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Thread: Curse of a Vampire

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    Talking Curse of a Vampire

    HOOOOWDY!!! Thought I'd make a vampire RP (again) so here it is! Just throw in your CS and I'll be sure to nag to death if I'm not ok with the CS . Happy readin'!!

    Got any questions? Send me a PM, don't litter the thread with useless OOCs.


    Curse of a Vampire

    Vampires exist, it is a fact which you can not overwrite. They are not monsters who only live to drink blood, they are sophisticated beings with actual socities coexisting with humans among the bustling of the cities.

    Ancient lores tell that there exists a supreme vampire somewhere out there. The vampire's name has been told to be Vlad Tepes, although you most likely know him by a better name: Dracula. Most of the humans do not believe this tale, although some of them persist on acknowledging Dracula as a real being. They are fanatics who find vampires ”cool” and who are also the architects behind the ridiculous rumors that vampires are vulnerable to this 'holy water', garlic and crosses. Some of them even say that they've been bit by Dracula, these are all lies however. For in reality, Dracula does not drink human blood. Instead, he drinks the blood of vampires. This raises a question then: if Dracula was the first vampire, whose blood did he drink first? The answer is simple. Dracula was indeed the first vampire, but there was also another one who was born right after him.

    She is simply named Adelaide, and she is a vampire too. Adelaide was the one who started drinking human blood so she was the one who actually birthed the vampire race. Dracula never had anything to do with it, he only kept consuming his own kin. Even his own son, Alucard, fell as his victim. He acted as the judge who controlled the population of the vampires. Dracula never drank his victims empty though, they are of no use to him dead after all. There exists a lore about Dracula among the vampires, it is a premonition of apocalypse to most. It is said that Dracula has been sleeping for over a millennium now and when he wakes up, he will devour all the vampires. Whether it is true or not, is something both Adelaide and Alucard are concerned about.

    Even though Dracula didn't have much to do with the birth of vampires, every single vampire still possesses a trait from Dracula. His savage nature to be more precise. The vampires simply call it ”Beast”. The Beast lies dormant inside every vampire and it may awake at any given time. The longer a vampire goes without blood, the higher the chance that the Beast takes control of him or her. If the Beast takes control of a vampire, he or she will become much like Dracula. They start consuming only vampire blood which eventually leads to becoming a mindless monster. Once under the control of the Beast, the vampire gains immense physical strength and the vampire's dark powers are enhanced.

    If a vampire is completely controlled by the Beast, and has turned into a monster, they are considered outcasts with no hope. So if a vampire goes rampant, the other vampires will hunt it down. This is a rule set by Adelaide, no mercy for the wicked. These individuals are called Crixes (See-rixes, singular: Crix (See-rix)) and their numbers only keep increasing. The outbreak of the Crixes happened during the 1940s, during the end of the Second World War. Suddenly, more and more vampires started turning into Crixes. By now the Crixes have created a clan for themselves: Beast's Childe. It is a clan which only accepts ”those who have embraced their inner Beast”, in other words you must be a Crix in order to join. The biggest giveaway of a Crix is their eyes, they are like lizard's eyes with an amber color.

    Vampire hunters are the single, biggest threat after the sun to vampires. They are skilled and ruthless in their work. They spare no one, no matter what kind of a vampire you are, they hunt you down. Even though vampires are much stronger than humans, possess devastating powers and have a high durability, they also have weaknesses which the vampire hunters use effectively. A single, experienced vampire hunter can take out a vampire before sustaining even a single hit. They have the means to kill a vampire, and they use them rigorously. The vampire hunters have their own guild: ”Disciples of the Holy Cross” which makes them sound like a crazy cult.. which they are if you ask a vampire.

    All hope for vampires seems to be lost since everything out there tries to kill them. However this is the harsh truth about being a vampire, it is a constant struggle for survival. Of course, there are some quite neat sides about being a vampire. First off, their powers. Vampires can not transform into bats or such, but they can climb through walls as easily as a spider. They see in dark and have excellent agility and alerted senses. Couple those with physical prowess and you'll be boasting how damn good you are. Needless to say, but someone would definitely end your afterlife if you did that.

    Vampires have multiple weaknesses, some could say that vampires are actually more vulnerable than humans. The Disciples of the Holy Cross have developed bullets which contain UV radiation inside them, it's like getting hit by a direct ray of light from the sun.. meaning instant death. Silver bullets are also lethal but you can sustain a few hits before dying. Normal bullets hurt although they won't kill you. Catch a sunrise and you're dead. Bladed weapons hurt too, especially silver ones. Fire is also lethal to vampires, avoid it at all costs. However as mentioned earlier: crosses, holy water, garlic or such have no effect on vampires.


