KeeP :
CuSTomiSaTioN oF aVaTaR [LoGos CreaTioN, GRaPH, CLoTHeS, CaRS...]
CauSe eVeRyBoDy CaN Be ReaLLy DiFFeReNT THaN oTHeRS GaMeRS
aND CaN MaKe A aVaTaR LooKs LiKe HiMSeLF oR ToTaLy iNVeRSe !

CHaNGe :
MuSt CHaNGe aBouT THe CHeat & CHeaTeRS CauSe I PLaYeD THe FiRST ApB
aND TouCH SoMeBody 5 oR 6 TiMes iN Head FoR He Die !
BuT HiM SHoot Me ONe TiMe iN My aRM oR My LeG So I DieD CaSH !
BaD TaSTe . . .

P.S. My eNGLiSH iS PooR SoRRy .