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Thread: Battle Mage builds

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    Default Battle Mage builds

    I winged it on my BaM, liking how it turned out. What did everybody else do?

    1. 1 3Blow
    2. 1 Teleport
    3. 1 Finisher
    4. Max Dark Aura
    5. Max 3Blow
    6. Max Finisher
    7. Max Teleport

    That's pretty much what I did. Reasoning:

    * Every skill is useful, even at level 1. Putting one point in everything right off the bat gives you a lot of utility, and options in what to do.
    * Teleport is arguably the best skill at level 1, ever, I don't really understand why most BaM builds I see wait until after level 20 to put something in it. Sure it eats mana, but for all it does for you, it's silly to not put a point in it, just don't spam it and your mana potion stock will stay fine.
    * Aura before 3Blow: If you look at the scaling, they both gain 1% a level, and Aura boosts everything you do, not just 3Blow. Pretty obvious there.
    * Finisher is nice, but it doesn't hold a candle to how often you use 3Blow.

    Also, you can chain 3Blow - Teleport - Finisher if you're fast enough, to cover a wide area with shiny death .

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    1 max triple blow
    2 max teleport
    3. max dark aura
    4 max finisher

    reason why:

    Finisher takes a shitton of MP when used. Also triple blow if you go lukless can basically 1-2 shot most mobs easily. Teleport second due to the ridiculous amount you use in 1 teleport. Dark aura for early damage boost, and finisher as last.

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