    Vampires exist all around the globe. Now their existance is threatened to be revealed by the Beast's Childe -clan. They do it simply by revealing themselves to humans and leaving witnesses. No one knows why the hell they choose to show themselves to humans, but Adelaide is dead-set to find out. If the humans realise vampires truly exist, it would mean the end of vampires.
    Alucard on the other hand doesn't care about the Beast's Childe clan. Instead, he has focused his resources on finding Dracula.. and finishing him off for good. He has his reasons which he won't reveal but anyone can figure out that he's out for revenge.

    You have been chosen for a mission based on your skills as a vampire. This mission's briefing is held in the HQ, right in the conference room where most meetings are held (50th floor). The way you arrive and receive the invitation is yours to decide, you just need to get there.


    Besides creating the vampire race, Adelaide also created vampire societies, and eventually created the different branches of vampires with Alucard's help.

    Branches: ((3 new branches! ))

    Barha: Barhas are physically the second strongest of the vampire branches. They are aces in combat but lack in all the other departments. They are arrogant brutes who have a clear anarchist soul in them. They are usually the ones who dart off headlong into battle and get themselves killed either first or in some cases last. Either way, Barhas are considered rather stupid. Of course not all of them are, but stereotypically speaking yes. Barhas are the most common branch of vampires.

    Relgan: Relgans are quite similar to Barhas, however they are much more beast like. The Beast inside them is completely out of control, it can take over at any given time. Even if Relgan do drink blood often, the Beast can take control. It is a curse and a blessing for them. Because the Beast is so strong inside them, it has an influence to their appearance and powers. Relgans can grow claws and fangs to become more beastly, this is the closest they can get without transforming. Like it was stated, transformation is not possible. But because the Beast is strong within them, Relgans are the most susceptible to turning into a Crix. Relgans are also common among the vampires.

    Likava: Likavas are the strangest of the branches. They have gone simply mad, and yet they are somehow on some bizarre level.. geniuses. They can see to the future, present and past at the same time, this simply creates a vortex inside their heads. Some of them speak with a very weird language, using bizarre metaphors to describe everyone and everything (example: ”The one who has face and yet does not have.” ← This Likava is calling someone a liar). Likavas have a poetic nature, it usually comes from the background of the Likava when they were human. Surprisingly, most of the Likavas were writers when they were humans. This does not fit for all Likavas of course, there are also the regular madjobs: Split personalities (highest one has been 14), schizophrenia etc. They say that every tenth vampire is a Likava.
    (( This branch is hard. Coming up with ”clever” metaphors, acting both insane and genius at the same time isn't that easy. Think hard before choosing this. It won't be an easy ride.. but it sure as hell will be rewarding . If you aren't afraid of a challenge, try it out! ))

    Toreano: Toreanos are elegant and sophisticated. They are most involved with the human world, by clubbing all night long. They are laid-back and flirtatious, as if they aren't even vampires. However because of their ”abilities”, making connections in the human world is quite easy. Even vampires require money to survive, humans are the key to acquiring it. Toreanos aren't too capable when it comes to combat, that is why they tend to avoid it all together. If there's nowhere else to go, a Toreano will fight. They prefer using weapons like guns rather than their strength to overcome their opponents. Toreanos are quite common as a branch.

    Remetian: Remetians have their own society build up inside the whole vampire society. They are infamous of their blood magic. By drinking blood, they enhance their powers and gain the ability to control other people's blood. Most lethal way for their magic is to make the target's blood boil and eventually explode. There are many different ways to use the blood magic, even the most advanced Remetians do not know all the different methods to use blood magic. Remetians are revered among the vampires, not many wish to even converse with them. They are also quite rare among vampires, it is a gift to be ”born” as a Remetian.

    Vertrue: Vertrues are the jacks-of-all-trades among the branches. Vertrues are usually ”nobles” among vampires and to make matters worst, they are usually filthy rich. Because of their nature, they are rather serious and tend not to kid around like Toreanos. They act on instinct and business sense. Vertrues also have a natural resistance against fire, no one knows why but it's been proven. It is easy to say that the Vertrues are priviledged, however it also means that the other branches do not like them too much. Some do, most don't, it's the way of the afterlife.

