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    Quote Originally Posted by Str1der View Post
    If no one else wants to heal, I'll glady do it. I don't mind at all. Honestly, these lowbie dungeons are so easy that you can spec any which way and still heal or tank in a different one. My Goblin Shaman was main healing his 5 man dungeon groups as Enhance, never having a problem.

    So ya, unless someone waltz' on in and claims, "I, and only I, shall heal!", I'll do it. Should you (Showy) choose you want to take a back seat every now and then and do some damage as Ret, I'll pop in to bear form and become a meat shield.

    We can do it however we want, so pick whatever class and spec you want to play. As it stands currently, we already have a tank, healer, and DPS based on our specs alone.
    Yes that sounds perfact, man. I'd like to switch between DPS and Tank to get Tank experience as a Pally. I've only had lvl 30+ Warrior tanking. Do do you want to wait for more people to join our group until we start or us to start together and hopefully get some decent PUGS whenever and if we LFD at any time?

    Considering we'll mostly be questing maybe we should wait for ATLEAST 1 more person unless you think we're fine with a druid and pally.

    I just don't want OnRPGers to quit after a day.

    Although a Druid and Pally could tear through PvE.

    It's up to you man, I can start playing anytime.
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