Peasant's can be good at particular anythingm from tanking to attacking, a very versitle class. Later on when you change class Peasants can cast powerful spells or heal like a literus. As you progress through the game you will find the Peasant's full potential.

Practically all builds for all characters will require CON, since it is the best stat (adds HP, +weight limit, +DP, ect).

Attack Build: 1STR:2CON
Defense Build: All CON
Wisdom Build: 1WIS:2CON

Attack Build: Use this build to do high damage, you'll get recive high damge most likely but with enough attack you'll probally kill monsters before they can lay a hit on you.

Defense Build: My build, alot of defense=can take alot of hits theres no need for attack since its easily made up with equiment and Swordsmanship.

Wisdom: For me this is a soso build. Its not that good in the beggining of the game because theres about 1 or two offensive spells and they delay badly. Once you change to your 2nd class this build will be very usefull, no matter which of the two classes you choose you will be using skills ALOT, so this build is perfect later on.Wisdom builds might wanna go full Wisdom untill 40 then raise only CON till 50. This enables the wisdom peasant to 2 hit kill enemies or even one hit.

Skills(All MAP based)

-Swordsmanship: A passive skill. VERY usefull everytime you level it up it adds about +10AP max this skill!!

-Dizzying: An active skill. MP cost: x Spins the foe to lower thier DP. I recommend you level this skill to 5 so you can learn the next skill. It has a long range which I really like and an ok delay.

-Blossomic: An active skill. MP cost x? Damage is based on MAP. For me its a bit slow, or it may be lag lol. A really short range which I hate, but has good potential. Level this skill to 5, if your planning to use it alot and have a wis build feel free to max it. Has the quickest recharge delay time.

-Silence: Active Skill. MP cost is around 18 at level 1. Just level it to 3 and forget about it for awhile. It does a little bit of damage but makes it so the target cannot use skills. I haven't seen that many monsters with skill early in the game just 2 so far, so I would just put this skill on hold until you need to use it. But this could really own in PvP against a taoist or literus (I doubt they would PvP, but hey)

-Meditation: Passive Skill. Must have for everyone that uses skills. It decreases the amount of time to recover your mana based on its level. I highly recommend you max this skill if you use skills frequently. Every level it can add +10mp

-Blinding: Active Skill. MP cost ??. Like Dizzying because it lowers HR as well, but this skill damages at the same time. A long casting delay but your almost always Blind the enemy.

-Stunner: Active Skill. MP cost ?? Not a good skill it stuns the enemy but has a loooong delay and rare chance of succesion. I dont think its worth while to level the skill over 5.

-Profusion: Active Skill. MP cost ?? Well not much to say except that it has okay delay and can do up to 1.5k damage. I recommend you max this skill.Profusion can do more than 1.5k it just so happens that its special skill chance of hitting 1/3 of the enemies health is capped at 1.5k however at higher levels of wisdom this attack can easily do +1.5k damage.

-Blossom Air Attack: Active Skill. MP cost ?? Short casting time and more damage than Blossomic, which makes it a good skill to use. I believe its better than Profusion since it can do a little bit less damage than it. You should max this skill.Blossomic Air Attack though has the quickest cast, no target needed, and almost as much damage as profusion it has THE LONGEST DELAY twice that of profusion.

I would think its wise to stash a few Skill pt for your second class skills. Regardless theres 9 skills, all skills max at level 10 advancing requires you to be level 100 which give you an extra 10 skill points.

2nd Classes
Righterious Man


Righterious Man are big hitters, they use offensive spells to pummel foes. All spells are MAP based and deal damage in some way by using elemental powers. In my opinion it would be wise to choose the second alternative class becuase you can learn healing spells which would be a great help unless your an active teamer.

Righterious Man's Skills

- Swordsmanship gone WIS style!! Adds +1x wis every level time you level it. A passive skill.

- Infuses fire into your weapon. Casting cost is 1xx MP and has a very long range. Can lower foes defense. An acitve skill.

All Spells Below Need a Spell Cultivation of 80 or more

- An active skill. MP cost: 1x+skill lv %, passes MP to a target, passes MP based on skill lvl. lvl 1 = 10% MP etc.

- Active skill, infuses water into your weapon and could freeze foe, long range. 1xx MP cost.

- Active skill which infuses wind into your weapon. MP cost 1xx. Long range and could confuse target foe.

All Spells Below Need a Spell Cultivation of 120 or more

- Active skill, MP cost of 1xx. Deals damage to the foe with the power of earth. Long range and may petrify foe.

3rd Classes

all credit goes to Radience from water margin online forums here is link