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Thread: Classic Maple

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    Default Classic Maple

    Don't you just miss the old times when Maplestory was new
    I think the best years was 05-07
    Everything has changed so much, we all wanted more classes jobs
    But now its just annoying, too many things maps places
    It's all annoying and confusing
    The market and how libis used to cost around 70mil, steelys 30mil
    You had to work hard then and when you got something or got to a stage lets say level 70
    You would be so happy hardwork
    Now its just easy,and maple is full of too many immature kids
    Lool i was playing mapleglobal from when i was 9

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    Problem is that, like most games, it needs to evolve. Perhaps you might not like it but most people do. This game focuses more on equipment now more than ever after leveling is faster (Which then again is a good thing, focuses more on end-game).

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    uhh and spend 2 years to get to level 70? **** no I prefer new MS over old MS any day.

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    jeah, i still remember how i needed between 8-10h per lvl back then ...

    "very good" times
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