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    Swiftly, wind gathered and took the form of a bird, which flapped its wings briskly against Vita's cheek as it rocketed through the tightly-knit crowd. Swiveling like that of an artful dancer bound by no obsticle, the bird took flight into the sky, dissipating as a scarlet twin etched itself in the night air in its place. Gasp of wonder and excitement vibrated amongst the idle chatter and joyful shouts, increasing in volume further in the distance. If Vita pressed her toes firmly on the ground and elevated her back, she would barely make out the mystical and fantastic participants of the parade. Of course, it was Oren, not her, who wiggled and bounced about to try and get even a glimpse of the festivities barricaded by families and friends who firmly stood their ground. Basically, the only method of breaking through the soldiers of stone -- that is, based on how pressed together and awe-stroken the crowd was -- was to appear far more appealing than the parade.

    "You certainly are a unique fairy, but someone so...tiny...well, I fear for your life." Vita face was grave, giving no hint of joking.

    Oren, who had proceeded to use Vita's head as a launching pad to get a better view without getting lost, suddenly turned slightly pale at the thought of being crushed by enthusiastic fans. After all, he certainly wasn't as agile as the wind bird the burst into flames moments ago. Still, there was a glint in his eyes that suggested he would not give up with a fight. Reversing his plan, Oren went from a hostile spectator who obviously didn't notice the scowl forming on Vita's lips to a beggar who tried his best to appear innocent and well-behaved -- the latter failing to convince Vita right away.

    "Benevolent master, who is most gracious, pleeeaaaasssseeee!"
    "...I cannot grant or deny your request if all you do is flatter, beg, and act obediently." Although her features were mostly placid, a strange throbbing from her heart caused her lip to twitch. For some odd reason -- no, perhaps it was simply Oren's odd behavior -- Vita felt a rush of annoyance.
    "Vita -- no, Master, please follow me so I may get a better look at the parade, please?" He eyed the parade desperately, forgetting all the while how deplorable such pitiful acting was in Vita's eyes.
    "No." The answer came before her lips could prevent them.
    "Wha- oppressive! You didn't even take a second to think about it! I'll report you!"

    "First, I know you detest calling anyone your master, so for you to not say 'master' mockingly, you are deceiving me. Secondly, was it not you who earnestly wished to assist Amelia? Even if we hurry to get a peek at the parade, it would take quite some time. Lastly, I do not want to have a master-servant relationship. Remember? I only take the necessities. I do not need a servant."

    All the while, Amelia, who had been leading, paused a few feet ahead of the bickering pair. She felt no consent to allow private matters remain private, proven when she glided effortlessly pass the relentless flood of people and waited patiently in front of them. When the situation became too akward to continue, Amelia clapped her hands together and merrily chuckled. Neither Vita nor Oren knew how to respond to this, so they simply stared at their elderly companion until she collected herself. Realizing she had the upper hand, she first adjusted the shawl she had given to Vita, her keen eyes noticing the faint signs of quivering. Then she cleared her throat, a pleasant grin on her face. Her tone was the embodiment of mirth.

    "My, I have yet to see a fairy and elf so fond of one another. Ah, and don't deny it. Why, the two of you have a closeness like that of dear friends."
    "...Friends? Well, I..." Now a new feeling was coursing through her, one she knew all too well. Fear.
    "Haha, you know how to judge someone's character well. Vita, you're right. You don't need a servant, but I know better than anyone that you'd be lost without me. So, from now on, we'll be known as friends, 'kay?"
    " are very important and precious to me, Oren, but I..." "I'm afraid. Love and hate aren't far apart, just as happiness and pain follow one another. Oren, if you get too close, you'll only hurt."

    Sensing Vita's growing unease, Oren decided to not press the matter any further. Instead, he pretended to be preoccupied with the festivities all around him, so as to bring more stress upon her. Besides, as he knew Amelia must be getting more anxious the closer she got to her family, leaving the both of them together might alleviate tension. That, or they would remain in unnerving silence while Oren bobbed in and out of wheeled carts and stalls. Luckily, he eventually spotted an actual target to investigate. There seem to be all kinds of shiny trinkets glittering flamboyantly even amidst the chaos all around him. Shrugging at the sight of Vita keeping her head bowed and Amelia folding her arms behind her like that of a mentor, he dipped and dived his way to his destination.

    "Greetings. Welcome to Fieyira's Enchanted Domain. Heh, sorry, I always wanted to say that."
    Eyes as auspicious as those belonging to Amelia gazed with admiration at Oren, at which blush came to his face without warning. This youthful elf, who was most certainly named Fieyira, laughed alongside the jingle coming from around her head. To be precise, the grand tune bleonged to golden ornaments dripping like teardrops from a wreath clinging to her locks of light caramel. Judging from her tanned complexion, she was a high elf, just like Amelia. Actually, the more Oren scrutinized the energetic merchant, the more she reminded him of Amelia, aside from a slightly more bubbly personality. Did he dare ask?

    "Say, Fieyira--"
    "Aw, you can call me Fia, though I'm glad you said my name properly."
    "Fia, are you related to -- that is, do you have a grandmother named Amelia?"

    For once, the mesmerized expression that in itself could have passed for a demure fairy quickly shifted to that of being stunned. After a few seconds passed, at which Fia's jaw remained stiff and unmoving, her hands rushed with a loud BAM! on the counter rising just at her waist. Surprisingly, none of her well-crafted good were even tapped in the process, as if she had memorized the order and placement of each object without fail. What came next could only be could only be compared to the blare of a screaming fan girl. During the duration of the lengthy and painful dialogue Oren had to endure, he learned the importance of pressing one's hands to one's ears.

    "No way! You know of my grandmama?! Oh, lucky, lucky! I struck a fortune my mother would be most proud of! I heard tales of her grandeur from papa many times! The talented seamstress who could sew such magnificent cloths in record time, each fitting for the passing seasons, as if she could foretell the weather as she journeyed across many lands. Ah, my mother, Mien, she is quite educated in magic. The fabric she sews each have an attribute of the elements, but they can only counter extreme elements. She deeply admires my grandmama. As for my papa -- his name is Xan -- he's an Auspice."

    "You know, my papa and mama met in the midst of duty. Papa was ferociously protecting the travelers who were headed to Qualus -- you must know merpeople are opposed to visitors. Well, mama was quite found of all that sparkles beneath the depths of Qualus. In the end, she and all the other travelers cut their visit short -- most were researches who deeply offended the merpeople -- but those two stayed hand in hand ever since. The only problem is that they are nomadic, so it must have been quite a disruption when I was born. Heh, but I'm sure it is a miracle. Because my birthday fell on Moon Day, we all gathered here to reep the benefits and also come together as a family."

    "Okay, now that I am done babbling about my family background, how about a gift? Since you listened so kindly, I'll give you a momento. Here!"

