Team name:
Totem Trader

Project name:
Totem Trader

Brief description:
It is an online strategy/rpg game. It will be played from the browser using the Java applet.
There will be no leveling or skills like a standard rpg. The world will be a (partially destructible)
battlefield, where battles will consist of outwitting your opponent. It is a turn based game converted
into a real time environment (Game is real-time). The rpg element comes from acquiring land,
acquiring an army,and acquiring equipment for the army. The setting is standard fantasy.

Target aim:
Short term: Free. Fix any bugs/add enchantments/etc....I will cover dedicated server hosting
Medium-Long term: Premium account option to help cover hosting costs

A great portfolio piece.

Java applet.

Talent needed:
Looking for environmental 3D modelers (No characters or animation required)
Looking for isometric 2D artists who make isometric sprites (Diablo 2, Ragnarok, etc...)

Team structure:
1 Lead Programmer/Server Programmer
1 Graphic Designer/Website Designer



Previous Work by Team:
I am pursuing a B.S. in computer science. I am currently a researcher at a university.

Additional Info:
The project has been in the works since January. I have recently started making videos on the website. If you are interested in viewing them, please send me a message. However, right now everything is mostly free art found on the internet, so the in-gamegraphics are quite terrible.

Some Concept Art: