just want to be left alone. Now leave this place.”
    Ka'Tar: ”I.. No! I have to-”
    Arlith: ”LEAVE!!” Arlith's shout made the trees sway and the earth shook violently.

    Ka'Tar realized it was time to go. She wouldn't achieve anything by angering Arlith. She vowed to herself to return someday though. Once she started walking away, Arlith spoke once more, his voice more gentle this time. With the flick of his wrist, something seemed to change in the environment and suddenly a palla came running from the forest, stopping right in front of Ka'Tar.
    Arlith: ”Though you beastkin prefer to run on your own four feet, your speed still doesn't match that of a palla's. The forest is far from safe during the night so use it.”
    Ka'Tar was surprised of Arlith's behaviour. It seemed the dragon after all cared, he was just one of those who never admitted it. It made Arlith look more humane and less godly which in turn made Ka'Tar smile.
    Ka'Tar: ”I knew you had a soft spot for us!” Ka'Tar shouted before hopping onto the palla and rushing off towards Monark. Arlith only grunted loudly and kept walking.

    As soon as she reached the busy streets of Monark, a guard approached her and told her that the Elder Council was requested to gather for a summoning. Without even a chance to do some shopping as she had planned, Ka'Tar went immediately into the tower that housed the Elder Council. She climbed the steps hastily and was greeted by Kinos's cold stare at the top. His long gray hair was swept back behind his ears and his pointy nose seemed sharper than usual. The wrinkles on his forehead had multiplied since Ka'Tar last saw him, they made Kinos look much older than he was. Kinos was wearing the traditional elder clothes that consisted of a silverish robe and a gold chain with a golden disk hanging from it.

    Kinos: ”Where have you been?”
    Ka'Tar: ”A girl needs her privacy.” Ka'Tar waved her hand a few times as if dismissing Kinos.
    Kinos: ”Foolishness! Where is your sense of responsibility? Have you no consideration of the obligations you were given?! You can't just leave without a notice!” Kinos raised his voice, there was frustration in his voice.
    Ka'Tar: ”Stop lecturing me. You're not my father. I'll go get changed and meet you in the council room.”
    Kinos: ”Your actions have severe consequences here. You were chosen as one of the elders because of your wits and intellect, not because of that rashness which you seem to share with your kin.” Kinos's words were harsh which made Ka'Tar snap at him.
    Ka'Tar: ”What do you claim to know about my people?! Have you ever lived in Onomu? You take a daily meal for granted but in Onomu we fight for it. Do you have any idea what it's like to fight for your life every single day?! Do you?!” Ka'Tar almost hissed at Kinos.

    That's when Garmilio stepped in and separated the two before they tore each other's throats open.
    Garmilio: ”Kat! Good to see you back safe and sound. Go get changed now, we have business to attend to.” Ka'Tar turned around and smiled when she saw Garmilio. She knelt down and hugged Garmilio, whispering a 'thank you' into his ear before rushing to her room. Garmilio waddled over to Kinos and pat his lower back, subtly turning him towards the council room. ”Let's go now, Kinos. We shouldn't let Lady Minathiel wait.”
    Kinos: ”.. Hmph. You can't protect her forever.”

    Once the two reached the council room, Garmilio spoke again.
    Garmilio: ”You are too harsh on her.”
    Kinos: ”She has responsibilities which she can not just ignore. This city needs her and we need her as well.”
    Garmilio: ”We've had this conversation far too many times..” Garmilio sighed. ”Any idea what happened? Minathiel doesn't summon us very often. It's usually the other way around.”
    Kinos: ”Whatever it is it better be important.”
    After a few minutes Ka'Tar opened the door and sat on her seat around the round table.
    Ka'Tar: ”Okay, I'm ready.”

    In an instant she was no longer in the council room, but in one of the crystals that were on the globe room wall. She had expected to see Minathiel, but instead it was Cirno Raus who greeted them. Anxiously, Ka'Tar listened to what Cirno had to say. She had a bad feeling about this.


    When Balthazar started sharpening his swords Nilak knew who would be taking the first guard shift. It didn't surprise him though, none of them would sleep too well tonight.. at least he thought so before he heard Falteer's snoring. Nilak chuckled before laying his back on the grass, looking at the stars. It was around that time when Balthazar spoke his first words to Nilak since they departed. Nilak kept a sullen face.

    Nilak: ”Yes, I do. I regret how I had to fight Kinrai again. I also regret facing Minathiel back there. I'm glad though that Kinrai's death was the only one, and he can be resurrected so there were no casualties. Valham definitely survived the fall, dragons are hard to kill as you very well know now.”
    A robed figure suddenly emerged from the forest, his green eyes almost glowing underneath his hood. Nilak was about to pull out his sword before he recognized him.
    Reed: ”Wonderful morning gentlemen.”
    Nilak: ”Oh, Reed, welcome. Looks like you got out unscathed.”
    Reed: ”Yes! My beautiful skin is still as smooth as ever. Regrettably I bring some bad news with me.” Reed sat down in front of the campfire and continued. ”First of all Nayru has lost her High Priestess.”
    Nilak: ”What?!” Nilak blurted out.
    Reed: ”Yes, it's true, I saw her body. She was in no condition to be resurrected anymore. However not all is lost! The Inuiks are on our side and they will make sure that at least the old cranky dragon survives.”
    Nilak: ”But who killed Minathiel?!”
    Reed shrugged in response, acting like he didn't know.
    Nilak: ”Damnit!! I didn't expect..” Nilak fumed and punched the ground.
    Reed: ”There's no point in regretting over it. Besides she would've been our enemy.”
    Nilak: ”I know, but she..”
    Reed: ”Look. Here's the deal. We are the bad guys here. The less resistance we have, the better chances we have to survive.”
    Nilak kept silent for a moment before speaking again.
    Nilak: ”So why are the Inuiks helping us? They share nothing but contempt towards us.”
    Reed: ”Yiazmat owes me a favor. Trust me, they'll be a big help.”
    Nilak: ”Well, I won't deny any help that is offered. Anything else?”
    Reed: ”Hmm.. Kinrai was safely transported to Nayru so you don't have to worry about him. Nayru is in high alert and Cirno Raus is undoubtedly already after us. That's about it.”
    Nilak: ”I'm glad the moon elf did what I asked of her, though I doubt she did it just because I asked. Cirno is going to be difficult to deal with though.”
    Reed: ”Ah, yes. Cirno is indeed known of his burning passion to catch the Tainted, no matter the costs. But enough of the sad and depressing things! I haven't been introduced to the rest of the team yet!” Reed turned to Balthazar and extended his arm in order to shake hands. ”You're Balthazar, correct? Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I hear you're the brute power of this team.”


    In all that darkness that surrounded Kinrai, he suddenly felt incredibly hot. It was as if his whole body was engulfed in flames from the inside. The darkness started moving away from around him and so did the wraith. I'll haunt your every dream until you snap, Kinrai. This is my body now. The wraith said before vanishing from sight. Kinrai opened his eyes, trying to make out where he was. He could feel something on his back. Was it a head? As he kept turning his head, he recognized his mother's golden locks scattered all over his back. She was sound asleep, she looked peaceful. Andrim was also there, only a few feet away from Kinrai. He was resting too.

    Kinrai tried to move around a bit but his body felt numb. He still wasn't sure what had happened. His memory was foggy, as if something had been taken away. He could scarcely remember where he even was before everything went black. Kinrai's mother woke up to his son's subtle movements. She gasped once before tears started streaming down her cheeks. Kinrai smiled and then managed to turn himself around and into a sitting position. His body was rapidly gaining its strength back. Liana was staring at Kinrai with swelled up eyes. Kinrai noticed she had bags under her dark brown eyes, it was obvious she hadn't slept much. Her hair was also a mess.

    Kinrai: ”You look terrible, mother.” Kinrai managed to say with a silent voice. It felt weird for him to talk, it was as if he was doing it for the first time. Liana wiped away her tears and nudged Kinrai's face with her fist.
    Liana: ”Don't talk to me like that. Sheesh! You have no consideration for women, do you? But.. how could you get yourself killed?! Who attacked you.. ?!”
    Kinrai: ”I.. died?” Now Kinrai knew why his whole body felt stiff.
    Liana: ”Two moon elves brought you and Andrim back from Valham's nest. Don't you remember?”
    Kinrai: ”.. Moon elves? V.. Vita? Wait.. I called out to her, but I can't remember why. Did Andrim.. ?”
    Liana: ”He was just severely injured. I managed to patch him up.”
    Kinrai: ”I see. I can't remember anything. Feels like I don't even have memories from that time.”
    Liana sighed before slumping down. Kinrai caught her and placed her head gently on the mattress. She was still exhausted and could barely stay up.
    Kinrai: ”Get some sleep. I'll be okay.”
    Kinrai turned to Andrim and saw he was still resting. He didn't want to bother Andrim so Kinrai kept silent. From the corner of his eye he noticed his shirt was on the floor. He was about to put it on when he saw the backside was stained with blood and there was a hole in the middle. That's when something triggered inside Kinrai's memory. He jumped up with a confused look on his face.

    Kinrai: ”N-Nilak.. ? He.. he did this.. !! Ugh..” Suddenly another memory came back to him, the one where he saw Nilak fighting against Valham. ”T-This can't be.. I have to go after him.. !” As soon as Kinrai took his first steps his head started spinning and he had to kneel down. He couldn't move too well yet. Still after a few moments he forced himself up and started moving, one step at a time. Since there were no guards posted in the main hallway, Kinrai was able to proceed all the way to the front door. He opened it and walked outside, breathing in the fresh morning air. For some reason there were no guards outside either, instead once Kinrai stepped outside a voice called out to him.

    ???: ”Going after NIlAk VEnOtRe?”
    Kinrai turned around and saw a person with a golden mask which had two horns. The mask covered the person's whole head and it had an androgynous face carved into the front. Oddly there were no holes for eyes or mouth, the mask was solid. It shone brilliantly in the sunlight as the person approached Kinrai. The person was dressed in ragged green clothes, the clothes looked ancient to say the least.
    Kinrai: ”Who.. ?”
    Ignoring Kinrai's question completely, the masked person continued.
    ???: ”I would pLaN my next step CaReFuLlY if I were you. You may think yourself as iNnOcEnT to the events that transpired, but this pAlAcE is filled with people who think you're just as much GuIlTy as Nilak is.” The person's voice felt almost mechanical, there was no way to pinpoint whether it was a male or a female voice.
    Kinrai: ”What? Why?!”
    ???: ”Don't YoU see? You're Nilak's sTuDeNt. That's all they nEeD. After all Nilak and both his older students BeTrAyEd us.. Why not you ToO?”
    Kinrai: ”But that's.. that's insane! Nilak killed me!”
    ???: ”In times of cRiSiS people look for someone to BlAmE, it blinds them from the truth. They see what they want to SeE. It comforts them to know who the cUlPrIt is. They drive pleasure from bLaMiNg someone and dealing 'JuStIcE' to that person. Does that sound fAmIlIaR? It should, after all that is what the law of the TAiNtEd essentially is. This behaviour grows more vIoLeNt when the real culprit manages to slip through their fingers and eScApEs.”
    Kinrai: ”.. Just who are you.. ?”
    ???: ”.. I am the voice of ReAsOn. There are people you can tRuSt in Nayru, but I still advice you to be careful of who you trust the MoSt. I hope we mEeT again, son of Kinos Alte.”
    The masked person said and proceeded walking down the stairs. Kinrai didn't go after them, he felt dizzy all of a sudden. He turned around and went back to where his mother was resting. He sat down with a puzzled look on his face, the masked person's words still lingering in his mind.
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    Listening to Ramvils babbling Andrim felt himself weakening by the second, he hadn’t believed he caused such a severe wound but his body seemed adamant to prove him wrong. What was even more unsettling was Ramvils attitude towards the situation; it seemed to be nothing but a big laugh to him. Maiming such an important figure as Minathiel with nothing but a joke to add to the gruesome scene as he splattered himself with the moon priestess gray colorless blood. And this was the man who had invited him to a group of most likely similar individuals, and he had accepted. What did that say about him, what did it say about him that he had even been invited?