    Fluttering over to Fia's outstretched hand, Oren found himself looking at a petite mask of intricate design. A flat piece that had been warped into a curve as to fit perfectly upon a fairy's face could be seen, illuminated with a serene azure. If one watched carefully, it was as if waves lapsed within it, overcasted with a misty substance. Around the eye holes were golden rings, which slanted down in an alluring quality. The mouth was also lined with gold, formed in the shape of an oval. Reflected in the texture of water was Satir, Ura, and Pent, as if their positions in the sky materialized exactly in proportion upon the mask. Of course, Oren had to admit the best feature on the mask were thin, flexible feathers of gold that also had crystalline pieces similar to the base of the mask. Truly, for such care to be placed on something so miniature in size, it could be deemed a masterpiece.

    "Wow, you give away treasures as great as this just for listening to your story? Wanna be good friends?!" Oren immediately secured the mask upon his face, his upturn lips contradicting the mouth piece.
    "Well, I do hope you'll let me meet my grandmama. I take it you were traveling with her?"
    "Yup! Come on, let's hurry! I didn't know the moons were already reaching their peak!"
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    Inpa: "...I got your mask already, look! Isn't it pretty?”
    Balthazar: ”Urgh.. !! It's pink..”
    Inpa: ”Oh please, it's called being metrosexual!..."
    -- farag0n; Tales of Amn

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    // Falteer with Balthazar //

    Falteer inspected Balthazar closely as he spoke. There was some sort of urgency in his voice, but still reserved by the natural eloquence of his charisma, a patient and shortness in his speech. Noticing that Balthazar had finished, Falteer began to think back to the most recent encounters he had with Nilak.

    “I'm not the only one to notice the mystery surrounding him lately then? To answer your question, yes, I do believe he has been acting oddly, not the same as he would usually have himself, but I thought nothing of it.”

    Falteer observed Balthazar once more. What was going to happen tonight was all that he could think of. “Where are we headed tonight?, I know I have another fight tonight, along side Nilak, he hasn't told me anything else. What is on your mind Balthazar? I'm afraid he's been keeping me in the dark and you know more than that of I.

    However, I am not one to question his judgement, he is a great elf, I trust him with my life, I'm sure he has had his reasons for not notifying me for where we are going.”

    Falteer leaned against the filthy wall beside him, not that he cared, he wasn't one to fuss about living in such harsh conditions. “But seeing as you are here Balthazar, and are talking to me for the first time, I believe that this...situation...has gotten you uncomfortable, which, in all matter of fact, makes me feel pretty tense.” Falteer hadn't noticed that he didn't reply to Balthazar's other question, that of Nilak attending the night fights, he was certainly swamped in the present matter at hand, where the hell is Nilak supposedly taking him?

    // Falteer with Inpa //

    “H-Hold on a second!”. It was too late, the frightened young elf had already darted away in a shock of certain distress, he must have just been frightened because of the Tamba attack...or...Falteer noticed at the rugged collar cradling uncomfortably on his neck “Stupid fool...I should know better than to try and befriend those outside of my affairs" he cussed at himself.

    Standing up, Falteer brisked the dust off of his leggings, and buckled the arm bracers tightly around his forearms. “Jovan! It's time to go.” He clutched the vial of Tamba saliva in his hand and darted back to his master, to complete his deed.

    // Some time later... //

    Falteer was safely back in his cell, preparing for tonight’s festivities. He had acquired a red silk shirt with an open collar, which partially showed off a bit of his chest. The shirt itself was embroidered with a golden trim along the seams and in the openings of the wrists. For leggings, he chose to wear a tight fitting pair of black trousers which seemed to shrink around his ankles. It wasn't befitting of him. Like a normal prisoner, he should be wearing ragged, dirty, worn and bile-infused prisoner costumes to remind him of the person that he is.

    Falteer was startled by a familiar face, Nilak's, whom had already began speaking before he could realise he was there. Falteer eagerly jumped to his feet and quickly lowered his head in his presence, before raising it again, to greet him with a friendly smile.

    “Thank you sir, it is always a pleasure to have you spectate one of my fights. No Nilak, I'm quite okay, I had to wrestle with a Tamba today...a most hideous creature, so I believe what minor wounds I have had are healed.” Falteer approached his mentor and began to speak off of subject, without him even realising, it always had seemed to happen when he was with Nilak, he talked a load of nonsense.

    “I met somebody today, I couldn't get his name, but I felt I recognised him from somewhere before. He was pretty short, geeky and wore glasses, an elf, I saved him from the Tamba my mas-- Slave driver ordered me to kill.”

    “How are you feeling tonight anyway Nilak? I have noticed you have been...out of place recently. Balthazar talked to me today, for the first time. He expressed concern that we would be...leaving for some place tonight. Why was I not consulted about this my friend?.”

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    Kinrai was fully absorbed with all the festivities, so much that he completely forgot the existance of Issat, his fairy. Not that she minded because she was nowhere near Kinrai, in fact she was flying around the parade like many other fairies. The fairies themselves created a fantastic light show above the parade. The moons had turned into diamonds and shot their rays into Amn, a moon elf had been born only moments ago. However, the festival was only advancing into the next part: the Moonlight show.

    The Moonlight show had always been the second part of the Moon Day festival. The whole city was dimmed so much that you couldn't even see the person next to you. This allowed the magicians to absorb the moonlight and then write it into the air, the text was blue with a strong glow as if it was a neon light. This was commonly used to express one's love to one another but it was also used to entertain everyone. Once the love expressions had been over and done with, the magicians started telling wonderous tales about the most mystical of places.

    As they advanced in their tales, they also drew pictures into the air which somehow related to the story they were telling.
    The children always loved the Moonlight shows and most of the adults did too because telling tales was the favorite past time of everyone in Amn. The Moonlight show was rarely used anywhere else but in Nayru.

    Kinrai was still ”grooving” even though the parade had already ended. This is why he bumped into someone, more specifically a moon elf who he had seen in the library. Kinrai himself didn't know this because it was pitch-black but he was still quick to apologize.

    Kinrai: ”Ah! Sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you! .. Uh.. Am I even talking to the right direction?”
    Weird One: ”You might be, if you want that I want that you know what I want, y'know.”
    Kinrai: ”W-what.. ?”
    Weird One: ”I like to eat pottypie Mister Bellyache.”
    Kinrai: ”???”
    Weird One: ”I am no longer here.”

    Kinrai had no idea what was going on but apparently the guy he had been talking to just left. The first story was about to end and the second begin. Kinrai calmed down and started listening to it more carefully. It was pretty easy since the only thing you could see well were the pictures drawn in the air. Issat couldn't locate Kinrai so she just flew over to some house's roof and watched the Moonlight show from there.

    Transition to Nilak

    Falteer was, as always, well mannered towards his teacher. This was one of Falteer's best qualities aside from his swordplay. Falteer lowered his head slightly and explained what he had gone through today. Nilak had a slight smirk on his face as he listened to Falteer.

