Waning Winter

Winter is still going on, but the cold isn’t slowing us down. With the next patch, LaTale is releasing a whole list of new items!

Fresh Fashion Choices

Here are two new and fresh fashion choices for players to take advantage of. We introduce the Kindergarten, and Strawberry Rabbit sets! There hasn’t been anything quite like them before!

New Pets looking for Good Owners!

Some of the more exclusive and reclusive pets have now left their old homes and have taken up shop in the fashion shop! These new pets though will be looking for good owners to take them home. We’d like to introduce the Choky, Penguin, and Lovely Toby pets as now purchasable in the fashion shop.

Also joining them is the new Guidebook Bundle. This item now gives a great discount for a group of emotions you can buy all at once.

Never too early for Valentines

It’s never to early to start thinking about Valentines. With February right around the corner, Valentine’s Day won’t be far off. We’ll be launching two special Valentine’s Day themed contests that players can fall in love with.

Frozen Sales

In the spirit of the chilly weather, we will be releasing another special sale this coming patch. We’ll be having fashion, and utility items on sale with select bonus’ handed out, so move quick before the chill settles in.