    Fallian: Fallians are mostly loners who prefer to do things their way. Their nature can be a bit similar to the Relgans but they won't have any violent Beast episodes (unless they go long without drinking blood). If a person has been a social outcast in their previous life, it's likely that he or she becomes a Fallian. Because of their nature to do things alone, Fallians don't care much about others. It's rare to see a Fallian team up with more than two vampires and it's even rarer to see a Fallian in a council meeting. Fallians can summon creatures from hell and command them to their will, just like necromancers in the old age. Occasionally the creature doesn't go back to hell, instead it sticks with the Fallian and thus they create an inseparable bond with each other.
    (( License to be bada** right here. The bad thing is that interaction with other RPers is going to be limited because of the Fallian's nature ))

    Saesvan: Saesvan's are somewhat common among the vampires. People who have had very tragic lives and/or have heavy regrets usually become Saesvans. Most common trait for all the Saesvans is their indifferent outlook on afterlife. In that way they are similar to Fallians but where Fallians don't care about others, Saesvans don't care about anything. They haven't lost their will to live, they just don't care anymore. However there have been a few Saesvans who have overcome this ”ill” state of mind, one of them being the council representative of the Saesvan. Saesvan's body has become a weapon itself since whatever a Saesvan touches, dies. This doesn't work against inanimate objects like walls of course but vampires, animals and humans are all vulnerable to it.

    Nosferatu: Nosferatus are considered the lowest of the lowest, and yet they are also the strongest. They share Dracula's bloodline the most and as such are deformed. They don't look human anymore and that's why they can't show themselves to humans. Their skin has turned saggy, their ears have curved to resemble a bat, their eyes are that of the Beast and their body is covered in boils, rotten skin tissue and scars. If a human saw a Nosferatu.. well let's just say that would be a bad thing for the vampire society. So, Nosferatus are limited to roaming the rooftops and sewers and are considered filthy monsters.. Is there anything to balance that? Yes, there is.
    Since the Nosferatu have the closest bloodline to Dracula, they are by far the strongest of all the other branches. A Nosferatu can challenge two vampire hunters head-on and emerge victorius. Their strength, speed and senses are otherworldly, plus they can turn invisible for a short amount of time. Nosferatus handle the information network in the vampire society, thus they are invaluable.


    Okay! That's the intro, now here's some info etc.
    It's the year 2040. We live in America, New York. Only the name is as it is, you can come up with the rest of the city. That much I can say that it's one big city, filled with sewers and dark alleys. The usual stuff to make a vampire's life a tad easier. The vampires have their HQ located in the middle of the city, in a tall skyscraper owned by Adelaide. There are other places which are vampires-only, and as the years have went on, more and more vampire-only places have popped up. Rooftops are vampires best friends in this city. You can linger in human places too if you want, you just have to remember to keep that Beast within in chains.

    Adelaide runs the show so to speak. She is the head vampire, a kind of leader. Alucard is the second in charge. The council members are as follows:

    Council members
    Barha: Anatasko Razic (249 years, appears 20)
    Relgan: Jonathan ”Johnny” Hughes (85 years, appears 20-something)
    Likava: Alice Hughes/White/Clark (239 years, appears 20)
    Toreano: Jack Creedence (134 years, appears 30)
    Remetian: Carlo Maimone (508 years, appears 40)
    Vertrue: Dorian Harbinger (506 years, appears 30)
    Fallian: William D'Hrone (433 years, appears 11)
    Saesvan: Lao Fei (954 years, appears 50)
    Nosferatu: Shade (Age unknown, appears damn ugly)

    (( Shade stopped counting as the years went by, no one knows how old he is. Presumably he's older than the age combined of all the council members. ))

    Vampire's body starts to become weaker after 800 years but they still won't die. After 1400 years though, they are pretty much useless slabs of meat. Adelaide and Dracula are not affected by age (Alucard is to some extent). Nosferatus are a bit different because of their bloodline, in fact they are just like Alucard. Their body slowly becomes weaker but they never die of old age.

    I would like it if you could create the city little by little yourselves. Create buildings, parks, roads, something that still fits the scene. Don't go building a dang castle in the middle of the city! Just let everyone know when you add something noticeable to the city, otherwise we might miss it. You can create vampire-only places if you want.

    Now what comes to your characters..
    You are an underling of one of the council members, and a vampire of course. You can't start out as a human but you can describe your human life in your history and maybe have a few flashbacks in the RP.

    Feel free to throw in suggestions or stuff like that. You know the deal, right? What comes to rules then.. I demand average posts! 3 paragraphs is ok! Aaaand I don't mind if you show off just don't get carried away! Them vampire hunters are out there!

    Beast's Childe -clan
    Disciples of the Holy Cross -guild

    Character sheet!

    Branch(Barha, Relgan, Likava, Toreano, Remetian, Vertrue, Fallian, Saesvan or Nosferatu):
    Dark Power(s) (Get creative. It can be pretty much anything. + points if it has something to do with the branch you've chosen. Max 3):
    Appearance(I like pics but descriptions are fine too. Pics help me remember better.. maybe):
    History(Feel free to write about your character's past when he/she was a human etc. You know the deal ):

    PS. Remove the stuff in the brackets, ok? They only confuse.


    Here's my sheet-o!! Probably my deepest character to this day . Might be the longest one too.

    Character sheet!

    Name: Michael Colt (Mike among his now deceased friends)
    Age: 82 (35 human years)
    Gender: Male
    Branch: Saesvan
    Dark Power:

    Ash Form - Michael's whole body can turn into an ash-like substance that floats in the air like smoke. He can turn his body into ash at will, thus enabling him to attack even from distance. The form also allows him to pass through a wall, assuming the wall has holes where small ash particles can go through. The ash form can last around 30 minutes at max, after that Michael begins to lose his actual form. He has no real weapons, just the curse all the Saesvans possess: a lethal touch. Combining the touch and his ash form are the only weapons he has.

    His lethal touch can't be used all the time. It needs to "recharge" before it can be used again.

    Weapon(s): None.

    (( No idea who to credit since this was a random find ))

    Michael's hair is light brown and somewhat messy, some of the front hair falls over his forehead. He doesn't bother combing it anymore. His eyes are deep blue color, making him all the more ”deep thinker” kind of guy. He has let a sharp stubble grow around his jaw and chin.
    Michael is known of his shabby clothing and from a smoke hanging from the side of his mouth. His usual attire consists of a white collar shirt with the upmost buttons hanging loose and the sleeves rolled to his elbows, black khaki pants with thin white stripes and black loafers. The black tie seen in the picture is rarely with him these days.

    History: Michael is a tragic character with a hard life that summons sympathy among others. After reading his tale, you might also feel sympathy toward him. He is a ”living” testament of how good and honest people can suffer more than they should only by sharing a connection to someone. It's like his whole life has been overshadowed by a reaper looming in the distance, taking away everyone he ever loved and cherished. We start from his teenager years when he was still a rascal wanting to experiment on everything he could get his hands on. Like most teenagers, Michael too rebelled against his parents on almost everything.

    Michael belonged to a group called ”Bad Boys” which mostly consisted of 14-17 year-olds who wanted to make an impact, they wanted the world to see that they are here and they are here to stay. The leader of the gang, Jesse, was an orphan and a true anarchist soul. He was always living with a full blast, never looking back. The other kids were drawn to this, including Michael. Michael was 15 during that time. It was the time when he first experimented on smoking, alcohol and sex, all combined in one sad loop. It was inevitable that drugs finally made their appearance within the gang, and after they did.. everything went to hell.

    Jesse became addicted, badly enough that he would hurt himself if he didn't get more. Michael was the only one who hadn't tested on the drugs yet and once he saw the change in Jesse, he knew drugs were the last thing he wanted in his life. Things went only worse when Jesse informed that Bad Boys was to become a new drug-dealing gang, this ensured a steady supply for Jesse's addiction. The rest went with him since they had long since lost their will to resist, Michael was the only one to stand against Jesse. He tried to talk sense into Jesse but to no avail. By now, Jesse had become paranoid, so much that he started sleeping with a knife tucked under his pillow. He saw Michael as a threat and so, once the two were alone, attacked him with a knife. There, at knife-point, Jesse threatened Michael and forced him to stay in the gang. Michael had no choice but to obey, otherwise Jesse would've surely killed him.

    Michael was forced to witness the feebleness of human mind as Jesse's state of mind deteriorated as the days went on. Finally, Jesse's life was brought to an end by a bullet which pierced through his lung on a lonely alleyway in the heart of the city. In the end, Jesse was reaching for the stars.. only the realize it was impossible for someone like him. As news of Jesse's death was brought to Michael's ears, he knew he had to flee. Bad Boys would be eradicated from existance, each and every member would be slain ruthlessly, just like their leader. It was the way the other gangs ensured that the gang was not a threat anymore, nor would there be a chance for a revenge. Who could possibly miss a group of junkie kids? Michael was able to escape by convincing his parents to move, the rest of the gang though.. They are on His side now.

    Sadly, the other gangs knew Michael was alive and as long as he was alive they would keep hunting him. Michael himself could never come up with a sane reason for their hunt.. were those gangs just as paranoid as Jesse had been? Because of this, both his parents had to suffer and pay a hard price. His mother was shot to death and his father fell into a coma due to a stab wound after he was mugged. This happened only a few months after Jesse's death. The criminals were never caught, and so Michael was left with no parents nor home. His only chance was to keep running.

    There was no proof of Michael's father's recovery so Michael fled again, this time he jumped as far as he could.. to the other side of the world: America, the country of dreams.
    He wanted to start with a blank slate, first doing some odd jobs before attending college and university. Years went on and eventually Michael got himself an honest job in marketing. He gained new friends fast, he had always been someone who people wanted to open up to. He was an excellent listener after all. People liked to share their stories with someone who understood them.

    Soon after he was met by a blast from the past: Mary, his old crush from highschool. Somehow she had found her way to America and right into Michael's office. A few years went by again and Michael found himself settled down in a suburban area with Mary. They had hit it off almost immediately, having lots of things in common. Michael refused to talk about Jesse or any of the happenings back in Australia though, he wanted to avoid worrying Mary. He never told Mary that his father was in coma nor that his mother was shot, he always avoided the questions. Some of the couples said Michael and Mary were a perfect match for each other.

    A year after, Mary became pregnant and gave birth to Jake, a spirited boy with a lot of love for life. Jake became everything to Michael, like a son should for a father. Michael was a stern father, but Jake still held him in high regard. Michael made sure to keep Jake away from all the horror Michael himself had gone through. Right from early age, Michael ”pound” information into Jake's head, it was always how he should never get involved with a gang. Jake turned out to be a bright young lad, he listened to his father intently. Life was good, at times Michael couldn't believe this was all real. He was still haunted by occasional nightmares but Mary and Jake always brought him back. Those two were the pillars that balanced Michael's life, and made his life worth living.

    Mary would always keep reminding Michael of his bad habit, the only bad habit which he had since he met Jesse: smoking. Michael didn't smoke only because it calmed his nerves, it was a way for him to pay his respects to the old Jesse who he regarded as a true friend, not the Jesse who had become a slave of the drugs. Even now he misses Jesse, regretting how differently things could've ended between the two. Michael was now 32 and this was the high point of his life. Then the reaper came back, stealing away everything he had worked so hard for. It came as if on a cue.

    Jake started having a lot of nightmares and his overall condition started weakening. Michael and Mary were of course concerned and paid a visit to a doctor. The result of the examination broke the floor underneath both Michael's and Mary's feet: Jake had been diagnosed with a cancer. He was given only a few months to live at best, the cancer had progressed too far for any treatment to effect it anymore. During this time Mary was pregnant for another baby, a sister for Jake. Michael felt like his whole life had been thrown into the bin and burned. It didn't help that Jake refused to acknowledge his condition, but what kind of a reaction could you expect from a 6-year-old kid? Michael would never forget the last week he spent with Jake, his condtion worsened in such a rapid way that the son Michael knew Monday wasn't anymore the same son on Sunday. Mary was taking Jake's condition far more heavily than Michael realized.

    A small glimmer of hope was still growing inside Mary, it was the only thing that kept the two going after Jake's death. Then the reaper struck again, first ending the life of the growing fetus inside Mary through miscarriage and then Mary's life the day after. She died of stress, grief.. whatever you can come up with. She just couldn't handle it anymore.
    Michael couldn't feel sadness anymore at that point, he felt empty. This was the reward for his hard work.. but he persisted. The traumas he had experienced would never go away but he would go on no matter what. With his own words before he stomped another cigarete next to Mary's tombstone:
    ”I won't stop, I'll never stop until someone stops me. I don't have a reason to live and I don't need one. I've gone through enough shit to last a lifetime so nothing surprises me anymore. Go on, keep throwing the worst you got.. I won't stop till I die.”

    The last nail to Michael's coffin was placed only two days after Mary's death. One of the drug gangs from his past had found Michael and two of its members had cornered him on a dark alleyway. Michael was facing the two young men with a tired look, the youngsters looked like they had never held a gun before. Obviously the leader didn't find Michael important, he was just a loose end that needed tying. Michael lit another smoke and formed a few smoke rings before speaking to the two youngsters.
    ”Go on. If you got the guts, you pull that trigger and be done with it. End this miserable life of mine.”

    Moments later two shots were fired and Michael crashed on the ground. He was silently staring at the empty night sky, his chest turning numb. The bullets had both hit his torso, he wouldn't have much time left now. He only wanted out, to live a normal life but something wouldn't let him. There was always something that took away his happiness.. and it all seemed like a punishment because he had known Jesse. He wondered if he was now going to see his whole life as a movie, just before he died. Nothing happened though, instead a figure bearing sunglasses appeared before him. It seemed to examine Michael before speaking with a rather cold tone.
    ”Your body seems fit.. a fine asset for me. Have any regrets, human?”
    ”Tch.. Yeah, a couple.”
    ”Good. Care for a second chance?”
    ”.. Don't we all?”
    ”Not everyone I'm afraid. Judging by your answer however, it seems you're still content on living. Rest now then, this'll be over quickly.”
    ”.. Before you do anything funny to me, care to give me your name?”
    ”I suppose that is understandable. My name is Dorian, but to you.. I believe I am an angel of death.”
    ”.. At least you got a flair for the dramatic.”

    Michael let out a last laugh before falling into a deep slumber.
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    Character sheet!

    Name: Eve Camilla Harper
    Age: 91 (21 Human Years)
    Gender: Male
    Branch: Fallian
    Dark Power(s):

    Summon Camilla: Camilla is a ghost of a girl who was killed by her lover. She hates men and despises being in their presence, when she does see any men she can't help but pester them constantly. She even pesters Eve when he calls for her and he constantly has to scold her to behave. Camilla's ghostly form is intangible and can pass through physical objects easily. Eve often uses her to scare off humans and for reconnaissance. Other than Camilla's obvious powers as a ghost she is able to posses creatures and humans taking over their bodies and using them as puppets, their abilities become her own temporarily. She can not be seen only heard, she has no Earthly appearance. Red will represent her voice.

    Hollow Ground: This ability allows Eve to cause Earthquakes ranging from small concentrated attacks to Earth shattering eruptions causing the ground to crack and burst. This ability is weakened as it ripples out from the epicenter.

    Steel Prison: This ability allows Eve to cast a ornate shield coalescing around himself for protection. He can use this spell to protect himself and all in the adjacent area for about 30 seconds at a time, the shield will then be disrupted and explode outwards shattering.

    Weapon(s): Eve use ornate metal gloves with sharpened tips. He uses them mostly for defense but they also serve to strengthen his offensive capability.


    History: (Oh God too lazy to write a long one I feel bad, I'll add more later) Eve was born in a time of depression. The year was 1949 and his mother who had just given birth to him lay dead on the table her innards cut open to save the only thing she had ever hoped for, her child, her son, Eve. Eve came into the world alone the only love he had known died giving him his first breath of air. A few months later after staying in the hospital Eve was given up to a orphanage where he spent his childhood and youth in constant denial and longing. Many came and many left but none took him along. Life a nightmare day by day getting darker and more cruel as Eve's mind warped and mutated into a pessimistic slur of angst and misery. On the day of his 18th birthday he was thrust out into the world to pursue as his previous caretaker put it "destiny". Destiny? Eve knew life wasn't a fairytale and this word destiny to him seemed like an excuse to give blame, a way to do nothing except accept the eventual without a fight. To give in to what can not be changed or controlled and simply allow the tide to carry you off into the deep and drown you.

    Eve spent the 3 years from the age of 18 to 21 wandering around place to place trying his best to find a niche he could fill and be appreciated for being. Though these years came and went very uneventful, full of bitterness and jealousy with the same denial and longing he had known since he came into this world.

    One October night the sky was dark and Eve had climbed to the roof of his apartment building ready to throw himself from the top hoping for a quick painless death. Standing at the edge of the western side of the roof he dangled himself for a bit starring down to the ground below him many stories below like a tightrope walker who takes a few seconds to look down at the net ready to fall at any moment. Eve's heart raced faster and faster as he tried his best to psych himself into leaping from the ledge and giving into the temptation he leaned farther forward his legs no longer able to balance himself against the weight of his upper body he fell down, down, down onto the top of a car, the weight of his body causing the top of the car to crumple and concave nestling his broken body like a womb. Blood seeped from his wounds as he lay dying, his breathing hard but not stopping. Off in the distance a siren could be heard, someone had already called an ambulance and it sped quickly to Eve's location. The paramedics jumped out of the vehicle like grim reapers and swooped down onto him gathering his mangled body pulling it from the womb onto a gurney and then into the back of the ambulance.

    All Eve remembers from this night is gasping for air his body on fire the sounds of buzzing and then nothing.

    How Eve ended up a Vampire he doesn't know. He fell close to death broken and dying but didn't die. He awoke a week or so later in a morgue drawer his flesh stiff and cold. From there Eve freed himself from the ties of destiny, he had died and been reborn no longer human but still cursed with the same damned emotional needs and human obsessions.

    ((I'll rewrite this a bit later. Let me know of any edits I should do... Meh it's so hard to write a history without being too confusing. I'll leave some parts vague! Old people have bad memories anyways. :3 Yes thats my excuse...))
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    ((When I heard you had started this again I was like "I have to join!!" Haha Well looks like I'm back. And so is may Vamp!! And this time I added more history and pics to go along with each stage in her life.))

    Name: Jullianna-Maria (Juli)
    Age: ?? (looks to be 25)
    Gender: Female
    Branch: Toreano
    Dark Power(s):
    Succubus Transformation- Her nails grow out really long and sharp. Her nails become practically long thin swords on each finger. A long slender tail with a arrow point shape at the end. Two bat like wings come out of her back and allow her to take flight.
    Succubus Heart- She has the ability to control the minds of almost any human and the weak minded vampires. She can make just about anyone act the way she wants or see what she wants.
    Succubus Kiss- When she bits a human she can put a bit of her blood into them. When she does this she gains complete control over them. Their eyes turn completely black and they will do whatever she wants.
    Weapon(s): Her claws and teeth. She also carries two Desert Eagles beneath her jacket

    Juli was born sometime a long time ago. She grew like a normal girl in the household a British lordship. She can't remember their last name. One day when she was still young, in her late teens or so, she was in the woods taking a walk and a man stepped in front of her path. She had never met him before in her life. Then without warning he descended upon her. When she woke she was lying in a puddle of her own blood. Her father was standing over her with a terrified look on his face. She blacked out again.

    She woke up again to find her lying in another larger puddle of blood. She sat up and saw she was surrounded by the bodies of her mother and sisters. Her father was gone and the place destroyed. She wandered the halls of her parent's estate alone and scared. In the kitchen she found her servants dead and a mysterious man raiding her kitchen. He seemed different then the one from before. The man turned to her with a look in his face and blood on his shirt. She attacked him demanding to know where her father was.
    They struggled all night till she finally killed him. The sun was rising when she finally decided to leave. She stepped outside while the suns rays had barely broken through and were at their weakest. The sun's light graved her right shoulder leaving a horrible burn scar. She raced inside and hid till the sun left her at peace.

    When Night finally fell she was ready to go. She had a pair of her father's clothes on. It was extremely unusual for a girl to wear trousers in that day and age but it would be easier to get around in it then the usual dress. She had to find her father...

    Year's later. Now she appears to be in her young 20s. She is now in Paris. The year is 1839. The world was being engulfed in the Victorian age. She was no longer dressing like a man. She had very well mastered her skills and could fight and travel even with the flowing Victorian dresses of the day. And the way she was able to get to the beautiful life style she now had she smoothed men into giving their money to her. Her new found powers helping to get her where she needed to go. She was making her way in the world.

    She followed a lead from Russia to Paris. The man she had killed in her home so very long ago was not her families murderer. But he was in Paris. She would find him yet. There was word of serial murderer in Paris. She found him and he found her. He took her in and she knew what he was trying to do. She beat him back and when they were finally face to face she had one question to ask. "How have you lived all this time?" His bloody broken face showed a smile. "Same way as you." he replied. "Why did you kill my family?" His smile disappeared. "What do you mea..." His eyes widened and he let out a laugh. "Come now you don't mean that!" He explained how everyone knew about that story. How it created one of the first world renowned serial killers. Juli was struck when she realized he meant her. She tore him apart and the feel of fresh blood shot her memory back. She dropped to her knees before the dead vampire murderer and wept the first time in her life since the death of her family. She killed them...

    When that was all done she left Paris for good. She moved on to New York. The Year was 1952. She had finally moved on. It was In New York that she met Mr. Colt. Now that she no longer had any desire to complete her own mission she became the personal assistant to Mr. Colt whether he liked it or not. That was her new quest, to help her master complete his goals no matter what it took from her. She decided she had to do something with her life. And in her time off she was clubing in the underground Vampire clubs during day and the human clubs during night. Sometimes she was seducing officials for the Council so they could have their way with politics and other times she was robbing men of their money to support her dear Mr. Colt. These were her days. She was powerful and strong and after she had been dead so long she was finally alive again...

    ((Phew finally done. Breath Foxy BREATH!!!))
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    How Cute!! <3

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    Name:Deus Crimson

    Age: 40 in Vampire years (Looks 21) ((since most will have really old vampires, decided to make mine a fairly new young one))


    Branch: Remetian

    Dark Power(s): Avia. This ability is sort of like like psychokinesis. His ability obviously isnt overpowered, but he is able to move decent sized objects and at times himself and others. He continues to strive to improve on this power.

    POTIONS 1-6: Deus's studies have allowed him to great different potions that unlock different portions of the mind. All of these affects, after a quick sip, last only a short time and have serious side effects.

    Potion 1: Eagle Eye. Allows for Deus to harbor precision like instincts. Usually drinks when he has to use his deagle. Seems to change his personality into cockiness.

    Potion 2: Psychokinesis. Allows for Deus to increase his psychokinesis power. Puts a great strain on his brain though.

    Potion 3: H&H. Increases Deus's hand to hand combat (such as speed and strength. Not overpowered though). Put's great strain on his muscles though, sometimes causing internal bleeding.