    Nilak: ”Ah, as well mannered as always. You fought a Tamba? Well it must've served as a good warm-up for today's match, hmm? Haha!”

    Next up Falteer mentioned a young elf he had saved earlier. Nilak had a few elves by Falteer's description in his head.

    Nilak: ”Short, geeky and wears glasses.. ? It could be Balthazar's little friend. That would be Inpa however I'm not sure why Inpa would go even near a Tamba's lair. Hmm.. that Slave driver, he still keeps you in a tight leash Falteer?”

    Then the same question popped up which Balthazar had also asked earlier. It was bound to come sooner or later and now was the time to inform Falteer of it.

    Nilak: ”He did? I can imagine so. He must still be quite confused. Yes, we are leaving tonight if you're willing”.
    Nilak kept a brief pause before continuing, the things he was about to say weren't something which just rolled of your tongue.
    ”What we are about to do is something that will change our lives.. permanently. After the arena fight, we will head to Valham's nest and shatter the wind dragon's soul crystal. We will destroy every soul crystal left on Amn. If you're looking for a reason, like Balthazar, I am afraid I can not tell you. Not yet. All I can ask is that you place your trust in me. I apologize for not telling you this earlier.. I was still hesitating till today.”

    It was silent for a moment.. then Nilak continued.

    Nilak: ”Before you give your answer, think hard about it. You have until the arena fight is over. I believe you will make the right decision Falteer. Know that we will have no allies in this world, it will just be the three of us. Well! It's time to gear up, our match is starting.”

    Nilak strolled over to the armor stand and put on his dark purple vest and flexible pants. He tied his hair into a ponytail in order to keep it out of the way and walked out into the arena. A soundproof bubble had been formed over the colosseum so that the crowd's cheering wouldn't disturb the story-telling. Immediately as Nilak walked out, the crowd jumped out of their seats and started cheering as hard as they could. Falteer came right after Nilak and he also received a warm welcome so to speak.

    Announcer: ”Gentleman! Are you ready for tonight's blood filled fight?! This is what you are here for! Nilak and Falteer, the elven hero and the arena champion fight against the evil, twisted Tainted who we've captured! Tonight, there will be a 20-versus-2 fight! The Tainted are no farmers this time, they are real bandits who know their way with a blade! Good luck combatants! Have fun and let the crowd enjoy it too!”

    Nilak: ”Watch out Falteer.. these bandits are familiar with each other. They're used to fighting in a group, they will be using actual tactics against us. We have to reduce their numbers fast or separate them. Once their numbers are reduced, we can just finish them off with a strong blast. Your Magic Art will do wonders here.”

    With that short strategic speech, Nilak dashed towards the bandits. Before the bandits were able to react, one of their members was already hanging on a wall, skewered by a spear. The spear soon dissolved and formed back into Nilak's hand. He had just used the incredible speed the wind element can give and one of his Magic Art weapons: Kudoroi. Kudoroi is an ice spear which can freeze the enemy.
    Nilak had no time to waste since the bandits already formed up into a triangle and rushed towards him.

    Nilak: ”Tch. That formation has to be shattered..”
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    // Falteer with Nilak //

    What Nilak had explained startled Falteer to the very core. Is this the real side of Nilak?. Falteer always pictured Nilak as a noble and good character, a person full of good intent and whom strived for the betterment of Amn. Falteer disregarded everything that Nilak had said up until this point in the conversation, all he was focused on was the objective that Nilak has now bestowed upon him, without the decency to explain the goal behind achieving such a devestation.

    Now he knew why Balthazar was concerned. This is the most outrageous stunt that Nilak has requested of his apprentices.

    Alas, Falteer trusted Nilak with his life, and if he were not to trust him now, he would be contradicting the words he spoke with such ease to Balthazar earlier.

    “What can be achieved through such travesty Nilak?, I trust you but this is too much...” but Nilak had already left leaving Falteer to argue with his morality. Falteer began to ponder on the details of what he had just been told.

    To take Valham's soul crystal? Is Nilak mad? Even if Nilak's reasons are justified with a cause, how the hell are Nilak, Balthazar supposed to fight dragons?! It is a suicide mission. Does Nilak really have no disregard for both mine and Balthazar's lives? Willing to commit us to death with not so much as a shred of care if we should perish?

    This is too much...

    Falteer shook out of his thoughts and returned to reality, noticing it was time for the next fight with Nilak. Falteer went to the armoury, as he would usually do, and equipped his armour and weapons, with no help from Jovan this time because he had him to fight along side.

    Nilak performed a prayer before making his way into the Colosseum pit, guidance from Valham, and the rest of the dragons of Amn.

    “Valham our protector,
    hallowed be thy name,
    give me this day your strength and courage,
    and deliver me from great difficulty,
    to rejoice in your arms as one of your children,
    and to please you lord, our grace,
    as I make a choice today that will change the fate of Amn forever.
    Shii'Ka Lai.”

    Falteer finally walked into the pits just as the announcer called his name, and took side beside his comrade, Nilak. He listened carefully to Nilak's strategic speech, this is what Falteer had always admired about Nilak, his confidence and battle-readiness, he had not seen anything like it before.

    “2 versus 20? Aren't we just a little bit under a disadvantage?”

    Like always, Nilak would lead the battle, quickly dashing towards the enemy tainted bandits, instantaneously impaling one to a wall with his impressive combatant skills. Falteer would proceed to follow, breaking off to the right allowing Nilak to take the bandits formation from the front, allowing Falteer to flank them using his magic art.

    He skidded to a stop, straight across from the tainted, and placed both of his palms to the ground. It was Falteer's chance now, to shake the ranks, and manipulate the metal in Amn's ground below try one of his newest techniques...

    “Nilak! Avert your eyes!”

    Falteer muttered a few elven words under his breath, and followed by a few moments of concentration, the traces of metal underneath his feet began to twist and warp. Electricity was surging through the metal in the earth, which acted like a conductor for his power.

    Falteer's power then surfaced from the ground, quickly ensnaring his opponents in place, followed by a quick unyielding flash of bright light which blinded the tainted, allowing Nilak a few seconds to shorten the ranks, but a few seconds was all that Nilak needed. The perfect combination which matched both Falteer's and Nilak's fighting style, this gave reason as to why they were a force to be reckoned with.

    “Nilak! Now is your chance!.”
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    In the past

    Nilak was training Kinrai among the treetops of Auburn. It was an excellent place to work your stamina and speed. Kinrai was instructed to catch a simple light blue pearl, the same one which was usually used in the last event of a Moon Day. The pearl was fast and it hovered above ground, couple that with the intensity of branches and overall visibility in the forest, and you got yourself a real challenge. It has been 3 hours since they started and Kinrai hasn't even slightly touched the pearl yet.

