Just wanted to let everyone know MMOtournaments.com just launched yesterday, and we're starting with 2 different tournaments to get the ball rolling.

The first is our grand opening tournament, which will be a 32 team tournament of level 85 players. Winning team will take home $1,000!

The second, is a tournament for lower level players, which is 32 teams of level 20 players. Winning team will take home $300!

We're starting with WoW, but we're not limited to it. I know these forums support many MMO's, free ones included, as long as there's demand for it we'll have tournaments for it. So even if you don't play WoW, sign up and suggest a game for us!

More details about the rules on the site, or you can ask them here and I'll be happy to go over anything
Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section ^^'