New Look UI

As with all things, change is good, and this is a big change for the face of LaTale. With a complete rehaul of the User Interface, things will take a turn for the better with a crisper, newer, and more modern look.

If you havenít had a chance, come by after February 24th to check and see what the new interface looks like!

Arabian Fashion

Always good to have new fashion, and not to let down, weíre implementing the Arabian Fashion Sets. Unique clothes for both male, and female characters.

Point Shop Power Upgrade

Another major change weíre adding this update is the switch from Functional Fashion Sets to the Point Shop. Players will now be able to buy the piece they want of their favorite functional fashion set from the Point shop.

Thatís not all though, we are also adding the Advanced XP Potion, and Item Nostrum as Point Shop utilities!