    Nilak: ”Come now Kinrai, you aren't even trying! You have to work harder with that speed of yours.”
    Kinrai: *Pant* *pant* ”S-.. surely you jest? You can't expect me to keep up with this thing, not here!”
    Nilak: ”What were you expecting Kinrai? That we drink tea and have light-hearted discussions about life? I am training you!”
    Kinrai: ”I know that! But this is just too hard!”
    Nilak: ”You are going through the same training both Balthazar and Falteer went through. Not once did they question me or complain about the difficulty of this trial. This is your fifth time complaining today.. ” *Sigh*
    Kinrai: ”B-but those guys.. they aren't normal elves like me! They are more like you! Born fighters!”
    Nilak: ”Kinrai.. you aren't born as a fighter. You become one. Keep this in mind, and will you finally at least try to catch the pearl?”
    Kinrai: ”Gah! *(%&=@!”
    Issat: ”Such language! Please calm yourself master!”

    Nilak laughed and then smacked Kinrai in the head. That was the punishment he got from cursing in front of Nilak.


    In the present

    Announcer: ”Oh boy! Did you see that?! Only seconds have passed from the beginning of the fight and already these two are dominating the battle! OHH! That is just nasty! Wait! Here comes Falteer! What is he going to do? This might be something we've never seen before!”

    Falteer: ”Nilak! Avert your eyes!”
    Nilak: ”?!”

    Nilak quickly looked away as Falteer was just about to unleash a new power of his. This was something even Nilak hadn't seen before, he was excited about the outcome of this skill. Soon a bright flash blinded the crowd and the bandits, leaving them complete vulnerable for Nilak's attacks. There wasn't a moment to lose, the bandits would quickly regain their sight. Falteer shouted for Nilak to act now which he exactly did. He switched his weapon into something more suitable for air combat: Aeoles, a double-edged wind spear.

    With Aeoles he summoned a massive whirlwind underneath the bandits which caused them to be launched right up in air. The whirlwind scattered the bandits so that they weren't bundled up in the air. However there were still at least 15 bandits alive and Nilak wasn't fast enough to go through them all in mid-air. That's where Falteer would come into play too.

    Announcer: ”WOW! There it is! The infamous whirlwind Nilak uses! Just look at that beauty! These Tainted are as good as dead!”
    Nilak: ”Falteer! Use this!”

    Nilak formed a sphere of ice and a sphere of wind in both his hands. He then combined the spheres (with wind as the dominant element) and summoned Elfaan. Elfaan is a small cloud which latches into it's target and gives them the ability of flight. Elfaan would enable Falteer to fly and attack the bandits with Nilak. After that Nilak shot right up in air and dashed into the middle of the whirlwind where all the bandits were. He slashed the bandits as many times as he could and exited the whirlwind only to lunge in there again shortly after, repeating the process.

    Nilak: ”We'll halve their numbers now and the stragglers will be easy to deal with afterwards!”

    – After the whirlwind settles down and both Nilak and Falteer land back on ground --

    Announcer: ”CAN YOU SEE THAT?! This is exactly why I love these nightly arena battles! And to spice things up a little.. Please welcome this little baby! Go get them heroes!”

    One of the gates opened in the arena and a towering giant emerged from the depths. The beast bore only one eye but had plenty of armor and an enormous hammer to compensate it. It was a cyclops, a feared beast which could tear apart a small village if it so wished. Their inhuman strength enabled them to smash boulders and throw them with ease. The cyclops were mostly found in Onomu, it was surprising how one had ended up here.. and worst yet, armed and alive.

    Announcer: ”Now THAT'S what I call a beast! Hyea-haha!”
    Nilak: ”What.. ? A cyclops?! What are they thinking? They are putting the crowd in danger too!!
    Falteer! Our primary target has changed! We have to deal with the bandits la- Ugh!”

    A bandit just leaped at Nilak who blocked the attack just in time. He kicked the bandit swiftly and used Aeoles to throw him in air. While the bandit was in air, Nilak formed an ice missile and threw it right at the bandit. The missile impaled the bandit, killing him instantly. The cyclops was already rushing towards the two of them while swinging it's hammer as if charging it.
    There was no time to make a plan, Nilak and Falteer were on their own now.

    Nilak: ”.. Let's do what we do best, Falteer! We have to make sure the cyclops doesn't harm the crowd!”

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    It seemed Nilak hadn't told Falteer what they were about to do today. However Falteer had also noticed Nilak's odd behaviour, in which Balthazar felt slightly relieved. So he wasn't the only one. Earlier today Nilak had approached Balthazar and told him of his plans for tonight. It came as a great shock which forced Balthazar to rethink his view on Nilak. Falteer inquired Balthazar of their destination tonight, but Balthazar did not answer.

    ”I can not tell you. I'm sorry, it's not in my place to tell you where we are headed. Nilak most likely wants to tell it to you himself.”

    Just as Balthazar started turning towards the door, Falteer told of his unwavering trust towards Nilak. He also expressed his.. tenseness which spurred from Balthazar. Falteer had hit the spot, Balthazar felt very uncomfortable about the situation. There was still uncertainty weighing his heart at the moment. He was trying to figure out a reason since Nilak did not tell him it. The fact that Nilak kept his ”cherished” pupils in dark worried Balthazar, it had not happened ever before.

    ”I do not question Nilak either.. ”. Balthazar cut his speech at that point, perhaps he wasn't sure of what to believe at the moment.
    ”In any case, good luck on tonight's match Falteer. I'll be watching.”


    During the Moonlight show

    Balthazar just arrived into the crowd to see both Nilak and Falteer fighting against the bandits. It was a rather one-sided battle, the two made short work of the bandits. People in the crowd kept cheering like crazy and demanded more blood. One particular guy got way too excited for his own good, he was starting to become a threat to others. Sadly for this fellow that Balthazar happened to be sitting right next to him. Just as the guy was about to jump up and hit someone, Balthazar knocked him unconscious with a single well-placed hit in the neck.

    ”Calm down.”

    Almost right after that Nilak summoned a whirlwind to demolish the bandits. He started sweeping through the bandits like hay. Soon after the announcer declared a new combatant who would arrive into the arena. It was an enormous giant, a cyclops, armored to teeth while wielding a huge hammer. Balthazar glanced towards Nilak who didn't seem least bit entertained of this new opponent. Rumor has it that the cyclops are powerful enough to break through a wall with their bare fists. That meant that if the cyclops felt like it, it could certainly attack the crowd and even the announcer.

    Unfortunately that was exactly what happened. For some reason the cyclops turned its focus on the crowd almost immediately. At first the crowd got excited but soon it became like a chorus of the desperate. Nilak and Falteer were surrounded with the remaining bandits so Balthazar had to step in. The cyclops grabbed a large piece of earth, mostly of rock, and threw it right at the crowd. Balthazar had to act quickly or the crowd was doomed. He created a layer of stone around his arms so that they could withstand a heavy blow. Then he jumped up and launched himself right at the incoming piece of earth.


    A loud crashing noise bursted out into the air when Balthazar's fist made contact with the piece of earth. The piece shattered into smaller ones which were still directed towards the crowd. Acting quickly while in the air, Balthazar kicked the pieces of rubble near him at the ones flying towards the crowd. When the pieces of rock collided, their direction also averted from the crowd. At least the crowd was safe for now. Balthazar landed on the arena, not far from the enraged cyclops. He slowly turned his head at the cyclops and took out his katanas.

    ”.. Come on, let's play.”

    The cyclops roared and immediately swinged its hammer at Balthazar. He was able to dodge the strike but when the hammer hit the earth, the afterblow shook the ground violently. This caused Balthazar to lose his foot momentarily, but he still was able to quickly lunge at the giant's kneecap and make a crushing blow to it. Sadly the blow only managed to loosen the armor slightly on the giant's leg. Balthazar turned around and saw how the cyclops was already rushing right at him, it really wanted to play with Balthazar.

    Balthazar was only trying to buy time for Nilak and Falteer to finish up with the bandits.


    Inpa was completely absorbed by the parade and by the time it finally ended, Inpa was still jumping all over the place. That's how he eventually got a few hits on his head because of angry adults who he knocked over. The Moonlight show just started and that's why Inpa took off his glorious mask. There was also a pink mask hanging from the side of his belt. Inpa looked over towards the colosseum and he saw the bubble which had formed on top of it. The night fights had just started probably, or that's what he thought.
    As the story-telling started, Inpa sat down and started listening intently. The stories were always amazing and simply full of fantasy.
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    Vita was filled with distraught, her heart pumping with such vigor; it might as well burst any moment. She was conflicting with her beliefs and her immeasurable relationship with Oren. Perhaps that was where the solution resided, buried deep within her complex feelings. She didn't want to leave remnants of herself behind, yet she already did so. She didn't want to lose anything or anyone, yet she would lose everything and everyone. What a cruel predicament, to be born from rejecting all ties with the world, yet upon existing, to find yourself attached to all that is around you. It was laughable. All this time, Vita thought she was fleeing from the world she was thrown into, and it took one word to discover she couldn't run: friend. Was she really so blind? And now that she could clearly see that which had been invisible before, Vita found she was incapable of staring Oren in the eyes. When she did dare to peek from the sheets of silver clouding her vision, Oren had darted elsewhere, out of sight.

    "Oh dear, I've hurt you greatly, haven't I?" Lifting her head a bit higher as she faced the direction of the question, Vita found Amelia staring with perplexity upon her face. It was as if she had just read Vita's heart and was debating with herself as to how she would correct whatever disturbed Vita. Finally, her lips cracked with a smile, then a light laugh, at which she gathered her arms behind her, straightening her back in the process. The whole transformation was startling, for Amelia took the role of a concerned mother who had just produced the medicine that would take away all uneasiness. She also commanded respect, placing Vita in the role of a small child that needed proper guidance.

    "Now, listen hear, child." Even her words had changed, becoming both bubbly and firm. "We both have fallen flat on our faces, and as such, I have risen first to offer you my hand. My greatest regret is that I should have caught you before falling, instead of tumbling along-side you." When she knew she had completely lost Vita, Amelia jumped a bit, cleared a throat, and began again. "What I mean is that I was born before you, as a mother, and I have even given birth. I should know more than anyone else how terribly sad it must be to wake up and find yourself utterly alone. Nevertheless, I tried to avoid my son through doubts and other petty qualms. As such, I unknowingly pushed my concerns onto you, and here we are, hiding from our loved ones, instead of embracing them and sharing our true feelings with them."

    "I do not know the reason you are hiding from Oren, but he is more than your friend: he is your family. You do not have to be tied through blood and marriage to create a family; your family is always by your side, even when you think you are alone. Even after death--"

    "Oren will not remember me after death!" Vita's impenetrable mask began to crack, giving way to a stream of tears. She believed most of what Amelia told her, finally appreciating her precious life as a gem surrounded by a sea of darkness. Even so, she knew she would eventually have to return to her origins.

    "You and I are different. How can I be a mother when I had no mother myself? How can I expand upon a family that doesn't exist? I am not a goddess. I was born from nothingness, and shall return to nothingness. What right do I have, then, to leave behind remnants in a world that is like a dream? Life gave me meaning, but death will erase all that I am. Besides, once I disappear, Oren will find another...master."

    Speechless, Amelia kept her mouth agape, wanting to comfort Vita, but unable to find the right words. All means of communicating was lost, which caused Vita's heart to erupt in even more turmoil, banging against her fragile chest as if seeking freedom from its tormentor. The whole effect made Vita jittery. She just wanted to flee, to keep pounding her feet against the ground until they became sore from blisters and literally sent her crashing downward onto her face. Instead, her leg jerked backwards, and her shoulders jammed into someone's back. Instinctively preparing to apologize, Vita for the first time noticed that all the dazzling lights from the parade and other activities were more or less extinguished. To make matters worse -- for apologizing, that is -- whoever she had collided into was no longer beside her.

    "How strange..." was her only comment on the short scenario before she found enough courage to continue with Amelia. "Please forgive me if I sounded rude, but I honestly cannot imagine settling down and being surrounded by loved ones. I am fine with chance encounters and contracted relationships, but...I can only relate to Pent, Ura, and Satir. I simply have a heart, is all."

    "You notice how the three moons take the guise of crystallized spectacles on Moon Day? That is how I see my life. Pent, Ura, and Satir have existed all this time, but only on Moon Day do they take a different shape. Do you understand? My theory is that I'm in a temporary form, and when my time is up, I'll--"

    That's when Vita finally noticed it: the aftermaths of the beam that gave birth to moon elves. Lingering in the sky were faint traces of light that combined into a majestic glow. Although the day of her birth was mostly a blur, the sensation she felt as she locked her eyes upon the sky was always the same on every Moon Day. There was another element to creating moon elves that also made Vita nostalgic, and it resided in the moons themselves. If you looked closely, just before the moons melted away their florescent costumes, you could see refracted light within them. Somewhere, enclosed within Nayru, was a moon elf wondering about the city. This could be her chance to confirm her qualms, or get a new outlook on being a moon elf.

    "My, if my assumption is right, I would say a moon elf was born not too long ago." Amelia nodded her head, acting as if she was talking to herself, but her tone indicating her comments were aimed at Vita. "If I was a lost moon elf, I would be delighted to meet another moon elf like myself. Yes, I wouldn't want another second of loneliness and shock to pass..."

    "Amelia, are you fine with me departing before meeting your family?"

    "I wouldn't keep you from living your life if you wish to follow what is important to you. Besides, Oren will keep me company."

    "I thank you kindly! Truly, I am filled with gratitude."

