Multiplayer Organized Crime Battle Game

Team name:
TB Decided

Project name:
Codename: Org Crime Battler

Brief description:
Game is strickly Tick-Based.
Game is mostly multiplayer with team battles as well as 1v1 battles
Game has lobby system where players find others to battle or join there team.
Game has multiple "World's" (maps) for battle's.
Game "World's" has multiple "Towns" (each player/team starts in a Town)
Game "Towns" allow multiple "Actions"
Game "Actions" are like "Committing Crimes", "Recruiting Member's"

  • Each Action takes x amount of time to complete.
  • Multiple "Actions" can happen at once.

Game Objective is for your team or yourself is to "Control World".

I would also like for an average game to only take between 5-15 minute's.

Target aim:

I can't pay up front or for work complete, as I have no job, or income. I will offer % of sales, and put it in writing. If it exists, we will find an eStore that split's money between developers.

Any needed

Talent needed:
A few programmer's. Any programmer can apply. I may only choose 1 programmer or multiple. I would like for this project to be cross-platform
Some Artists are needed. (basicly for maps, gui, a few main characters, and items)
Game Designer, Tester and Game Master.

Team structure:
Bill (Sim) - Project Manager, Programmer, Marketer, Advertiser



Previous Work by Team:
No past team work to show. I have done work on a few games such as "Crime-Web" and "Naruto Web"

Additional Info:
Anything else you want to say, snippets of the story/design, screenshots, etc. This section is optional but strongly recommended, most people should be able to think of something.