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Thread: What Is & Isn't "Lounge Material"

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    Exclamation What Is & Isn't "Lounge Material"

    Hi guys, I've noticed there's been a lot of confusion over what is the difference between the Lounge and the General forum. This should clear that up.

    The main difference is that Rule No. 2, Spamming, does not apply. Or phrased another way, is not enforced. (Keep in mind this does not apply to the term spamming as in spam mail, where someone spams a bunch of links to cheap iPod vendor websites. Please continue to report these kind of topics and the staff will handle them promptly.) All other rules apply.

    What it means is that you can post what you want within the Lounge, but offensive material and other unwanted content (including but not limited to, racial jokes, porn, non-English language usage, flaming, trolling, etc,) is still not allowed and so don't be surprised if you get an infraction if you post said content. So if you want to make a thread about wombats in top hats, that's fine. If you want to respond to the thread about wombats in top hats with pictures of your dog, that's fine. If you want to respond by insulting the OP for liking wombats in top hats that is not okay.

    Lots of people also seem to think that posting light, offensive stuff is okay, because hey! it's the Lounge, anything goes, right? Just a little jab at black people, or Christians, or atheists! No harm done, right? Nope. If it's offensive you will want to be checking your PM inbox. Just because it's spammish in nature and so is allowed in the Lounge does not mean that if it's offensive you won't be receiving an infraction or warning.

    What about threads where you can't decide whether to put them into General or the Lounge?

    The rule of thumb: if you want serious replies, or the thread is suitable for that, put it in General. If you don't mind silly replies or people going off-topic, or if the thread is suitable for that, put it in the Lounge. It really depends on what mood you are in. We strongly recommend that topics where stuff gets serious quickly, for examples topics on politics, religion, evolution, etc, are posted in General. This is because if those topics are being discussed in the Lounge then one group of posters is going to be serious and the other group is going to be following the spirit of the Lounge and being silly. This silliness upsets the first group and is highly disruptive for them.

    However, the Staff can and will move topics from General to the Lounge if we deem it "too spammish in nature" for the General forum. What is our criteria? Well, that depends on each Moderator. But to give an example, if you make a topic about some adolescent pop star and you post a YouTube video of their music video with just the text "lol who listens to this crap," it belongs in the Lounge. And yes, you can receive a warning or an infraction if a Moderator has to move it. But if it's even spammier than that, then some mods (e.g., me) won't even bother moving the topic and will just delete or lock the topic and give you a warning or an infraction.

    On the other hand, if it's a topic about "Can you guys recommend me some music like this? (YouTube link to random adolescent pop star)" then it belongs in General. The Staff usually isn't going to bother moving it out of the Lounge, though, so don't be upset if you get a lot of responses about wombats that you didn't want.

    For topics about gaming, please put them in the General Gaming forum ( ), not in the Lounge. Unless the topic is, "let's all post funny pictures of Mario looking like a wombat."

    Q. Is there such a thing as too much spam in the Lounge?
    A. No.

    Q. Because spamming is allowed I can post whatever I want, right?
    A. If you still think this then read or re-read the main body of this post. Short answer: no.

    Q. Does post count increase in the Lounge?
    A. No.

    Q. Is this a wombat?

    A. Yes.

    Q. What about this; is this a wombat?

    A. That is a wombat that does not have wom, colloquially referred to as a "bat."

    Q. This can't be a wombat, can it?

    A. Correct! That is an elephant, possibly one of my favorite animals.

    Q. What if I post wombat porn?

    Helzz yea! I'm the coolest dood in school
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