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    Default Maplestory IGN Thread

    Yeah, since the new update is coming today I thought screw it and made a IGN thread for it, yes I know it's not up. But who cares? I'd rather have this thing prepared. Just post your forum name and class and please, don't post an IGN until you actually make the character. Else you're going to be pissed as hell. Anywho, I thought that we should start on El Nido since it's a new server AND it's the first East Coast server in GMS, plus it help those who are EU anyways.

    IGNs (Forum Name - IGN - Class)
    Jermatoo - WraithfulBlz - Thunder Breaker
    Craven - Cravean - Aran
    Momo2 - iielouch - BM
    killakev - MonkeyDKevy - Pirate
    Darkspine - IGN - Class
    kyrow - IGN - Class
    EpicPhail - IGN - Cleric, Gunner, or Thunder Breaker
    izitshi - IGN - Class
    Wyvernx - CRST - Dual Blade
    puudleduudle - MiisterrBee - Gunslinger
    Densetsu - Echinops - Dual Blade
    Dark Revalation - DarkFyx - Warrior
    MorpheusX - Rehou - I/L Mage
    Walruz - Beastwoody - Class
    Paladinn - ButterKnife4 - Spearman
    Orpheus - Bernkaster - I/L Mage
    Kougar - BurninJay - Blaze Mage
    RedWraithQueen - BSAAHalcyon - Dual Blade
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