Hello, have been doing some research on MMORPG development and obviously there needs to be a team of highly skilled graphics designers, programmers and more.

At the moment I have been working on the basics for a MMORPG. I have worked out some of the features and things such as Factions and Classes. Obviously this is only about 1% of what I need to do to make a MMORPG.

So what I am asking is, are there any people on this forum that would like to help out in making a new MMORPG?

If anything I would be the one making the website and being the Ideas Manager of this project. Would be nice to have some people offer to help out in making this successful.

Here are a few requirements:

-Can create a server to connect to many clients
-Create systems for quests, classes, fighting enemies, and skills
-Create a sql database used by the server
-Create a character setup that allows wearing equipment and clothes over the main sprite
- Can make this game happen and become successful.

This will be a FREE MMORPG and in the future may introduce an Item Mall to produce some income. When and if we do get that far those that help out will get a fair % of the earnings.

Please reply on interest and please no criticism on this.

If you want to email me then feel free to do so: shaheart14@googlemail.com