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Thread: [MMORPG] The Forgotten Darkness - Looking for team members

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    Cool [MMORPG] The Forgotten Darkness - Looking for team members

    Team Name:
    Rarehawk Games
    (not a registered company)

    Project name:
    The Forgotten Darkness

    Brief description:
    We are aiming to make an MMORPG which is fun and playable for everyone, we have been plotting out ideas this week and we are still in the planning stages.
    Our goal is to get the game working within 2-3 years. Realistically we are aiming to bring out a working demo within a year. It will be a fantasy based MMO and will have lots of unique features and things to explore. We want to make it stand out from the all the other MMO's out there.

    Target aim:
    We are going to make the game free to download once you have registered for an account on the official game website. Later on we may add some premium features to the game but when it comes out it will be 100% free to play.

    Unfortunately we cannot offer compensation as the game will be Free to play until we introduce premium features, if we do introduce them then a share of any profits will be split out within the team but we cannot promise this any time soon.

    The game engine we are looking to use will be the Irrilicht 3D engine, although we may change our minds and use something different.
    Programming: C++
    Photoshop CS5 for GUI
    And any software which you may have if you join the team.

    Talent needed:
    We are looking for people with any amount of experience but more experienced team members will be able to be head of departments in the team. i.e Head Programmer.
    Here are the positions we are looking to fill:

    2D Graphic Designer
    3D Graphic Designer
    C++ Programmer
    Item Designer
    Game Economy Chairman
    Beta Testers
    Audio Engineer and composer
    Game World Designer
    Story Writer
    GUI Designer
    Server Programmer
    Map Designer

    Team structure:
    Luke Fruttauro (ME): Project lead and Website Developer. I can program in C++.
    Dan Laing - Founder and story writer.
    Chris Whitehead: Founder and economy chairman.

    Game Website
    Website/Forum for team members only

    You can apply for a position in the team by going on the game website and posting on the forums or by adding me on IM. PM me if you want my hotmail email address so you can add me.

    Previous Work by Team:

    Additional Info:
    Game introduction/about page:
    Hello and welcome , to the all new up and coming MMORPG named ' The Forgotten Darkness' in this fantasy world you can live out your wildest dreams with all of your friends online. One simple download is all it takes for many years of fun for the rest of your life.
    You will be swept away by a magical fantasy world in which you can indulge in an interesting adventure online with all of your friends. You can build your own home space, chat with friends , make a battle team or clan , complete quests for special rewards , train skills , make money and purchase that special piece of armour or decoration for your house, or even a sword to pierce the hearts of many- and it doesn't stop there , oh no but to enjoy this wonderful , peaceful world you will have to play it for yourself .
    With regular updates and beta testings we hope the site will soon be able to be a real upcoming competator for all other MMORPG's worldwide and will be a real hit for many people , across all races, genders and ages . The site will undergo many regular updates as we are always looking to improve.
    Good luck warrior, this is where it all begins - the journey starts now as you carry out and fulfil your wildest dreams in the magical peaceful world of the forgotten darkness with many other people worldwide so download now , and prepare to experience something like never before , my friend...

    First quest...
    Tutorial (must be completed to commence to the outer world) -
    In this quest your character will be assigned a task from the duke of __________ . You will be asked to carry out 3 tasks for him , without any items equipped or in your inventory. The first task will be to find him the .3m screw which fell from his furnace in the castle. You will have to search the surrounding area taking advice from a list of people who live in the desolent city of ____________ surrounding the castle in the few small villages. As this is the first quest you will be given guide arrows , which will tell you the best places to talk to people for help on your quest. First of all you will be sent to the archbishop who awaits you in the chapel which is west of the castle walls. You will have to travel here by foot, but with guiding arrows on your HUD minimap. The archbishop will give you three options to ask him after greeting one another. The 1st being 'Who are you ?' which in reply the answer will be given ' I am ________ ________ , the archbisop of ____________ . You will then be brought back to the menu in which you selected the option of asking the question. The 2nd question will state ' Have you seen the duke lately?' and in which the answer will be ' Hmm,yes he did seem very stressed- has he lost something? ' this will bring up another answer in the menu along with the 3rd final answer that says ' Yes , his furnace will not operate properly and he does believe it is because of a missing screw.' in reply the archbishop will say ' ahh! yes , this thing! (pulling a screw from his shirt pocket) I thought it may come in handy! I was on my way to the general store to pick up a few things and then I felt an awful piercing pain through my clogs, and there it was a small screw on the floor.... here you go ! ' (hands over screw to character) the other option from the mini menu to select and say to the archbishop was simply 'Bye!' which was available at all times to say and part the conversation between the CPU and character. After selecting the last option the conversation will end. The character will then be guided back to the castle in which he will return the screw to the king . He will then be rewarded with 3 essential tools , a hammer , tinderbox and bronze hatchet. The 2nd errand to run for the duke of __________ will be to go to the general store and carry out his shopping list , you will be given 500gp to do so , and he also hands over to you a basic map of __________ so you can find your way to the general store. You will open the map and will be given guidance arrows. When you arrive at the general store you will open up the shopping list and it will state , 'Buy 3 buckets of water , a tinderbox , a coil of rope and a 25 feathers , for my fly fishing.' You will purchase these things by interacting with the shopkeeper and handing over the money . You will make your way back to the castle ( guided by arrows on your HUD minimap in the top right corner) and enter the dukes room and interact with him to hand over his things from your rucksack (inventory) . The king will then reward you with 500xp to every level (stat, attribute) , upping them all to 4 and making your overall combat level 4. He will then equip you with the best metal armour possible to your inventory , here you will equip it from your inventory. The duke will then ask you to fullfil his 3rd and final errand. This would be to enter the goblin swamp ( automatic level 1 respawning goblins which do only retaliate to attacks after being hit and will be very lowly effective and not deal much damage) east of the castle entrance over the stream bridge to kill the 5 respawned goblins, upping your xp on combat skills while being able to retrieve small rewards from their corpse. You will have to search each individual course to find a golden key to open a small hut just above where you attacked the level one goblins .
    In here you will find the dutchess who had been captures by the goblins and held for ransome. You will then be teleported back to the dukes room in the castle and he will reward you with 1000 coins and some spell potions to start you off . Once completed recieving the rewards from the duke you will teleport to the online server in which many have already started playing the magical fantasy world of the forgotten darkness, this is where is all begins , my friend - good luck on your journey.
    Screen shots will be coming soon.


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    Okay, good. It seems like you have a basic idea out. However, it seems like there is almost no one helping you at all. What are you yourself going to do in this? I am not trying to shoot you down, but I just want to throw something out there: If you say you are the 'design manager' or 'head of ideas,' that means that you need to create the entire economy, create all the quests, figure out how all areas will connect, create all the enemies, design and balance out every class, skill, spell, and effect, match each area with its corresponding music track, write out all the NPC acting scripts in perfect english, and on and on and on and on. Not trying to shoot your ideas down, but I just wanted to let you know what you are getting into. It took my team almost an entire year just finding the right engine for us!

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