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Thread: Need Help for 2D MMO Alteria Online

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    Default Need Help for 2D MMO Alteria Online

    Team name:
    Cyberspace Studios

    Project name:
    Alteria Online (In the past there has been a small 3D 'remake' of Ragnarok Online called Alteria Online. As hard to believe as this may seem, we did not copy them. Alteria Online is a name based of a d20 I designed a few years ago. Also, the 3D Alteria Online is no longer active, and we believe it will be fine to use this name.

    Brief description:
    The idea for AO has been around for a year or so, with the other head of the project and I researching the best way to go about it. We have experimented with Torque, Realm Crafter, and Eclipse Origins, but we decided that the former two would cause too much lag and problem on older computers. The latter, still being in an early stage, proved difficult to work with.
    Presently, we are using Xtremeworlds. It will be a 2D MMO with as good-quality graphics as we can produce, and good music for a 2D MMO. Also, we are attempting a few other small features to set AO apart from most random 2D MMO's made with engines. At least, we will try! Nothing ever goes exactly according to plan.

    Target aim:
    Alteria Online will be free to download and play, but with a 'premium shop' where players can purchase in-game items for a small amount of money. One of our main goals is to keep AO as free as possible, although still being able to produce a backup fund just in case.

    Our goal here is not to make money. If you are seeking a paid position, please check somewhere else. If we do make any profits, you will of course be paid, but do not expect much at all.
    That said, we are willing to offer a moderator position for anyone doing work for us. This includes access to all items in the game, unique personalized equipment, and other such perks. Basically, everything in the game is immediately accessible to a mod.

    Alteria Online will most likely be run on Windows only, although we may create a Mac or Linux version in the future.
    Our 2D work is being done in Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, and Blender.

    Talent needed:
    We mainly need pixel artists. We need someone who can create great scenery (outdoors and indoors), someone who can handle sprite bases, and sprite accessories (hair, clothes, armor, and basically anything paperdolled onto the sprite).
    We also are looking for musicians. We need a theme track, ambient tracks (background music), and sound effects.
    A certain amount of experience is not needed. However, we do ask that you provide sample work. A sample speaks for itself.

    Team structure:

    Project Heads:
    Cyberkyd (me): I generally hold everything together. :P More specifically, I manage the forum and am currently wrestling with creating Alteria Online's economy. For lack of a better pixel artist, I also create a bit of that when I need to.

    Hawkfriend: Hawk is our main (and only) coder. He works alone, by choice, and does a fantastic job with it. He also does his fair share of pixel art as well. Finally, he creates some ambient music.

    Regular Staff:
    Reno: He really is awesome. He is our head of advertising, our main flash artist (even though the graphics aren't in flash...) and musician. Basically, if you need something done, Reno can do it.

    Kenichi daPuppy: Kenichi laboriously is creating our basic storyline so that we will actually have something to work with once we have the engine's coding all finished.

    Zavvie: Zavvie is a flash artist, assistant to Reno and Kenichi, and the general sweet person that keeps us all from going insane when the work seems never-ending. You can always walk away from a discussion with her and have a smile on your face.

    Shonen32: This guy laboriously makes the signatures and other random stuff like that which we use to prove our dedication to AO on other forums. Oh yeah, he also makes great concept art as well.

    Anasburghed: Anasburghed does a great job getting the word out about AO to his buddies on other games an forums. He also does 'odd jobs' as it were for us.

    We also have a few more people that, sadly, are more or less inactive.

    Right now we pretty much just have a forum, but a website will most likely come soon.

    You can contact me at cyberkyd @ (without the spaces, obviously :P)

    Additional Info:
    The storyline so far... For many years, the Royalists and Outsiders have been in war. There is also a third faction, the Returners. The Returners want the war to stop at all costs. The fighting mostly takes place in far-off battlefields, so none of the people of Alteria really pay much attention. However, when the yearly festival renewing the barrier of protection around the land is interrupted by an attack from the Outsiders, the entire world experiences something of a whole new power. Things come to light that never should have, and the Enemy will rise again.


    Cyberkyd's definition of encouraging: Anything that allows us to do a better job.
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