Itís that time of year again, and everything seems lovely. To help lighten the mood we have an impressive patch coming for players to take advantage of. Whether itís just enjoying the easier leveling and farming, dressing in style, or getting a chance at a rare and powerful weapon, itís up to you how you want to spend your Valentineís Day Celebrating!

Functional, yet Fashionable

Sometimes you need to look your best. Sometimes you need to be able to perform at your best as well. Functional Fashion Sets are perfect for players trying to strike that perfect balance between fashion and function. With the latest update weíll be tossing in the new Technical Function Set, and the Dragon Poe Function Set. Pick your favorite, and kick butt while looking good!

Valentine Boon

Players will be feeling the love with this extended XP and Item Drop Rate celebration of Valentineís Day. Starting from February 10thand going till the 16th, players will be receiving a bonus of 30% XP, and Item Drop Rate. This is a non-stop bonus, so you better hurry up before the boon is over!

The Valkyrieís Chosen

The Valkyries are feeling a little generous of late, and are offering out +6 Valkyrie weapons to players. During the time of February 10thto March 10th, if a player ends up spending 3000 astros or more in LaTale, they will be given a Valkyrie weapon of choice at +6 with 180 durability.

Valentines Sale

Love is in the air again, and we Love to put items on sales for players. This update weíll be having a host of new sales for players to take advantage of. From 8 fashion sets put on 30% off, to Utilities ranging from 50-70% off, youíll be sure to find something youíll love.