    The world where Ravil taken them had been dark from the beginning, but it was growing even darker. Somehow this darkness was far more terrifying than any shadows it had thrown at him before, without any other friends or allies there was only one he could call out for.
    “Direya” he tried to shout, no more than a whisper emerging from his lips.
    Immediately the old familiar blue light zoomed up from below. What had she been doing there? Looking down the gray cut in his chest kept pumping out gray blood through his fingers. Oh yes, he was injured in.

    Get a hold of yourself Andrim he told himself, his thoughts were getting murkier by the second. Trying to ignore this fact he focused instead on his fairy’s light, the drone of her voice chasing away the fear creeping over him. Suddenly Ramvils face entered his vision, putting something in Andrims pocket, lips moving. Andrim didn’t even try to listen, focusing all his attention on what seemed the only source of light to him even if it was without color and the only sound that could comfort him but one word the mysterious elf said caught his attention. “Kinrai, popular boy”

    With those words out he felt himself slumping over. He couldn’t hear anymore, not even Direya. Even her worried light was fading away from his vision. Was this what dying was, lonely, dark and terrifying, was this what Minathiel had felt before he killed her?
    Curling his lips he savored the thought.
    Served her right.
    Flying close to Andrim she inspected the wound, her own face almost becoming as white as her friends, with nobody to staunch the wound the blood flowed freely. And while she was nervously trying to inspect the injury through the life force being pumped out she tried to ignore that horrible voice behind her and the sounds coming with it as Ramvil did something, what she didn’t even want to think of. Hearing her name, even barely audible to her she flew up towards Andrim and if she hadn’t already been alarmed by the blood flowing out of him she had been by the dullness of his eyes.

    "It’s alright Andrim just stay awake and you see we be laughing about it next week. Perhaps with some food to it, a citrus pie would suit, you always liked those pies didn’t you? Been a while, my treat. Well if I had money you know, but if I could treat you I do so just stay awake alright?” Pure blabbering with no true sense into it as she focused on the tone of her voice instead. Calm and happy as she said whatever came to mind, she wasn’t even sure if he heard her anymore. A glimpse in her eye made her fly away just in time not to be carelessly swapped away by Ramvil. He was now standing next to her friend smacking his chin the way a teasing friend might do, by purpose or mistake almost knocking her away at the same time.

    Listening to the conversation she wasn’t at all sure she liked where this was going, and she did not trust this strange elf. Giving them an item that could teleport him to them in an instant with no further catches, she doubted that. Everything had gone downhill, Andrim mortally wounding himself of all things and Minathiel dead together with the blacksmith they visited before. It had been one thing to plan all this but now, first now the enormity of the situation was beginning to seep in and at the worst possible time. But now was not the time she knew she took control over her own mouth again instead of letting it go on autopilot, as much as something for Andrim as for her to focus on instead of the horrible reality of what was happening.
    The horrible reality…
    Was an elf really meant to smile in the face of a grievous injury and horrible reality?
    Shuddering Andrim opened his eyes and sat up, blinking in confusion. He was in a small glade with trees forming a circle around and above him and what more was that the colors had returned in all their glory. His wound had also closed, no disappeared, not even a faint trace of a scar was left. Standing up he closer inspected his surroundings, what he formerly taken as a mere glade of trees proved to be much more. It was virtually an army of tree enclosing the glade so tightly that not even the thought of getting out would cross one’s mind with its soldiers of ash, elm, oak and every other sort of tree he could and plenty of others that he couldn’t name encircling him. Except for him the glade was as empty as the area surrounding it was full, not even a bush just a carpet of smooth grass.

    Alone and somehow transported to an unknown place, was this the work of Ramvil? Then there was the issue of where Direya had gone. The tree felt rough under his hand as he placed it, some small part hoping it turns out to be an illusion of some sort. He could try to burn his way through but doing that when surrounded by nothing but grass and trees wouldn’t turn out well for him. All in all he seemed temporarily stuck. Walking round in a circle hoping beyond expectation that he find a small gap through which he could squeeze through he found nothing, the trees themselves were far too tall to climb for him as well. Let’s see, first I came to Valhams glade where he was injured, then I was transported into some kind of shadow realm by Ramvil where I kill Minathiel, oh yes I did that he thought with a smile. Gloating wouldn’t help him though, whoever said a smile always helped had apparently never been in this situation.

    Noting a certain dampness at his feet he looked down in wonder. The ground was suddenly pushing up water making the whole grove a giant puddle within seconds. Next something hit him in the neck, seconds ago cloud free sky was now amass with clouds all pouring down their load on him. Encouraged by the liquid flow his own wound had opened.
    And from nowhere came a voice “This might sting a bit”
    And stung it did.

    As Kinrais mother worked her magic Andrims back suddenly arched only for him to fall down unconscious again. The treatment done Linea immediately forgot Andrim and focused her attention on Kinrai, despite knowing she couldn’t really blame a mother for caring about her son and should be thankful for having healed Andrim first at all Direya felt a pang of annoyance. Was he just supposed to lie on the floor now?

    Approaching one of the guards inches from his face she raised an arm in a wave if that wasn’t enough to gain his attention.
    “Could you go and call someone to bring a stretcher? My friend can’t lie on the floor all day you know”
    “The sisters have already been called. They should arrive for your friend any minute”
    And with the kind of timing that left one wondering if they waited for those exact words four of the temples sisters arrived with stretchers, one for Andrim and presumably the other one for Kinrai who was being resurrected. Lianas hands were glowing and shimmering with heat but as she placed them on her son’s body the dreadful smell of burned flesh one would expect did not come. Resurrecting somebody you loved, some people were just so lucky.
    Discarding those depressing thoughts she made thoughts and body follow the other depressing matter, Andrim being carried away on a stretcher.

    Despite her not really paying attention it was impossible not to marvel at the walls they passed. Engraved in them were the stories and legends of the three moons Pent, Ura and Satir that the priestesses worshipped. It was as if the temple itself boasted with these scenes “other temples merely house the spirit of its religion, mine is carved into my very stone” a bit pompous in her opinion, nice pictures though.
    Turning left the sisters walked into what appeared to be the sickbay. There were already a few preoccupied beds and two attendants keeping a watch but except said attendants they were all asleep, carefully sliding Andrim from the stretcher to one of the beds and walked out without a further word. Now that wasn’t right was it?
    “Hey where are you going? You can’t just leave him with weapons on him like that, and where’s the doctor? Linea is great and all but you can’t just leave him!””
    “We have other duties to attend to, and Lady Linea is a most skillful healer. You have nothing to fear. But one of our healers should already be on her way. Ah there is her fairy, she can’t be far behind”

    A green fairy was swiftly approaching them wearing a smile with her face and an extremely small pen and notebook in her hands.

    “Hello, nice to meet you. Well obviously not nice to meet you under the circumstances but it’s always fun to meet new people, even though it is unfortunate, but fun. Oh and I am rambling again I fear, I tend to do that. Let’s stick to the basics shall we? Like questions, those are easy to follow. Since you’re with these two am I right in assuming you are our newest patient’s fairy, Andrim the elf was called, yes?
    “Eh, yes I am Andrims fairy. Direya, and you are?”
    “Oh yes of course, I’m Silne. Now I just need to ask you a few questions about our patient. So, gender?”
    “…. Male. It is a male name you know?”
    “yes yes” Silne said irritably waving her pen at her “Still protocols must be followed. This will just take a moment”
    Why did one of the elves who carried Andrim cast such a sympathetic look at her?
    Later she learned why. She had just met the fairy who if not the best liar then at least close second.
    Groaning Direya flew back into the sickbay, how could one fairy possibly remember all those questions, and for that matter what did it matter what his favorite food was? At least the questioning was finally over.
    Leaning over Andrim, now dressed in a gown like all other patients, were one more of the sisters. She appeared to be a middle aged high elf, her blond hair tightly snared as a rope trailing by her neck. Watching for a while her carefully prodding his chest at where the wound had been she landed on her shoulder.

    “How is he?” .
    “You’re his fairy?” said a face dotted with two brown eyes and a mouth drawn into a thin frown at the fairy perching on her “he is doing well. He lost a lot of blood but Lady Linea replaced most of it, all that’s left now is for the wound inside to heal properly. Shouldn’t be long unless there’s any complications”
    Trembling all over Andrim tried to force some warmth back into his hands, the rain had stopped but by then he was soaking wet. Teeth clattering and feeling cold all over he looked for anything to start a fire with, one dry branch, something, anything that could be used.
    O-kay… What am I thinking?
    Snapping his fingers he produced his own flame, already the warmth was flowing back and the water retreating. That was so much better.
    With the gloves removed the symbols on Andrims hands had nothing to prevent their activation from being shown, for some reason his magical talent had been activated.
    “Quick, what is his magical talent?”
    “What? I just told that fairy?!”
    “She’s not here, hurry what does he need for his talent to focus on, it need a way to get out”
    Scanning the room she saw with relief none of Andrims equipments had caught fire yet, if his talent had activated though it was just a matter of time before he caught one of his belongings on fire, and then they have a problem.
    “That sword” she said and pointed “give it to him and then stay back and be ready with some water”
    Following her instructions the high elf drew the sword out from its scabbard but before she could put it in his hands the light from the symbols disappeared. And nothing in the room was burnt.
    “What just happened?”

    “A complication. Sometimes while being healed if the person in question experienced some strong emotional trauma beforehand their magic can act against the healing by instinct though it doesn’t happen often , this time through what I assume was his art. What is it? I need to know so nothing has been damaged”.

    “Well, Andrim can take any item he has familiarized himself with and infuse it with his element as long as he is holding it” she lied, the lie having become much of a truth these days. Continuing she said “items such as his sword, hammer or his….” First now she noticed something. All Andrims items were lined nicely on one of the tables, probably supposed to be moved soon, his sword, hammer, the small box in which the moon metal resided and that thing Ramvil gave them but one thing missed. Suddenly she remembered, balance was missing, he had thrown it against Nilak before and hadn’t retrieved it afterwards. It was still lying in the forest.
    “Is something the matter?”
    “Oh no nothing, nothing at all. I just remembered something” I wonder what happened to balance she thought, Andrim had never unconsciously activated his magical art so powerfully before.