    "Yes, yes. Now, hurry, before you miss your chance!"

    Thanking Amelia one last time, Vita darted in the direction of where she assumed the moon elf would be waiting, but her goal wasn't so easy to complete. Not only did darkness of night make it hard to distinguish buildings, but swarms of families and friends enjoying the Moonlight show created impenetrable walls every now and then. At one point, Vita had to confirm if she was on the right path, at which she discovered she was heading away from her destination. Then there were times when she to wade with the tide of people, causing her to drift away. Time was also against her, for with every passing second, the remains of the light she was following dissipated from sight. Unable to fathom what she would do if she lost all traces to the moon elf, Vita scurried around and, with an apologetic glance to compensate for her actions, into people. The countdown came to an end just as Vita scrambled a few feet in front of the residential area and the colosseum in full view. Although she couldn't comprehend why a moon elf that was just born would enter the colosseum, it seemed like the most logical place to find him. After all, he wouldn't have a home that welcomed him.

    After investigating the surroundings of the colosseum, Vita finally found the moon elf. He was resting on top of someone's roof, focusing on the fight. Hurrying over to greet him, Vita prepared to shout to get his attention, but his...unique attire distracted her. The main feature of his outfit was a light blue fabric stretching from his shoulders all the way to his toes, held only by a golden button. It branched into kimono sleeves, which reflected the overall design: vivid firework prints with thick, black lines dividing them in a spiral effect. A jacket that looked as if it had been dipped in honey concealed only his shoulders, for the sleeves had been literally ripped off. Underneath the kimono coat is a dark purple vest with fancy, black buttons; it stops at around his upper torso, leaving his slim, athletic, lower torso bare. As if to blend into the background of his interesting taste in fashion, light tan trousers that gathered around his ankles was all that "decorated" his legs, leading into sandals with light blue straps and a black base.

    He must have sensed Vita gawking at him, for his eyebrows were furrowed and he glared at her. Then a staring contest ensued, broken by a sudden jerk of the head on his part. The silver strands he desperately tried to keep out of his eyes merely tumbled forward, sweeping his nose and cheeks. Somehow, dust must have collected around him, for he began sneezing so rapidly, each sneeze sounded like it echoed the previous one. When he managed to control his sneezing by clasping his hands over his mouth, Vita and several other onlookers couldn't help but laugh. His response? A bout of laughter on his part as well. His presence was calming, as if he knew how to read the situation and act the part. No doubt, he would be the life of the party, keeping even the most insecure guest entertained. Such people are dangerous.

    "Hey, miss, do you want to know which side is winning, or have you fallen for me?" The moon elf was teasing Vita, winking at her and motioning for her to join him. "Falteer and Nilak are amazing. They work so well together!"

    Taking her time to scale the house -- she didn't feel like getting scolded by the owners -- Vita peered into the arena, at which her heart skipped a beat. Looming with a colossal height and brutal strength that made ants out of those scattered around it was a Cyclops, a reddened eye from squirming, pulsating veins lodged into its head. The hammer in its hands could probably smash heads like oranges, and it didn't matter whose head would become the next victim. Oddly, her new companion didn't seem at all worried, and for just a second, his eyes flickered towards the audience, a smirk on his face. Suddenly, a boulder of a rock was lifted into the air by the Cyclops who, after stomping his right foot onto the ground for better balance, grew bored of his true opponents and made "friends" with the audience. Unfortunately, his method of playing was like a bear: one-sided and sucked the life right out of you.

    "You...did you know the audience would become the target of aggression by that Cyclops?! Please, answer me truthfully!"

    "You? My name is Elrik, and I'd rather not share my knowledge with people I don't know well." Again, every word and expression was taunting.

    "I call myself Vita Vero--"

    "Wow, you actually established a surname as well?" For a moment, Elrik seemed genuinely surprised, but the smile that followed proved he was stalling.

    "Elrik, if you knew lives would be threatened by death, why didn't you act? The barrier protecting them--"

    "Look! That's why."

    Rocketing with as much speed as the cruel rock was either a foolish or powerful elf from amidst the crowd. Even though Vita could hardly make out his features, he was definitely male and a dark elf. All the rumors that Vita heard about the combative prowess of a dark elf didn't amount to the courage and reflexive instincts of the individual who saved countless lives without any delay. What did the announcer think about the interference, then? He, of course, was both cowardly backing away from the attacks and improvising the new addition into the battle. Those who remained seated or returned to their seats at first had mixed feelings, all based on how the level of entertainment would be affected. Then, when the dark elf directly challenged the Cyclops, the majority of the audience cheered him and the other two on.

    "Falteer, Nilak, and now Balthazar. I heard they had strong connections to one another, but who would have guessed they would be fighting together? I think it's wonderful. The stronger your interaction with someone is, the more likely you'll encounter them later in life."

    "You do not have doubts about the impression you etch onto someone's heart?"

    "Why? Because I'm a moon elf?" Elrik chuckled to himself, but when he realized Vita didn't join in, he scratched his head and replied: "We are born free, as elves with hearts, so why not shape a legacy that no one else can follow?"

    Hoping to support his idea, Elrik tapped the birthmark on his left cheek. It was a snowflake that sparkled with as many colors as a rainbow. Beneath it was a glittering trail of broken lines that reached further than his neck without passing the length of his vest. "Did you know? Every snowflake is unique. Not one snowflake resembles another, and yet, to the naked eye, they all look the same. They also don't have names, and once they hit the ground or some other thing, they either melt away or merge with other snowflakes. Still, they can make an impression on someone's heart, and that's not a bad thing. Oh yeah! My birthmark also stops where my heart is, which is how I got the idea about snowflakes and moon elves! What do you think?"

    "I...I think you know more about this world than I do, despite having just been born." Finally, the anarchy within Vita's heart was ebbing away.

    Nurarihyon no Mago!
    Inpa: "...I got your mask already, look! Isn't it pretty?”
    Balthazar: ”Urgh.. !! It's pink..”
    Inpa: ”Oh please, it's called being metrosexual!..."
    -- farag0n; Tales of Amn

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    The feast outside started to go all out now the moons came closer to alignment. Soon the jugglers would perform their most skilled tricks, the dancers would dance the wildest and the fireworks would be the brightest. This all to honor the moons and in some sense also the newborn Moon Elf. The sound of laughing and talking people entered the little shop and the ears from the people inside. Vice stretched, swayed irritated with her now long hair and made a few moves with her fingers to create a piece of rope from a small line of her sleeve, to tie her hair up in a high ponytail.

    ‘Well let’s get to work than, shall we.’ She said as she unclipped the cloak from her back and spread it out over the counter. The only empty space in the store.

    No, no, no. This shop is closed. I need to go you know, to my wife and kids. They are waiting for me– Is that… ?’ Erak’s eyes almost turned into rupees as Vice casted ‘Summoning from the Abyss’ aside.

