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    Hello guys!, its finally finished! My greatest role play!

    Well first of all I would like to give you a great big welcome to Ego Draconis! This role play is open to anyone and everyone as long as you have the patience and the will to become dedicated to this role play!.

    I've decided to make a similar OP layout that resembles Takesh's role play to keep everything organised and so that more things can be added, and, of course, because there is a lot of reading!

    This is a mature fantasy Role Play, the first instalment of the Ego Draconis chronicles! Expect dragons, drama, blood, gore, plot twists, alcohol references, the odd timing of humour, and of course, epic narrative.

    As usual, the opening post is pretty long! take your time with reading the below information, and at one go it can be a difficult task to read, let alone remember every fine detail that this OP has to offer. Thank you for taking an interest and good luck in your future travels as a citizen of Heoden!


    Table of Contents:

    Intro part I –
    The Prophecy

    Intro part II –
    The Kingdom

    Intro Part III –
    The Ico Dynasty

    Empress Matia VI
    The Royal Bloodline

    Intro Part IV –
    The Races

    Dwarves & Golems

    Intro Part V –
    The elven sub-races

    Spirit Elf
    Tree Elf
    Blood Elf

    Intro Part VI –
    Dragon Lore

    The Dragon God
    The Three Dragon Lords
    The Golden Palace

    Intro Part VII –
    The regions of Heoden (main settlements)

    Iron Citadel

    Intro Part VIII –
    Creatures of Heoden

    Orcs & Goblins
    *More To Be Announced*

    Intro Part IX –

    Shape shifter
    Dark Magician

    Intro Part X –

    Intro Part XI -
    Character Sheets


    Intro Part I -
    The Prophecy

    This story happened some time ago. This story is of brotherhood, and betrayal. It is a story of meaning in life, and nihilistic fatalism. It is a story with heroes, and villains, and all shades of characters in between. But beyond anything else this story is over. It has already happened, and there is nothing that can be done about its outcome. Do not fret for the lives that have been lost, so much as work for the lives that shall be. As Alarei, the Exile once said to his Disciples: “The past is carved in stone, but the future is written in water. It may either run through your fingers, or take whatever shape you make for it.”


    Volume I:
    On Prophets and Prophecy

    Verse I, A gathering of many storms

    What is the story of the Kingdom of Heoden?
    It is a gathering of many storms
    As deeply, darkly dreaming dragons wake
    Stir, and drink from mortality's chalice.
    What is the story of the Kingdom of Heoden?
    It is a dirge, bereft of hope, forlorn.
    It is a summer's song over a lake,
    Pure, innocent, ignorant of malice.
    What is the story of the Kingdom of Heoden?
    It is a story of many choices and doors,
    As deeply, darkly dreaming dragons slake
    Endless thirst within their golden palace.
    The Kingdom of Heoden is under siege, and behind these gold-wrought gates
    A dark, once-dreaming dragon awakes, revels in darkness, lies in wait.

    Verse II, An Exile Returned

    Heroes are forgotten by the legends,
    Flighty men, held high for their convictions.
    Though they are strong in body and in faith,
    They are lost in the shadows of the great.
    Heroes are forgotten by the legends,
    For there are prophets, speakers of visions,
    Who, divine by magic, or godly grace,
    And lead our people forward, weaving fate.
    Heroes are forgotten by the legends,
    There are Champions, cherished by nations,
    With the immense strength, and courage to face
    Our fell foes as they lay siege to our gates.
    In this age of Champions, Prophets, and Heroes, there is one more.
    The lost walker of shores and lands, the Exile, returned once more.


    Verse III, The City of God

    The Exile is returned with Prophecy.
    He walks alone, with dark premonitions,
    Visions that haunt him in nocturne dreams
    Of unhinged doors and ancient, unleashed fears.
    The Exile is returned with Prophecy,
    And, gifted with arcane erudition,
    Has heard the cruel, unyielding, dying screams,
    And seen the shine of black forged swords and spears.
    The Exile is returned with Prophecy,
    A blade in hand and a noble vision.
    Who can say what the dreamer astray gleans?
    But it is a gathering storm he fears.
    In a forgotten city, an ancient race lived in iron shod.
    As storms gather, the Exile ventures into the City of God.


    Intro Part II -

    The Kingdom of Heoden

    (Note to self: World name is Cyradon)

    The Kingdom of Heoden. A magnificent sprawling collection of countries united under a single banner. The Ico banner. Heoden has a long and illustrious recorded dating back 3,000 years, since the days that Gods and Dragons roamed these fabled lands. The continent of Heoden is dominated by the country of Cyre, an imperial nation of humans led by Empress Mattia VI of the noble Ico dynasty. It is, in all respects a very stereotypical nation of humans, with pastoral farmland, rolling hills of green grass, white, stone hewn cities, and so on and so forth. The city of Cyre is considered by all to be one of the five hubs of high civilization. The other “hubs of civilization” are the city of Farglow, the dwarven Iron Citadel, the city of Moonbreach, and, the “great gate” city of Krystania.

    Intro Part III –

    The Ico Dynasty

    Empress Mattia VI:
    Your ruler, Empress Mattia VI is one of the most beloved rulers to have ever been given power to rule over Heoden. Being renowned for her generosity and fair treatment, she has ruled over the continent for nearly 12 years, with no end close in sight. Mattia has been blessed with a son, the ruler of Farglow – Prince Malric, most notable for his noble voluntary service in the kingdom's army, participating in many major wars, and emerging victorious during his distinguished career as a commander.

    The Empress herself is in her late 50's, but somehow still retains her youthful looks that she had possessed 20 years earlier. It is unexplained how this can happen, it is as if she defies death's embrace itself. However, her people see it as an act of God, an act to keep her on the throne, taking care of Heoden for years to come, and none of her loyal subjects are none the wiser, they are entranced by her graciousness.

    The Royal Bloodline:
    The royal Iconian bloodline has kept power over the throne for the past 600 years. Those who belong to the royal Ico bloodline are rumoured to hold incredible powers which distinguish them as part of a tribe that transcends beyond that of any human being. It has been rumoured that the Iconians were birthed from magic, being one of the first human generations to be created by Amontine, the elven god of creation.

    The origins of the Ico family originated from the most southern reaches of the Orcish realms where no human has ever ventured into (only out). It is said that to the most southern reaches of the Orcish realm, there is a place, an unknown land to which the last of the gods walked, only to never return, and it is from this place that the first man had walked from. That single man was birthed from the Ico dynasty and, from the help of ancient godly relics created civilisation far to the north, in the city now known today as Cyre.

    Intro part IV -

    The Races.

    (Again, if you have any questions about the races or anything you want to add about them, send me a PM. I don't describe much about the generic fantasy characters because you already have the basic idea of how they are and what they look like.)

    Pretty much self-explanatory. The first human tribes originated from the most southern expanses of the orcish realms to the south, establishing themselves as one of the most dominant species in the world of Heoden. They are numbered with strong and hearty warriors, charming and eloquent scholars, precise archers and a number of other different trades. Humans at the current time rule over all the other races in Heoden. They are seen to be the most noblest of races, and the most sophisticated, but they lack the progression for the future. They have only developed themselves to be able to masons with stone, whilst other races, such as the Drall have progressed even further, to that of even creating flotillas (floating cities.)

    Said to be a distant relative to the humans, the Half-Giants are a sentient race of tall beings, almost barbarian like and are said to reside within tribal villages. Their main focus of political powers comes from the “beer halls” which strewn their cities, but they are by far considered to be race that possesses the least intellect. However, it is told that every 1 in 50 half-giants possess the intellect that surpasses even that of a far intelligently superior species.

    Burly by nature, most half-giants make up with their loss of intellect by training their bodies to the ultimate build. Their skin is thick, like rock, and their eyes are fiery with the passion to kill. Some half-giants proceed into the growing stages of “Inuik” from the ages of 30 onwards. This is the stage in their life where they begin to grow horns from their skulls. Their horns are a sign of their superiority over other each other, and it trends that those who have the most biggest, and curliest horns (which wrap around their ears) are one of the most superior Half-Giants known wherever they go.

    Esper: (Playable race and NPC companion character)
    An Esper in reality can't take any shape for they are dead. They have no specific race. They are the souls of people who have died and chosen to come back as an imperial being that binds themselves to any person (which they call vessels), for whatever reason. They can be linked in earth's principals of a “Guardian Angel”. Since they have no default species appearance, they take whatever appearance of the species of the person they have bound themselves to, or, whatever race their “vessel” has demanded them to become.

    Besides being dead, the Esper race has a special racial trait that no other race has access to. They can materialise from the “real world” to what they call the “Veil”. The veil can also be linked back to the earth retrospect of purgatory or heaven. From there, an Esper retreats to meditate, rest, or even satisfy any other needs that they have. In the veil, only an Esper may venture.

    There is one downside for a being to become an Esper however, and perhaps one of the biggest downfalls to becoming such an idolised being. No Esper can remember their past life. To become an Esper, you trade one life *your own* to enter another, and this is the pact one must be willing to take if they want to live for another lifetime, or, until their “vessel” dies by unnatural means.

    There are 3 sub-races of Elves in the kingdom of Heoden, but it has been noted to be known that there are a variety of different elves scattered throughout the world. Elves are usually cunning and intelligent creatures, excelling in surveying, archery, hunting and other tasks which would take the knowledge of an expert huntsman.
    The 3 sub-races of elves are as follows: Blood Elf, Tree Elf and the Spirit Elf. These 3 elven races have unique distinct racial attributes and appearances that differentiate them from one another. All sub-races of elves have said to have come from one pure elf in the first age. This pure elf was elven in spirit, blood, and in nature which made him the most precious elf in elvenkind. However, this elf had the lifespan of a human, and in great fear of dying the elf requested that the elven Gods create three unique elven races which would be made from him, from his knowledge of nature, from his blood, and from his soul. This is what brought about the creation of the three distinct races, however, a pure elf has never been seen ever again since the first age.

    (More about the three distinct elven races will be described in the next section.)

    Dwarves and Golems
    Dwarves have developed past the stages of stone masonry which the Humans are currently at. Dwarves have compensated for their small stature by beginning to mass produce rifles and working with other metals which would make them deadly in both combat and smithery. Dwarves range in height from 3-4 feet, feeling the need to have unshaven beards with long thick locks of hair which mostly tend to cover their faces. Dwarves live for war, and as such, have access to a variety of war machines which allow them to wage destruction on their foes, one of these machines being the Golem.

    The Golem is a stone Goliath which towers at 7 feet. They were created during the second half of the third age, the rise of the Dwarves to help serve them in battle to compensate for areas in which they lack, mainly height and other otherwise unsaid weaknesses. The magnificent thing about Golems is that they are alive. They are not just machines made for the Dwarves destruction, they have their own personalities and traits, along with a fully functional brain and heart which makes them sophisticated killing machines that abide by their masters (the dwarves) rule. They are extremely loyal creatures which prefer to do battle with their fists of stone, destroying whatever stands in their way, their favoured weapon, if they had to choose would be a stone two-handed axe which they can form from the earth itself.

    The Golems tend to share the appearance of humanoids, they have no hair, and can neither grow thick beards as well. They are made from a greyish-black stone, but between the cracks a blue aura is visible around their whole body, this is the secret life-force which the Dwarves imbue them with. Even though they have their own soul, Golems were built for one purpose, war, and that is the torment that they are forced to abide by. Golems have no age span, they can live on forever, even after being “killed”. They only have to be imbued with the special Dwarven life-force one more and then they come back, with all their memories intact, this is what makes them so efficient as a war machine. They have no expiry date, some Golems can even date back as far as 900 years old.

    The Drall are the most developed species in Heoden in every single aspect, by some people they are considered the perfect race. Their origins are unknown to all but them, as they choose mostly to keep to themselves. They are a neutral race, tending not to get involved with any political affairs, they seclude themselves with their lush, magnificent flotillas where they have resided for the past 500 years. They tend not to even visit the outside world, it is a rare occasion, an extremely rare occasion to see a Drall in broad daylight. They are the most mysterious sentient race known. As they are technologically superior, other races have tried to flock to them for knowledge of their technology, or even aid in battle, but because they are neutral, Drall seclude themselves from everybody except their own. Some say they are selfish, too proud to mix with others, and some say that they are afraid, afraid of change, and they fear for the day that they won't have the prestigious name that they hold so dear in future.

    The Drall tend to be very long and slender, 6 feet being the average height, but because they tend to be so thin they look much taller. Drall are dark green or blue in colour, and have dark black eyes. The Drall originate from the reptile family, they do not differentiate in the number of limbs than that of a human and have the average life span of 165 years. Their muscle tissue tends to be much more denser than that of humans, giving them a wiry strength. Many of their reptilian features are concealed, however one unique characteristic is the hyoid bone in their throats, which allows them to inflate their throats and produce vocal sounds outside of the human range. They also have two sets of eyelids, like crocodiles.

    The Drall possess eidetic memory, an adaptation to a world where they must remember the location of every necessary resource (vegetation, drinkable water and prey migration paths) across vast distances. The memories are so strong that an external stimulus can trigger a powerful memory recall. These recalls are so vivid and detailed that some Drall may mistake it for reality. This process can be involuntary, meaning, that they can randomly recall a memory in excruciating detail, unknowingly describing it to whoever is unfortunate (or blessed) to listen.

    One of the forgotten branches of the elves. Aviseoms are typically born with one green eye and one gray eye, yet they all have heterochromia iridum. They also have skin like sun-baked clay, diamond shaped eyes, and black hair, being descendents from elves who lived in darkness thanks to the curse that rid most of Avis from the sun and the sea. They love balance, which is proven from their weapons, a combination of industrialization and magic. Most are hunters, using ranged, two-handed weapons, such as spears (though the poor often steal with daggers and such). They reside solely in Avis, which was created for them by the God they worship, Tervis.

    The Celos are a race that live in the sea’s all around the world. The name of their race means in their language “water spring”, since they believe they are born from the first water spring of the earth. Some describe Celos as the elves of the water since they have the graceful build and ears that resemble the ears of the elves: long and pointy although the ears of the Celos look more like small flippers with membranes. Their skin is soft blue and their eyes have most of the time a sea green color. Hair can be any color except for red or any shades of red. Of course a shade of blue is common, but there are also Celos that have black or brown hair.

    Although Celos live underwater (they are able to breathe in water and on land) they are really more than your common merman. Clothing is a very important aspect of their culture. It is very unique with lots of detail. The more detail, the richer the Celos is. This is the same for their weapons which are strong and light, not meant to be used for heavy swordsmanship, but for fast killing.

    The Celos, hence living the water, are able to hear something that is in common language called the Voice of the Ocean. To describe it would be hard since it is something that cannot be measured in words. The people of the water see the ocean, besides from being their home, as a pure form of life, maybe perhaps as life itself. This form of life has its own voice which constantly resonates through the sea, unheard by any human ears, but all people from the race of the water can understand its basic meaning. Those who can completely understand it are those who are simply called the Listeners. They have a high place in the society of the people of the water for they have the power to hear the oceans bids and even make alterations in its pattern. It is not for nothing that so less is known about the people for the water for the Listeners tend to hold off every living creature that doesn’t belongs with them with their power to change the sea.

    Don’t get it wrong though. The Listeners don’t command the sea, they don’t control it, they merely make alterations in the pattern of the Voice of the Ocean and they do this in the name of Ocean. They don’t want by any means dominate the sea. Also when they can, they refrain from using this ability since they believe that nature should be as pure as possible. Yet when necessary they will not hold back to use the full force of the sea.

    Changing is preformed as said earlier by making alterations in the melody that can be called the Voice of the Ocean. You could see it like playing a melody in major and suddenly you add some notes and suddenly the song continues in minor. Those alterations are making a difference and can make a huge difference when played correctly and at the right time. Playing happens mostly through various instruments, but there are also people of the water known for their ability to sing with the sea.

    Intro part V -

    The elven sub-races

    Spirit Elf
    The spirit elf, also known as the grand elf. These are the most purest and innocent of the sub-races, and are mostly of female category, with a 1 to 50 male distribution between them. They tend to have soft white skin, following a fair complexion and long luscious hair which usually falls to their waist (women). They tend not to resort to violence, yet to the arts of healing which they focus most of their skills on. They make extremely powerful medics in battle, and can learn a few destructive spells to help protect them in battle. Some spirit elves tend to slightly walk away from their pure heritage and focus all their gifted abilities in offensive combat, and doing so can make them an equally powerful opponent to all who face them. These destructive spirit elves make use of the element of light to purify their foes or manipulate light in ways which can vaporize their enemies if they choose to do so.

    Spirit elves have long pointy ears which extend past their heads, they have been known to have extremely sensitive ears, and with such can detect a sound within a one mile radius making them useful scouts in replacement to the Tree Elf. They tend to wear silk clothes which tend to hang loosely from their thin frames, with sky blue hair flowing to their waists. Their eyes are a different story, gold in hue it makes them look like the perfect image of an angel, with no iris, only a golden yolk

    Tree Elf
    The tree elf, the generic elf in modern fantasy book and film adaptations. They breathe life into trees and prefer to live in solitude, embracing mother nature and relying on primitive tools to get by in life. They enjoy to hunt and fashion tree homes out of whatever they can scavenge. Most tree elves tend to become archers in battle, and tend to stay out of politics and away from industrialised cities, they feel that it makes them feel “dirty” if they enter a city, and those who do like cities have been named betrayers of their kind. Tree elves are a proud race, loyal to their standards of living, and limited to change, making them one of the technologically inferior races. Their compromise of living in cities is within the Spirit Elves homes, who live in beautiful fortresses (which share details from elven homes in Lord of the Rings.)

    They have pale skin, just like humans and their elven ears are pointy, but only extend 3 inches past that of a humans ear.

    Blood Elf
    The most notable trait of a blood elf is their blood red skin colour, which is most likely how they got their name. Natural born warriors with an athletes build, Blood Elves are the front line defence of the Elven population. Each sub-race protects the other, and they live peacefully in coexistence with each other. Although Blood Elves can't make use of any magic, and are useless with bows, they are proficient in sword-wielding, however, this does not mean that they lack intellect, or the dexterity to accurately pull a bow string, each sub-race has their disadvantages, which the other race makes up for, making three of each single sub-race elf together as powerful as a single pure elf.

    The blood elves ears are far different from the other two sub-races. Instead of growing past their heads, a blood elves pointy ears coil around the helix, which is quite bizarre, but the other two elven races are envious of this trait.

    Blood elves tend to paint themselves in white paint with palm prints and spirals across their bodies as indication of their uniqueness and love for bizarre fashion. The blood elves are superior in strength, but can also make great use of their survival instinct and cunning intellect in means of outsmarting opponents. As well as wielding swords, Blood elves can use daggers, making them natural born assassins, pirates, and shape shifters (shape shifting does not require the use of magic.)

    Intro Part VI -

    Dragon Lore

    The Dragon God
    Harbinger, the world eater. The infamous dragon god who is entirely known for the destruction of Heoden, the shifting of its united states into bordered countries. The Dragon God almost entirely saw to the complete destruction of the Gods of Heoden, until finally being defeated, banished from Heoden for an eternity. The Dragon itself was defeated by Alarei, who struck a devastating blow to its left eye with his sword, Anveleine. The dragon has been said to have the wing span of 200 feet (the average house is 50-60 feet) with the body being twice the size of one of its wings. The dragon is a ghastly black in colour, with hellish red eyes and menacing fangs that could make mince-meat of a city.

    Not much is actually known about the dragon other than that listed above. The dragon reigned hell on Heoden for a single day, but in that time almost destroyed the entire world, shattering the foundations of the world to its very core forever before finally being slain by Alarei, the exile god.

    The Three Dragon Lords
    Said to still be alive today, the three dragon lords were Harbinger's most loyal servants, but only span half the size of the Dragon God itself. However, they are not to be messed with. Being Harbinger's lieutenants make them a force to be feared. They helped orchestrate the violent frenzy that Harbinger laid bare to the world and saw to the destruction of the most ancient race, wiped from the face of the world. Like Harbinger, not much more is known about them, nor how they came to be, but one thing is for sure, after Harbinger was destroyed, they went into an eternal slumber, mourning their master for the rest of their days in seclusion.

    Also known as dragon haven, this is the only place where dragons reside today in comfort. They are not to be hunted or made extinct as long as they stay within the barriers of this safe haven. Nazgral has been home of the dragons for the past 1,000 years, and in that time they have grown comfort in the varying landscape. Nazgral spans the size of 2,444,820 square kilometres (the size of England.)
    Nobody is allowed to enter this one dragon haven, as part of a peaceful coexistence act made by both the Ico Empire, and the dragonkind.

    Intro part VII -

    The regions of Heoden (the main settlements)

    The central hub of human civilisation, Cyre is the largest city in Heoden, and to put into perspective, is about twice the size of New York, America. The city if fortified by a gigantic impenetrable stone wall which encircles the entire city. There are four entrances into the city, conveniently located to the north, south, east, and western parts of the city.

    The city itself is home to the Ico family, the current rulers of Heoden. Cyre is what you can expect of any capital city of a country, being the centre of political power, trade, population density and it is a city with mixed races living amongst each other or just passing through with business. I will not describe where Cyre is located just yet to avoid confusion. I will make a visual representation of where everything is located to avoid confusion what so ever, also known as a map .

    The elven city of Heoden. Farglow is a Spirit Elf city, in which all elven sub-races can be found. There are plenty of racial textures and qualities about the city which makes it appealing to all
    sub-races so everybody is happy. The city is encircled by an elven magical shield, and divided into three individual sectors for each sub-race. The northern third of the city it the Spirit Elf sanctum, here you can find anything pure and beaming with grace, high white rock formed buildings line the streets, with bustling markets in the centre. The second sector, to the east is the Tree Elf sanctum. This sanctum can be basically imagined as a large collection of high trees and low-lying shrubbery which is pleasing to tree elves. Their homes are built high up near the tops of the trees and none of the other elven sub-races choose to venture into here, as they feel that it is...awkward...for them to navigate. Third and final sector of the city lies to the west. The blood elf keep. This sanctum is basically the industrial centre of the city. This is where all the smithery takes place, but, put into aspect is considered to be the most beautifully average sector for the working class as you would see in today's society.

    Moonbreach can be described as a gigantic sprawling forest which was “planted” by Amontine as part of his paradise, a garden. The trees are all perfectly aligned, making it possible to stand in one part of the forest and look directly out to the exit. This place is home to many tree elves, as well as every exotic creature you can think of. Moonbreach got its name because of the fact that, at night, when the moon is at its highest point and shining directly down over Moonbreach, rays of moonlight breaks through the trees in focused beams, creating a beautiful scene. Moonbreach is considered to be the Tree Elves capital city, and is also nicknamed “Amontine's Playground.”

    Brimmingshire is an average human settlement, not too small to be called a village, and not quite big enough to be considered a city, stuck in between. Nothing is of unique note to state about this settlement other than the fact that it is a small fishing settlement, and is a boat gateway from the continent of Heoden altogether, to the expanses of the other lands and different countries not part of Heoden's kingdom because of the fact that the wind blows eastwards, away from Heoden making it faster to travel the seas by sail. It is also the place where Alarei first visits after returning from his exile, and it is where his story begins.

    Iron Citadel
    The Iron Citadel, it has withstood some of the greatest battles ever laid siege to its walls for over 900 years. The Iron Citadel is the dwarven home city. A gigantic fortress which lays in the centre of an even bigger quarry. The fortress itself has been built underneath for year upon year. Meaning, that it is far bigger than the mind can calibrate because of the expansive underground tunnels and dwarven homes underneath the citadel. If not for Cyre, the Iron Citadel would be the largest city in Heoden, and the fact that it isn't a city because it is literally only one building. Too large for your human mind to begin to even comprehend.

    Nicknamed the “Great Gate” because of the fact that it is the only way in which the southern Orcish tribes can enter through to Heoden because of the fact that the whole southern expanses of Heoden is covered in snowy mountains. It is the first line of defence against the orcish invasion and is home to the worlds most strongest fighters.

    Krystania is fairly large city, having an estimated population of 20,000. The city itself majestic and full of wonder. Sitting on the side of a mountain is the castle, overlooking the rest of the city. It is fairly wealthy, making most of its money off of merchants and trading. It also has mines, where silver and ore are mined.

    Krystania is the most famous city in Heoden, even more famous than Cyre. The reason for this is because it is the very ground where the first orcish war was ended. All the races banded together (including the Drall) approximately 600 years ago to fight off the biggest Orcish invasion ever known (think on par of the war that rages in the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings.) From that point Krystania was established, being the first line of defence against another Orcish invasion, which still yet has to occur after nearly 600 years.

    (You may be wondering why I haven't chosen to add all of the races homelands, well basically the places described above are the ones which will play detrimental parts to the story and I only thought I should include places which will be role played in ((although other locations will be role played in)) so I hope this clears any confusion, and if you want to know what the other races homelands are, just give me a pm and I'll give a general description.)

    Intro part VIII -

    The creatures of Heoden

    Orcs & Goblins
    There is not much to describe here. You all have your own familiarities with the evil and vile creatures so I will leave it to your perceptions to know how they act and what they look like. They usually operate in groups of 5-8, scouting groups, although 600 years prior, they were known to travel in their 1,000's. They have no leader, yet have war chiefs who coordinate their attacks. They are uncivilised and care not for pretty things. That is all.

    Sanguins are lizard-like creatures which roam the world. They are not rare at all, in fact many people suffer from these said creatures attacks. They are a menace who are somehow related to dragons, however their only similarity seems to be their ability to breath fire. They do not resemble dragons even though they are lizard-like. Oathkeepers slay these creatures and drink their blood, they are specialized in killing Sanguins.

    Intro Part IX-

    The Classes

    (This will be kept general so people can adapt each class to their specific requirements.)
    (Don't worry too much about the classes, it is just to get a general idea of what kind of fighter you want to lean your character towards.)

    The basic sword-wielding class. Warriors usually attack their enemies with brute strength and clever cunning. They usually wear metal armour to deflect attacks from enemies and can easily dispatch enemies from close range.

    Archers use bow and arrows, crossbows or even rifles to attack their foes. They obviously attack from range, choosing to stay back from close combat where they are not skilled in. They are highly agile and can do a number of acrobatic moves to avoid any attacks which may come near them.

    The mage class of the role play. Elementalists can manipulate two elements of their choosing, conjuring a great amount of spells to kill their opponents, like the archer they attack from range. The elements which an elementalist can manipulate are fire, water, earth and wind.

    Dark magician
    A different kind of magician than the elementalist, instead of using the elements they rely more on the darker aspects of magic. Curses, necromancy, blood sacrifices. This doesn’t make them necessarily evil, only choosing to manipulate life energy instead of the elements.

    Sages are like Shape shifters, their only difference being that they cannot turn into creatures, they merely summon them. Sages can summon two creatures at once to attack their enemies, whichever summons they have trained to use. Sages are one with nature, just like tree elves and can also cast small damaging spells which would usually be used to pull pranks and jynxs.

    Having access to their own ship and sea-faring crew, a pirate travels the seas in search of grand adventure and cliché chests of gold. They are feared by all those who are not fans of pirates, and sea-creatures of all manner of ugly. Each pirate can reap a lot of gold if you choose to bring one to justice and bring their...remains....before the Empress.

    Assassins are the rogue class in the role play. They make use of daggers and their sly sneaking skills to get the drop on the enemy. They can quickly infiltrate hard to reach areas and enemy territory in which a warrior would normally just run into with swords swinging. They usually conceal their face to avoid any attention.

    Shape Shifters
    Shape shifters, a bizarre class at that. They do exactly as it says on the tin. They can morph into a variety of different powerful creatures and are a force to be reckoned with. Shape Shifters can speak in their own language, which can easily be called “nature language”. They usually use nature language as a incantation to turn into the creature that they desire.

    Bards are people who fight more with words than with weapons and if they fight they often use forms of mind control like illusions. They are good listeners and speakers and tent to be able to find the most deepest secrets or newest gossips quite easily. Their music skills are exceptional, mostly on one specific instrument or with their voice.

    Intro Part X-


    This is a high fantasy campaign of epic proportions, in the sense that the storyline has the potential of enduring. I should hope that we have the time to explore all the facets of its potential and live vicariously through the characters we create here. To lay some ground rules, here is what you should expect.

    (*)This is a role playing campaign for writers of advanced quality. If you are not of advanced quality, you will not be participating, unless you are willing to commit for the length of the Role Play and to at least extend the length of your posts to 5 paragraphs, no less, and no 3 lines paragraphs either .

    (*)You are just as important and pivotal to the story as much as Alarei, the Exile. Give your character a reason for his goals and motivations, why he or she is doing the things they are doing, and why do they ally themselves with Alarei.

    (*)Not going along the lines of giving me your CS in PM anymore, you can post them here any time you want and I will check over them when I have the time.

    (*)All of onrpg's role playing rules exist in this Role Play, here is a link to where you can find them here: Roleplaying rules.

    (*)If you want to add something to the lore of Heoden, please ask me via PM beforehand. Perhaps it is an idea for a new sentient race? Or perhaps an important part of Heoden's history. This RP is just as much mine, as it is yours, and I want it to be as much as an enjoyable experience for you as it possibly can!

    (*)Do not write detail just for the sake of adding detail. If writing something feels like a chore, chances are, reading it will be too. So, if you can't think of anything to write for your character – don't. The RP doesn't have to progress in a “Round Robin” type style, just whenever you have anything worthy to be add.

    (*)Last but not least, have fun guys, let your imaginations run wild, there is a vast beautiful dark world (Oxymoron FTW!! ) waiting to be explored, and it is your duty, as a disciple of Alarei the Exile, to restore its order and rise to become the most iconic figures in the history of the continent of Heoden.

    Intro part XI -

    Character Sheets









    Skills/Abilities: (Select only two skills) Your skills and abilities are those which you would use for the general use of combat or to aid in combat.

    Perks: (Select only 3 perks.) Your perks on the other hand are secondary skills which are used to benefit your character in any other way other than fighting, and also defines who you are as a character, whether it be your vast arcane knowledge or the fact that you know how to craft arrows, if you are still unsure send me a pm.


    You find a small journal, bound in faded brown leather and bound with a simple red cloth. On the front of the journal you see the familiar crest of a dragon, yet you cannot place its origins. Inside you see a small letter, alongside a piece of a much larger document, pinned to the first page you see the basis of a persons biography, but some of the letters have faded with age.

    Name: Alarei.

    Age: 21 [5 year exile]

    Gender: Male.

    Race: Human.

    Class: Warrior.

    Anything else is blocked by water damage and time. The pages are yellowed with age and crinkle loudly as you turn the page. The only thing on the first page is a written description of the author. You give it a glance, to see perfect cursive writing under it in a consistent, black ink.

    Alarei is not the tallest of men, standing at a height of some five feet, nine inches. He is lean and lithe, with a tight, sinewy build formed from the rough lifestyle of a wandering man. His hair is a jet black which also holds with medium length variant which he would usually form into a loose ponytail. His skin is weather worn and deeply tanned from sun exposure. Runic tattoos of enigmatic origin creep along the left side of his body and up his neck in intricate designs and asymmetrical patterns. He has uneven stubble with rough, battle-worn features. Although many scars line his body, (with a single thin scar slyly embedded across his left eye) one cannot help but feel admiration for him or feel attracted towards him in some sort of way because of his curious charisma, or the fact, that underneath those rough looks, there is something beautiful inside, a soul of purity. His golden brown eyes are anything but soft, possessing an intense glimmer of fire and strength that complement a harsh, unforgiving gaze that, more often than not, appears to be a glare rooted in determination and fortitude.

    (Chosen not to describe Alarei's attire because Alarei does not have a set attire for the RP, he usually changes after each adventure, and I will always describe his new apparel and indicate when he has changed again. He is not a compulsive dresser by the way . Everybody changes clothes from time to time . Just Sayin'.)

    Personal Effects:
    Alarei has few possessions in addition to his clothing, the most important of these being his sword. The blade is a double-edged straight long sword with runic engravings upon the hilt, which seem to match Alarei's tattoos. Along with this he also wears a mysterious pendant around his neck, with the centrepiece being that of a blood red jewel which he has kept with since the day of his exile, it is the only material possession linking him to his past.

    The Sword of Anveleine:
    The runic sword was forged deep inside the scorching magical fires of the country of Anveleine, the supposed birthplace of Amontine, the god of creation. It is the only one of its existence and was forged long ago, dating back to the time of when gods roamed the world. It is also, rumoured, to be the very sword that had slain the dragon god by the exiled god, Alarei.

    It is unknown how this wondrous sword came into present Alarei's hands, but it prey tells that it will be meeting the scaly skin of another dragon once more.

    The appearance of the sword is elaborate and visually stunning. It is cast from a magical metal, which shares the same appearance of silver. The handle of the sword is laced by a black ribbon to form comfort, there is also a sky blue jewel present as a centrepiece in the hilt. The blade then extends out past the hilt, with numerous arcane like runes engraved onto the actual blade itself, before forming at the sharp tip of the blade. The sword in whole is light and superior in strength, with enough strength to cut through a dragons scales let alone a humans skin.

    Alarei is an enigmatic, reserved individual, preferring to keep his history and future to himself, however, he does like to share personal experiences should there be a pint of ale in his hands. He is wizened by experience, and in his quest has little time for frivolity or humour, although, there are times where he takes the eager opportunity to let down his hair so to speak, and relax. He has a mission of utmost importance, and despite the vague knowledge he has of his noble quest, he has the mind set to match its gravity.

    Alarei is an auspicious figure, and a deeply religious man, believing in particular, the deity of Amontine, the God of creation. Not only does Alarei believe in himself, but also the hands whom he lays his life. He believes everybody deserves a chance at life and he will stop at nothing to make sure that the people he meets along his travels are at no despair and that their problems are set at ease by any means in which he can help, as long as it does not conflict with his important and noble quest.

    Skills/Abilities: (Select only two skills.) Your skills and abilities are those which you would use for the general use of combat or to aid in combat.

    Runic Magic:
    Alarei's body and the blade of his sword are imbued with runes that take the form of tattoos and engravings, respectively. These runes allow him to tap into vast wells of magical energy and power and give him the ability to manipulate arcane forces in countless ways, he is able to conjure two different elements, that of fire and water, both conflicting elements which Alarei uses in such a way that benefits his allies but also devastates his enemies. The exact details of the spells that he can conjure is not well known but they can range from different spectacular and wondrous things. However, with all power, there are limits to what they can do before it begins to exhaust Alarei's body which can prove to be a very detrimental weakness in battle.

    True Vision:
    Alarei is gifted with the powerful magical power of divination and prophecy, which allow him to “see” across vast distances of time and space, into minds, and through illusions. True Vision can be described as Alarei's third eye, allowing him to perceive events before they actually occur, but only in fragments. The future can always change and alas, Alarei cannot always rely on these visions, only use them as a reference to guide him on his mission.

    The skill of True Vision, as mentioned earlier, allows Alarei to see into peoples minds, passive skills involved with this include telepathy and to read fragments of past memories from people he comes into contact with, merely through touching them. This can be useful in interrogations, and other kinds of situations in which it would benefit him in his journey.

    Perks: (Select only 3 perks.) Your perks on the other hand are secondary skills which are used to benefit your character in any other way other than fighting, and also defines who you are as a character, whether it be your vast arcane knowledge or the fact that you know how to craft arrows, if you are still unsure send me a pm.

    5 years of seclusion, moving from settlement to settlement, and learning chemistry among the divine elves of the north wind has allowed Alarei to learn basic botany among plants (such as creating healing elixirs) and chemistry among humans (through the likes of detecting critical and vulnerable striking points.) This knowledge is safeguarded by elves who wish not for their secrets to be known by the outside world, as fear of it doing more worse than good. You could say, that Alarei has gained a keen eye for judging his surroundings, finding hidden tracks and quickly finding the whereabouts of certain individuals. He has the nature knowledge of the most divine north wind elves within the strong vessel of a human body.

    Alarei has a keen obsession for horse riding, and, as such, owns his own horse, Sombre. He has kept the black stallion for little under two years now, a gift from a farmer whom he provided service for during a time of recovery. Sombre is said to be one of the fastest breeds of horse you can find in the province of Heoden, and as such, matches Alarei's skill for horse back riding.

    Silver-Tongued Devil:
    Alarei's voice is smooth and eloquent, suggesting a natural charisma and sense of self-worth. A few words with Alarei could inspire the most cowardly of men, or imbue the lost man with a sense of hope and fortitude. This gift is part of what adds the finishing touches to the elusive character that is Alarei, and perhaps is one of his most dangerous gifts in the eyes of the enemy...

    Alarei's past is enigmatic and shrouded in uncertainty as much as the man himself. His true name, his past, and the purpose behind his departure from Cyre long ago remain entirely unknown. What is known is that, in self-imposed exile, Alarei departed from the kingdom of Cyre, and ultimately the continent of Heoden entirely, to travel lands far and wide. During his five years in seclusion he travelled to the island of Caj and ingratiated himself with the Sultan himself, to whom he is known as Jaadir, the Soothsayer. He lived among the Drall of the Savage Isles, to whom he is known as Ruhan, the apprentice. He dwelled among the elves of the of the colonies of the Centre Tree, who named him Alarei, the exiled god, the son of Amontine, the god of creation. It was in the company of these elves, the guardians of the prophecy of the Ark, that he discovered his arcane vision, the burning gates, and his destiny.

    Oathsworn to the prophecy, Alarei spent two years traversing the world once more on his journey home. He arrived in Farglow, true to his vision, that the palace of the Dragon King had been discovered and was being opened to privatised exploration. Without time to lose, Alarei set out to assemble a team of adventurous men and women to embark on a quest that could lead to the preservation of the world.

    The next few pages have pieces of documents, maps and other miscellaneous papers wrinkled in straight lines, like they were folded up in the past. Each seem like pieces of more documents, official ones with fading seals. They look like Dolorian military symbols, the phoenix on top of the mountains. All around them are more scribbles. Two specific paragraphs five pages in, one around an important looking document, another next to a lock of hair, stand out.

    Lurs, 14th Marx, 146.
    ...Saved a Duke. The duke of Bremmingshire. There has been talk about The man that has come home to offer riches and wonders to all those who call for it. I have. Returning from a five year exile has brought enlightenment to my once young and eager eyes. My first visit was in fact, as you could have deciphered, Bremmingshire. I was walking along a cracked cobble road which gave direction to a dimly lit firefly light at the end of the harbour. There was a commotion brewing from among some shipping crates so I decided to investigate.

    What I had found however was the Duke of Bremmingshire, Aldridge. A few cut-purse bandits were attempting to steal from the frail old man as he was returning to his manor. I managed to intervene and was compensated with the audience of the Duke himself, as well as a place to stay for the following three nights. I traded magnificent tales with the Duke, Aldridge. Before I left, he told me rumours that would aid me on my mission. The reopening of a dragon's tomb no less. It is disheartening to see that my visions are actually becoming reality. I must make haste. I need to return to Cyre. I must also begin to unite a group of adventurers who would like to aid me on my quest, as I have envisioned, in the near future, that I have a band of stalwart companions by my side in furious combat.

    Tarn, 29th Crontis, 146.
    I decided to settle the fellowship for the night. We had a harsh journey the past couple of days, with no rests in between, so it was heartening for the group as they had a chance to unwind and swap stories of the years gone by. We have all developed a strong bond over the short time that we have all been together. The prophecy has indeed aided me in forming a band of reliable and sturdy friends that will fight alongside me to the end. I just hope that the day doesn't come that they, and I have to face what my visions have foretold. The vision that blinds m--

    The rest of the text has become undecipherable. You stop to scavenge through the rest of the junk in the room that you occupy, with much granted luck you find another leather bound journal, this time a far thicker one. On the front, another crest, but this time it is completely unfamiliar to you. The title that graces the journal is called...

    Ego Draconis
    ...and so the tale begins...
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    (( OOC: Ah, there it is ^^. I'll send you a PM shortly after I post this Anglo. ))

    \\Character Sheet\\

    Name: Maiyu Lavinthel (Given name, see History)
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Class: Shape shifter

    Head: Maiyu has a short scarlet hair which is as wild as she is. Unfortunately she rarely reveals her face so her hair is also concealed most of the time. She has a pair of bizarre eyes, trademark for a member of the Oathkeepers. Both eyes have two colors (+ iris in the middle) in them and they are shaped like Yin & Yang symbol. The colors Maiyu has are green and yellow, both which have their own impact on her senses (explained in Skills & Perks). Maiyu is not a supermodel but she is beautiful nonetheless. She also has a black tattoo over her left cheek which reaches all the way to her throat. She wears a dark brown hood over her head all the time, she takes it off only when she sleeps in a bed.

    Torso & Arms: Maiyu's outfit consists of a dark brown coat which has a 10 cm split in the bottom, the coat is also padded with small metallic plates. Under the coat she has a dark purple shirt which sleeves have been cut (tank top). She has bandaged both her arms all the way to her shoulder, hands not included. She wears black gloves most of the time. The coat is kept closed with four round buttons in the front however it only covers her torso and arms, her legs are fully visible because the coat isn't meant to cover the whole body. She has an assortment of throwing knives lined all around her body, for easy access. There is also a slot for a small crossbow on the left side of the coat and both her chakrams are hanging from a belt on the right side of the coat.

    Legs: Maiyu wears dark brown leather pants with dark red patches on the side. She has received numerous cuts on her legs, thus the pants have been patched a lot. There are numerous throwing knives attached to her pants too. As for shoes she wears long dark brown boots which reach her knees and have a sort of collar there. There are knives strapped on both her boots so that they pop out on her command and inflict damage just by jumping on the enemy.

    Weapons: Maiyu prefers long range combat, thus she has a multitude of poisonous throwing knives attached all over her body. She also has a small crossbow and all the bolts she has currently with her are strapped under the coat, out of sight. These are her long range weapons, however everyone knows you can't always avoid close quarters combat so she has a pair of chakrams for that. Her chakrams do work in long range combat too but they aren't as accurate as the knives. The chakrams are round and sharp, the handle part has a thick layer of leather in order to prevent cuts.

    Personal effects: A simple golden bracelet which Maiyu has no idea of it's origin. The bracelet bears an insignia however it is unknown to her. She never wears the bracelet but she always keeps it with her.

    Personality: Maiyu doesn't open up to people anymore. She has trust issues however these can be overcome. You won't see her acting too friendly but this doesn't mean that she is mean either. She likes to keep her ”Mysterious Stranger” status. She is a trustworthy ally in combat if you've earned her trust. The problem is do you have enough faith to truly trust her?


    Yin - Her eyes which she received from the ritual enhance some of her abilities. The green color(Yin) enhances eyesight which is the most important of senses for her. It enables her to see further than your average human, and it also greatly increases her accuracy. It's as if the target slows down when she uses the eye, making it very easy to hit it.

    Web of Strings – This is the only ability which Maiyu has that involves magic. She can form thin but durable strings from her fingertips with the use of magic. These strings can be attached to anything, however Maiyu prefers to use the strings in two different ways.
    One of them is that she attaches the strings into her throwing knives, thus enabling greater control over the knives (enables her to throw more than only two knives at once). It is handy if the target is especially agile.

    The other way works as a trap. She lays down a web of these said strings, wait for her opponents to tangle into them and then finish them off while they are fighting their way out of the web. The web also works as an alert mechanism. Maiyu can attach the string to her finger and lay the rest on the ground. If someone steps on the strings on the ground, Maiyu is alerted immediately by it. Works well when she is sleeping in the wilds.


    Poison Ivy – The name explains the perk quite well. Maiyu is capable of making different kinds of poisons which she extracts from different flowers. She learned it when she was being trained by the Oathkeepers. It was one of the very first things which she learned there.

    Yang - The yellow color in her eyes enhances her sense of smell. It enables her to track down her targets more easily. She received it from the ritual which she had to undergo in order to become a member of the Oathkeepers. If both eyes are used simultaneously, her eyes will emit a faint color of yellow.

    Alchemy – Maiyu has learned how to create potions which enhance her skills. The effects last only a little while but they can save her life in a pinch. The potions can enhance anything; including her physical strength, senses, resistance against fire etc. There are side-effects to these poisons but they don't usually hinder Maiyu too much. The more drastic the benefit of the potion, the more visible side-effects it has.

    History: (( It's a long one. ))
    Maiyu lived her childhood in the village of Inoua, in the southern part of the kingdom of Heoden (not too southern of course). She was brought to a certain woman's door as an infant. The woman took her in and raised her. To this day she has no idea who her real parents are, nor what her real heritage is. As a child, Maiyu was cheerful and she was able to express love easier than most. It was one of the prime reasons why the villagers all seemed to love her in a way, she was like everyone's child there. She also worked hard alongside the other villagers even though she was a child. It was impossible to tell her not to do it so they just let her help.

    When she turned 17, a group of men and women arrived into her village. They were searching for a new recruit into their guild, the Oathkeepers. Of course Maiyu had no intentions of joining this guild, she loved the village in which she lived. Yet these men took one from the village, whether they liked it or not.
    They saw something in Maiyu, a talent to become one of them. The village members tried to bargain her out of it, however their efforts were in vain. The members had no intentions of leaving Maiyu here. The strangers would've mercilessly killed the villagers if she hadn't gone with them so she voluntarily left in the end. Just before they took Maiyu away, her foster mother gave her a bracelet which she had carried as an infant. Her foster mother told her to cherish it and never lose it; Maiyu has kept her promise on that.

    Maiyu's life changed drastically after that. She was thrown into a vortex which only offered pain and suffering. She was forced into the guild, and there she trained for a year. Once she turned 18, she went through the dreaded ritual. The ritual was simple but it could kill you, in fact Maiyu belonged to one of the three out of twenty who survived the ritual. She was forced to drink the blood of Sanguin which was like drinking poison. She went through immense pain once she had drank the blood, she saw visions during that time which riddle her even now. The ability to sense your enemy was a huge burden, she would always sense them and they would always sense her.

    After the ritual, Maiyu started changing. She would still be under training for at least two years before she would be a full fledged member of the Oathkeepers. During those harsh years her personality started changing. She became cold to those around her, she wouldn't talk to anyone and she avoided contact with others. Slowly she was starting to lose herself, as if she was becoming a mere tool, a husk with no emotions. This was sadly according to the plan for Dragan who led the guild. Every member had to become emotionless killing machines without a shred of mercy for their victims.

    This was Dragan's goal from the start. He believed in absolute control, in absolute annihilation. He believed one can not kill their enemy thoroughly if they have mercy.. brought by emotions. This was his policy which he clinged onto from the start. He himself was a monster of a man who trusted only himself. The guild was a way for him to control people.. to submit them to his will. The guild was respected thanks to their efforts but only a few knew how horrible it actually was. The worst part was that if someone refused to do his bidding, Dragan would kill them. Maiyu wasn't foolish enough to even try escaping, she would immediately be Dragan's next target. No one survived long if Dragan was after them, he had proven it multiple times.

    It seemed all attempts of escaping this wretched place were for naught. Maiyu spent another four years hunting Sanguins and training in the tower. By the end of the fourth year, she had stopped speaking. She wouldn't even look at anyone. Dragan was more than pleased with her efforts, she was becoming a more and more valuable asset for him. Whether she had truly became an emotionless husk, or more frail and broken than you could even begin to imagine, was a question which was never sought an answer.

    Then the day arrived, the day which would change Maiyu's fate in the tower. Maiyu had been hatching a plan, a plan to murder all the Oathkeepers in the tower including Dragan Loth. It was a rather complicated plan and very hard to carry out. The plan was to poison everyone in the tower however there were two things to consider: If the poison killed someone, it would immediately alert the others which would result them to abandon the tower. This meant the poison had to be extracted on every level of the tower, poisoning everyone at the same time. The other problem was Maiyu's escape route, naturally she would have to be as far away from the tower as possible. This meant that she would have to start from the top and descend to the lowest level in order to make it out in time.

    Dragan was no fool, he would quickly realize if something was off. Thus the poison had to be hidden well and fast on all 30 floors. Then the distraction Maiyu had wished came. A group of Sanguins had found their way to the root of the tower, alarming the rest of the Oathkeepers. Dragan was more than happy to join the fight. Not all of the Oathkeepers joined the fight so Maiyu still had to be careful when placing the poison ”bombs”. Maiyu was quick enough to place most of the poison ”bombs” before the Sanguins were slaughtered. Once all the Oathkeepers returned from their ”meal”, she herself exited from the window on the lower floors and let the poison do the rest.

    Maiyu left the tower with a smile on her face for the first time in a long, long time. Her joy was quickly out-lived however; a furious roar blasted from behind her only moments after her escape. Dragan had survived, and he was out for Maiyu's blood. Consumed by rage, Dragan started chasing Maiyu who ran as fast as she could away from him. Together, they entered the Forest of Whispers..

    (( OOC: This will be where Maiyu's story starts from. ))
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    Name: Blue Vaiyon

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Race: Thought to be Human

    Class: Warrior

    Appearance: Has light to dark brown hair, which curls up around the ears. His hair is a decent length, which at times can fall over his eyes. He has green eyes, for which when light reflects off them, almost look like their glowing. He is of average to muscular build.

    He sports a white t-shirt with two black straps that go over his shoulder. He wears black gloves on both hands. Also sports black pants with black shoes.

    Personal Effects:
    Around his neck he wears a few golden necklaces, along with a silver cross. This was a gift given to him by Tesa on his 25th birthday. On his left shoulder he has a tattoo, sported by all 5 Legion generals. On it, it has the symbol V printed (meaning the 5th legion). On his left arm, he also has another tattoo, showing his allegiance to the Vaiyon household.

    Weapons: Blue doesn’t officially use weapons. He can sometimes be seen sporting a rapter (sword) which was given to him by his foster father. It’s more for show then using though. Blue prefers hand to hand combat, using his whole body as a weapon (from hands to feet).

    Personality: Blue was rather friendly and outgoing when he was in the military. Now that he is on the run, he is more reluctant to talk to people, afraid to give himself away. He has great leadership skills and a strong charisma making most people like him. He is rather calm and tends to think before acting. He has a very devoted attitude to those that he trusts.


    Index: Blue has the power to go beyond human physical boundaries. Using his power he calls Index, he has the ability to accelerate all aspects of himself (from speed, to strength, to precision, etc) depending on the percentage he states. He does not go beyond 50% though. The drawback on using this power is that it severely affects his body. From 30% onward, he can start to feel the effects during but mostly after he turns off Index. Once he goes past 50% he has a high risk of losing organs due to internal bleeding. Speeding up the body, causes ALL aspects to be sped up, including internal functions. When he leaves the mode, the body tries to compensate for being accelerated, usually hurting itself in the process.

    Last Hope: As a last resort, Blue focuses his remaining energy into his right hand, which starts to give off a blueish, smokey glow, which starts to surround his body, almost causing illustration like wings to appear on his back. Combining this with Index, he usually has a minute at most before he is completely out of power, usually causing him to be unable to even move. He has to be able to just touch the person, causing serious internal damage to them, from organs being destroyed to muscles being completely torn apart. He can’t control what it destroys, so there is a chance that even if he touches his opponent, they will still be able to fight, depending on what organs, or muscles were destroyed.


    Elven Background:
    Due to his foster father teaching him as a child, he grew up learning many Elvish ways. One being that he can speak Ppirit Elvish pretty fluently, causing a lot of people to wonder if he is actually half elvish (for speaking Elvish for just humans is considered extremely difficult.) The second being that he was trained to fight hand-hand combat in Elvish style (called Telach). Pasted down by his foster father, he learned to forget the ways of power and strength, focusing on confusing the enemy with speed and accuracy, wearing them out for over long periods of time. It isn’t meant for a quick victory.

    Human Background: His father thought it would be best to not only have 1 way to fight, so he got Thrunda, an ex-Legion 3 general, to teach him the ways of Berserker. It sacrifices speed and accuracy for power and strength, making for a fight that needs to end quickly. Blue can freely move between the two styles.

    Leadership: One of the main reasons he was able to become the Legion 5 general at such a young age, was due to the way he talked and inspired his men. If he called for his small group of 30 or so men to go against a large force of 100+, his men trusted him with their lives, never disobeying his commands. When he first became a general, he promised that he would put his own life at risk before any of their own. He treated them like family, hence their total respect for him. Not only in the military does his leadership/charisma show though, for the way he talks and acts, almost inspires others to be around him, as if he was around, everything will go right, even if that wasn’t the case.

    History: (Remember to look at the group blog post of Blue Vaiyon. To try to keep this as short as possible, many introductions on who people are, are posted there.)

    Blue was born in a village, Kaol, around 30 miles outside of Krystania. Other than that, there is no information about him before the age of 5.

    Age 5: Rumors of a treacherous attack against the throne was said to have come from Blue's village. Rumors were that thousands of soldiers of unknown origin were gathering there, planning to attack Krystania first, crippling the main defense to the capital. Having to act upon orders from the throne, a young Duke Fray Maeilista, along with his close friends Dias Vaiyon and Francesco Rau, lead 2 legions of men on a surprise attack on the village. The three other legions were put on standby, their generals ready to act on orders for backup. Listening to Rau, Fray decided to attack the village from a far, using a combination of magic and siege weapons. After the bombardment ended, Fray, at the dismay of Rau, wanted to take a look at the village, feeling that something was wrong. There was no resistance, and for a place that supposedly harbored thousands of men, he didn’t see any men at arms. As he traveled down the dirt hill on horseback, he was shocked in horror. This wasn’t a resistance camp. All he could find were farmers, woman and children laying on the ground, burned to crisps or severed with multiple projectiles. Fray couldn’t believe the horror he committed. He got off his horse and fell to his knees. What horrible deed did I just commit, he thought to himself. Then at the far distance, he heard a child crying. Him, Rau and Dias moved through the wreckage and found a toddler, about the age of 5, crying. Reaching down, Fray was pushed back from some sort of energy field protecting the child. Dias noticed what it was. He held out his hand murmured a few symbols in Elvish releasing the barrier. It was a Life Seal. At the expense of the casters life, one can put on a impenetrable seal around someone or something for almost a few hours, depending on the life force of the individual. Dias was able to break it for the seal was at its last strength. The only one alive from the carnage was a baby boy. Fray picked up the boy and smiled. Atleast someone was still alive. He thought of keeping the boy, but he remembered the trouble that his daughter, who was around a year younger, was causing. Dias offered to raise the boy with his wife Krystal.

    Age 12-18: It was around 7 years later that Blue joined the military, along with his friends Enys Biroyl, the son of Sir Lyiam Biroyl, a nobleman, and Tesa Maeilista, the daughter of the current Duke of Krystania. Despite her father’s orders, she wanted to go through the same training and work that her friends would be going through. They had been together for a few years, always getting into trouble and doing things that the daughter of the duke shouldn’t be doing. In school the three of them excelled, forming a potent 3 person team. During their 7th year, they went against 8th yearers (the school goes for 8 years), in an upper-class tournament in the Finals, beating them for the 2nd time an underclassman team ever beat a 8th year team.

    There were ton of rumors surrounding the three of them though. There had been word that Blue and Enys had a fight over Tesa, even though the both of them declined that they did. This is where the rift started to from between the three of them. Tesa would then be forced to leave the school after the tournament, her father demanding that she take responsibility as the next heir to the throne. Blue and Enys would talk to each other, but everyone could see the difference that Tesa made as the negotiator of the group.

    Age 19-23: At the age 19, Blue completed the military academy with flying numbers. He was considered to be one of the top in his class, along with Enys. Due to random lottery, Blue was selected to be under the 5th Legion general Hynes Tenal and Enys under the 1st Legion general Enos Hatmor. Tenal wasn’t the best general. Poor decisions and demands didn’t make him loved by his men; on the contrary they despised him. Desertions and ignoring commands was common within the 5th Legion. Blue spent 5 years, trying to climb up the ladder, trying to please his father and mother. Blue was fairly liked among the men, for his intelligence and ways he expressed his ideas and thoughts were welcomed. He became fairly close to two men in particular, Arsul and Soril. Arsul was around the same age as Blue, Soril a year older. They tried to do assignments as a team, keeping their heads low as to not grab the attention of Tenal. A few weeks before Blue’s 23rd birthday is where everything changed.

    Age 23-25: Still 22, Blue, Arsul and Soril, along with around 400 other men, were ordered to accompany Tenal to an encampment of bandits that supposedly was station a few miles from Krystania. They were said to be selling illegal weapons to different cultures. Walking by foot, it took them around 2 hours to arrive at the destination. When they got there, Blue noticed that the camp was empty. He ran to the front of the line and told Tenal that something wasn’t right but Tenal ignored him. He ordered for the force to advance into the camp, which was situated at the base of a mountain, surrounded by hills. As they marched in, Blue could feel it was a trap…and he was right. As soon as the last man entered the village, bandits popped up on all sides of the hills, bows in hand. Tenal yelled for action to be taken, telling his men to grab their bows and fire back. Confused the army, started to be pelted by arrows from all sides. Blue grabbed his shield and got his friends, ordering them to do the same. They made a triangle, defending themselves from the arrows. Tenal could be heard screaming in the background commanding that they protect him. Then 3 arrows went through Tenal, piercing him. He fell face first into the ground. Their leader, their general just died. The army's moral plummeted, men started to desert their spots, trying to make a run for the exit getting pelted with arrows before they could escape. Arsul noticed a cave in the distance and motion to the other two to try to slowly but surely get there for safety. Blue knew what this meant. They would sacrifice the others, hoping that the enemy didn’t see them enter the cave. Blue had a hidden desire to do it… but he couldn’t. He rolled from underneath the cover, using Index and the Telach style to start to dodge as many arrows as he could. He could feel some braze him, but the adrenaline was pumping.

    He yelled at the top of his lungs. “FALL BACK INTO PLACE. ALPHA POSITION. DO WHAT YOU LEARNED AS A FIGHTER OF KRYSTANIA!” This seemed to take effect, as everyone looked at him, and obeyed his orders. They grabbed their shields, making a large circle. The men that were left (around 150) fell back into the cave, making a wall of shields as a defense, arrows shooting back as a last stand. It must have been hours, and even though Blue felt like giving up, he kept his troops moral as high as he could. Whatever he ordered they followed to the exact T. By the luck of the gods, a scout from the 3rd Legion saw the attack on the 5th Legion, and told their general. The general, Dar Ganon, launched a full scale attack on the bandits, crumpling them. In the end, only around 100 survived, but they praised Blue for the way he acted.

    Blue was ordered to appear infront of the Fray, the men from legion 5 who survived cheered his name outside of the castle. Fray smiled at Blue. He thought the boy was special the moment he found him in the rubble. The 5th Legion needing a general, he decided to appoint 23 year old Blue Vaiyon as the general. When announced, word spread among the Legions, and the people of Krystania about the youngest general to be named. Blue took to it well, having many successes among his missions, his men completely supporting any call or order that was given. Even those who didn’t fight under Blue at the Battle of Tybia, the ambush, started to respect him. He was given the name Crimson among his men and the people of Krystania. It was said that any enemy that faced him, he would spill their blood for the crown. It was said he never got injured, and continued to be victorious in battle.

    Everything started to go downhill though, a year after his inauguration. Duke Fray Maeilista fell ill and died. His wife, was able to control the throne as well before she as well fell ill, making Francesco Rau temporary leader of Krystania. By law, Tesa wasn’t able to control the throne until her 25th birthday which was a few months away. Rau was given control. It was only a matter of time before he started to change anything.

    Journal Entry 203
    My Home's Betrayal

    (Age 25) We walked back from the courtyard to appear infront of Duke Rau, to report that our mission was a success. We were ordered to take a small group of men on a few days journey and travel to the outlands where it was said that orcs were resting there. Luckily, we didn’t encounter any, but the trip was overall a waste. Myself, Arsul, and Soril, both who are now lieutenants, along with a 5 other of my men, entered the grand hall, where the Duke sat at the top of throne. Tesa, who is usually present, wasn’t anywhere to be found. I didn’t worry though, for she must have been with her mother. As we walked up the middle of the large hall, I noticed that all 4 of the other generals were present, standing up high, almost looking down on me. The face of Dar did concern me, as it looked saddened by something.

    As we got from a few feet of him we knelt infront of the Duke.
    “We went to the outlands where there was word of orcs. There were none though to report of”. I kept my head down out of respect. Rau then started to laugh, evil like. “So that’s what you say you were this whole time?” I looked up, a confused expression surfaced. “Umm.. like you ordered sir”. He made a harrumph noise waving his hand. “I did no such thing, why lie boy?” I looked at Arsul and Soril. Maybe I made a mistake? “Why lie when you should tell us the truth. Where is Lady Tesa?” he yelled almost sounding like he cared.

    “I don’t know sir, why would I know when I was away.” I said getting up to my feet. I felt anger. Tesa was missing and I was just told now? “I will go, find her, and bring her back!” I started to move towards the grand hall door, my men following me. Then guards started to come out from behind the pillars and a few through the grand hall doorway.

    Rau got up and pointed at me. “Blue Vaiyon, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Tesa Maeilista, and suspected treason against the throne!” It was almost as if an arrow pierced my heart. Treason? Kidnapping? I did no such thing. I tried to plead my case, but he ordered the guards to capture me. I couldn’t be captured here. I could tell by looking at Rau that he was lieing. A small smirk showed underneath his beard. He framed me. Luckily, my men could tell the same. They formed a protective circle around me and started to shove me towards hallway. Two of them broke off and started to fight with the guards.

    “We will get you out of here Blue” yelled Arsul. They shoved past the guards and we all ran down the hallway. I took a quick look back and noticed the two who broke off get stabbed by the enemies’ blade. Seeing my men die before me always hurt. We broke off into the garden where we sprinted towards one of the 5th Legion barracks. Those standing on guard were startled before Soril yelled “It has finally happened. Project Sandstorm has began” The eyes of the guards from the 5th Legion eyes widened, and they quickly let us in. “We knew this was going to happen sooner or later” Soril yelled as he threw some bags at me. I quickly threw some items into them. “Rau always had it out for you. When he first sat on the thrown, we knew he would find ways to keep it. We have a horse waiting. You must hurry before we are put into lockdown. Find the resistance. They will help. We will try to meet you there. We will fight with you till the end general”. The men present all nodded raising their weapons up into the air. 'Now go" he yelled.

