I am looking for a team of hard-working people who would like to take on a huge challenge. I am beginning the process of creating a MMORPG game called Polarz, a childrens game in which you are a Polar Bear. I understand there are already Arctic games out there such as Club Penguin but this one is going to be different. I want almost no money invested in this project except for things such as website domain, etc. The only person in this team as of right now is myself and I can't do it alone. Here is some sample art:

Anyone that can contribute to the development of this game is welcome to contact me at polarzgame@gmail.com I am especially looking for programmers and coders as I have little knowledge of C++ or Java. If you are looking to be a graphic designer like myself, please send me a sample of your work as well as a sample polar bear in the same fashion as the ones in the pic above and colored like one holding a surfboard is so I know you have the skill to be a designer.

PLEASE do not contact me asking to be a moderator as I am not looking for anything of the kind at this time. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from some of you in the near future.