we're a newly formed guild just looking fer some members if anyone's interested

we are not a serious guild in any way, shape, or form xD

this is just fer a bunch of people to get together and enjoy each others company. i personally don't think MS is enjoyable when you haven't many people to talk to, so i made this to remedy that. if you are looking fer a guild in which you can talk and mess around and what not, look no further x]

we can surely go on boss runs now and then if any of the members wish to do so.

and there are no level caps, we just want people to be active and be at least somewhat social :]

some things i tend to not shut up about are: manga, snowboarding and longboarding, anime, bunnies, and pokemon pokemon pokemon <3

if you are geeky, you must join my guild, because we would have a lot in common :3

if yer interested, reply here ooor just message me in game