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    It was going to be one of those lazy days again. Sun barely escaped through the leaf roof above the trees. Balthazar was taking a nap on his small house on one of the trees that surrounded Nayru. The house only consisted of a simple room with a roof made of a sturdy wood which could be gotten from any of the trees in Nayru. There was really only a piece of thin wool which Balthazar called a bed in his house. It certainly wasn't one of those houses people were meant to live in. It was understandable though since Balthazar was rarely home. Most of the time he was abroad which explained the.. simple nature of his homey home.

    The city of Nayru was bustling with people right from the start of the morning. The market was filled with different salesmen, most which were dwarves, trying to sell the biggest garbage with highest prices. They were so loud that the shrieking actually woke Balthazar from his sleep. He glanced down from his abode and saw the market filled with stalls which were in terms filled with glittery junk. None of those were even remotely interesting for Balthazar, so he just tried to sleep some more. Of course he couldn't sleep since the bestest buddy of all just happened to come harass Balthazar out of his sleep.

    ”HEEEEEYYYY!! Balthyyy!! What.. ?! Are you STILL sleeping?!”
    ”. . .”
    ”Wakey wakey! Is me, Inpa!”
    ”. . . Go away”
    ”Ha! You're awake! Get up! We got loads of work to do today!”

    *Loud grumbling*

    ”.. What do you mean we?”
    ”I'll tell you once we get there! LET'S GOO!!”
    ”. . .”
    ”C'mon big guy! It's not like you got anything better to do”
    ”.. I'm sleeping”
    ”No you're not. You're talking to me! You can't sleep and talk tom someone at the same time unless you're a whiz or something”
    ”.. Ugh, fine”
    ”Ha! I knew you'd do it buddy! You're an excellent resource of material for my research!”
    ”.. Do what? And what research? Not those darn pl-”
    ”No no no no no!! Nothing like that this time! You just have to kill those pesky rats from Madame Flaura's attic!”

    And so Balthazar's boring day got itself a complete makeover handmade by Inpa ni Thesas, a rather young high elf with a jolly nature. He had a troubling effect to cause unnecessary quarrels for Balthazar. Killing rats was one of those few quarrels but the list doesn't stop there. Of course Balthazar's life wasn't threatened.. at least most of the time.

    Inpa is small for an elf, standing only around 5 feet and having a very skinny body. His hair is rich in yellow but he likes to add different colors into it every now and then. Sometimes he has shocked people by turning his hair into rainbow-colored punk hair. At the moment his hair is yellow with a few blue lines here and there. He is rather handy with alchemy, thus he does a lot of experiments with stuff like his hair.
    His hair is rather short, ending before it reaches his shoulders. Inpa has a set of big round ears and a small nose, couple that with a set of big bottle glasses and you get a ner-.. I mean Inpa. He tends to wear a white coat with lots of different splashes of color in it.

    The two walked through the market area and they remembered it for a while. The salesmen were screaming right into their ears their lowliest of low prices. Both their hearing suffered after experiencing the joy of the market. Neither of them however didn't glance even once what was on sale that day. Balthazar figured it must've been something related to Moon Day since it was approaching again.

    After walking out of the market area, the duo climbed the stairs and arrived to Madame Flaura's estate. It was like all the rest of the houses with a bunch of round shapes and white color in it. The job would've been easy if the resident, Flaura, would've been a sane one. She was one of those slightly unbalanced ones, and most people knew her because of her undying love to flowers.

    ”I can smell something really strong coming from inside.. I wonder what it could be?”
    ”. . .”

    Balthazar opened the door and almost choked at the flowery scent of Flaura's home. Breathing was very hard since the smell was so strong. Inpa was already looking unwell and he had only spent a good 5 minutes inside the estate. The estate was two floors high, the walls were ”painted” with actual flowers of all kinds. Wherever you looked, whatever you looked, it was covered with flowers. The estate reminded more of a greenhouse than a home. Soon the two were alerted with the presence of the owner of the house: Madame Flaura.
    She was as oddly dressed as always.. it seemed today's theme was rose. She was wearing a large cotton dress covered in rose pattern, her hat was really big and pink with flowers in it. She was also leaning on a white cane.

    ”What do I see before me.. ? A Hortensia opuloides and a.. Menyanthes?”

    Inpa quickly summoned a book consisting knowledge about all kinds of flora and browsed what these two flowers were.

    ”The first one is Hortensia and it's meaning is.. Eh.. ?? Carelesness?? She must mean you Balthy”
    ”. . .”
    ”Mm, yes! A Menyanthes without a doubt!”
    ”The second is Buck-bean and it's meaning is.. quietness. Oh shucks, guess I'm Hortensia then”
    ”.. You had a rat problem, ma'am?”
    ”Indeed! Those pesky Cytisus laburnum are savagely eating my dear Lilac alba!!”
    ”O-okay let's see.. the first one is blackness and the second one is.. youth? What.. ? Is blackness eating her youth away.. ?!”
    ”.. I believe she means that the rats are eating her flowers”
    ”Go, GO! Before it's too late! Deal with this problem immediately!”
    ”.. Yes, ma'am”
    ”RIGHT AWAY!!”

    Balthazar climbed the stairs up all the way to the attic with Inpa closely behind him. The attic looked just like the rest of the house: filled with flowers. However among the flowers could be seen the evil whispers of rats which chewed the flowers mercilessly.

    ”Look Balthy! There's a rat there!! Use your Magic Art!”

    ”.. We are indoors. My katana will do”
    ”W-wait Balthy! Don't KILL them!!”

    Balthazar sighed and looked at Inpa. He was tired of him changing his way of doing things all the time.

    ”There is no other way. They will just multiply rapidly if we leave them here”
    ”Y-yeah b-but..”
    ”.. Life isn't always about butterflies and peace Inpa. It's time for you to learn that”
    ”Life CAN be all about butterflies and peace if I so want!! You won't thrash my dreams you big meany!”
    ”. . .”

    Balthazar formed himself a bag through alchemy by exchanging a few flowers from the attic. Then he started rigorously cathing all the rats and throwing them in the back. In the end there were 6 rats in the bag. Balthazar handed the bag to Inpa and headed downstairs.

    ”.. Time to do something about that dream of yours then. Get rid of those”
    ”B-but.. eww.. these guys stink.. !!”

    Downstairs Madame Flaura was watering her flowers with a pleasant look on her face. She turned to look at Balthazar and Inpa who was holding the bag of rats. She looked closely at the bag and then continued watering her flowers.

    ”Off you go sprouts! Your job is done here! The payment is in the envelope on the table”

    Balthazar grabbed the envelope and saw two red and blue Rupees inside. He wasn't too pleased of the payment's size but at least it was something. He gave one red and blue one to Inpa and walked outside of the intoxicating estate.

    ”Alright! This is the sprout of millions!”
    ”. . .”
    ”Well, I gotta get rid of these! See ya later Balthy!”

    With that Inpa left and Balthazar was left alone. He glanced to the colosseum which seemed to roar more than usually. Perhaps Nilak was showing off again? Suddenly the shadow of a dragon swoop past, it was no doubt Valham. Balthazar decided to head to the colosseum, he wasn't going to fight, he just wanted to see if there was anything worthwhile to watch. Once he reached the colosseum, he gave the Rupees he had just gained to get access to the crowd. The colosseum was packed with people, Nilak had surely fought there recently. It seemed the next contestant was just about to arrive. Balthazar sat down and looked down to see who the contestant was.
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