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Thread: Which book should I buy? (C++)

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    Default Which book should I buy? (C++)

    Well I decided to start studying some programming again... I have the 2nd edition of "Head first java" but I am not that interested in the language. I wanted to know which C++ book I should buy... I know alot of people have recommended me (C++ Primer 5th Edit) but I'm kinda not sure about purchasing it since it was Published all the way back in 2004, I mean its been like 7 years I'm pretty sure the language has changed alot since then. Do any of you have any recommendations? Or will I be fine purchasing that book?

    Btw I have also started watching ANTIRFM's videos on youtube, great source for studying so far, but I would really like a "physical" (book) study guide.

    Was also looking at C#!
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