With BB literally just around the corner, and GMS shifting how it's played, I've been thinking back to when I first started playing, and how different the game used to be. For those who weren't around the first year, the differences don't just boil down to less areas, slower leveling. It really feels like I'm playing a different game now than I did back in middle school. The strange thing is, I'm not sure whether or not I like the new more than I do the old. It could just be a feeling of nostalgia, but I have some great memories of really-old-MS, back when nexon was still called wizet, that really couldn't happen in the current game and community. I remember the race between Tiger and Shynobi, the whole thing with people calling Tiger multiple people, and Shynobi dropping off the top 5 on purpose to stop the mobs of people following him. I love the BB changelist, the actual patch notes done by some players, but these past couple years have been filled with a lot of bad things out of nexon in terms of direction, with a big emphasis on nx-for-power.

What do you guys think? Do you like the new direction GMS has taken with BB? Or the direction it has been taking these past two years?