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    Default Novus Dawn | Seeking Artists

    UPDATED - February 3rd, 2011

    Team Name


    Project Name

    Novus Dawn

    Brief Description

    Novus Dawn is a fantasy based tactical RPG in the isometric perspective. It is a story driven game that has been influenced a lot by early tactical RPG's such as Final Fantasy Tactics. It is also not MMORPG, because we all know how well those end up. Although still in it's early stages, quite a bit has been accomplished and we have some great plans for the future. But for the moment, this is where the project stands.

    Game Engine

    The game engine is starting to take shape, being programmed by a very talented programmer with over seven years experience. The current high level capabilities of the game engine are:

    • Isometric Rendering.
    • Movement and Path finding.
    • Skills Framework and Implementation.
    • Animations.
    • Special Effects such as particle and heat displacement effects.
    • Radial Menu for action selection.
    • User Interface panels.

    Story Development

    We have a story being developed under the title Novus Dawn. The following documentation has been developed:

    • Synopsis
    • Character Biographies
    • World Documentation

    Artwork Development

    At the moment we have two artists, and as this thread states, are seeking a third concept artist. The two artists we do have are creating concept art for the following:

    • Character Portraits, based of the biographies.
    • Environments, creating isometric sketches and landscapes. Will be used to translate into final pieces.

    Target Aim
    At the moment, our goal is to have a working demo created by June 30th that consists of roughly 2-3 hours of gameplay over the course of a few battles. With this demo, the aim is to encompass all features about the final product which range from battle systems, menu systems, sound/music, and story progression to name a few. We believe this is a very reachable goal.
    Upon completion, we plan on allowing people to play the game through an account based service, though pricing is yet to be decided.


    Because this is a portfolio driven project, there is no up front payment. However, upon release of the demo, we have plans set in place to set up a project with IndieGogo in order to earn some early funding. With that said, if you are interested in joining the project, do so without the intention of being paid but with the hopes you can help us create something great that you can be paid in the future!


    The game is being developed in Actionscript 3.0, for no particular reason other reason than we hope to host this game online and put the demo through some large game portals such as Kongregate.

    Talent Needed

    We are in need of two different types of artists to join our team.

    • Concept Artist - User Interface. This person will be in charge of designing the assets for the game in terms of menus and buttons both in battle and out.
    • Spriter. We need a high quality artist to do the spritework for the game. This person will be working closely with our concept artists to translate their works into objects, tiles and characters for the game.

    Team Structure

    • Matthew Ostil : Project Manager
    • David Labbe : Programmer
    • David Lee : Writer
    • David Evans : Concept Artist - Environments
    • Simon Kim : Concept Artist - Character Portraits
    • Trevor Hewes : Composer


    We do have a website, though it's not being used. Instead we are using the WIP forums for discussion: devWorld Forums.


    If you want to know more about the project in general, feel free to email me directly or post on this thread. If you think you are interested to help us out, then please email me directly at: matthew.ostil(at)

    Additional Info

    We do have documentation as well as a recent update report on the project which includes screenshots, concepts and story development details. If you are truly interested in the project, then email me and we can discuss it further!


    Any feedback is welcomed.
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