    And in the glade that had previously been Valhems home in a spot of scorched grass with smoke rising above it lay a small puddle of metal which one might, if really trying, might imagine once having formed the shape of a circular blade. But for those who couldn’t it was nothing more than a round puddle of molten metal.
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    Default 10 EXP - Finally in Nayru

    The early morning light was spreading its rays out over the country as Vice and Askari got the city of Nayru in sight. With their pallas trotting peacefully over a sandy side road Vice found herself marveling at the city’s beauty as it was almost shining there high in the treetops.
    She liked Nayru. It was her father place of birth. And now every time she climbed up the stairs that lead to the city she could imagine him walking through the streets, talking with people, mocking about. She often wondered why he had left it for the rougher main capital of Amn. How could any city be possibly better than this one? If she could only ask him. But that time had gone past. Too long had she waited with questions, not thinking about them at that age. Now the answers were lost forever. Her father hadn’t been the type who wrote in a dairy, but many times after he had died she had wished that he had been. To read his words would have been a consolation and a guidance perhaps. Of course he had already told her everything about the map, but it was never enough.

    It would never be enough.
    Within minutes they had reached the main road leading to the city. Vice looked around. It was quiet. Her eyes went to the sun. Surely normally this road was bustling with activity. Salesmen from all over the country were seemingly always on the move towards the elven capital to earn some good money. But now the road was practically empty. Askari shifted restless on his palla, a feeling of uneasiness washing over him. Vice adjusted her cloak but made no further comments about the quietness that seemed to surround the city. They left their pallas at the therefore designed stables below the city. The animals did not fare well on the high walks of Nayru.
    Upon entering the city they were, surprisingly, stopped by two guards. Their blues suits were a sign of the law.

    “Please state your name and business here in Nayru.” The guard spoke sternly.

    Vice narrowed her eyes. “Since when does Nayru demand this knowledge from their travelers?” This she had never experienced before.

    “Since our peace was threatened yesterday. Now your name?”

    “Sirilia Rhuimiel.” Vice spoke slightly twitching at the name. She had been cast out by her family, forced to discard her name but it was still hers and it had remained her entrance fee to the library set up by her father. “And this is Askari from the lair of Zuri.” She gestured to Askari. “We are here to visit the library.” The fact that the library was only one part of their objective this time was something that Vice rather held back. No need to spill all your beans right away.

    The left guard scribbled something down on a piece of paper and then the two parted and Vice and Askari could move on. “We suggest that you quickly take care of your business here and that you stay inside as much as possible.” The right guard said.

    "Can we ask why?” Vice asked.

    Much is unknown, but yesterday Valham was attacked. There have been severe causalities under those that wished to protect him. There is not much information yet, but this attack has shaken the foundations of this city.”

    “The attacker?”

    But the guards walked away as another traveler entered the city. Vice shot Askari a look before officially entering the city. They had things to do and seeing the state of affairs maybe it was indeed wise to do them quickly.
    The Elven Library was situated in the inner circle of Nayru as it was one of Nayru’s most prized buildings and also one of Vice’s favorites. The idea that practically every piece of knowledge was stored inside these walls always send shivers down her spine. No wonder therefore that the color blue was present around and in the building. At least five pairs of eyes were following them as they entered. Vice didn’t seem fazed, but Askari was fumbling with his cloak. His eyes shot from the left to the right as if he was trying to watch every guard at the same time. With firm steps Vice marched to the reception desk where every visitor to the library had to state his or her business.

    The woman behind the counter looked up and adjusted her glasses as Vice halted before her. “Yes?” She said brushing a few strands of her brown hair out of her face.

    “My name is Sirilia Rhuimiel.” Again Vice twitched slightly. “I’m here to complete a map.”

    A small smile played around the lips of the elven librarian as she replied: “A map of what?”

    Vice unbuttoned her cloak and placed it on the counter. “Of everything that is and everything that will be in this ever changing world.”

    The receptionist nodded. “Please go ahead. Have a nice stay.”

    With a nod Vice turned away from the counter and began climbing the stairs to the third floor where all the maps were located. Of course those were all laughable items. She had gone through most of them to see if they held something hers did not, but they all had been highly disappointing.
    The Map Room lay silent in the quietness of the library. Not many people visited this room. As they walked past it Vice’s eyes shot to the wall with the (very bad, not accurate, worst, there were too many ways to describe the worseness of it) map of whole Amn. One day when she would be finished, her map would be hanging there. That was a promise.

    There was a small alcove next to the Map Room where a guard was situated. As he noticed Vice he smiled and stood up from his comfortable chair. “It is nice to see you again.” He said nodding to the two.

    “Same.” Vice replied. “Now if you don’t mind we are in a bit of a hurry. I just need to check some things and we will be on our way.”

    The guard nodded and stomped with his foot on the ground. A chair rose out of the wooden floor and the man gestured Askari to sit. The Beastkin smiled grateful and sat down after handing down his cloak to Vice. The female elf disappeared through the door with the cloaks and the two men were alone.

    “So man how it is going?” Rorin, which was the guard’s name, asked, sitting down again.

    “All good.” Askari replied. He liked Rorin. The guy was extremely laid back for a guard and was fun to talk with. The man had seen adventure, lots of it, and was now practically a living storybook. If you only so much as hinted that you wanted to hear a story you already found yourself within an exciting tale with monsters and fearies. Askari doubted that everything was real, but that didn’t bother him one bit. On one of his adventures though he had lost his fairy and an arm, making him unfit for the live of an adventurer which was how he had somehow ended up as a guard here. Askari didn’t know the details and he had never bothered to ask them. Rorin’s mood never seemed to be bothered by his one arm; only the fairy seemed to drag him down sometimes.
    But today Askari wasn’t in the mood for a funny story. He looked to the door again and then back to Rorin. “What happened?”

    Rorin sighed. “Nilak killed Valham.”

    Askari’s mouth dropped and for several seconds he could do nothing but stare. “B-but wasn’t Nilak a hero or something?”

    “‘Was’ is a good word yes.” Rorin said. “Now he is Tainted. Declared so by Minathiel herself.”

    “Serious? Why did he do it?”

    “If we knew that things would not be that complicated, but no one knows.”

    “From a hero to a criminal. What will happen to him?”

    Rorin shrugged. “He is cast out. No one is allowed to help him etcetera etcetera. The usual stuff.”

    Askari was silent for a moment. “They said there were causalities…” The Beastkin trailed off.

    “Yes some seemingly fought to aid Valham. One of them was Kinrai Alte, he is currently being resurrected. Or maybe he is already awake.” Rorin shot a glance to the window on his left. The sun was rising.

    “Who is he?”

    Rorin let out a laugh. “No surprises there. I see you haven’t changed much.”

    Askari grumbled something. He couldn’t help it that he just didn’t have a memory like Vice. He just couldn’t remember names.

    “He is the son of Kinos Alte, a member of the high council. Funny,” Rorin stretched his legs, “a day ago he was in there.” The elf pointed to the Map Room on their right. “Wanted a detailed map from the land between Auburn and Monark. I tell you that boy was up to something. I remember thinking that it would have been something for Vice.” He let out a laugh. “I bet someone like him would have paid enough for a guide there.”

    “For a guide to where?”

    The two men looked up, Askari with a shocked expressing, Rorin as relaxed as always. Vice threw one of the two cloaks she held to Askari, who failed to catch it and got it straight in his face. There was another stomp on the ground and another chair sprung out of the wooden floor. Vice crashed down on it.

    “So who needs a guide where and is able to pay some money for that?”

    “Kinrai Alte.” Rorin said. “He was one of the causalities of the fight with Valham. He was here not a day ago looking for a map to Monark.”

    “Kinos Alte’s son, hm?”

    Rorin smirked to Askari and the Beastkin huffed. Of course Vice did know who this guy was.

    “What was he doing there?”

    “Nilak was the one that attacked and killed Valham.”

    Vice actually froze at those words. “Valham is dead?” She asked shocked.

    Rorin nodded. “His soul crystal was shattered.”

    Vice was silent for a moment. This was quite shocking information.
    “And what is Kinrai’s roll in this?” She asked then.

    “We don’t know. We only know that there will be a trail for him for being an accomplice to Nilak.”

    “A trail.” Vice repeated. “I see.” Her eyes darted around the room before she asked another question. “What about Balthazar?”

    Rorin frowned at that question. “What about him?”

    “You don’t fight a dragon alone and the only two that Nilak would trust to fight with him would be Balthazar and Faltheer so I am asking if they did fight.”

    “Nilak, Balthazar and Faltheer were proclaimed Tainted.”

    “Now that is a problem.” Vice mused.

    “And why is that?”
    Vice rose to her feet and swung the cloak over her shoulders. “Say Nyx,” she said, “do we know the location of his house.”

    The fairy emerged from Vice’s hair where it had its usual hiding spot. The small creature blinked a couple of times in the sunlight as if it had been sleeping. Rorin felt a small tug in his chest. Nyx reminded him quite a bit of his own fairy. They both had shared that quiet personality. He missed her. “We do.” The fairy said.

    “Great.” Vice fastened her cloak before turned to Askari. “Let’s go. We buy you a drink if we come back Rorin.”

    Askari gave Rorin an apologizing smile before rushing after Vice. The male elf waved it away. He was used to it. Vice was just not someone who sat around doing nothing.

    “I’ll place it on your tab.” He called after the disappearing figures as he mentally added another drink to the twenty-one he had earned before. If she came back she would surely give them to him and they would have a nice night.
    Vice, Nyx and Askari walked back past the receptionist and soon found themselves outside again. Vice was conversing with Nyx. Askari felt lost, but decided to go with the feeling. Most of the time he didn’t get half of the plan that Vice was forming in her head. It was better to just go with it though Askari had the idea that this time it was big. If they didn’t watch it they would get involved in things that concerned the world but somehow Askari too had the feeling that Vice would actually like it. They walked through the city. Guards were still present, but didn’t give them a second glance. Without trouble they arrived at a small house.

    “When looking for someone begin at the source.” Vice muttered to herself. She urged Askari to halt and walked over to the door. With a firm fist she struck it three times.

    A man said to the universe:
    "Sir I exist."
    "However," replied the universe,
    "this hasn't created in me
    a sense of obligation."

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    Can you give me some real example of the game? The gameflow. Thanks!