    I wanted to thank them as I hoped on the horse, but the words escaped me. All I could do now is leave Krystania, find Tesa, and have my innocence proven.
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    (( Decided I'd do my CS with the same "style" as the OP . PREPARE THYSELF! ))

    Renshaw ”KWPC” De Morgan


    Renshaw has a long, flowing black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye, it is unknown whether he keeps the eyepatch for show or for real. Most of the time he also wears a dark captain's hat and a screaming red scarf(more explained in history) around his neck. He also has a visible goatee. Renshaw is known of his bright red coat and katana. Under his coat he wears a loose white shirt which gets ruffly from the sleeves. He wears a pair of dark brown gloves and a black belt. His coat reaches all the way to his feet but does not touch the ground. He favors black pants and big dark brown boots shaped the same way his gloves are.

    Personal effects

    Renshaw's trusty telescope never leaves his side. It is wooden but has metal plates in it so that it can actually work. It's a keepsake from his late father who was swallowed into the depths of the sea. Most likely the cause of his father's death was unnatural, brought by some manner of beast which Renshaw intends to hunt down.

    Polly, a silver katana. The katana is Renshaw's trademark and it's named after his late pet parrot, Polly. If looked closely, you can see the name ”Polly” carved into the blade. The only other weapons he has are his two babies: Punchey and Nosey (left and right fist.)

    Renshaw is quite arrogant and moody, much to his crew members dismay. He can also get rather quirky at times.. usually when he's alone. Even though he is a b*stard of a pirate, he values honor and courage. If someone is brave enough to step up to him, he will acknowledge them. Unfortunately, those who lack courage are often ignored by him. Lastly.. even though he is a pirate, he isn't heartless.


    Explosive Aftershave

    Renshaw's favorite of the two skills he has is the Explosive Aftershave. It uses his knowledge of the fire element and his Polly, the katana. He lashes out shockwaves with his katana which hit the target, perhaps scarring it slightly (or sending it into air) and then create an explosion out of the mark the shockwave left. The explosion can range from small to a rather large one but naturally the cost is greater the more powerful the blast. It's an especially effective skill against multiple enemies but lacks the speed in one-on-one combat.

    Blur of the Moment
    Blur of the Moment works as a great way to increase the damage caused by Renshaw's attacks. He can multiply himself 4 times at max, creating 4 watery clones which act like him. Unfortunately he has no control over these clones so it is not always a wise move to use them (a bad hair day for example). These clones can use all the skills Renshaw can, however they appear as a sort of blurry version of Renshaw to others. It also means that they can't withstand more than two hits before they vanish. Note: Some of the crew members have seen Renshaw chatting and drinking rum with his clones.


    Swift Swordsman

    Due to years of using his weapon of choice, katana, Renshaw has grown to handle it well. He can handle the most difficult of hand maneuvers required for the perfect use of a katana. Of course no
    one is perfect though. By Renshaw's own words: ”I'm perfect . . . Don' try ta change me words landlobber!!”

    Man of the Seas
    After sailing for nearly 23 years, Renshaw has learned the ways of the sea. He rarely loses sense of direction out in the sea and can easily navigate through the harshest of storms. However he is prone to get lost in the smallest of woods. His terrible sense of direction on land is one of the primary reasons he prefers sailing (and since it's so darn fun).

    Chords of Steel

    Renshaw has a booming voice which can send chills down even the spine of a veteran soldier, that is if he gets down and dirty. He uses his voice to strengthen his allies in combat. There isn't much logic in this perk to be honest though. Nevertheless his voice for some reason encourages his allies to fight better. Call it a war cry if you wish.


    Renshaw was born into a lineage of pirates. Even his great great grandfather was a pirate so piracy was pretty much a part of the De Morgan genes. Renshaw's father, Garick De Morgan, was a great pirate who sailed through all the waters of the world gathering more wealth than you could imagine. Naturally Renshaw idolized him since Garick had it all: the looks, the charisma and simple bad*ss aura about him. Renshaw wanted nothing more than to be like his father one day.

    Renshaw lived his childhood in the eastern part of Heoden, in a rather big city called Faustin. He lived there with his mother, Anne, and baby sister, Julia. Anne was a tough lady who most men found way too intimidating to even look at. She was Garick's one true love, it was a classic love on first sight. Sadly that love was one-sided at first, Garick had to work hard in order to tame Anne so that she could raise their children (even then Renshaw sure got his share of slaps on the ear).
    Eventually Renshaw was born into the world and after 5 years from his birth, Julia was born. Renshaw had inherited his mother's wild nature and his father's charisma. He saw as his duty to protect his little sister.

    Julia was the ”white sheep” from all the black sheeps of the family. She was kind and caring, one that couldn't hurt a single fly. That fact alone made Renshaw protective of her. Once Renshaw reached the age of 13, Garick came back from his journeys. It was time for Renshaw to join his father in his crew. During those years, Renshaw got himself a curse already.

    They had found a secluded island and wanted to see if there was any treasure. Turned out that the only thing they found was a red scarf which Renshaw took with him. Along the way back home the scarf started shrieking like the damned, it looked like the scarf had a real mystery behind it. Renshaw was quick to tear it into pieces but.. the scarf grew back to it's normal size quickly. Since then the scarf has always been there, screaming whenever it liked. Renshaw did all he could to get rid of the scarf but still it persisted, that's why he eventually just quit and let it be.

    They arrived just in time to see a horde of orcs attacking the city. Garick and Renshaw hurried to see if Anne and Julia were alright.
    Just as they kicked the door open, they saw a violent scene. Anne was standing in the middle of five orcs, all who had been butchered with a kitchen knife. She was covered in blood and kept looking at Renshaw and Garick with a murderous glare. The glare meant only one thing:
    ”Where the HELL have you been?!”

    Then a sudden scream alerted all three of them, the scream of a young girl. Renshaw rushed into the upstairs before Anne and Garick could even react. When Renshaw arrived, the deed had already been done.. he was too late to save Julia. An orc was standing right in front of Julia with a smirk on it's ugly face, the orc's axe was dripping with blood. Consumed by rage Renshaw jumped at the orc and ripped it's eyes out. The orc roared in pain but before it was able to do anything else, Renshaw grabbed its throat and tore it open with his bare hands. The orc gasped for air a few times before dying. This was Renshaw's first kill.. but it held no satisfaction to him. He knelt down next to his sister's lifeless body and kept looking at her, not once wavering his sight from her.

    . . .

    Years later, when Renshaw had grown into a young adult and taken over his father's ship, he arrived into a simple fishing town. This was supposed to be another looting round for him but something unexpected happened. Orcs had attacked the town which already ignited fire inside Renshaw's mind. A simple father who had sacrificed himself in order to save his family was lying on the ground, barely breathing. When Renshaw went past him, the father grabbed him from the leg and made a request, a dying man's last wish.

    The only thing the father wanted was that Renshaw would protect his daughter, no matter what. With no hesitation Renshaw took a firm grip from the father's hand and promised that his wish would be granted. He saw how far the father was willing to go to save his family and this was something Renshaw couldn't possibly ignore. The father smiled before he passed away. The orcs were doomed from that point, Renshaw and his crew slaughtered them mercilessly.

    The daughter Renshaw had saved went by the name Kaori. She was far too young to be taken on a pirate ship so instead, Renshaw took her into another town. Kaori reminded Renshaw of his sister so inevitably he felt guilt as he left. To this day he still wonders where she is now, perhaps even wishing that they could meet again.
    Calm down people, it's just me.

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    Talking I FINALLY have three Perks! :D

    ((OOC: EDIT! I added another Personal Effect, changed Tuning Words to Garner's Colloquy, and added two more Perks. ))

    ******Character Sheet******

    Name: Prince Hiroveus Tervis Regalis Vicicaelum; shortened to Hiro Vici.

    Age: 21

    Race: Aviseom, one of the forgotten, less pure elven races. However, that does not hinder their importance.

    Class: Elementalist

    Obsidian locks that seem to omit all light sweep across long ears which jet from Hiro's head horizonatally, making them quite noticeable. His noble stature resembles a statue carved out of sun-baked clay. Flexible muscles lining his body reveals much training for an elf, but a glance at Hiro's face would suggest he'd never harm anyone unless they harmed another. The sharp features of his inverse triangular face adds intensity to his stern, yet soft lips and downcast eyes; the latter is quite peculiar. Shaped like diamonds, the depth of their attraction would seem hypnotic, but his irises are the key to his unique persona. While the left emanates with the gleam of silver, the right iris is as coarse as dirt. Together, along with the darkness of his long hair swaying at his waist, they add the characteristics of a charming, yet mysterious individual.

    There are distinct pieces that are always worked into his attire. Perhaps the most obvious is the streaming fabric of ivory concealing his eyes from view, indicating that he is blind. However, there is another meaning to his blindfold, one that will be discussed later. After noticing the contrast of the blindfold with his hair, most would discover his hair tied in a peculiar fashion. Allowing his locks to flair outwards in a pixie-like fashion, a silver clamp attaches itself about three inches before his hair ends, leaving a tuft underneath. It often confuses people of his gender from behind, for two reasons: his face cannot be seen unless in profile or more, and his thick cape omits even a hint of his frame. The cape itself is of a rich cerulean, darkened like the sky upon nightfall, which is effective for camouflage. The last feature constantly seen on him to the naked eye are his brown boots, clad with metal only enough to keep it from wearing out during travel. For the most part, he hardly wears armor, save for the occassional breastplate for protection.

    Personal Effect:
    His eyes are of a rare shade, signifying a strong connection to the god of legend which founded Avis. This God was none other than Tervis, one who aligned Himself with Wind and Earth in absolute balance. It has been passed down from the origins of Avis that if a child is born with one silver eye and one brown eye, their power would be closest to Tervis. The fact that Hiro was born with royal blood made it almost destined for him to become the next king of Avis. However, as it shall be told in his history, such a blessing became his family's undoing. Now, it's a constant reminder of what he has lost, and how his world has literally become shrouded in darkness.

    Aviseoms are known as elves born from darkness, that darkness reflected in their black locks. However, Hiro's hair holds a peculiar essense about it, and that can be seen when it meets sunlight. Typically, no matter how jet-black the hair, the glossy hair of Aviseoms has yet to fail at shimmering once the sun's rays touch the individual strands. However, that doesn't apply to Hiro's hair. Be it sunlight, moonlight, or any source of light held near or far, not a single strand erupting from Hiro's head glistens even faintly. Many would discern such a rare hue as a curse, but Hiro deems it a charm. If not an ounce of light can drape upon his hair, neither can any darkness take away its radiance. Thus, the charm allows for his inner self to not be tarnished by that which tries to affect his outer self. Also, all that he can see, hear, feel, and touch that dare to taint his soul is negated by his pitch black hair -- at least, according to Hiro. Granted, the charm was assurance more as a child than as an adult, but Hiro still uses it to overcome his hardships without breaking apart.

    Hiro only keeps one weapon with him at all times, and that's his Arsaen Scope. There are three stages to this weapon: dorment, active, and range. The first stage is in the form of a lightweight, pitch black stick strapped to his back. While an odd sight, without knowledge of its other forms, it appears cheap and worthless to steal. However, looks can be deceiving. When activated into the second stage, a hilt softened only to prevent injury to the hand appears. Attached to that hilt is a blade that omits all light, slender and thin to the eye, yet it won't shatter easily. It's name is Arsaen Sword, so hardened and reinforced that it becomes the core of the final stage: Arsaen spear. The Arsean Spear stretches in length comparable to Hiro's height, which is exactly six feet. Then, a shattering effect reveals channels where a silverish brown magic courses through it till it reaches the top. The spearhead also transforms, becoming jagged and metallic. It reveals the synchronization of magic and industrialization common in Avis, one of the many themes of balance that the Aviseoms specialize in.

    It is difficult to determine Hiro's attitude to those around him upon first encounter. He's quite cautious with his words and it may seem as though he tests new acquaintances by remaining neutral. To be honest, Hiro thinks of it as a game, at which all the pieces move about while he stands still. This might be a trait from his past self, which he still hasn't shaken. Once he can assess the situation, Hiro finally takes a few steps, the direction depending upon who he is dealing with. If they have mutual goals with his own, Hiro begins to speak without restraining himself. On the other hand, if they become a threat, he either goes on the offense or retreats, depending on the level of danger.

    Those who are familiar to Hiro become treasures which he does his best to protect. Of course, he isn't a fool who would sacrifice himself for his loved ones; he would only do so if no other solution existed. The heartache from living when those around you are no longer existing is powerful, filled with as much suffering as a death full of regret. And who wouldn't regret sacrificing their life when those left behind weep miserably at the lost? Therefore, he stands his ground and exhorts as much of his physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional strength for both his and his companions' survival. To increase their importance, Hiro also does his best to give them as much trust as they give him. He dares not allow the repitition of withholding his honest feelings, only for death to snatch away those who do not know how much they are loved.

    Being linked to the mental strength of the caster, Semis requires the mind to envision the location and the length that a "path" should expand upon the air. Wind provides the base for the spell to be cast upon, as if a structure is being built in mid-air. Earth, on the other hand, is the structure that forms the "path" from one destination to another. By successfully combining these attributes, Hiro can create a silverish brown "pathway" that even has magnetic aspects once stepped upon, allowing someone to defy gravity.

    There are two downfalls to casting this spell. The first is that because it is visible to everyone, anyone could utilize the "path" while it is still in existance, includes enemies. This can be quite problematic, since Semis is an all or nothing spell: a "path" materializes after it's carefully completed in the mind, and every part of it must be erased as a whole. Therefore, another part cannot be added if the "path" is overtaken by enemies, and parts cannot be destroyed when it's overcome. As for the second downfall, overuse of this skill could result in mental exhaustion, leading to fainting, trance-like states, and when it reaches the later stages, amnesia (No, you can't die from using Semis.).

    Being linked to the physical strength of the caster, Ingravus focuses the weight and overall stature of the caster against that of the enemy(ies) in an offensive assault. This time, earth becomes the basis which links the caster with the target(s), acting the part of a scale. Then, a wind current is summoned forth, applying a force that travels only in one direction, which spirals forward. Depending on the weight differences, the attack could double, triple, or quadrouple against someone lighter than Hiro (though only a mere child would allow Hiro to use it to its fullest, and he wouldn't dare harm innocent children); or become halve, one third, or a quarter in strength against those who are stronger than Hiro. At it's maximum power, the victim(s) would be sent tumbling backwards, but sheer friction or the interference of obsticles along the way hinders its force. If the power of wind in this spell is still confusing, picture it coming from a large fan.

    The first downfall of this attack is quite obvious: against numerous, heavily armored warriors, Ingravus would be but a fresh breeze, only serving to tossle their hair about. When thinking in terms of two objects of different weights colliding with each other, wouldn't the lighter object be sent flying? In this sense, Hiro would receive more damage than his opponents, making Ingravus quite a risky spell (especially if you're blind!). Another downfall is that while Hiro can sense his enemies thanks to the earth becoming similar to a scale, pinpointing particular opponents within a crowd of enemies is impossible. Ingravus takes a circular form that measures Hiro in height and thus cannot strike in a condensed form. Last but not least, Ingravus causes physical exhaustion, which, with too much strain, could result in death.

