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Thread: I need a Quest Guide

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    Talking I need a Quest Guide

    Hi. First time to play RPG. Thats why I started with this game so simple and easy BUT the grammars in the quest are all wrong. T_T

    Isnt there list of the quest and what it really wants me to do

    Anyways, if your playing luminary look for me.
    Im willing to make friends =)

    My name Crystalwind ^^


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    Hi there,

    The explanation in the quests are mostly grammatically wrong as they have been translated from korean by non-english speakers They still try very hard to put their information across internationally though. Even my walkthrough is pretty outdated considering I stopped playing around 2-3 years ago. There's a website I know that's just as outdated, but at least has more information than what's provided here.

    Hope that helps.


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