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    Talking 12 EXP! Coloring text is more painful now. And where's my green smiley? D:

    Cirno's personality reminded Vita of Andrim. Those who weren't important at the moment, or important at all, were easily dismissed. Without a moment of hesitation, Cirno called for one of his guards to escort Elrik and Vita back to the Main Hall. Elrik fully minded being treated like some overused book that no longer required reading, but Vita had other things on her mind. She found herself reassessing Cirno's character just a few minutes ago.
    During the discussion, Vita made sure to note several things about Cirno's non-verbal communication. For the most part, Cirno had listened with full focus. However, there were flashes in his eyes that only made Vita feel uncomfortable. It was like he was overlooking a game of chess, carefully stratagizing who he could use and who else might be useless. Oddly, Vita seemed to be one of his targets, for his eyes displayed suspicion towards her several times. Did that make Vita a suspect? The idea seriously disturb her, especially because Cirno didn't want her or Elrik leaving Nayru in case of questioning. What more was there to confess other than guilty or not guilty?
    Then there was the reactions towards Nilak, Falteer and Balthazar. Once the three entered the conversation, Cirno's eyes glazed over with distrust. It was like the word "Tainted" was a magic word. Minathiel had used it as if to justify her reasons for turning against Nilak and his students. Did that mean Cirno used the word "Tainted" to shun Nilak, Balthazar, and Falteer from Nayru and beyond? Even though many things were uncertain to Vita, gossip wasn't. If the guard truly warned all the travelers of how a "Hero" suddenly became "Tainted," it wouldn't take long for both the truth and rumors to spread like wildfire. Obviously, no one would view the "Tainted" Nilak as Vita does: an elf full of concern for Kinrai's well-being, heart-ache for all that would suffer from his actions. They weren't the feelings of one who held no humanity. It was like...regret. Regret for all the misfortune that would follow from his dark, mysterious crimes.
    Finally, would he fair in all the lies and betrayal? Certainly, if rumors mixed with the truth, Kinrai would only be hurt by it all. And wasn't he hurting enough? He discovered that his teacher, the"Hero" of elves, was a dragon slayer, a "Tainted" criminal. Worse, whatever Kinrai felt after witnissing everything would twist into disturbing stories to everyone else. How long would it take before Kinrai became a prime suspect simply because he has ties to Nilak? Perhaps his wraith would also ruin his image.
    There was something else: Cirno knew more than he would let on knowing. Whatever Elrik had been planning, it backfired. Cirno was the only one able to utilize the information they gave him to add to a greater knowledge. However, he did admit to a few things, whether he realized it or not. First, Kinrai would never be safe ever again. Second, the wraith inside of him acts like a poison, slowly consuming him. Thirdly, to handle such a possessive wraith, ethereal fire has to be used to "purify" Kinrai, which Nilak can utilize. Forth, Kinrai killed someone. All those things meant that Kinrai couldn't escape his wraith, and he hasn't seen the last of Nilak.
    "...Vita, do you believe Cirno?" Elrik had apparently been talking with Vita, but she hadn't been paying attention at all. Recognizing Vita's blank expression as confusion, Elrik restated what he had been saying. "I was thinking about that last portion of Cirno's speach -- about Kinrai. Cirno mentioned something about Kinrai's wraith possibly being caused by his hatred for his father, Kinos Alte. Do you believe him?"
    Regardless of what Vita thought, Oren was the one to respond. "Who cares?! What matters is that there's something dark and vicious inside Kinrai, and he has no clue about it! What if he kills someone -- no, he may have already killed someone!"
    Vita felt she had the opportunity to speak, yet she only asked one word: "May?"
    "Oh, well...I mean, you can't know if something is true until you see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own ears--"
    "I get it. There will be many rumors spreading from henceforth. Someone being murdered by Kinrai could be false information, perhaps even misinterpreted by us."
    "How about we interrogate the person himself? Kinrai still can't be napping, and we don't have much else to do. It still must be very quiet outside. At the very least, it'll at least pass time until the guards that were with Minathiel and Minathiel herself are found."
    "About that...the way Cirno spoke about the guards that were with Minathiel, it was if he was blaming them for her death." Vita's face suddenly went pale upon remembering Minathiel's...corpse. Who would do that, to shread and slaughter Minathiel until she was barely recognizable as once being a living being, much less the same person? "...I'm sure that if and when Cirno views Minathiel's body, even he will realize those guards had nothing to do with her death."
    "That may be true. Even I couldn't gaze upon Minathiel's state for too long. Still, everyone's a suspect until proven otherwise. Remember, we're not so innocent ourselves." Elrik's expression darkened. "I wonder when the interrogation will start?"
    Vita couldn't bring herself to speaking anymore. Instead, she returned her thoughts back to Kinrai. Another word that Cirno mentioned popped into Vita's head that struck her as bizarre: "illness." Cirno had spoken of Kinrai's wraith as an "illness" near the end of his rant. Could he be cured, then? Or was it truly a disease that would only burden Kinrai into extinction? And...what caused him to hate to his father? Oren had tossed the subject aside, but revisiting the past was one of the key strategies to solving the problems of the future. Besides, Vita wanted to help Kinrai. Even though their time together was short, Vita already felt a connection to Kinrai. She wouldn't lose him to the poisonous wraith within him.
    "Oh! I just remembered something! We both stayed quiet when Cirno inquired about why Nilak may not be the leader, but didn't Ramvil appear out of nowhere? He must have been sent by someone else! Could it be--!"
    Suddenly, Elrik's hushed voice dissolved into silence. His eyes had drifted towards Kinrai, who, like Elrik had guessed, was no longer "napping." The guards that were with them were long gone, seemingly disinterested with following them all the way to the Main Hall. That was a good thing. If Kinrai was seen as too suspicious, more guards would stick to his side. However, Kinrai was able to move around freely. Oddly, Kinrai seemed unaware of his position, and it didn't take any communication for Vita and Elrik to cautiously stalk him without being seen.
    Elrik was in the lead, with Vita close behind him. Kinrai was moving down the main hallway, the dimmed lighting and occasional vases on stands keeping the two hidden. Oren had figured out their plan awhile ago, grabbing Mina so that they could "watch over Liana." Fortunately, Mina didn't protest at all, which meant that she understood Elrik's personality very well for such a short time together. Keeping a steady pace, Elrik and Vita nearly closed the distance between them and Kinrai when he opened the main doors. Cursing their luck, Elrik dashed forward, tugging Vita behind the opened door in time to not be seen. That's when an odd voice called out to Kinrai.
    Although Vita had never heard the voice before, she knew immediately that the person would tell Kinrai too much. Who else but an informed individual would begin a conversation with Kinrai by questioning whether he would chase after Nilak Venotre or not? Plus, from the way Kinrai worded "who," the person was far from normal. Worse, the mysterious voice spoke of Kinrai being seen as guilty, "as much guilty as Nilak is." The confirmation of her fears caused Vita's stomach to drop, and it became difficult to breath and stand. How could a few words make Vita feel so weak? Elrik appeared perfectly fine, intent on catching every word.
    As the mystery voice continued speaking, Vita began to realize why the words troubled her so. First, Vita was becoming aware that she couldn't bare standing aside as the ones she cares about are hurt. If someone tried to threaten her friends and she knew for certain that they were far from "Tainted," Vita would do whatever she could to clear their names and reveal the truth. Second, all that the mystery voice spoke of would come crashing upon Kinrai through rumors. Kinrai the betrayer. He's just like his teacher. If Nilak's "Tainted," aren't all his students "Tainted" as well? Kinrai must be "Tainted." If the words of one mystery voice baffled and stunned Kinrai, how would thousands, millions of people affect him? It may be too much, even for Vita.
    At the mention of "looking for someone to blame," Cirno immediately came to mind, as well as Minathiel. Vita understood that those two elves were just two out of many others who desperately tossed the blame on even the slightest suspicious person. Wasn't that what the word "Tainted" was for? Label a person "Tainted," live in peace until another disaster strikes. Was that how peace remained for such a long time? The moment those thoughts crossed Vita's mind, she realized that the mystery voice was saying the same thing. Suddenly, Vita didn't know if she understood the meaning behind "Tainted" because she thought about it for some time, or that the mystery voice was filling her head with ideas. "Voice of Reason"...could it be trusted or not?
    "Come with me."
    Without waiting to see if Vita had heard him, Elrik yanked her into a new hiding place. Kinrai paid them no mind as he headed back to the Main Hall, where his mother slept soundly with the fairies by her side. No words were exchanged, but Vita knew why: the mystery voice had opened Kinrai to the truth, and would make it harder to approach him again. How much did Kinrai know now? How much still eluded him? Lastly, how would Vita and Elrik be able to share before his trust in them was lost forever?
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    Nurarihyon no Mago!
    Inpa: "...I got your mask already, look! Isn't it pretty?”
    Balthazar: ”Urgh.. !! It's pink..”
    Inpa: ”Oh please, it's called being metrosexual!..."
    -- farag0n; Tales of Amn

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    Default Combo post GO! 2 exp for yours truly and Fiery! It was 2 for both, ya?

    A sudden knock on the door startled Inpa from his thoughts. Tolbi jumped into the ceiling, clearly frozen in fear. Inpa took a small pipe from the floor and poked Tolbi with it. Tolbi screeched like a wild animal and fluttered on top of the kitchen table. The front door was right next to the kitchen so Tolbi could keep a keen eye on the door. ”W-who could it be?” Tolbi asked with a slight stutter. ”It could be a person I've never seen before with a wild beast with them. Who knows.” Inpa shrugged and started walking towards the front door. Tolbi gasped and yelled out: ”A wild beast?! I don't wanna get eaten!!” Inpa grabbed the handle of the door and pushed it open.
    Outside stood a female elf with the traditional dark skin, short white hair and flaming red eyes of a dark elf. Next to her stood a beastkin who also had a very traditional coloring of a beastkin: Yellow fur dotted with black spots. ”Huh. It's a person I've never seen with a.. Well, a beastkin. That still counts as a wild beast, right?” Inpa turned to look at Tolbi who was waving his arms like a madman, clearly trying to signal Inpa to shut up. It almost made him look cute since he was so small.

    If Vice was fazed by the elf that had appeared in the doorway she didn't show it. Askari on the other hand was gaping as he let his eyes dwell over the elf in front of him. His blond hair with blue stripes was... strange to say at least, but with his big round ears and blue eyes behind his thick glasses he looked incredibly weird. In the light of this the actions of his little fairy were not noticed. Suddenly he realized that the elf had just insulted him. He snapped his mouth shut and stared angrily at the elf. "I shall tell you something!" He began angrily, but Vice interrupted him.
    "Is this the former house of Balthazar?" She asked the elf.
    Inpa turned back to the female dark elf with a slight look of surprise on his face, somehow managing to completely ignore the beastkin.

    "Huh? I guess, yeah. He likes staying in that tree house of his nowadays though. You need him for something? He's retired but that has never stopped me. Come on in and take a seat." Inpa opened the door further and pointed the two towards the seats around the small kitchen. Tolbi was sitting on the kitchen table, fiddling around. He was clearly nervous, as if it was his first time seeing people who need Balthazar's help with something. Even though Inpa was in a hurry to tell what he saw to some authority, like Kinrai, he still felt he wanted to hear what the elf wanted. Vice practically shoved Askari inside, since the Beastkin was still fuming about the beast comment earlier, and sat down on one of the seats Inpa showed them. She took note of the fluttering fairy, but ignored it. Nyx rested peacefully on her head. She considered her words. From what the elf had said it didn't seem like he was aware of the fact that Balthazar had been proclaimed a Tainted.

    "My name is Vice." She started, figuring that introductions were needed. "This is Nyx and the 'wild beast' here is Askari." Vice grinned slightly at the term. Askari glared to her, but he did not interrupt. Vice cleared her throat.
    "We are looking for Balthazar." She said slowly not really wanting to explain right now what she wanted from the elf. "And I had hoped that you might know which way he had gone now that he has been.."
    She paused for a moment. ".. proclaimed a Tainted."
    The words from Vice's mouth were like bombs that exploded right in front of Inpa's face. Balthazar had been proclaimed Tainted? Inpa had to sit down in order to calm himself down. His lips were trembling and his hands were shaking. Tolbi had fainted and was now lying on his back on the table. After a long silence Inpa managed to blurt out his name. "Inpa.. my name is Inpa. He's Tolbi.." Inpa pointed at the unconscious little fairy. "But how.. that can't be right. It CAN'T be right.. Balthy would never.. Who told you that? Why would he be proclaimed Tainted?! What did he do?" Inpa looked at Vice with sincere eyes, desperate for an answer.