    Semblance of Rapport
    Hiro has always had an innate ability to sense those around him, but his sensitivity to certain people (or creatures) differs with the situation. When he is alone, a buoyant sensation rising through his toes to his head if someone approaches him, be it lingering behind a nearby wall or staying out of his peripheral vision. Most would define such an instinct as "eyes on the back of the head" or a "sixth sense." While it can be handy for a quiet room and a stranger or two, it isn't as strong as Hiro's second sensation. As mentioned before, Hiro cares deeply for those close to his heart. His will to protect those he loves can be measured by the range he can feel someone important to him nearby. An aquaintance would have to cross his path for him to sense them, whereas a loved one could be in the same vicinity, be it overly crowded or not, and Hiro can sense them. However, no matter how sensitive Hiro is to others, he can not sense illusions, ghosts, spirits, spells, etc.

    Garner's Colloquy
    There is always an advantage to a disadvantage to everything, which Hiro proves from his loss of sight. As it is commonly said, to lose is to gain, and what Hiro gained was a keen sense of hearing. From the babbling of a drunken wanderer to a lengthy speech on integrity, Hiro can recall countless information that he previously would have omitted due to distractions or lack of focus. The reason he is capable of retaining information so well isn't so much to do with the fact that his other senses have enhanced -- which they have -- but because he can't see. Indeed, it's quite difficult to ignore the sounds that hint to a person's characteristics, for their words are the keys which give Hiro some insight into who he is speaking to and what matters to them. For this very reason, he discovered a second meaning to what is said and thus became a better listener.

    While the balance of harmony is essential for Aviseoms, royalty must be balanced both in mind and body. Intensive training is necessary to gain poise, concentration, flexibility, and much more. Meditation must be second nature, considering a noble cannot lose their calm even in the most dire of situations. Absolute relaxation and maintaining a neutral state of mind is not an easy task, and many fail at balancing the two essences of royalty. Therefore, a higher status is not only judged based a person's family record, but upon how balanced an individual is over the years. Such an exhausting dedication to calmness and stability could explain why Hiro made a game out of watching those around him he is not familiar with and acting according to the scenerios he encounters. As added bonuses, Hiro could probably walk a tight rope with ease and won't be intimidated by threats (so long as they don't include the harm of someone he loves). However, his many years of practicing balance hasn't ridden him of his lack of awareness of his surroundings.

    Far from the kingdom of Heoden exists a foreign island known as Avis. This region is split into three sections: Castle Diraemis atop the highest peak, Mt. Crenia, followed by several villages scattered on the mountainous terrain below, and the countryside. Due to some ancient curse, the countryside flourishes with agriculture, sunlight, and a gentle sea, whereas the the rest of the land is industrialized, the sun is shrouded by menacing clouds, and the sea is constantly in an uproar. For these reasons, the various villages isolated from the wealthy and noble elves high above them are plagued with diseases, fall sick from lack of nutrition, and often get severe injuries from the animals strengthened by the rough environment. Only the strong survive, and many more Aviseoms lose their lives from the exhausting journey to the countryside.

    During the struggle of the common people, Castle Diraemis was in an uproar. The decision for the next king of the Aviseom was underway, and whoever would take the throne might be the hope the common people needed. Out of the many candidates, two princes stood out the most: Prince Hiroveus and Prince Richelieu. Prince Hiroveus was a descendent from one of the original founders of Avis, proven by the color of his irises. Meanwhile, Prince Richelieu was born into a family of exiled Tree Elves who knew more about nature than any of the Aviseom. The former often spent time assisting sickly families and investigating the causes of the tainted air, but the latter was closer to balancing nature with industialization. This placed the safety of the common people against the advancement in innovation.

    One year later, at the age of 18, Prince Hiroveus finally mended the cursed ridden air. He gathered individuals who had strong inclinations to magic after tiresome travels from village to village, gaining respect and trust. Even though the sun remained obscure and there was still no escape to better land, the rate of mortalities declined. He became a hero to the common people and quite brave to the wealthy. Just as the next heir to the throne was being finalized, his sister, Princess Cerelis, fell ill. It didn't take him long to realize the reason for her frail and fatigued appearance was the result of his very presence. So long as he ventured to the land below and returned home, she would weaken more and more. His mind was ridden by so many concerns as well as tring his best to conceal such thoughts that he failed to notice she was the only one affected.

    Unable to protest, Prince Hiroveus bid farewell to his sister, who be taken to live in the countryside with his Aunt Seture. Being of royal blood, they were able to shorten the voyage tenfold thanks to a mystical beast called Tamem (plural: Tamemi). With eight legs galloping on the earth of the same hue, the Tamemi appeared to glide over rubble and splintered slopes. The sharp eyes upon it's raven head, decked in as much silver as its bony, horse-like form, can spot its destination from miles away. A mane and tail like that of a rainbow only adds to its peculiar, yet splendid form, which is exactly why they can only be found on Mt. Crenia. Thus, Princess Cerelis often was visited by her family and friends, all besides her brother, who couldn't come near her. Unable to settle his conflicting heart, Prince Hiroveus confided in Prince Richelieu, who he thought would understand his feelings. All he received was a mysterious, somewhat twisted smirk, before he was left standing in confusion.

    Three days passed since he last saw any sign of Prince Richelieu, which troubled Prince Hiroveus. The other princes, who openly greeted him with distain, hadn't uttered one rumor or satiric lie about Prince Richelieu's latest achievements. When words did spew from their mouths, he legs nearly failed him: the countryside was under attack. Grabbing his most trustworthy weapon, Arsaen Spear, he hastily mounted a Tamem, no longer able to subside his feelings. What he saw was devestating. A ghastly mist the likes he never saw devoured buildings and gnawed at the ground. People cried in agony, fleeing as best they could from their homes. Anarchy ensued, yet none of their lives were taken. With all his might, he warded off the mist, which shockingly abated rather easily. Too easily. The mist turned out to be a distraction, leading Prince Hiroveus from the main devastation: his aunt's home.

    By the time he reached his destination, it was the sight of carnage. Several maids were gutted from their stomachs, their guts bulging amidst freshly spilled blood. A butler, who was attentive of every detail and person within the abode, had his eyes ripped from their sockets, scars forming ringlets down his cheeks. As if he had been too much of a hassle, his right arm had been hacked to pieces and distinctive bite marks had punctured his legs. Perhaps the most cruel of deaths was that of Aunt Seture. Black spikes pinned her arms above her head so that there could be no escape. Her head had been sliced partially, left dangling with what little skin that was able to cling to the rest of the body. Left gapping at the torture she endured, her mouth was soaked in the very blood which leaked from the sides of her torn lips. Claw marks made her chest indistinguishable, and if Prince Hiroveus had dared to look closer, he would have barely glimpsed her pierced heart.

    No one in that house survived, save his sister. The last Prince Hiroveus saw of her was being held as a hostage in the main church. Her body was far healthier than he last saw her, yet her face was contorted. There was longing to embrace her brother, yet she took a few steps back. There was abhorrence in her eyes when she turned to Prince Richelieu, yet she remained by his side. Never had Prince Hiroveus seen someone contradict their true desires so much as he did when he gazed at his own reflection. A rage -- no, all the feelings that Princess Cerelis buried within her troubled heart awakened within Prince Hiroveus, yet he cannot recall the actual battle. The last he remembers from that day was his sister's voice shrieking, calling out his name with all her might, before she too became silent.

    He doesn't know how it happened himself, but a ship passed close to the countryside. By then, he discarded his title and addressed himself as Hiro Vici. The ship, astonished at the destruction before them, allowed Hiro to finally venture to new lands. Three years passed, at which Hiro wandered aimlessly, hunting for clues about his sister. He knew she was still alive, for she had a rare gift that allowed her to visit him in his dreams. While most of her messages were omitted upon waking, he used what he recalled to hopefully find her. Somehow or another, her guidance brought Hiro aboard Renshaw's ship.
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    ((I feel like I'm adding on to the gigantic line of character sheets! D: Anyway.. Here it is!))

    Name: Tori Sylphonia

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Race: Blood Elf

    Class: Assassin

    Appearance: Like all blood elves, Tori has blood red skin, with swirly white markings painted all over her. What makes Tori's markings stand out, though, is that she has two stripes on both of her cheeks, and on her arms are what are supposed to be trees, just mistically and mysteriously swirled, making the trees look different, almost like they have meaning to them.

    Tori wears a dark red robe that covers up all of her body though, so no one can see her markings. The robe has a hood that covers up all of her head, with her face in shadow. You can only see her yellow orange eyes glowing through the shadow, giving Tori a mysterious appearance. But, Tori only wears the hood during a battle, so her opponents won't see her sneaking up on them. At home, Tori is as joyful as anybody else, and her hood is down.

    The hood is the same dark red color as the robe, made by the same fabric, of course. But it is also lined with a golden cotton the Spirit Elves made Tori's mom for good luck. ((More on how Tori got a hold of it in history.)) The golden cotton does give Tori good luck, and it helps her take care of the rest of her family while her dad works really hard.

    Tori's hair is a dark color; people have argued wether it is black or a really dark brown. But either way, it's a super dark color, and it's straight. Compared to other Blood elves, her hair is short. It reaches to just below her shoulders, and she likes to keep it that way.

    Tori wears black boots on her feet, which are like our equivilent of hiking boots. They have black fur lining the inside, which she can take out during the spring and summer to feel the soft, cushiony cotton that lines under the fabric. The fur is mainly for winter and fall, so her feet don't get cold. The boots reach up to right below Tori's knee. The boots have gray laces that are tied very securely. On the bottom of both boots is a picture of a red bird. Some think the bird is red because they are Blood elves, other think the bird is even there because Tori's name means "bird". Both people are correct, since the bird is there because of Tori's name, and it's red because they are Blood elves. But really, it was just a coincidence that Tori's mom found the boots in a forest, abandonded.

    Weapons: Tori's main weapon is a dagger, which is named "Taiyou Tori", or Sun Bird. It is a black and gray dagger at the hilt, with a small ruby embedded at the bottom of the hilt as a centre piece. The blade is one sided, and very sharp at the tip. It is a silver color, but in the light, it looks to be orange, giving it the name. Tori also has another dagger, called "Yodaka," meaning Nighthawk. It is fully black at the hilt, with a bird carved on the sides. The blade is a darker silver, and appears to be black when in the light. Tori also has a few throwing knives, which are black with silver blades. She only uses them for whenever someone sees her during battle, which luckily hasn't happened yet.

    Personality: Tori is a cheerful blood elf, but is also very serious. When her mom died of a mysterious illness, which no one had the cure for, Tori realized that she had to be the head of the family, taking care of her little brothers and sister, and her dad.

    When Tori's mind is off of being serious, and having to take care of her family, she is ususally cheerful and hyper. Around her friends, Tori has a lot of energy, not the likes of when she is at home. Tori could cheer just about anybody up, as long as she doesn't think about her duties at home. Most people enjoy just being around Tori, as she is so joyful, it seems contagious.

    The only other time Tori doesn't make people happy is during a battle. During a battle, she is a meriless killer. As an assassin, she doesn't go and kill a bunch of her enemies at one time; she kills them off one by one. Sometimes, she will kill an enemy of hers, then throw them right in front of a charging enemy, making them trip, and then kill the fallen enemy. So, to sum it up, Tori has many ways of killing her enemies, while at home, she is cheerful, as if nothing had happened.

    Time Sense
    During battle, if Tori feels like someone is about to attack her and she doesn't know where they are, she can use Time Sense. It basically slows everything down so it looks like they are standing still, but just really moving super slowly. Then, with a kind of third eye, Tori is able to see the battle field. It only lasts for about five seconds; just long enough so that Tori can see all her enemies.

    Distant Throw
    Even though Tori can't use a bow and arrows, she has a keen sense for throwing things. Like her knives, for example. If Tori was handed a bow and arrow and told to shoot the arrow through the bow, Tori wouldn't be able to. If she was handed an arrow and told to throw it, she would be able to throw it like a tree elf would shoot the arrow from the bow. But, that wouldn't really happen, since the downside of this skill is that Tori can only throw knives and daggers well, not arrows or spears or any of the sort.

    Tori has lived a normal life all her life. As a child, she grew up the blood elf way. When she turned thirteen, her mom came home with two gifts; one was a beautiful, dark red robe, with the hood lined a golden cotten. The robe was Tori's moms. The other gift was her mom's, too. The other gift is a sickness, called "Hatsunephobia". No one had a cure for the disease, and luckily, it didn't spread to other blood elves.
    Sadly, Tori's mom passed away when Tori was just about to turn 14. Her dad decided to give the robe to Tori, since he knew that's what her mom would have wanted. Actually, it is what she wanted, since her mom's last words were, "Give my robe to Tori...."
    After that, Tori's dad, Kaminari, worked all day long, every day, trying to earn enough money to be able to buy food for his family. Tori decided to be the head of the family, making dinner for everyone. First, she would make dinner for her little sister, Sakana, who is 13, and her twin little brothers, Ryoku and Gama, who are both 7. Then, Tori takes a small, plastic container, fills it to the top with the dinner she makes, and sets it by the fire in the fireplace. This way, it can stay warm.
    Tori has basically been living this way for the rest of her life...

    So, her life was normal, and her history is short.. D: Yeah.. Sorry it's so short! I didn't want to make Tori a depressed character, and I think anything more than making her mom die is too much.. Her mom dying is bad enough, sooo.. Yeah.. Sorry the history is short!
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    "I was talking about your detective license..."

    ^^ Two awesome scenes from a T.V. show called Psych.

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    Name: Vonur Garkrak (meaning Craftsman of the Tunnel)

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male


    Class: Warrior

    Vonur is short, even for a dwarf; he stands at just under 3 feet. But because of his height he has had to work harder than most. He trains daily, and now is one of the top contenders in the annual Dwarven Fury Tournament ((More about this in the History)). He is of heavy build, and has large muscles.

    His hair is long and black. Platted delicately, in the fashion of the original dwarves, unlike today where hair is normally straight platting, basic and easy to do. Vonur’s beard is also very long, and again platted in the same fashion as his hair. His moustache is platted thought his beard to make it look like his body is completely covered in hair; the only skin showing is that around his eyes and forehead. He has a tattoo on his bare forehead, of his family crest.

    His clothes change, as people don’t only wear one set of clothing. But he does always wear his hand crafted armour. He has chain mail covering his body, which he wears under a chest plate, with dwarf style tribal designs etched around the borders, gauntlets, boots, and shin guards, all of the same style as the chest plate. The metal he made his armour out of is a rare combination of dwarven steel, and a material called iron tree bark, which give the armour a green tint to it.

    Vonur created 2 mechanical axes, which combine to make a war axe. They join by the use of 3 latches along the shaft, and a hollow handle that let them slip together into place easily. When the axes are separate he uses them together, one in each hand. He may not be that agile, but he has trained with dual axes ever since he created his combine war axe, so now he is a master of dual weaponry. When combined the axe is used like a normal war axe, with a dwarves strength behind it, it can cut a rock clean in two.

    Vonur has an extremely strong sense of friendship. Once you gain his trust he will defend you with his life, but if you betray him, prepare for pain. He doesn’t joke around…ever. He takes everything to heart, and says exactly what he means. He is kind at heart, but his heart is buried deep under his armour; he finds it difficult to open up to people. When it comes to fighting, Vonur is just like any other dwarf; he loves it. He never backs down, never retreats, dying in battle is the most honourable death possible for a dwarf. Honour is everything to him, after his father was found to be dishonouring his family he has worked and trained to regain the honour that his family lost.


    Twin Release:- Vonur separates his war axe into a set of dual axes. He as trained vigorously with dual axes and now can perform multiple hits in seconds. He may not be agile, but when using his dual axes he can cut down his enemy with fast devastating blows. When Vonur goes all out he can make it look as if he attacks twice, but in fact has made contact six times.

    Siamese:- This is when Vonur combines his axes to make one great War Axe. His attacks become much slower, but when he hits they do a massive amount of damage to the target. If he charges his attack he can even make the earth shudder, making the target momentarily open to attacks.


