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Thread: Starjack Online, Designers Needed

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    Default Starjack Online, Designers Needed

    Team name:
    Limbo Game Studios

    Project name:
    Starjack Online

    Brief description:
    Starjack Online is a 4x RTS MMO currently in closed beta.

    Target aim:
    Freeware with Pay-to-Play options

    Currently seeking volunteers only. Since this game is close to launch, it is a great way for people looking to break into the industry with a professional independently developed game.

    Talent needed:
    2D and 3D Designers. We are looking for artists capable of generating 2D art assets for the UI (icons, controls, forms, etc.) and 2D and 3D assets such as space ships, facilities, soldiers, etc.

    Team structure:
    My name is Aaron Mestel, I am the lead developer for Starjack Online. We have been working on the game for over three years now and it is now in its second round of closed beta. We have a staff of programmers and designers


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