    Vice drummed with her fingers on her knees. Askari shifted restless in his chair. He hated to be a deliverer of ill news and even though he didn't know anything about the elf before him, he felt sorry for the boy. Vice leaned forward, letting her head rest on her hands as she looked Inpa in the eyes.
    "Valham died last night. It is said that Nilak along with his apprentices Falteer and Balthazar were the culprits. They have therefore been proclaimed Tainted by Minathiel herself and have thus been banished from here. It has been buzzing around town since dawn. I am slightly surprised you didn't hear it already. You, living here... being Balthazar's friend it seems."
    "Balthy is more than just a friend to me.. he's like a big brother." Inpa fell silent for a moment which meant it was time for Tolbi to shine.
    "Snap out of it Inpa! You know how Valham really died, just as I do! Nilak, Falteer and Balthazar had nothing to do with his death! It was.. the Inuiks who killed him.. !"
    Inpa's eyes lit up and he looked at Tolbi.
    "You're right!! Balthy is innocent! It was the Inuiks.. they are the bad guys here!" Inpa turned to Vice and Askari. "We saw them attack Valham deep in the forest. There was nothing we could do, there were too many of them. We also heard who their next target is. It's the fire dragon: Faen! You should be familiar with her, right kitty.. *cough*.. Askari? Since she's the guardian of Onomu."

    Both of the guests fell silent at the sudden revelation.Vice sat back slowly as she considered Inpa's words. To Askari it all seemed a bit... unlikely. It seemed that Inpa and Balthazar were close, so of course the little elf would try to protect Balthazar by blaming someone else, but Inuiks? That was kind of farfetched. He looked over to Vice. Surely she would think the same. His face fell slightly when he saw the twinkling in her eyes.
    "Inuiks?" Vice said. "That is interesting, very interesting. Now why would they do that?" She mused.
    "Beats me. Guess they finally got fed up being the only race without a guardian dragon." Inpa said with a slight frown on his face.
    This whole thing was getting complicated very quickly. With the mention of Inuiks, Vice's interest in the whole case only grew. "Before we go on I just want to mention that I am not responsible for any things that happen to you if you keep insulting my partner. Not that I really mind if something happens." She studied her nails and ignored Askari's foul look.
    Inpa looked at Vice and then Askari. "Okay. You're cool, Askari. Can I ride you someday?"
    "No." Askari growled. He looked like he was going to kill the little elf. "Moving on," Vice said forcefully as she dropped her hand and looked back to Inpa, "how come you know these things while the rest of the city seems to think something else, more over why haven't you told anyone yet?"

    "Because I was.. doing extensive research in the forest and I happened to stroll into the middle of Valham's execution?" Inpa said before his gaze fell. Tolbi gave a loud snort to that remark. Vice looked impassive to the two.
    "Liar. Just admit it that you got lost in the forest." Tolbi tapped his foot on the table while looking at Inpa.
    "Looks like I'm having fairy stew tonight." Inpa grinned before looking back at Vice. "Anyway we just got back. I'm.. pretty sure we are the only witnesses of Valham's death. I was just about to leave before you two showed up behind my door. I'm going to tell Kinrai Alte what happened there. I'm hoping he will relay the message to his father. Someone also has to warn Faen about the Inuiks. We can't let them kill any of the other dragons!" Inpa slammed his fist on the table which made Tolbi wobble around a bit.
    "And Kinrai Alte again appears in my conversation." Vice mused. "Twice in one day. How strange..."
    "So what are we still waiting for?! The longer we wait, the harder it will be for us to get to Kinrai, right?" Tolbi almost yelled out. How strange it might seem Askari nodded along with Tolbi. Faen was his protector.
    The dragon of the hard land of Onomu. Now he knew he could not do much for his country - he was pretty much a good for nothing Beastkin - yet it seemed that maybe finally there was a chance for him to make himself useful.

    Vice smiled slightly at the people getting all fired up.
    "Heh. You're right for once Tolbi!" Inpa chuckled and walked over to the front door. He opened it and looked back to Vice and Askari.
    "Sorry that I couldn't help with your problem. Once I find Balthazar, I'll be sure to tell him to find you." Inpa stood there, waiting for the two to get up and leave.
    "I'll tell him myself." Vice said as she rose from the seat and adjusted the cloak over her shoulders.
    "Huh?" Inpa said and exchanged looks with Tolbi.
    "Mister Alte has shown interest in my work. I'm sure he won't mind it if I tag along with you." She stepped through the door. If this elf was going to find Balthazar, then by Arlith she would not let him out of her sight. She looked back to Inpa. "What are you waiting for?"
    It took a moment for Inpa to register that Vice just spoke to him. Without saying a word, he just nodded and closed the front door of his house. Tolbi fluttered next to Inpa's ear and whispered to him.
    "Did she just invite herself along?"

    Inpa shrugged before replying. "I guess. Well the more the merrier! Besides now we have a pet--.." Askari snarled and looked with a glance of intense hate to Inpa. If this elf wasn't going to shut it soon, Askari would make him shut up. For good. ".. a perilous warrior companion!" Inpa tried to correct himself.
    "So," Vice said, "how about you tell me something about Kinrai?"
    "Well, to be honest I don't know too much about him. Just that his mother is Minathiel's advisor and his father is Kinos Alte.. and I guess he's Nilak's apprentice too, just like Balthy." Inpa fell silent for a moment. Askari snickered slightly at the nickname. "I just can't believe how quickly everything went so bad. This was the worst Moon Day ever."
    Inpa looked up and noticed a single stall in the marketplace. Surprisingly it was a dwarven merchant. How he had gotten through the guards standing at the main gate was a mystery.
    "Nothing beats a dwarf's greed I guess." Inpa said as they kept walking towards the palace. "By the way.. what is this work you do, Vice?"
    "Cartography." Vice replied.
    Inpa was drawing a blank here.
    "I make maps." She clarified, seeing Inpa's face. "Thus I travel a lot. Askari is my work partner."
    "Sounds cool. How long have you been doing this?" Inpa asked, a hint of curiosity in his voice.
    "All my life." Vice's reply was stern.

    Inpa turned his gaze to the palace which was right in front of them. As the small group got closer to it, a sudden redundant chant drifted into their ears. From one of the backalleys of Nayru emerged a group of people dressed in white robes decorated with red triangles. They were chanting loudly, in fact they were so loud that Tolbi's ears started ringing. Nyx was as usual hidden in Vice's hair, but Vice could feel her shudder slightly. The chanters began to spread over the marketplace. "The End is coming! Embrace the End of all existence! The Hero of the End has risen!"
    "What's going on.. ?" Inpa said as he eyed these odd people in white.
    Askari stared with full confusion at the moving chanters. Vice frowned. One of the elves dressed in white approached the little group and grabbed Inpa from his sleeve and started dragging him along.
    "Whoa whoa! Let me go!"
    "Join us boy! The End is near! Chant with us."
    "The End? What are you talking about?!" Inpa yelled at the elf.
    "Haven't you heard about the Hero that has risen tonight? The Hero that will bring us all to the End? He will save us all!"
    "He can't mean.." Inpa was having a difficulty saying the truth out loud.

    Vice decided this was a waste of her time. Freaking lunatics. She strode over to Inpa and dragged him out of the grip of the elf, whose voice had begun to rise in volume as he talked more and more.
    "Wah.. !" Inpa gasped as Vice snatched him from the cultist's grasp.
    "There is no escape from the End! Join the Dustmen before the final song is sung! Weep with us, celebrate with us while we wait for the fall of Amn!" The cultist yelled out before turning back to his brethren.
    "We are going!" She said, pulling Inpa along. "Askari, come on." The Beastkin followed obedient, but kept glancing back to the strange happening. "Who do they mean by 'The Hero of the End?'" He asked.
    "Nilak." Vice replied without looking back to him. "The Dragon Slayer and possibly..." She looked over to the dazed Inpa, "his accomplices."
    "Balthazar is innocent!!" Inpa yelled before storming off towards the palace. He was getting tired of hearing all this talk of Nilak being a villain.. and especially Balthazar.
    Vice cursed and sprinted after the young boy.

    Inpa walked so fast that his surroundings were turning into a blur. Soon he found himself at the bottom of the steps which lead into the palace. He looked over to his left and saw Vice and Askari running towards him. Inpa continued and soon reached the top of the stairs. The palace doors were enormous and guarded by two soldiers in blue armor. Inpa considered for a moment. If he just tried to run through, the guards would grab him with ease. However.. if a sudden explosion happened, Inpa could walk right past the guards. He reached into his bag and pulled out a small ball made of copper. It was a homemade bomb, something which Inpa liked to use when brute force was necessary. He tossed it between the two guards and when the ball hit the ground, it shattered and caused a small explosion which hurled both guards into a wall.
    "Two birds with one stone! Even Balthy would be proud!"
    "He would also be pissed at you Inpa. Look at what you did to the door." Tolbi pointed at the wreckage left by Inpa's bomb.
    The bottom half of the door was in splinters while the top was still perfectly intact. Inpa studied the door for a moment before shrugging.
    "Well this place needed a new look anyway."

    Vice, who had just arrived behind Inpa, whacked the elf on his head. Hard. "How stupid are you? Didn't you want to tell them that Balthazar was innocent? How do you think they are going to respond to you now?" She cursed again. "You are ruining my appointment."
    "OW! That hurt! Well.. at least now they'll acknowledge us!"
    "Get real! They are more likely to throw us out now." Vice huffed.
    "Lighten up! They can TRY throwing me out!" Inpa yelled and ran inside. "KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINRAAAAAAAAIIIII!!!!! " Was heard only seconds after Inpa's entrance. With a roll of her eyes Vice decided to give up and follow the elf inside along with Askari. It was too late to fix it anyway.

    The inside of the palace was gorgeus, as one might expect. A red carpet was laid down on the middle and white marble pillars were scattered alongside it. The paintings that were hanging on the wall were worth a fortune. Inpa could only imagine how much they had cost. As he kept walking, he finally saw a familiar looking guy standing next to two other elves who were lying on the ground. From the corner of his eye he also noticed two moon elves standing behind one of the pillars. Inpa waved at the elf in the middle and yelled out: "Hiiii! I'm Inpa! Your friendly neighbourhood genius scientist and inventor! Are you Kinrai Alte? You guys need a new door by the way, and Balthazar is innocent! And I'm hungry!"
    "Sir." Vice added calmly. She had appeared next to Inpa, Askari stood behind her looking extremely unsure about the whole situation. At least they'd made an entrance.
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    After the initial panic of Andrims magic activating the healer stayed with them for some time more until she deemed it safe enough to leave and take care of her other duties, telling Direya to direct Andrim to the captain of the guard when he awoke. Apparently the moon elf and her friend’s testimony had not been enough and instead of simply asking the conscious fairy they turned their eyes to the knocked out elf like a bunch of idiots. Sighing she took a tour around the sickbay, all of the patients were asleep but none of them seemed to be in any real danger from what she could see, a few muttered phrases from nightmares was the most exciting thing happening.