    Master Craftsman:- With Vonur’s vast knowledge of metals, and forging, he has become a craftsman. He can create, and repair, high quality armour and weaponry, but he specialises in custom weaponry. He crafted both his armour, and his war axe

    Switchaxe:- With extensive training Vonur can now switch between Siamese and Twin Release with ease, maximising his damage potential.

    Night Eye:- From living underground his whole live Vonur’s eyes have evolved. His eyes can compensate for changing light instantly, so walking into or out of a dark place no longer blinds him, like it would anyone other person. His eyes have got so used to the dark that he can see nearly as clearly at night as he can in the day.


    Vonur was born into loving family. His dad was a merchant, selling odds and ends, nothing of real value. But this provided money, and food for his family. He grew up helping his dad, but he wanted more from his life. He became a blacksmith’s apprentice, and learnt how to craft armour and weapons. He was a natural and soon surpassed his master. His dad seen his potential and started to sell the armours, and weapons that he made. His family became better off, instead of barely making it. They gained honour over the years, with more and more of the nobles requesting custom made equipment. Sells skyrocketed, and eventually they were turning away business.

    Vonur eventually decided to take on his own apprentice. His apprentice’s name was Sakiki. He trained him well; Sakiki learned quickly and soon started to help Vonur with his orders, instead of just making stock items. But Vonur didn’t just teach him how to be a smithy, he also taught him of honour, and about the ancient dwarves, about how they lived. At first Sakiki was a good colleague, working hard, and doing what he was asked. But Sakiki slowly got greedy, and impatient. He thought that Vonur was holding back some crafting techniques, trying to stop Sakiki from learning, so he left, and started his own business. Vonur was sad that Sakiki had never learnt about being righteous, but didn’t miss him.

    Vonur’s father was proud of his son, of how he was one of the best smithies in the district. He knew his son could do anything with a bit of metal and a hammer, so he wanted to get him the best quality materials. He left the Iron Citadel, to go to the surface and get new materials. He left without a word to his family, or to anyone. Vonur’s mother thought he had left her, and that he had abandoned his life in the Iron Citadel. She got depressed, and ill, eventually taking her own life, leaving Vonur alone.

    His father leaving was seen by others as a cowards attempt to flee his own life. It brought dishonour about the Garkrak family name. Leaving Vonur with no family, business, but worst of all; no honour.

    After a few year of selling his amazing equipment for extremely low prices, his father returned to the city. He brought with him a material not heard of in the Iron Citadel; Iron Tree Bark. He returned to find his wife dead, and his son living an honourless life. Vonur was shocked when he first saw his father again, angry, but happy. His father handed him the Iron Tree Bark. “I’m sorry son, I had no idea this would happen…I-I just wanted to see your true potential.” His father was sent to prison for returning to the citadel. Vonur couldn’t believe what his father had done. He risked his own life just to let Vonur use this rare material. He would not let his father down.

    The honourless Vonur vowed to regain his family’s honour, and to do so he started to train for The Dwarven Fury Tournament. He trained daily, and instead of making and selling armour, he made himself armour. The best armour he could. After a year of training he entered his first Tournament. He fought hard, his opponents dropping like dominos. He reached the semi finals. His opponent was Sakiki. He would not fight his old apprentice, so he through the fight. Sakiki spat at him, “Weakling” were the only words that came out of Sakiki’s mouth. After the defeat Vonur realised that Sakiki had no true honour, he realised that honour today was not the same as honour in the ancient days.

    He trained again for a year, and decided to use the Iron Tree Bark. The material was so delicate he had to get right first time. He spent many hours designing new armour, and a new unique weapon. Eventually he had the plans, so he started to make his equipment. The bark was a unique material, nothing like anything he had used before. He spent months trying to make the perfect armour from it, but it was impossible. He had wasted his father’s life. He couldn’t craft this new material. He continued to trained vigorously with his old equipment. He was determined to defeat Sakiki this year, and become the champion, to regain his family honour.

    While training one day he had a thought. Steel isn’t just steel. Its iron and carbon combined. He ran to his workshop to find any bark that he had remaining. He found some. His idea was to combine Dwarven Steel with this Iron Tree Bark, to make it more stable, and easier to manipulate. After Hours of work, through the night, he finally finished his Armour, and his new weapon, they were one of kind, and they were the best he had ever made. When combined the two materials fused to form a metal harder than steel, and lighter than aluminium. It was truly one of a kind. it also gave a shimmer of green about it, which made it look almost natural, not a dwarven made material.

    Again he joined the Tournament. It went the same as the first, Vonur flew through the rounds with ease, and even won his semi-final match. This year he had a chance to regain his honour. But when he walked onto the arena for the final fight, he faced his old apprentice again. “Well, here to let me win again?” said Sakiki across the arena. Vonur didn’t reply. “A silent demise, your father would be proud.” At that Vonur ran with great speed, with his new weapon unsheathed, separated into twin mode, straight towards Sakiki. Sakiki didn’t see it coming, and Vonur hit home, completely crippling Sakiki. He couldn’t move, both his legs were broken. Vonur switched to Siamese mode. Standing over Sakiki, looking straight into his soul. There was no emotion in Vonur. He was in a killing rage. Sakiki was shaking with fear, he was about to die. The audience went silent, they too were afraid of what was about to happen. Killing is forbidden in the tournament. Vonur swung his war axe down. It stabbed into the ground, inches from Sakiki’s face, “Who’s weak now? You dishonour the dwarves.” Vonur turned to face the audience and lifted his arm. There was silence for a moment, but then the crowd exploded with applause. Vonur had won the final in one blow. He had regained his family honour, by winning the Dwarven Fury Tournament, the biggest event in the dwarven calendar. Vonur was walking away from Sakiki, enjoying his new honour. Sakiki was enraged at his old master.

    Later that week Vonur had visited his father in prison. His father was so proud of Vonur. It was a great day for his family. On his way home from the prison Vonur was picked up by a few thugs. Sakiki’s thugs. “Leave, leave the city tonight, or we will destroy you.” Vonur was not afraid of these thugs, or Sakiki. He ignored them, and kept walking. He reached his home, thinking they were just empty threats. He was wrong.

    The next day Vonur’s father was found murdered in his cell. Vonur was blamed. He didn’t do it, but he knew who had… Sakiki. Vonur ran, not of forwardness, in a rage, greater than that of when he was in the arena. He entered Sakiki’s home. Found him, but did not kill him. He just threatened him, threatened him that if he ever came back to Iron Citadel, that he would kill Sakiki. Sakiki was afraid, he knew from the look in Vonur’s eyes that he was serious. He never told anyone of this encounter, not a soul new.

    Vonur left the citadel, vowed never to return. He was tired of the fake honour that everyone cared so much for, he was sick of how the dwarves had changed since the ancient time, long ago. He decided he would live on the surface, and live in the way of the ancients; with no regrets, but with honour, not discriminating against anyone, not even an elf, even if he found it hard. He was going to keep his honour.
    RPing, i'm not really sure neil...

    *week later*

    I am Karosath, the almighty destroyer of the royal family MWAHAHAHAHAHA

    *next day*

    NEIL: so gecko hows the RPing
    ME:who is this gecko??? Adress me only as Karosath, the almighty, u peasent

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    Default sooo long!

    ((Well I just can't refrain myself from not posting my character. Probably tomorrow I'll find some tweaks, but I will repair it then. Meet the new Kaori.))

    Exile by blood but not by law. Her eyes show the truth.
    A voice no human has ever heard. But a lawless man's voice is sooth

    Name: Kaori Eto

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Race: Half Human – Half Celos

    Class: Bard


    Kaori stands at a height of 1,70 m, making her not very tall for both human and Celos. She weights around the 55 kilos, which can be explained due her slim build and not much food all the time.

    Head: There is (or will be) a picture of Kaori in my blog, but of course I’ll explain here too.

    The first thing that would catch your attention when you look to Kaori’s face would be her sea-green eyes. They attract attention for it is as if the sea is literally in her eyes. Since Kaori doesn’t like attention very much she mostly keeps her black locks in front of her eyes even though they are supposed to be kept out of her face by the blue tiara she wears. The tiara is a very important thing for Kaori as it is the only object that is left from the mother. It is Celos made, blue, covering her whole forehead and the start of her nose and it has small white dots coming from the top middle running down to the nose. Her face is fairly small and elegant as the forms from the Celos shimmered through it. To stop confusion, no Kaori does not have the pointy ears that the Celos have.

    An agile build is something that can be said from Kaori’s body. The body looks quite small in comparison to her long legs. Her skin is from itself quite pale, but has turned brown due her traveling, yet the paleness returns every year in the winter, making her look more fragile then she is.

    Kaori tent to wear dresses the most of the time, or skirts with a shirt on top of it. She loves lots of layers of clothes matched together. Since she is not that rich, she cannot afford much clothing and always ends up with second hand stuff. Still she is a skilled and creative person when it comes to sewing, making her end up with all kinds of clothes.


    Father’s Dagger
    A beautiful dagger that once belonged to her father. As long as Kaori’s underarm it starts with a red hilt and flows into a grey-silver blade, the tip slightly pointed upwards. Together with her tiara, those two things are the only objects that Kaori has left from her parents. The dagger is made from elvenmetal, bearing an unnatural strength against magic.

    Fluctus Tibia (Flute of Waves):
    Kaori’s main “weapon” if you could call it that. Shaped like a wooden flute which one should hold with the top part pressed against the mouth and that arms to the right. The wood is dark brown and is inlaid with silver. For abilities, see below.

    “His sweet little girl.” It was often Kaori’s father’s title for Kaori. Yet the sweet little girl has changed due the course of time and hardship. She isn’t that sweet anymore as she used to be as the life has hardened her from both outside as inside. She still is caring and enjoys little things like a beautiful sunrise above the sea, but yet she can be snappy and hard when needed. She never lets anger control herself, or let emotions get the upper hand above thinking.


    Song of Illusion:
    Kaori’s carries the power of sound waves and is able to create illusions using her flute. These are visual illusions, but when focused on one person one might experience even touch that isn’t there. Kaori uses the sound waves that she produces with her flute to distort signals running in the cells of the brain to make someone experience things there are not. The Illusion can be extended to about three persons at the time, if taking in more people the illusion turns weaker and becomes easier to break. Breaking the illusion can be done by simply realizing it is an illusion. When one realizes the truth the patterns in the brains change and the illusion is broken. But, of course, realizing that it is an illusion is the hard part and Kaori is fairly skilled in making sure that her victim does not realize it.

    The song of illusion can also be used to disrupt other illusions that might be casted upon Kaori. This is simply done by creating an illusion for herself, something only she recognizes as an illusion, when she realizes the illusion it breaks together with the other.

    Ballade of Emotion:
    Same as the song before, but this time Kaori uses the sound waves to change someone’s emotion. It works the same way as method before, but can be used on a much greater scale. About ten people can be affected; influencing their emotion greatly, at the same time, when trying to do more, the emotion becomes less strong with every person Kaori adds. Changing her own mood is impossible. When ten people are listening and Kaori stops playing the emotions will fade away after about 30 minutes. Less people means more time before the emotion wears of, more means less time.

    Lathron (Listener):
    Kaori is a listener and thus able to hear the Voice of the Ocean, something no human, elf, dwarf or any other creature besides the Celos can hear. She therefore is able to understand the oceans pattern and predicts its movements, even make very small alterations. This could be very handy for a curtain pirate captain…

    Eidetic Memory:
    Kaori has an eidetic memory for words and songs, ballades or any other melody you can think of. She only needs to hear it once and it is settled inside her mind. She therefore has an almost endless repertoire of numbers to her disposal which comes in very handy when you are a bard.

    Kaori can sing very beautiful, another trait she received from her mother. She plays more than she sings, but also likes it very much to sing when she has no instrument at her disposal. Also singing is next to playing flute part of her way to make money. (Explained in the history)


    Note: The words in the poem are in the elvenlanguage created by Tolkien, Sindarin, and are written by Sappho.

    Thinnant Ithil, The moon is gone,

    Born in a small fishing village called Rimor Kaori started her life with the pleasure of having both father and mother by her side. Her mother was a Celos and a listener who had abandoned her people for her love, Kaori’s father. Falling in love with a human was quite unnatural for a Celos, but marrying him let inevitable to exile. But Kaori’s mother didn’t mind. She rather followed her hart than her people. Still Kaori couldn’t enjoy her company very long for in her second summer her mother was found death on the shores where she had gone for a short swim. The Celos had murdered her for breaking the law of exile to not return to the sea ever again. Yet no Celos can resist the sea when so close by, Kaori’s mother was no exception. Exile meant therefore inevitable death for a Celos.

    Kaori can’t remember her mother very well because of this, but the curse of the exile still rests within her for she is a half-blood, belonging to no race.

    ar giliath, and the stars,

    She lived on with her father and the day passed, turned into months and into years. Kaori was happy, her father was happy, the world seemed peaceful. Humans are a race that adapt quickly and in the little village nobody excluded Kaori because she was a half-blood. The outside world was far away for her only coming close on the days that travelers arrived in town or a foreign ship landed on the shores. Rimor was an unknown little village, the kind that everybody that didn’t live there forgot. And so Kaori didn’t know much about the world and its cruelness, but she would learn soon enough. Too soon.

    It started on a soft spring day when Kaori was eleven. She had been sitting by the epeshi (the sheep from Heoden, they look like deer with sheep fur and twisted horns of a ram, singular epesh) in the barn since it was their time to produce young and her father ordered her to watch them and make sure none died. She had been leaning against the wall when the screaming started, the screaming and the fire. It were Orcs and they didn’t come for tea. Everything is a blur for Kaori from here. She remembers running outside, searching for her father. She remembers how she encountered the Orcs and saw how they slaughtered one of her friends. She remembers screaming, but not if it was her that screamed or the others or both. She remembers how her father grabbed her and how they started to run, run to the sea. They didn’t get far. Her father pushed her inside a house, telling her to hide as he turned around and faced the Orcs.

    Luck came just moments later as a pirate ship set ashore, but for Kaori it came too late. Her father had died and although she was saved by an unknown man she died inside for the first time.

    enedh en-fuin, in the middle of the night,

    Renshaw dropped her in a small village close by. He maybe did it because he knew he couldn’t take her, but for Kaori it felt as if he was just abandoning her for nothing. Now she was in a village she didn’t know, with people she didn’t know and the only one that she knew sailed away. It was her first grudge against someone. The people in the town were reluctant to take her in. Her eyes were too strange, her ways were too different and she noticed for the first time that she was different from others. The world was hard.

    gwanna i lû, the hour is passing,

    Yet it brightened again when a group of travelers passed by the village when Kaori was fifteen. They were a group of bards and performers that traveled around the kingdom, making money with their singing and playing. They were all kind of races with all their own reasons to walk away from their people. To make a long story short, Kaori felt like she had finally found some people like her. People who were different in all kind of ways. And so she left the little village and went with the travelers who accepted her gladly after hearing her voice and playing skills.

    Kaori is still traveling with the group now, having not found a place to love. She is not one her own anymore and although it is hard work she is happy…

    im losta erui. but I sleep alone.

    A man said to the universe:
    "Sir I exist."
    "However," replied the universe,
    "this hasn't created in me
    a sense of obligation."

