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    Team name:
    Darksoft Studios Development Team - (Not a registered company)

    Project name:
    Project Chaos - Chaos Eve Online

    Brief description:
    Chaos Eve Online is a fantasy/medieval MORPG set in the world of Antresnia, a world split in two by war and chaos.

    Waring nations battle it out for control over the ruins of the shattered empires. The world on the brink of total chaos.

    Target aim:
    Retail - low price point

    Compensation may be low, I am not expecting hand outs however I will be putting this game up for funding once I have a working model to display, I need help getting it to that point, all involved will be justly rewarded. I am willing to sign on that.

    Target System - PC Only as current

    Engine - Realm Crafter 2.50
    (Open to suggestions)

    Tools I use - 3DS MAX , L3DT, GIMP, FragMotion, Tree[d]

    Talent needed:
    C++ Source Help (When source becomes avalible)
    3D Modeler
    Sound/Music Artist
    Concept Artist
    Texture Artist

    Team structure:
    Myself - World Building, Concept Art, C# Scripts, C++ Source (When it becomes available)
    Ashley - Concept Artist - 7 months

    Website: (WIP but fully functional with screens of current progress)

    email -

    Additional Info:
    Features - A few features:
    Huge Continents – Vast places to explore.
    Guild System – Complex guild management and building system.
    Karma System – Doing good or bad will have some kind of an effect on you or others.
    Wound System – Injuries will have lasting effects.
    Quests (Co-op, and solo) – Many quests and a story behind them.
    Distinct Character Development System – Based on your choices, your character will be different from everyone else’s.
    Guild Castle System – Guilds can build castles in set locations, or occupy ruined castles.
    Provence Management System
    City Management System
    Trade Route Control
    Basic background:
    The world of Antresnia is a vast and beautiful world in the Xeppinia Star System. The plants climate varies but is mostly earth like with features such as mountain ranges, snow plains, grass lands and even tundra’s. Along with the two major continents throughout the world there will be islands that are up for grabs. These islands can serve as trading posts between continents, or even a smuggling station for sneaking people in and out of the continents.

    Continent of Teshima (Teshiman Empire)

    In the game there are 2 major continents. The Continent of Teshima and Almandara, The continent of Teshima was founded by Hirosaki Teshima, a young war lord who over time captured and ruled every province on the continent. With the death of Hirosaki Teshima and Romulus Almandara in the year 567 the world fell to chaos. The dark times were beginning to be known as The Chaos Eve. The Chaos Eve was an ancient legend that has been passed down since the creation of man. The legend tells of darkness beyond all imagination that will come from the simultaneous death of two very powerful beings. Hirosaki Teshima was reincarnated as the God of Storms and Chaos. While Romulus Almandara was reincarnated as the God of Earth and Life, The two gods joined the existing Gods Sephir and Zelic. The land of Teshima is covered with lush forests in the center mainland, with heavy and high mountains to the north stretching down to the east. The southland is barren and dead from all the wars fought there.

    Continent of Almandara (Almandarian Empire)

    The second of the two continents is the continent of Almandara. The continent of Almandara was founded by Romulus Almandara, who was a general from the army of Hirosaki Teshima. When Hirosaki sent Romulus Almandara to the unclaimed continent in the year 521 Romulus rebelled and started his own army, known as the Fallen Disciples. He took over the entire continent with little opposition. When Hirosaki learned of Romulus's rebellion he was infuriated. The two War Lords were in constant battle, death destruction and war was all anyone knew. The year is 567 Both Hirosaki and Romulus have mysteriously died simultaneously. The Eve of Chaos Has Begun…..Are you prepared? The land of Almadara is mostly flat planar landscape in the mainland and mountainous to the west. The north is ice and glaciers, while the south is a dense jungle; the east is also a barren wasteland where the wars of the nations are fought.

    Any Feedback is much appreciated, I have been flamed before it no longer burns

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    You might want to change the name.....

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