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Thread: Totem Trader - Looking for Artists

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    Default Totem Trader - Looking for 3D Artists

    Team name:
    Totem Trader

    Project name:
    Totem Trader

    Brief description:
    It is an online strategy/rpg game. It will be played from the browser using the Java applet. There will be no leveling or skills like a standard rpg. The world will be a (partially destructible) battlefield, where battles will consist of outwitting your opponent. It is a turn based game converted
    into a real time environment (Game is real-time). The rpg element comes from acquiring land, acquiring an army,and acquiring equipment for the army. The setting is standard fantasy.

    Target aim:
    Short term: Free. Fix any bugs/add enchantments/etc....I will cover dedicated server hosting
    Medium-Long term: Premium account option to help cover hosting costs

    A great portfolio piece.

    Java, Java Monkey Engine

    Talent needed:
    Looking for 3D modelers, especially those who can create character models.

    Team structure:
    Me: Lead Programmer/Server Programmer
    2 Concept Artists
    1 Client Programmer
    1 3D Animator
    1 Composer
    1 Graphic Designer



    Additional Info:
    I have a private SVN setup on a host. I have tried my best to setup a very clean and thorough private project wiki for the team.
    This project is extremely well organized. We have thorough code and art reviews before anything is finalized. As it stands,
    the server and networking code are very mature; while the client is still in the very early stages.

    Please contact me or fill out the volunteer form above if you would like access to the design document.

    Some Concept Art:

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