    Vice shot him a sideways glace. ‘Nah it’s a fake, obviously.’ She said gesturing to the book and seeing with some sort of content Erak’s eyes slightly dim. The dwarf licked his lips and he let his hand run over his beard.

    ‘Still a book as that. I could get at least four red rupees for that, maybe five or even six if I made it-’

    ‘Ditch it. It’s mine, obviously.’ Vice said. She pulled the cloak straight and looked over to Askari and held her hand up.

    ‘Neh Vice, can’t we do this tomorrow? I really want to go out and see Moon Day in Monark.’ Askari said fumbling with his own cloak.

    ‘Yes, get-’

    ‘As,’ Vice sighed, ignoring Erak, ‘this is the moment to do it. All those people,’ she gestured to the right were the outskirts of Monark lay, ‘are here.’ She moved her hands to point to the plaza outside. ‘And if they are here, than we can just walk around there.’ She punctuated ‘there’ as she gestured again to the outskirts.

    But... Well, you know, I’ve really been looking forward to this.’ Askari mumbled disappointed.

    ‘Could you sto-’

    ‘As, there will be lots of Moon Days. We won’t be finished so soon so we can always go another time.’


    ‘We could also do this another time than, not? If – If there are so many Moon Days to come…’ Askari looked up to Vice, who realized just too late that she had fallen into her own trap. She ran her hand through her hair and bit on her lip before smiling.

    ‘…’ She was silent for a moment. ‘Fine, you win.’ She grumbled then to an extremely happy looking Askari, who not only grinned because they would go to the feast, but also because he had won an argument from Vice which was something that did not occur often. His smile died down slightly though as he saw Vice’s flickering eyes.

    ‘Fine, fine,’ Vice repeated, ‘but then you have to wear –‘

    ‘Just what are you two talking about?!’ Erak finally managed to interrupt. The dwarf was almost steaming. He didn’t like it when people spoke of something he didn’t comprehend and hated it even more if they took away his precious time with the talking. He was a busy man, as he considered himself, who hadn’t time for chitchat. Vice and her friend had taken enough of his time today with things he didn’t know about. ‘You own me an explanation Vice.’ He huffed. ‘You come here; barging around like you haven’t been away, like everything was like it was fifty years ago. Well things aren’t the same! We have moved on. I demand an explanation!’

    Vice rose and looked to the exceptional irritated dwarf. When he ended his little speech she stayed silent for a few seconds. ‘Finished?’ She asked when there came no more words.

    The tension in the room rose and Askari’s ears moved around restlessly. He looked from Vice to Erak. The little dark elf seemed awfully big in comparison to the dwarf and not only because she was a head taller. Somehow her posture made her look bigger too as her red eyes looked merciless down in the brown one’s from the dwarf. Vice didn’t like to be ordered around by someone Askari knew. He didn’t know everything about her past, but enough to know this little fact. (Also because he had experienced it himself a few times, but he didn’t want to remind himself of that).

    Erak knew it too, but his frustration got the upper hand. ‘Not by long, but you can start by answering this.’ He snarled.

    Vice seemed to consider this and the shop fell silent. Sounds from outside suddenly seemed to turn louder and Askari shot a glance outside through the only window that was in the room. People were passing by dancing and singing as they went. When Askari made a soft longing sound Vice seemed to decide on something.

    ‘Fine,’ she said for the fourth time today which was awfully much for her, ‘but those fifty rupees will be let off.’

    Erak pondered for a moment. You never knew if that what Vice told you was the whole truth, but then again she didn’t lie either so there must be some sort of truth in her words. Next to that he couldn’t just live with not knowing. Yet fifty rupees gone was dreadfully much. ‘Deal.’ He spoke though and he stuck out his hand, the palm of his hand raised to the ceiling. Vice responded to this with placing her hand on his palm and turning her hand together with the dwarf’s around so that her palm was now pointing upwards. It was an ancient bargain symbol that was often used on markets.

    Immediately after the move Vice let go of Erak’s hand and turned to the counter where her cloak was still spread out. Slowly she pulled of her gloves and placed them next to the cloak. She placed her hands against each other and closed her eyes for a moment, than at blinding speed her fingers started to move. They tapped symbols on other fingers activating them on touch, turning them blue, and deactivating them again until suddenly Vice smashed her hands together and placed them on the left site of the cloak. Erak bowed towards the cloak not sure what to expect.

    Under Vice’s hands the cloak started to deform; the color drained away leaving a blank piece of cloth. First it seemed that that was it and Erak was just about to look up again to ask Vice what this was all about when lines started to appear on the blank piece of cloak. The lines seemed to be random at first, springing from Vice fingers. She removed her hands and pulled her gloves back on as the lines spread further. They swarmed out over the blank piece, which also seemed to expand more so that in the end the whole cloak was blank. The lines twisted and curled, going from thick to thin and thinner until the whole cloak was covered in lines.

    Erak bowed forwards, his mouth agape. ‘This – This is – This–’

    Vice straightened and looked down to the table. ‘A map, yes.’

    ‘But – But this is – I mean – A map of – How?’

    ‘I hope you are aware of the fact that you are not making any sense? It is a map, yes, a map of the western part of Amn. If you want to see that eastern part you have to be by my friend.’ She nudged towards Askari with her head.

    ‘But a map of whole Amn… How is that even possible? It would take years to map this down.’

    ‘Decades.’ Vice corrected the dwarf. ‘My father started this when he was young and it has taken him years to map down Naiyru. After that he started traveling the world in order to map it down completely. Yet he died long before he could complete his life work…’

    ‘I’m sorry.’ Erak muttered under his breath as he continued looking to the map. He moved his head closer towards Monark and narrowed his eyes. Although Monark took in more space than other cities on the map it was still too small to see anything clearly.

    ‘Oh come on. You can’t see anything like that.’ Vice commented as if she had guessed the dwarf’s thoughts. She placed the fingers of her right hand on Monark closed together. Then she moved her fingers away from each other, opening her hand and agape Erak looked how the lines unattached and swirled over the cloak again as if searching for a new place. Was it still a cloak actually, the dwarf wondered suddenly? Careful Erak touched the map realizing that the cloth had turned into think paper. When he looked back to the map itself he found himself eye to eye with a complete map of Monark just lying before him.

    ‘How – Just now – This – ’

    ‘You are starting to stutter again.’ Vice commented dryly. ‘What did you think? That an overall view was the best thing my father could do? No way, he invented this system that could zoom in and get as detailed as possible. Okay we can’t look inside people’s houses, but that is just rude. But mapping down little streets is no problem, which is why we should do it. Cities change, villages grow. Even with a completely mapped out Monark I still have to return here for the changes that this city went through. Well enough sightseeing.’ She made some moves with her fingers and placed them on the map. Within a minute the whole map had turned back into a cloak and Vice swung it over her shoulder.

