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Thread: Trojan Treasure Trove!

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    Default Trojan Treasure Trove!

    Starting Tuesday, January 25th, after the completion of our weekly maintenance, get ready to embark in previously unexplored caverns of the Angkor Wat! Adventurers must prove themselves worthy before setting their eyes upon the glorious ancient hidden treasure troves of the Angkor Wat! The mystical powers of Oriharukon have enchanted hundreds of treasure chests inside the dungeon. These treasures are guarded by fierce treasure hunters, who aim to steal everything for themselves! Act quickly, conquer these foes, and claim the spoils of victory!

    Players who wish to accept this challenge can enter with 2 of their closest friends and 5 of their most trusted mercenaries. Kill "Bonus" Monsters to collect [TROY] Medallions and turn them in to Guide Acongs for some dungeon keys!

    The Guide Acongs love collecting [TROY] Medallions. They can’t resist their superior shine and sturdy characteristics. After collecting these medallions from killing "Bonus" Monsters, head to Hainan Island or Rome to find these furry acong fellows. They hold several keys to your treasure hunting destiny! There will be four keys which correspond to ascending difficulties located inside the different levels of Angkor Wat.
    • 5 [TROY] Medallions for an Old Key.
    • 10 [TROY] Medallions for a Discolored Key.
    • 15 [TROY] Medallions for a Sparkling Key.
    • 20 [TROY] Medallions for a Splendid Key.

    Each of these special keys opens a different level area inside Angkor Wat with greater risk and even greater reward. Here are the recommended level requirements for each level.

    Level 50+
    Hidden Repositorium Level 1 (Requires Old Key)
    Level 80+
    Hidden Repositorium Level 2 (Requires Discolored Key)
    Level 100+
    Hidden Repositorium Level 3 (Requires Sparkling Key)
    Level 120+
    Hidden Repositorium Level 4 (Requires Splendid Key)
    *All dungeons have a 1 hour cool down time.*

    We’ve hired a team of expert Mercenaries to document their findings within each level of the Hidden Repositoriums! Here are a few items we’ve found inside some of the treasure chests:

    Old Treasure Chest (Hidden Repositorium Level 1): Ahammad’s Mount Box, Mount Box, *Healing Items, *Growth Vials, Ashen Jewels, All kinds of Crystals, and Experience Books!

    Discolored Treasure Chest (Hidden Repositorium Level 2): Armed Mount Box, Mount Box, **Blessing License, Enchant Stones, *Healing Items, All kinds of Crystals, *Growth Vials, Experience Books, and Ancient Skill Books!

    Sparkling Treasure Chest (Hidden Repositorium Level 3): Armed Mount Box, **Blessing License, Ahammad’s Mount Box, Craftsman’s Soul, All kinds of Crystals, *Healing Items, Enchant Stones, Mysterious Vials, *Growth Vials, and Ancient Skill Books!

    Splendid Treasure Chest (Hidden Repositorium Level 4): All kinds of Phoenix and Dragon God equipment crafting materials, Craftsman’s Soul, **Blessing License, Secret Vial of Potential [II], All kinds of Crystals, Sealed Phoenix Equipment Boxes, Enchant Stones, Ancient Skill Books, and the "Troy Treasure Chest” containing Armed Mounts and extremely rare items such as the Lilith Wings!

    These treasure chests are set to disappear after 10 minutes, so make sure to bring your quickest friends and mercenaries to defeat the Treasure Hunters as fast as you can. Everyone in your party can also earn extra treasure box rewards of that level depending on the amount of treasure hunters defeated!
    • 1 or more kills earns everyone 1 extra treasure box!
    • 41 or more kills earns everyone 3 extra treasure boxes!
    • 241 or more kills earns everyone 6 extra treasure boxes!

    *All healing items are event tagged.
    **Blessing Licenses are 7 Day event tagged.

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