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    Unknown Warriors Of Honor


    The UWOH is a newly formed hardcore player vs player based english speaking guild. We as a guild take gaming very seriously, and have reasonable goals of obtaining respect and honor. We are a very dedicated guild, which always has players online, we accept members from all over the globe, with limited requirements.
    Our community
    As a guild we work together to create a harmonious attitude between our members and keep them on the good sides of one another in order to create a peaceful gaming atmosphere suitable for both adults and children.
    Guild Leader's Experience
    "I myself have played and experienced every type of game, and genre the average experienced gamer can think of. I started off where most of the average online gamers do, Runescape, 10 years ago 2001 is where my Gaming "career" began. Shortly after Runescape, I came across a Legendary game that I am in love with to this day called GunZ: The Duel. GunZ was a huge inspiration for me when I was interested in hardcore gaming, I had a wonderful clan, AngelDawn, who I saw as my family, and team to fight with. After AngelDawn died I had not felt the urge to continue playing on GunZ. That is when I became a Game Hopper, and for the next 2-3 years, I was on and off with games, from Splash Fighters to World of Warcraft and beyond, I searched for the game and Guild that could give me the gaming satisfaction I recieved in GunZ. That is, until I found Aika. Aika was the first game I did not quit in the first few days of playing, I remember being motivated to level after a few friends of mine past me in level around the 20s when I was offline. That was the real push that got me to level 50 quickly, along with that I had made a guild named Eclipse. That started off in an Alliance with a few other guilds, but worked our way up to leading a 4-guild alliance, and seeking to become the Marshels of Lenaria.. We worked for weeks on training, and leveling our members, I personally put in a great deal of time helping people with quests. A few weeks before we were ready to take marshelship, Eclipse had died, and our alliance with it due to a massive kicking done by one of our officers, thus began my Game hopping once again. On and off on every type of game, until it leaded me up to this day.. Where I became leader of another guild, and wish to progress from my mistakes and have one of the greatest guilds of all time. These.. Are my experiences, with gaming."
    Game Essentials
    X-Fire Community:
    Website: (now running)
    Ventrilo & Teamspeak(Coming soon)
    Guild Launch:
    We recruit members of all ages, as long as you are mature and cooperative. We believe in Teamwork, and skill along with it. We do not require you to be a skilled gamer, however you may not be a "NewG(New Gamer)" and join. And you are required to have some game experience which you will be asked in our interview. You must also be able to follow orders, and lead if given the right to do so. We have organized and well thought tactics and strategies, when they come into play, you must be able to carry them out. You are also expected to be friendly and helpful, to the best of your ability to those around you. We strive to keep a good reputation with everyone and wish to have no enemies unless it cannot be helped. Giving our guild a bad name will also not be tolerated. Also there is no rank requirement, we accept members of all ranks.
    Expectations and Rules
    You are at all times expected to be cooperative with your teammates and helpful. Failure to carry out direct orders or disrespecting members of this guild will not be tolerated. We are a very easy-going guild that is not very strict, as long as you follow the rules. Our rules are listed below.The last thing you are expected to do is participate, we will have alot of guild events and activites for rewards and more that all members are expected to participate in. Those that don't will miss out on even more future benefits of being in the guild.
    1. Have teamwork
    2. Be Brave
    3. Have Honor
    4. Have fun
    5. Respect each other
    6. Participate
    7. Be friendly and helpful
    8. Keep your Honesty
    9. Fight Hard
    10. Be worthy of your title, You are a member of the Uknown Warriors of Honor

    Joining Ingame: If you wish to join in-game, you will need to private-message the leader or one of our guild officers. For in game joining you will recieve a few interview questions to better determine the type of gamer you are.
    Joining Online: If you wish to join at our website, or fill out our interview form on these forums, you will automatically be invited to join our guild, when you private message the guild leader or one of our officers in game.
    Important: A member is not an official member of our guild until they join our guild Website and Forums, this shows a hint of dedication to the guild and you will be better seen as a member. If it is too much of a difficult task for those who wish to join perhaps the Unknown Warriors of Honor is not best suited to be your guild, because we may have other tasks for our members in the future that take a maximum of 5-10 minutes.
    Interview Format:
    How many hours do you play per day?
    Which online games have you played?
    What's your gaming personality?(What type of gamer are you)
    Why are you interested in our guild?
    Where do you see yourself in the future as a member of our guild?
    Are you dedicated to the games you play and guilds you join?
    Do you have a microphone?
    How many days a week(7-day) do you game?
    Are you able to follow orders and/or lead?
    Are you a force to be recokened with?
    Are you prepared to join the website and participate in things related to the guild?
    What did you think of our website and recruitment thread?
    Contact us
    If you have any questions or concerns you may contact one of our e-mails.

    Thank you for your time.

    Bump, we are currently recruiting all gamers. And progressing extremely well. Any suggestions for advertisement will be deeply appreciated, we've already advertised on most of the websites avalible (,, gamespot, IGN, guild launch, etc..)

    Bump, we are currently recruiting all gamers. And progressing extremely well. Any suggestions for advertisement will be deeply appreciated, we've already advertised on most of the websites avalible (,, gamespot, IGN, guild launch, etc..)
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