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    Name: Laec
    Race: Human
    Age: 25

    Appearance:, Laec has pitch black hair. This hair color contrasts immensely with his pale skin, making it seem like he seldom ventures out into sunlight. His eyes are of a deep blue color His body is thin, a result of constant strain and at times not enough food to make him full. On his right arm there are two mingling symbols extending from there to his shoulder. The underlying mark, sprawling in many different lines with wilted flowers opening at random is black, the mark on top of it got no shape. Just intermingling symbols and lines stretching here and there covering the flowers, this one is painted a deep red.
    Though despite his bodies state and the marks on his arm Laecs face does not have the look of one giving up, it’s the look of somebody determined to fulfill a goal. Even if that goal is mere survival.
    His attire at the moment consists of a formerly white now dirt gray shirt which covers his arms on top which he wears a light coat, mostly faded black and frayed from long use, several pieces of it bearing constant proof of sewing having been made to cover up parts too damaged. Because of this it makes a strange colored coat, a few parts of it being of random colors, white, brown, red, green, yellow, whenever he manages to get his hands on something he does his best to patch up the spot which is in most need of it.

    Class: Dark magician

    Personal belongings:
    An leather inbound book with no special symbols on it, just simple leather binding together the information it holds. It’s in this book which Laec draws all the different curses and their symbols which he finds and writes down all the knowledge about them that he has acquired. Also writing down any changes, however small, that happen to the curses etched on his arm.
    He also has an brush with him that he uses to form the symbols when making or undoing a curse when it’s necessarily.

    Weapons: Greg the kitchen knife.

    Behold its sharp edge and luster which would make any cook droll just by a single glance at it while filling them with a need of acquiring a knife with such perfect meat and vegetable slashing abilities. This is of course before they notice it being enchanted. By who and for what purpose is unknown but two unfortunately traits that Greg is known to have is one large mouth and being surprisingly resilient no matter how many times one tries to break him by continuously slamming him in the floor or hammering with whatever heavy objects nearby.
    Recently Greg has grown unsatisfied with being bound to the kitchen and have begun dreaming of glory and battle. Eventually landing into the hands of the least likely person to ever willingly lead him into either. And despite Greg’s sharp edge it have been noticed, more often than healthy, that having a loud mouthed knife seeking danger and taunting foes mixes badly with its length and form. This having led to many a cheerful chase.

    Personality: The first word that comes upon an onlookers mind when seeing Laec confronted by, well anything threatening is most often coward. Usually the second thing that comes to mind is oh god he’s fast! You got it people he’s a coward. Or as he would put it, sane enough to try not to get prematurely killed. Laec will do whatever he can to get out of trouble, be it by running, begging, cheating, flattering or bribing he will get out of whatever trouble he, or more often Greg, has gotten himself in. Often glad to make friends, friends mean one less person trying to kill though he’s rather pessimistic and sarcastic outlook on life can make this difficult for him. Though when threatened, or even at the hint of threatening happening in the near future he drops this, being as friendly and polite as possible

    Cursed gift: Because of the two curse marks on Laecs forearm, both of them loaded with magical energy constantly fighting for dominance Laec got a new ability up his sleeve. If he increase the magic in the curses themselves instead of trying to dampen them their power will go wild. The magic going unstable and at that moment their hold over him will lessen for a moment, allowing Laec to grab opportunity and take the essence of either or both of his curses, it all depends on his precision. Then he can transfer the curses to his hand or as a small ball of energy which he then can launch onto his opponent. Thereby dampening them to their normal state once again. This method of attack got four outcomes.

    The first outcome is that he uses the curse from his father which leeches on the curseds life, although it won’t kill the wearer immediately it will drain his energy and life and thus decrease his energy and stamina rapidly leaving the enemy exhausted in a matter of minutes.

    The second curse is the one he received from Greg which makes it impossible to wield any weapon besides Greg without having a searing pain engulf ones entire body which only increases the longer one refuses to let go of his/her weapon.

    The third curse is the result in which the two curses mix together, this is a method he prefers not to use as it takes a lot more energy to copy the essence of two curses and contain them than just one curse, leaving him quite exhausted when performing this variety of it. But then again the result is also more effective if one doesn’t mind a bit of blood and guts flying about. If this one gets applied properly the high instability and power struggle between the curses while at the same time being applied to a completely new and unknown host will cause them to mix together faster and faster until they explode, taking the host with them. Well, unless the host in question is fast enough to react and suppress them, something which isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

    And the fourth outcome, the one he hates the most of all and prefers not happening at all. He misses completely.

    Curse creation: The time he spent researching and experimenting with curses has led him to be able to create them himself. This is a skill that is totally useless in a battle though, as it takes some time to finish a proper curse. Therefore it’s mostly useful for guarding him when he rests as any curse activated would alert him. Of course this also means he can curse a weapon or a person if he wishes to. Though the more magic there is in the object/person the harder it becomes as the body wishes to reject the curse.


    Running: Years of running away from whatever danger he faces has given Laec a speed which once he has begun running makes few people able to catch up to him.

    Curse enthusiast: Since having fled from his former life Laec have researched different curses in hope of finding a way to get rid of the ones he bears. During this search of knowledge he has gained an impressive knowledge about different kinds of curses, their forms and how they are made. Allowing him to make and identify different curses, knowing their function and how to disarm them. And if not knowing exactly what curse it is at least make a pretty accurate guess of what type it might be.

    Precise hand: The time Laec has spent copying curse marks and experimenting with them in the hopes of finding a way to get rid of his own curses has led him being to copy patterns and symbols down to the last detail. After all a simple forgotten dot can prove quite a disaster when dealing with curses as they still need to be charged with magic before being effective, and if the shape is not acceptable the magic within easily leaks out, and pure magic going through one’s body is never a pleasant thing.


    On the day of Laec and his sisters birth his mother died in childbed, but this was something his father didn’t spent a lot of time grieving on when faced with the joy that was his daughter. She had even as just a child an enormous inner potent for magic and he was certain she would be a worthy successor to him. His son on the other hand. In comparison to his sister he was just a second rate, somebody to be tolerated to stay under the same roof, be fed but besides that didn’t matter. But despite his father’s cold attitude Laec wasn’t completely alone, whenever he felt down his sister was always there for comfort and cheering him up despite her studies.
    But there was one great flaw in his daughter, Verenca, and that was her health. Her lack of it became more and more apparent during the years and her father, his only passion in life to make sure she got the upbringing and life she deserved began to frantically research anyway to fix this flaw. Soon after his research, unknown to Laec he started kidnapping people, one by one completely unrelated, careful to not get caught. Often travelers who rested in their home which he then told his son had left, while in fact he had captured them. With them he began to research ways to incorporate their life energy into Verenca in order to restore her to the health of an ordinary person. After meeting with failure after failure, his experiment subjects dying and shriveling up into dried husks and the energy transfused being rejected by Verencas body finally led him to one conclusion. She needed an energy akin to her own which her body was familiar with and would not treat as an incursion. An energy related to her… Now where was that useless son of his?
    When hearing that he could help his sister Laec immediately agreed to it and then he and his sister both got a curse mark placed on their right forearm. One which would link their life forces together and transfer Laecs own, just enough of it, to his sister and cure her from her former problems.
    This was a small sacrifice in Laecs opinion though, he would of course feel fainter but her sister would survive and so would he.

    As if.

    This was just the first stage in his father’s plans, he had learned during his experiments that one couldn’t transfer all energy at once and for it to be fully incorporated it had to be done in small dozes through the curse mark. It being even more effective if it was placed on the victim willingly and they suspected nothing in order to not fight against it. Once enough time had passed he would perform the ritual and let the curse mark fully consume his son, effectively killing him.
    Luckily, at least from Laecs point of view, he learned of this by chance one day. Despite the precisions his father had took, or rather because of them he had placed a seal over one of his drawers which contained the book in which he written down all his research. Having begun to feel faint and despite what he said to either sister or father they just said it would pass with time, so when a strong seal suddenly appears one gets suspicious. There it all stood, black on white. Soon, very soon as the curse would have matured enough to perform the ritual that would take his life.
    Realizing first now truly what kind of man their father was he rushed to his sister, eager to share the news. And as soon he had explained it all he urged her to escape with him, their father was a monster which obviously could not be trusted. Merely looking at him, a hint of sorrow in her eyes she then did something he never believed she would do. She attacked him and held her down with her magic.
    Shocked beyond measure Laec did nothing to resist and would have been domed if not for her health failing at that precise moment, for despite him giving her part of his energy she was far from healthy. This fortunate turn of events interrupted her magic and Laec did not waste another minute and escaped from that his former home.

    Ever since then he cast away his family name and has done what he could to stop curse which slowly but surely, took more and more of his energy. Realizing his father and sister must be trying to complete it from afar he tried to seal it with his own magical energy which did slow it down but that was all, knowing that his relatives would eventually break through his defenses and if he did not find an solution soon he be nothing but a corpse he searched for a way to if not remove it at least neutralize it. He had already got it examined by someone skilled with curses and been told trying to remove it would likely prove fatal for him, having leached too deeply into him, so that option was a nono. At least with the knowledge that was available to him.

    Thus he began to frantically researching a way to remove it but found nothing, growing more and more desperate by the day as he felt the curse slowly but surely breaking through the hinder he had placed in front of it he was stumped on what to do.
    One day he found the solution, completely by chance and to this day he can’t’ be quite sure if he’s happy or not.

    Eventually he got his hands, quite by accident as he never do it volunteringly, curse or no curse, on Greg.
    Ever since he acquired Greg he's not sure if to call it a curse or a blessing For while Gregs mark that he received on his right arm, right on top of his fathers the day he got him blocks out his father’s it’s because of this new mark he cannot give up Greg or wield any other weapon, and so far he has escaped death only by the width of a hair because of Greg far too many times. And not in the way one first thinks, Greg isn’t the savior he’s most often the cause.
    Whatever the case Laec still can’t relax and say it’s over with. Because despite being safe for the time being the energy already lost he haven’t reclaimed yet and the strain of always keeping part of his magic active is taking its toll on him.
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    Default The calm before Alarei's storm.

    This is a story of what it means to be a hero. Like all stories of its kind, there is a predetermined result. The sun is eclipsed by the coming shadow of a great evil, and at the last moment, when all seems to have come to naught and the world to its knees, a hero, a beacon of hope, saves the world. Perhaps a princess is rescued, long separated brothers are reunited, a boy becomes a man in the face of adversity, and maybe, just maybe, love is found. But above all, in this story justice is served, and the future of the world preserved from near-certain doom, even if at some cost and sacrifice of the heroes.

    Dear reader, you should know up front that this is not that story, for this is not a story of what it means to be a hero.
    This is a story of what it means to be human in the face of inhumanity.

    Chapter One:

    When the crystal eye opened the fourth gate, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come and see!" I looked and there before me was a solemn dragon! Its rider was named Death, and Nazgral was following close behind him. They were given power over a third of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

    – The Codex 6:7-8

    Alarei, the rumoured exile kicked the spurs of his horse until he was riding full gallop along the empty road, the noise of the horse's hooves on the dirt rang through his wet ears, the unfolded collar of his coat kept his neck dry, but the hood he was wearing barely kept his face protected as the wind blew gusts of water into his face. Even at full gallop on a wet, soggy road, all Alarei could think about was home.

    Ah, Brimmingshire in sight, almost there. Alarei could feel Sombre was getting tired and so with a few clicking noises, Sombre slowed his pace to an easy trot, it would only be a few minutes until they were both inside Brimmingshire's high walls, where a stable and a bed were in order. The next day would be the day that he would leave Brimmingshire, still in the back of his mind unsure that his prophecy was even true. Perhaps he didn't want to believe, perhaps there was a part of him that wished there was no threat so that he could just return to his home and family, his due and proper and grow old in peace and tranquillity. Then again, the other part of him loved the rush of going into the unknown with nothing but your sword and balls, that thrill of adventure, the hard work of accomplishment.

    Sombre slowed as the two approached the entrance gate, Alarei reached to his hip and pulled a lace of gold from his pouch and reached out to hand it to one of the gate keepers. The gate keeper, a kind old looking soul reached out but quickly retracted in fear noticing Alarei's wet, shining, almost majestic looking crest which was sewn onto his coat shoulder, engraved with intricate detail cold trimming contrasting his dark brown coat which got even darker, almost black as it was soaked in the rain. Alarei's face wore a confused look as the man looked at him in speculation.

    “Is there something wrong with the currency I offer?” Alarei asked, slightly confused about the delay. “A military man. You are allowed to enter without pay, sir.” The man replied with confidence. “Former military, I wished to serve my country not the scum that leach her prosperity.” Alarei replied in a stern tone.
    “Understood, if you ask me sir, it is good to see an honest man in a uniform once again.” The man told him in a relaxed tone. There was a moment of silence there, where the men just looked at each other until Alarei cleared his throat and looked at the large, thick wooden gate in front of him.
    “If you may accept my payment and allow me to continue, sir, I have an audience with the duke.”
    “No payment necessary, friend, a man like you enters Brimmingshire with no expense” the man replied as he gave the signal to those up on the wall to open the gate.

    The large wooden gate creaked open with a noise that really showed how heavy it is, just enough for Sombre to get through with a slow trot. The roads and walkways were empty as the rain turned into a complete downpour. Damn, Alarei really wanted to get inside, and asked the gatekeeper the quickest route to the duke's manor. The gatekeeper gave him some simple instructions to follow and after some riding, Alarei found a stable to leave Sombre at, offering the owner some coin to keep him there until the rain stopped. Alarei proceeded to unlace a rather large brown package from the back of the horse, drenched in rain and moist blood.

    Alarei walked the rest of the way on the drenched cobblestone, walking towards a small iron gate, which led up to a rather steep hill. Alarei continued to unlace the gate and opened it to give way to a piercing twisted cry. He shut the gate behind him and continued up the hill, and behind the cover of the bare trees, a manor could be seen, with the first floor of the home lightened by fireflies. Finally reaching the front door, Alarei exerted a long sigh, then he knocked. The first to answer was the dukes servant, a tall respectable man who spoke with a hint of formality in his voice.

    “Ahh, Master Alarei, do come in! Let me take your coat...and the package, and be you off to the living quarters where the duke waits patiently for your audience.” Alarei gave a warm smile and nodded, taking off his soaked coat and placing the package on the table beside him. He then walked down the hallway, his leather boots squelching across the elegant rug beneath him. He then took a left, through the front deck and then proceeded through the next doorway, which led to the living quarters where the Duke spent most of his time.

    “Alarei!” the duke let out a cheerful laugh. “You return! Do you bear news of your...small adventure?” the duke extended his arm, pointing towards the comfortable green high chair by the fireplace. “Do take a seat by the fire, you look drenched, is there anything I can get you? Edward!” the name called through the house as Alarei proceeded to take a seat, sighing with great relief.

    “Just put the deer on rack Aldridge, that is all, I mustn’t spoil my appetite for tonight’s feast."
    Aldridge replied with a smile, to which Aldridge's servant, Edward entered. “Cook the deer that Alarei has provided us with please, and do take your time, me and Alarei have much to talk about.”

    Alarei looked at Aldridge as he turned his attention back to him, to which Alarei began to draw a pipe from a pocket. As Alarei looked into Aldridge's age-worn eyes, he packed the pipe with tobacco, a pinch at a time, rotating it to ensure that the pipe-weed was evenly distributed. “Where did we leave off, sir” he said as he finished filling the pipe. He hesitated before putting the pipe in his mouth. “May I?” he asked Aldridge. “Of course friend, whatever makes you comfortable. When we last talked, you were telling me of your times spent on the savage isles with the Drall, whom you spent a year and a half of your exile.” With the flick of a finger a flame danced on Alarei's thumb, which he dipped into the bowl of the pipe. As he lit the well packed tobacco, puffing the vaguely cinnamon smoke determinedly, he regarded the duke critically.

    “Ah” he said, his pipe lit, “It was a rainy night, much like tonight. I was lost in the woods of Angramire, still in my innocent and more vulnerable years, it was then, after much trial, that I met my first Drall. A magnificent sight at that.” His mouth began to wander as his mind retracted into a memory like stasis, recalling each event to the Duke in vivid detail, much like that a Drall would do.

    Revenge Solves Everything.

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