    The room itself was simple unlike the corridor as it lacked its decorative carvings. Maybe somebody figured that patients have no strength to appreciate the details. As for the furniture it was nothing special, the beds the patients slept on together with a table next to each bed and a few chairs and two tables lined alongside the wall for any visitors to use. Except for those, unconscious patients and the last attendant, no there he left as well, the place was deserted. Utterly devoid of any real emotion and mind numbingly boring and yet she felt that was just what she needed. The whole day had been a mess, Andrim had killed the blacksmith and Minathiel, but no they had she corrected herself. She had allowed it, even helped plan some part so why did she now feel so bad?
    Returning to her friend’s side she reasoned that at last the rest of the day should be calm, giving her some time to wrestle with her thoughts. Just as soon that thought had faded Andrims eyes opened quickly searching the room before he got up

    “At last, I began to think they never leave” he said as he picked up his possessions, apparently completely unaware of one important fact.
    “Eh, Andrim just how long have you been awake?”
    “I’m not sure, a few minutes perhaps, how so?”
    “Well, your clothes were pretty bloody so they got rid of them, do you know what you’re wearing?”
    “… I thought it felt a bit breezy” first now he noticed the hospital gown he was wearing, it resembling very much a wide white dress. That together with the dismayed look on her friends face Direya couldn’t help but smile, he did look rather ridiculous. “The captain of the guard wants to see you by the way”

    “Of course he does, why didn’t they just ask you? Well doesn’t matter now. Either way he have to wait cause I refuse to see him looking like this, come along Direya we’re getting me some new clothes” Walking out into the corridor carrying a sword, a wooden box, his hammer and the odd object Ramvil had given them Andrim was the spitting image of a confused patient, most likely one with a dangerous mental illness shambling along.
    The last likeness must have struck some of the priestesses and visitors who gave the pair odd looks but before anybody could say anything Andrim had swiftly walked past them, almost running with gritted teeth. As embarrassing he found the situation she had to admit to herself she found it rather fun, it was seldom she saw Andrim embarrassed these days.

    Eventually they found themselves in one of the outer gardens linked to the temple. This part of the temple was beyond the boundary of stone, a small fountain shaped as a flower with water running through it and flowers and herbs placed in the garden to both serve an aesthetic and practical function as it held many of the medical herbs the priestesses sometimes used when pure magic couldn’t help their patients. For the moment the garden was deserted except a young man dipping his feet playfully in the fountain, his broom tossed down carelessly at the floor.

    “Oh thank the moons”
    Andrim muttered as he walked over to the elf. Hearing footsteps the servant scrambled out of the fountain onto his feet’s until he caught sight of Andrim, all of the energy born out of panic evaporating at an instant. “What are you doing here? Patients shouldn’t be walking around you know, especially with a sword. Give that to me” ignoring the outstretched hand Andrim walked over to one of the benches where he put down his burden except the purse before he turned his attention to still outstretched hand. “Now I want you to get me some proper clothes, shirt, pants, boots the whole deal” he said as he placed a few rubens into his hand, “the faster the better, I don’t want to wear this any longer than I have to so hurry along”.
    “Eh, I can’t just leave my job, what if somebody found out I left?”
    “You had enough time to take a break you have time to do this”
    “Yes but still, it’s me risking being found out here you know” He said with a calculating look at Andrims purse.
    Sighing in annoyance Andrim added another few rubens to the growing pile of money.
    But I suppose nobody will miss me for a short trip outside. I be right back just you wait here” with a dash the elf was away, apparently eager to accomplish his task but most likely hopeful he earn a tip if he was quick.
    “Well that went well, you sure you’re alright by the way Andrim? It was a pretty serious wound you took” Looking at her light dawned in his eyes as if he first now remembered he’d been seriously injured, “I thought I forgotten something. Things are a bit sketchy around that part” he said as he lightly touched the place where he’d been cut, then more boldly until he seemed satisfied, “but I’m alright, the priestesses know their job after all”.

    After that they sat in silence, Direyas still body making an odd contrast to her mind which raced ahead about how she should bring it up. Oh screw it, there’s no good way to bring this up she thought. “We need to talk, about Minathiel-“she stopped as Andrims hand went to his mouth, his whole body shaking slightly. “Please don’t mention that Direya” and for a second she thought with a spark of hope that he was feeling queasy by his actions, but no as his whole body shook she realized what it was, he was trying to suppress his laughter. “Hey Andrim cut it out, this isn’t funny!”

    “I-I’m sorry but you reminded me so suddenly and it just struck me” motioning her closer he whispered “I had it all planned out for how she would die, but what happens? A madman comes and gives me the perfect opportunity just like that” he snapped his fingers. “It ends, there is something slightly ironic how decades of waiting ends with me stabbing myself. With the same blade which bore her blood” a look of realization quickly changed to nausea “Disgusting. What was I thinking? I hope the water brought it all out, but we talk about this later it appears my clothes have arrived” the elf was walking briskly towards them. Arms loaded with the requested garments. A red shirt coupled with a pair of gray leggings, standard leather boots for his feet’s, a leather strap and a jacket made out of rough leather with the last finishing touch being a cape.
    Andrim had learned from experience that affording elegant clothes was often a waste of rubens between travelling and the times he needed to get rough. Durability was what he demanded from his clothes these days.

    Good, I take this. Now is there anywhere I can change? Last thing I need is to be spotted naked out here” bringing forth one last ruben the servant showed them to a cabinet where he could change. Once done, clothes put on and possessions safely strapped on he threw his previous clothing to the elf with instructions to bring it back to the sickbay and left. No money followed this last request, Andrim wouldn’t pay one more ruben, he had what he wanted now and the return of that clothing was of no real interest to him she knew.
    “Now then I believe it’s time to commit to our duties and give a report”
    “Sure that’s a good idea? If you laugh again what do you think happen?”
    “Then Direya there most likely be hell to explain”
    __ _______
    Making his way towards Cirno’s office Andrim knew he should figure out what to say but he just couldn’t focus, ever since he woken up he felt excited, almost giddy.
    He had even laughed earlier, what if somebody had seen him? It didn’t take a genius to figure out that somebody laughing, especially one having seen Minathiels death had a foul part in it somewhere.
    Yet despite this he just couldn’t bring himself to really care. Minathiel was dead and already everything felt better because of it, or was it the lasting effects of him being healed?

    Either way it all felt good, well almost everything he reasoned with a glance at Direya. She had seemed oddly displeased and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why. Just another question amongst many, who was Ramvil, who was this mysterious organizations leader or was there really one? The thought of the whimsical yet undoubtedly psychopathic elf having a master struck him as an odd idea. He hadn’t looked like the type to take orders. All Questions that he had to find the answer for later he knew as he presented himself to the guard in front of the door who let him into the office.

    The room was what one would expect from the Spartan guard captain, no painting of his family or any other obvious personal item along his desk but instead only documents and a quill taking up the surface of the oaken desk. The rest of the room was equally devoid of distracting elements, the walls devoid of paintings or decorations, the floor covered with a simple rug and in front of the desk wooden chairs which one could tell with a glance would be uncomfortable. Maybe Cirno reasoned nobody should feel comfortable before a guard, made one wonder what he did when somebody of a higher rank came, offered up his own chair perhaps.

    “Greetings Captain, I was told you wished to see me?”
    “Andrim was it? Yes I did, I already been filled up on the situation by Elrik and Vita, the other two moon elves who were present” So that was their names, hopefully he wouldn’t ever need to meet that pesky moon elf again.
    “The interesting thing is that they say that you three, this elf called Ramvil and Minathiel” brow furrowing as if it physically hurt to say her name, not that Andrim could truly blame him as Cirno had failed one of his primary duties. “That you suddenly disappeared and when you returned, you know how it looked then”.
    “Sorry captain could you describe it for me? Minds still a bit foggy I’m afraid” Damn it don’t rile up the captain of the guard you idiot!
    “Lady Minathiel was dead, her body beyond any means of resurrection and you stabbed in the chest with Ramvil gone” he said grimly. “Now how could this happen, I been told you had this Ramvil in your custody so explain” Cirno said with distaste in his voice, directed towards the situation or towards him Andrim couldn’t say. A bit of both he reckoned.

    Now to find out exactly how good a liar he was “Truth be told I’m not sure what happened. Ramvil somehow transported us to another realm, no other way to explain it. It looked as Valhems nest but devoid of all colors, once there I’m ashamed to say Ramvil took opportunity of my state of shock. Wrestling the dagger and stabbing me with it and then…” Do not smile do not smile “then he killed her”
    “I never heard of anybody teleporting to another realm but the moon elves also told me you suddenly disappeared. But why did he leave you alive? I understood you threatened him just moments before”
    “Captain the man was clearly a psychopath, who can tell why he does anything? I certainly can’t”
    “I be worried for whoever could” Cirno said scribbling down at his documents “Nothing else he said? Anything we could use to track him down”
    Let’s see, he’s part of a secret organization he invited me to, oh and he also left me a device to summon him with. “Nothing, I blackened out shortly afterwards. I’m afraid that wherever he has gone we got no connection except for his link with Nilak”
    “Who is after the dragons, yes” with a last scratch of the quill he set it aside. “Truth be told Andrim if you had just killed him as you should this could have been prevented, he was tainted and deserved no trial. Why?”
    The image of a young moon elf pleading for the life of a complete stranger flashed before his eyes “The voice of mercy spoke to me. A naïve voice but one I felt compelled to listen to at the time thinking we could interrogate him later. Obviously I was wrong”
    “You were. There is no room for mercy against criminals and tainted, especially in such a chaotic situation you were in, just look what it has caused!”
    “Yes, I expect mercy to be a foreign notion to you captain” thoroughly tired of the conversation Andrim opened the door “But since you were the one responsible for her safety I hope for your sake it's a more familiar idea for your superiors” Closing the door behind him he already wondered why’d he said that, in the past he would have stayed polite and calm he knew.

    His musings were interrupted by a large blast originating somewhere in the direction of the entrance, within moments the guards just as confused as him rushed past to find out the origin of the disturbance. Cursing his luck he followed after them to the entrance. The lower half of the door had been blasted off its hinges, scattered parts of it lied on the floor but whoever did it had either instantly left or taken another way out. Taking a closer look he saw the two guards on duty lying in a heap next to the wall, the blast must have taken them out as well.
    Ignore them” he called over to one of the guards who made an attempt to lift his unconscious comrade up, “Whoever did this might be inside the temple. I-“
    What the hell’s going on here?” Cirno roared rounding the corner after them, taking in the whole scene he immediately began barking out orders.
    “You go and alert the other guards, you two follow me. Andrim you’re in any shape to fight?” Professional to his very fingertips he ignored Andrims last comment in the face of failing his duties a second time.
    “Yes” At least he thought so.
    “Good, I be damned if anybody else will die today on my watch” Running towards the main hall where Kinrai and his mother last had been sighted they followed him and found a scene out of every guards nightmare. Two unknown elves and a beast kin standing in front of Kinrai, there were no visible weapons but with a beast kins claws and an elf’s natural magic that was no reassurance.
    Any careless movement made might send them from standing in front of Kinrai to capture or kill him, especially as they hadn’t tried to mask their sudden rushed entrance to the hall and lost any chance of surprise. He believed that Cirno summed up his own thoughts on the situation pretty well.
    “Who are you, what do you want?”

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    After Cirno had explained his plan, the Elder Council fell silent. Garmilio's wrinkles were emphasized only more as his inner brows sunk. It was hard to tell whether he was angry or deep in thought. He had tucked both his arms within the white sleeves of his robe. Kinos stared at Cirno with a chilly look, as if trying to burn through him with just his gaze. Ka'Tar scratched the back of her neck and kept looking down. She didn't like Cirno's plan at all. How could he toy with someone's life like that? Not to mention that it was..