    ‘Well let’s go, to that party then shall we?’ She turned to Askari and walked over to the door.

    ‘Wait!’ Erak called still looking down to the counter where just a moment ago the map had been displayed.

    ‘What now? I told you want you wanted to know, so I’m not obligated to answer again.’

    The dwarf looked up and stared to Vice’s back. ‘What are you doing here? I mean why drop by after fifty years? You said it yourself, cities change within a year. What took you so long? What is the reason for your return?’

    Vice turned. There was a short silence before she said: ‘There are some places that even I can’t reach. Still, they belong to Amn and so they belong on this map,’ She opened the door, ‘and I will find out how to get there!’

    A man said to the universe:
    "Sir I exist."
    "However," replied the universe,
    "this hasn't created in me
    a sense of obligation."

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    With a jerk Andrim woke up and fell from the chair as the library was illuminated by a flash of light from the fireworks outside accompanied by an explosion of sound. Making sure there was nobody around to have seen his ungraceful act he dusted himself of, embarrassingly aware of just how glad he was that Direya wasn’t there right now.

    Going over to one of the windows he watched the mass of people down there celebrating the moon festival, the sound of shouts and laughter drifting upwards with the occasional flash of light and sound from the fireworks being sent up. The moon festival was the day to let out all the energy and impulses that ordinary days would be shunned and despised, even crime was possible for who could ever find the perpetrator from such a mass of people? Then again he reflected as the coliseum with its circle of light above ,signifying that the night battles had started caught his view, murder was apparently allowed as long enough people watched and paid for it. No longer feeling the joy of watching the festival unfold he left the window and walked downs the stairs, exiting the library only to after only a short walk be grapped by random passerby’s and pushed in into the crowd that made the moon festival and carried away by the flood of people. Trying in vain to get out of this stream just got him pushed further and further in, he was as much able to willingly change his course as a ship without a steer wheel. It was as he was trapped in a mad monster carnival, no matter where he looked there was masks in different images meeting his eyes not a single natural one. One gigantic mask in particular riled him up, covererd in red feathers and painted in gold, silver and pink made him wonder how someone could seriously wear something that gaudy.

    Realizing though that compared to that mask he being maskless made him him stick out like a sore thumb made him attempt at another fruitless escape attempt out from the crowd. Giving up Andrim let himself be swept away. At last there came a small opening which he managed to squeeze through, almost throwing himself out of the crowd. Quickly making some distance before being swept away again he looked back, no matter how many times he experienced it the futility one’s own will had when caught always amazed him.

    Screams echoing in the night made him drop his fascination of the crowd and face not just one but several people running from the direction of the coliseum. Grabbing a man at random who was obviously panicked as he tried to break free, pushing him against the wall and holding him against the wall made him unable to escape “calm down, what’s going on, why are everybody running?
    The coliseum, they let out a cyclop! It’s going berserk attacking the audience!”

    Swearing in his mind he let go of the man and rushed to the coliseum, who in their right minds would unleash such a beast?
    Upon reaching the coliseum those who decided to run had done so while the rest were eagerly awaiting the battle between the cyclop, who had allowed this, Cyclops were known to throw their own rock skin at foes, the audience had been in danger the moment it sets its foot inside, trying to discern the elves down there he recognized Nilak and from the descriptions he assumed the other two were his apprentices, Balthazar and Falteer. With the cyclop around he couldn’t believe how the others in there, criminals of some kind surely, still attacked Nilak and Falteer, perhaps they had some foolish idea of having a chance to get out of there alive now. But Nilak and his apprentice’s problems weren’t his.

    Everyone listen” he roared through the coliseum, “I need you to get out of here in an orderly fashion, you’re no longer safe here” nobody stirring to his order, all to captivated by this rare fight he continued “As an agent of the Council I Order you to get out” Emphazing on order and council caught their attention, the thought of disobeying the council was something which made most people change their minds. "Not leaving will be taken as an direct disregard of council orders” This got them to finally move, though slowly and regrettably they got up and began to leave, and with a bit of help from his part those who didn’t listen begun to move as well, the power the council held over the elfs were simply amazing. Now there wouldn’t be any casualties except the bandits and gladiators down there. But those who participated here by their free will were at the same level as the bandits, nobody truly cared if they died.
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    The bright beam of light which Falteer had created allowed Nilak just enough time to summon a massive whirlwind beneath the bandit’s feet. In order to aid Falteer in this now aerial skirmish, Nilak summoned Elfaan, a small cloud which would allow Falteer the opportunity to take flight.

    Drawing his bow, Falteer jumped onto the cloud and used his psyche to navigate with the cloud. This was not the first time Falteer used Elfaan, he had to in fact use it in training, which both apprentices went through. Stretching three arrows across the bow’s string, Falteer expertly sniped three bandits mid-air. He then made his way into the middle of the whirlwind, using the cloud to help him not be knocked off balance. Putting away his bow, Falteer raised his fingertips and unleashed a flurry of lightning towards the bandits, causing a chain effect. Enough voltage circulated through the bandit’s bodies to ensure that they would be dead.

    The aerial battle ended quickly before it had even begun, and Falteer and Nilak landed back on the ground. There were still a few strings of bandits left to defeat however, but this was not the main priority now. Falteer heard the announcer the entrance of a gigantic, looming figure entering into the fray, a Cyclops no less.

    Nilak: Falteer! Our primary target has changed! We have to deal with the bandits

    Falteer heard Nilak’s newest orders, to eliminate the Cyclops that stood before them before it managed to destroy the entire Coliseum, but it would seem Nilak still had his hands full with the last remaining bandits.

    Falteer: “This is not good! We won’t be able to hold off much longer by ourselves unless we turn the tide no-”

    A few quick seconds pass and the second apprentice, Balthazar entered the battle to lend a hand, instantly drawing the oafish Cyclops’s attention to him. With the time that Balthazar had momentarily brought them, Falteer and Nilak engaged the remaining bandits.

    Unsheathing his sword, Falteer took an offensive stance and engaged the bandits, thrusting the sword deep into two of the poor bastards, at the same time. Falteer could see the announcer making a pun about ‘shish kebob’ right about now. Kicking the bandits that had been impaled with his sword, he regained his blade from their bodies and continued to eliminate the remaining source of bandits, flickering lightning bolts occasionally from his fingers whilst slaying any opposing forced in his way with his sword. The battle had been made easier because of the bandit’s damaged morale, obviously made from Nilak and Falteer’s overwhelming force of power, and it wasn’t long before the battle had ended.

    Falteer then drew his attention to Balthazar, who was still successfully holding the monster on his own. Impressed by this feat, Falteer quickly took his side beside him, assuring Balthazar that they would win this battle, and thanked him in the process. Looking behind him, Falteer could also see Nilak taking arms, to finish the final fight that would be fought by the three of them in this distasteful Coliseum.

    Revenge Solves Everything.

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