    Kinos: ”You would go this far in order to catch Nilak, Falteer, Balthazar and this mysterious fourth person?” Kinos said with clear dissatisfaction in his voice. The sharpness of his tone was as prominent as ever. Ka'Tar could almost picture the words Kinos spoke as swords that flew out of his mouth.
    Cirno: ”Yes. I will sacrifice anything to catch them, even my own life.” Cirno wouldn't back down even an inch, that much they all knew. Ka'Tar knew that they could prevent Cirno from doing it, but considering what the circumstances were.. she was afraid Kinrai would be in danger no matter what.

    Garmilio: ”You seek vengeance for the death of Valham and.. Lady Minathiel, may the Netherworld embrace her soul. What has the boy done to deserve such a fate? Is there evidence that he is connected to Nilak's betrayal?” Ka'Tar was relieved that Garmilio shared her feelings about Cirno's plan. Kinos would undoubtedly go along, it was his son after all, right?
    Kinos: ”It doesn't matter whether Kinrai is involved with Nilak's betrayal or not. The only thing that matters to the common folk right now is the fact that Kinrai is Nilak's pupil. That makes him an enemy to them.”
    Cirno: ”I am glad you understand, elder Kinos. If we give the common folk what they want, which is Kinrai's life, then we will avoid a severe outlash from the public which would inevitably come were Kinrai to remain in the books of the living. We can't afford to let any riots start. It would tear Nayru completely apart, let alone the rest of Amn. Kinrai's execution would also serve as the perfect bait. With it we can test whether Nilak is willing to let Kinrai die after all the trouble he went through to save him.”
    Ka'Tar: ”.. Just shut up! How heartless can you be?! And you too Kinos! Kinrai is your own son! How could you even consider that.. ?!” Ka'Tar had had enough, she would've never thought that Kinos could be this cruel. Kinos turned and gave Ka'Tar a solemn look before replying.

    Kinos: ”Don't put words into my mouth, elder Ka'Tar. If you wish to remain as an elder, you will refrain from these childish outbursts of yours. We are dealing with a crisis here so retain your composure. I never agreed to Kinrai's execution. However.. the execution ought to still happen, just without Kinrai himself.” Ka'Tar ground her teeth and almost hissed at Kinos, she managed to keep her cool for the moment though.
    Cirno: ”Hmm.. I suppose it could work. Then how do we convince the people that it is Kinrai who is receiving the punishment?”
    Kinos: ”Indeed, that is a problem. Do you have any suggestions, fellow elders?”
    Garmilio cleared his throat before speaking.
    Garmilio: ”Now am I the only one who thinks it's foolish to execute someone just to make the common folk feel better?”
    Ka'Tar: ”You're not the only one.”
    Kinos sighed before replying.
    Kinos: ”At times like these you have to think rationally about the situation, not emotionally.”
    Garmilio: ”I do all my thinking with my heart, elder Kinos. That is who I am, it is the way of the dwarves. Now explain to me how in Valham's name do you rationalize someone's execution, be it Tainted or not?”
    Kinos: ”It is the basic principle of wanting something. We give the people what they want and in return they are happy. The fact that we give them someone's life is meaningful only if you feel guilty about it. As elders we must make harsh decisions and feeling guilty about them is a sign of weakness, and that is the last thing we need from an elder. Do not bring this up again, elder Garmilio.”
    Garmilio went silent and only let out a long sigh.
    Cirno: ”As I already said, this is all to give the people what they want and it is also a test to see whether Nilak still cares for his student. This act will create a sense of safety within the common folk which ensures that there will be no riots.”
    Ka'Tar: ”And if Nilak doesn't show up? And what about Kinrai himself? If he is supposed to be dead, then he has to be put somewhere where no one will ever find him. Is that something you want for your son, Kinos?”

    Kinos contemplated briefly on Garmilio's words, and even Cirno seemed to have fallen in his thoughts. Ka'Tar felt relieved for the first time during the meeting. Now if only these two would realize how stupid their plan was, everything would be just fine.

    Kinos: ”Whether Nilak shows up or not is irrelevant. If he does show up he is a great fool.”
    Garmilio: ”And what of Kinrai, elder Kinos?”
    Kinos: ”Kinrai will be sent to become a Mithbleid. They are disconnected from the outside world, hence it is the perfect place for him.”
    The name Mithbleid rang a few bells for Ka'Tar. From what she could remember, the Mithbleids are warriors who battle against beings called the Seith. The Seith are practically folklore to the rest of Amn. In fact it had been a long time since the Mithbleids had contacted the Elder Council. It was common knowledge that the Mithbleids took anyone to be trained, even Tainted were sent there.

    Garmilio: ”The Mithbleids? Now there's a word I haven't heard in a long time. Are you sure Kinrai will be safe with them?”
    Kinos: ”Kinrai will never be safe. Of that Nilak took good care of with this.. treachery.”
    A sudden, painful expression formed on Kinos's face which left Ka'Tar wondering if he knew more about this than he let the others know.
    Cirno: ”You would trust your son to them? The Mithbleids are rotten with Tainted, they are nothing but scum.”
    Kinos: ”I did not ask for your opinion, Captain.” Kinos answered, clearly dismissing Cirno's outburst.
    Ka'Tar: ”Still, what Cirno said is true. The Mithbleids are infested with Tainted..”
    Kinos: ”The word 'Tainted' has no meaning to the Mithbleids. Your past is completely discarded once you become a Mithbleid.”
    Ka'Tar: ”Erasing someone's past doesn't mean that they change from the inside.”
    Kinos: ”Enough. There will be no further discussion of this. Let us return back to the matter at hand: the fake Kinrai.”
    Garmilio: ”Hrrmm.. It ought to be easy if we had a master of the earth element. The problem is.. who in their right mind would want to die?”
    Kinos: ”It's not a question of ”want” since we shall pick some Tainted one to do the job.”
    Garmilio: ”Well I suppose that clears the second problem. Now how do we make this Tainted one look like Kinrai? I doubt we'll find a Tainted master of earth element.”
    Ka'Tar: ”Umm.. maybe use an illusion instead?”
    Kinos: ”Indeed. An illusion will serve our needs just fine. Captain, here are your orders. You are to find a capable illusionist post haste. Once you find the illusionist, go get some Tainted sod from the dungeons of the colosseum to serve as the fake Kinrai. I recommend cutting out his tongue, gag him if necessary. Then announce the execution of Kinrai to be held the day after tomorrow. Kinrai will be sent to the Mithbleid headquarters during the night. I recommend you send an armed escort with him. Are your orders clear?”
    Cirno: ”Yes, sir. I beg your leave, elders.”
    Kinos: ”Dismissed.”

    And so the elders vanished from the crystals lined up in the round room of the palace. Cirno turned around and nearly ran out, searching for an errand boy who could find him an illusionist. The elders themselves returned to their quarters without saying a single word to one another. As Ka'Tar was on her way to her own quarters, she overheard Kinos muttering to himself.

    ”Sacrifices are necessary.. There's no other way..”

    So even Kinos had some kind of heart beating in his chest, Ka'Tar thought before moving on. She felt uneasy, it didn't feel right to deceive people like this but executing Kinrai would not come into question. In fact it felt absurd, just like Garmilio had mentioned, to butcher someone just because the people think he is evil. Why did I ever choose to become an elder.. ? To escape my brethren's disapproval? To gain fame and fortune? All we seem to do these days is postpone one crisis after another.. I fear for Amn itself if this keeps up.


    Balthazar's silence was, to say the least, unnerving. Reed decided not to bother him any further. He got up and stretched around before turning his back to the camp. Nilak was half snoozing but still managed to raise his head and look at Reed.

    Nilak: ”Leaving so soon? Don't let Balthazar's attitude scare you away. He's always like that towards strangers.” Nilak threw a grin at Balthazar.
    Reed: ”Oh, is that so? Well don't worry about it, darling. I have to get going anyway. A certain someone is already calling for me. I am so very wanted that sometimes I feel like they are tearing me apart!”
    Nilak: ”Heh, I see. Send my regards to Kinos if you go see him.”
    Reed: ”Hm? Ah, but of course. I'll come visit you soon. Tally-ho!”

    Reed waved and vanished into thin air as if he was never even there. The place where he arrived was not too far from the camp, it was on the road that split the Calm. A person in a golden mask was waiting for him. Reed grinned and bowed as he saw the masked person. Next to the masked person was the beast named Cerberus. Cerberus was a large white lion with black horns, similar in design as the horns in the masked person's mask. The beast also had a long black tail with a pointy end.

    Reed: ”Well now, this is a rare occurrence indeed! Something important must've happened for you to summon me.”
    ???: ”That is tRue. Kinrai's emotions are iN disarrAy. I fear he won't haVe what it takes to gO after Nilak.”
    Reed: ”Truly? Then again you've never lied, now have you?”
    ???: ”PlaYing false is the saMe as non-exisTenCe. You of aLl people ouGht to heeD that adviCe.”
    Reed: ”You and your riddles.. when will I ever be rid of them?”
    The masked person turned and looked at Reed, though it's not exactly easy to tell since there were no eyeholes in the mask.
    ???: ”When I diE.”
    Reed: ”Oh, I can't wait.” Reed turned his head to Cerberus. ”What made you bring your pet, though? Gonna fight?” Reed grinned and licked his lips.
    ???: ”I aM an obstacle in KinRai's path, one that he must oveRcome in order to catch NilaK.”
    Reed: ”Works for me. If you happen to kill him, that'll just make things easier for us.”
    ???: ”Kinrai will deFeat mE.”
    Reed: ”.. Oh how utterly droll. Then I'll just have to do it.”

    Before Reed was able to react, a tip of a sword was at his throat. The sword looked like a snake, sharp enough to slice his neck in half.

    ???: ”YoU wiLl noT inTerfere.”
    Reed: ”Think you can stop me? Come now, you can threaten me better than that.”
    ???: ”FalSe ImMortAlity does not make you iMmuNe to pain, and I knoW how to deliver pAin.”
    Reed: ”Ha! They really knew how to pair us up, didn't they? The chemistry between us is outright deadly!” Reed grinned and jumped back while black blades grew out of the ends of his sleeves. ”Shall we, Yorrvask? I'm itching to kill a certain someone right now!”
    Yorrvask stood like a stone statue before eventually sheathing his sword.
    Yorrvask: ”No, wE sHall not.”
    Reed: ”Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat.. ? What a tease! You're terrible!” Reed said with a pouty voice.
    Yorrvask stood silent and watched the sea of green in front of them.
    Reed: ”Hmph. If you have nothing else then I'll just take my leave.”
    Yorrvask: ”As I sAid, Kinrai is disHearteNed. He might not taKe up the Chase.”
    Reed: ”What does that have to do with me?”
    Yorrvask: ”You nEed him.”
    Reed: ”For what?”
    Yorrvask: ”FOr the future. He is a part of tHe Key you are loOkiNg foR.”
    Reed's eyes grew wide.
    Reed: ”How.. ? He's nothing but an ordinary elf with some serious daddy issues.”
    Yorrvask: ”.. LieS, all oF them. Go now.”
    Reed stared at Yorrvask for a moment before vanishing again.


    Kinrai only stood there next to his sleeping mother, brooding over the things that had happened. Why did Nilak do it? What in Valham's name was he thinking? What about Falteer and Balthazar? Why did they join up with him? Kinrai clutched his head and let out a faint sigh. That's when a small sound alerted Kinrai from behind him. He turned around quickly and saw two familiar faces standing behind one of the marble pillars. The female one's face looked almost scared, but the other one seemed calm. After eyeing them for a moment, Kinrai finally recognized them.

    Kinrai: ”Vita.. Elrik.. !! You guys are safe.. !” A smile crawled its way to Kinrai's lips. He was so happy to see both of them again. ”What are you doing here? Wait.. no, do you have any ide-” Kinrai's words were cut short by a loud bang followed by a yell so loud that Kinrai's ears started ringing.

    Sunlight rushed inside the main hall as Kinrai saw three figures enter through the remains of the palace front door. He shielded his eyes in order to see them better and was finally able to make out their faces. Kinrai even recognized one of them, though that wasn't much of a feat since the boy was as memorable as he was loud. Kinrai remembered Inpa since he was Balthazar's infamous ”friend”. Next to Inpa stood a female dark elf and behind them walked a beastkin, both who Kinrai had never seen before.

    Inpa was the first one to talk and boy did he cram a lot of things into a single sentence. After the flood that came out from Inpa's mouth was over, Kinrai just stood there dumbfounded. He was still trying to piece everything together what Inpa had just said.

    Kinrai: ”Yes, I'm Kinrai. Pleasure to meet you. I pretty much figured out that you must be Inpa.” Kinrai looked over towards the front door and let out a small chuckle. ”Yeah, I guess they need a new door. I hope you have the rupees for it because you're definitely paying for it.” Kinrai smiled and let out another chuckle. The dark elf had the courtesy to add ”sir” to the end of Inpa's rant and it felt awfully weird to Kinrai. Not many people used it but it was a refreshing change.

    Kinrai: ”So.. who might your companions be? Do you need something? Everything is a real mess here right now but I hope I can help.”

    Just as Kinrai finished talking, Cirno rushed into the main hall with a group of guards and who appeared to be Andrim. Andrim had changed his clothes and looked much better now than when he was taken away. Cirno's icy stare made Kinrai feel like a little kid all over again.

    Cirno: ”Who did this?”
    Kinrai: ”Um.. he did but he is not a threat!” Kinrai pointed at Inpa.
    Cirno: ”Do you know these people?” Cirno had unsheathed his sword and was pointing it towards Inpa, Vice and Askari. Kinrai looked at the three for a moment before replying.
    Kinrai: ”Yes, I know them. They mean no harm.”
    Cirno: ”And yet they decided to destroy the palace's front door. What is this foolishness?! Explain yourselves!”

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    Default Reaver's character sheet.

    ToA Character Sheet

    Full Name: Reaver of Serim

    Faction: The Mithbleid.

    Age: 212.

    Gender: Male

    Race: High Elf

    Theme: (We're still doing these right? xP)

    Element: Wind

    Reaver wields a strange blade which seems to respond differently under varying circumstances. The orb centrepiece which can be found embedded into the hilt of the sword changes colour under duress, often from white to blue, and from red to green. Reaver still knows not the reason behind this, and the effects that this has on either him or the blade itself has yet to be revealed.

    Endis is a bluish-silver coloured bastard blade that contains a strange otherworldly aesthetic. The blade is quite long –a few inches longer than the average longsword-, allowing Reaver to sweep through groups of enemies in crowd-control situations. The blade is double-edged with the forward-facing edge curving outward to form its guard. The blade, although appearing heavy and weighted has been designed to be handled with either one or both hands – depending on the chosen fighting style. Endis does not have any distinctive pommel, and the unusual hilt contains a glowing white bright light which seems to respond to Reaver’s kills.

    Harbinger is a wrist-mounted repeater rifle which can fire a number of deadly bolts about 5 inches in length. The repeater is made from various numbers of materials, most notably the skull of an infant boar. The lower part of the jaw has been removed forming a sort of bracer around Reaver’s forearm. Aside from the skull of a boar, the weapon contains a pair of tusks, fixed onto both sides of the weapon, and extending past Reaver’s knuckle – if he is close enough, he can make a deadly kill.

    Harbinger also contains a fast-loading mechanism which allows Reaver to fire off up to 9 bolts under quick succession before having to be reloaded again by inserting a strip of bolts into the mechanism, and ejecting the strip which bound the bolts together.

    Reaver usually dips his bolts in the poison of an arachnous tibia matron, a spider which contains one of the most deadly poisons on Amn, so as long as bolts at least graze his target, they will grow fatigued, allowing Reaver to track them down and finally kill them.

    Fairy: Saris – Purple

    Appearance: [Information abrogated]
    Reaver’s apparel:

    Magic Art:
    The Aviary Dominion:
    Combining his wind element with his love for rogue-like adventure novels, Reaver is been able to cast a powerful magic art which allows him to assume control of another being, whether it animal, insect, or even humanoid. He assumes the role of his chosen character, taking in their recent memories, opinions and even conversations. This ability comes into great use for tracking others down as he is able to speak with animals of the forest, or take on memories of others to help him on his hunt. However, when using this ability there is a risk that he will be shut out of that person’s mind, which in turn shuts him out from his own body for a short period of time. He has learned to control this however; he has learned that it is those that are more suggestible to control are the minds he is able to invade much easier.

    The symbol which represents this magic art is Reaver’s own tattoo, a sprawling tree which covers the upper left region of his chest. During the casting of this magic, the tree grows around Reaver’s body, covering him completely, his face and all, like a prison made from vines.

    Reaver hailed from an isolated coastal village named Serim on the temperate North Eastern coast of Auburn, the magical cradle of the world. His story begins on the first day of summer, small gardens are being planted, animals are being raised, and the boats sail daily to fish and hunt. The village is home to about twenty-eight unmitigated families, population 152, that all know each other very well, and are very close knit; making outsiders feel uncomfortable in a community such as this. Each person - man, woman, and child, fills a significant duty within the village structure as either fishers, shipwrights, hunters, herdsman, weavers, trappers, craftsmen, elders, and blacksmiths. The hamlet survives well on the coastal cliffs but is fairly isolated from overland trade routes so Serim is impacted very little by news, politics and trade. In short it is a small blip on the map, content, and self-sufficient. They could be considered poor by those that come from the cities but they are not destitute and live fulfilled and simple lives. The village survives primarily on the harvest from the land, each family maintains small personal plots of land for growing simple provisions, raising small livestock, and creating simple commodities.

    During the mid evening of the first day of the harvest festivities the villagers were enjoying a late afternoon of revelry, celebrating the wonderful day when the summer harvest begins. This festival symbolizes everything pure and gratifying, weddings take place, hatchets are buried, friendships blossom, vows are pledged, and in general the people eat, drink and are merry. Incense permeated the air, delicate vapours of smoke drifting from braziers that burn with the faint orange light of smouldering coals that smell of lavender. The evening moonlight spilled through opened windows as did the gentle sea breeze that carried the calm sound of waves that rocked against the cliffs below. Those waves were also what filled the air with the taste of salt and were the cause of the low vibrations that always rang through the crags of Serim like distant thunder.

    Only the oldest of the village elders remembered a time when Serim was once spoiled by an almost supernatural infertility and low yield, healthy crops darkened and withered as the ground lay sterile and barren, leaving the land uncultivated for numbers of years. However, there had always been one forever constant in Serim, and that was the Evorglade tree, even during the time of infertility, the tree stood proud - as a symbol of hope and renewal. It was only when the lands became fruitful once more that the village as it is known today sprang, bearing a younger generation of elves, only accustomed to the harshness of winter’s touch on the harvest. It was on this particular lazy summer’s night however, during the festivities, that Serim would once again become victim to the end of a cycle.

    Back then, Reaver was known by another name, and as another person, a farmer’s boy who was quick-witted, intelligent, hard-working and polite. He also had a mother, the town healer who was sweet, caring, and passionate in her duties. His older brother, Elrond was an apprentice blacksmith who aspired towards great things – glory, honor, adventure and fame. It was Elrond’s naivety that gave him the freewill to achieve almost anything that he wanted.

    Like the rest of the villagers, Reaver joined in with the festivities alongside his brother, eating the darkened meat, and drinking hearty mugs of apple cider. He listened as the music and out-of-tune voices filled the air with cacophony. “What’s your resolution for the new cycle then, brother?” Elrond howled, thumping Reaver’s shoulder. “I don’t know...I haven’t thought about it.” Elrond gave a glum look, before looking jovial once more “Well I’m gonna get a knighthood! That way I can get out of here and live like a prince, I’ll be famous!” Reaver didn't respond, he knew that simple folk couldn't get a knighthood, he also knew that next week he would want to be a practitioner of magic, or perhaps even a master blacksmith, it was always the same with Elrond.

    The festivities eventually moved to the magnificent Evorglade tree as the night wore on. The villagers would tell tales, recollect memories, and wind down before the celebrations would come to a relief. This was Reaver’s favorite place in the village; he would sit amongst the dense roots of the oak, look up and count the leaves until he either got bored, or fell asleep - tonight was no different. So he sat there, counting the leaves until the crowds began to disperse, and began to retire to their homes for the night, until he was the only one left.

    There was a sudden change in the atmosphere, a cold chill; each of the braziers systematically extinguished their flames. There wasn’t a sound as Reaver began to close his eyes, drifting off into the comfort of the roots. The Evorglade shook against the gentle breeze, and Reaver opened his eyes one last time. The foliage began to darken, and redden before him - an omen. That was the moment his life would change course forever. It was darker than before, far too dark, even the trunk of the tree was beginning to darken, crumble, and weaken. It wasn't silent anymore; he heard something – something unnatural. He would never forget that voice, and the words that it spoke to him.

    “Burn the Evorglade.”

    He sought the Mithbleid later, on his aimless travels through the land. He found himself before a black fortress, weathered and callous. A sign read: Ye who enter leave their past behind. He followed the path towards bastion, seeking shelter, training, and...Something else.

    After what seemed a long journey, Reaver finally stood before the gates to his destiny. It was nothing like he pictured...splintered wood painted a harsh shade of black, signs of deterioration, but thick, heavy and it seemed capable of withstanding the wrath of a mighty giant. It looked as if he would cut his hand on the wood just by placing his palm on it, never mind knocking, but he did...and of course, splinters. “Oi, who there?! Answer meh!” Reaver heard from atop the ramparts, so he stepped back revealing himself to the gate’s guard. “I’m...nobody, but I seek entry. I seek recruitment.” The guard replied with a snort, and what seemed like a chuckle. “Open the gate! Oi, Cleavus, wake up ye sod!”

    This was only the beginning for Reaver. It seemed like his past was forever guiding him to this destination. He looked behind him. Every twist, every misfortune, and every stroke of luck fated him to walk the path, and walk he did. The gate opened with an undulating cry, and without a hesitation he stepped inside, forgetting his past entirely. “Welcome, nobody.” Reaver heard. He tried to locate the voice’s source, but he couldn't. “Step inside, for your new life begins today. Those splinters on your hand, they are the first of the many challenges ahead of you.” And on that day, they gained a new brother – but he had a far ways to go before he would fulfill his true purpose.
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