    Potion 4: Clone. Allows Deus to clone himself into another individual. It has a different personality than Deus, and the end result can vary. At times, depending on the clone's personality, it could attack Deus or not even help in fights. It has it's own stock of potions, and the same skills, completely cloning the Deus who drank the potion. The clone Deus can not use Potion 4 though.

    Potion 5: Lifelink. One of Deus's new potions. When he and an ally or enemy drink from it, they not only share their power (aka Deus mimicking their power) they also share their life force. Deus gains the knowledge of how to do use their same power, at a lesser strength though. Trust is needed in allies to use, for if one of them gets seriously injured, the other gets the same injury.

    Potion 6: Power is currently unknown.

    Weapon(s): Doesnt like carrying a weapon around, but when he does, its a regular deagle.

    Deus is typically seen wearing a white dress shirt with a tie that is half drawn up. On the left side of his shirt is a small symbol with the words Noetic Division. He almost always has his glasses on unless he is in a bind and is stuck in a thought. He wears dress type pants with black shoes.

    History:Born into a small family in Wales, Deus was brought over to America with his mother, father and younger sister at the age of 4. His father moved them across country to the town of Petaluma, California. His father became a scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences also located in Petaluma. He was well received by his peers and became a stronghold in the Noetic section. As years pasted though his father became more engrossed in his work. He started to stop coming home, making his mother suspicious. This would soon lead to a divorce a few days before Deus's 16th birthday. His mother had to go out and find a job, working terrible hours at the local Target. She also moved them to the neighboring state of Nevada. Deus would be found at home, usually reading a book and helping his younger sister with her studies. Deus was always considered "older" then his age. He was the perfect student. Its not that he had to study hard but everything just came to him. He also wasnt bad at sports, becoming the youngest captain of his varsity soccer team at 16. That combined with his above average looks made him loved by some and hated by others.

    Two years would pass when Deus returned home to find a letter on his bed. His sister brought it in for him and suspected it was another college asking Deus to apply there and he would receive a full ride. Ready to throw out the letter, Deus stopped and noticed a familiar handwriting. He opened it up and read the small paragraph.

    It said:

    Hello Deus,

    It is I, your father. I know that once you open this and started to read it you will have the urge to throw this out. I only please ask you to listen to me. I know you hate me terribly right now, but I have news that could change the world. As you know, I work in Noetic Science or what others call it, the ability to unlock the human mind. My team and I have become incredibly close to unlocking it's secrets. As I write this to you though, I fear for my life and my teams. There has been unexplained disappearances among several of my members. We fear that its someone who is doing this because of how close we are. We are within a few years of unlocking the human mind's full potential. There's information and secrets hidden deep within us that was locked. I am telling you this for one reason... I hope you stay away from this study. As you are reading this word of my death will probably.....

    Deus threw the paper onto the floor and ran downstairs. He saw his mother sitting in our chair, eyes wide open. She must have gotten the news. He walked over to comfort her but she shrugged away his hand. She looked at him and made a crazy, creepy, smile. "If...if you two were not born, we would have stayed together in Wales!" Deus backed up slowly and ran to his room. He now feared for his life. His mother had lost it. There was not knowing what she would do in this state. Even if he was scared, he thought out a plan and commenced it He got a bunch of his cloths and put them in a suitcase. He ran into his sister Lily's room and got her.

    "Come on Lily, we need to get out of here." She started to argue with him not understanding what was going on. Then it hit her when their mother came into the room holding a large blunt object.

    "Maybe I can get him back! I think I heard of sacrificial studies within your father's work. The idea of equivalent exchange!" His mother ran at them swinging the object. Deus pushed his sister aside, and ducked under the swing. He launched his shoulder into his mother pushing her back and slamming her against the wall where she fell unconscious. He grabbed his sister's hand and handed her one of the suitcases. "Go downstairs and get the keys to the car." She stood still in disbelief. He put his hand on her shoulder, comforting her. She nodded. As she ran downstairs, he grabbed her half filled suitcase, ran back into his room, grabbed his suitcase. As he started to leave, he noticed the letter from his father on the floor. He picked it up and noticed something written on the bottom of the letter.

    I have always loved you guys.

    Three years have passed since the incident. Deus is now 21 going to class at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He sold their car and was able to get a room at a rundown motel. I few months later he applied for the institute getting in based off his grades but mostly because of his father's legacy. His sister Lily is 18, and has started an acting job. She has already taken place in a few big movies, making her name somewhat well known. This though didnt allow her to come home alot. Her beauty was wished by many. As Deus matured his face also did. He looked older than before and alot of women have taken notice. Smart and handsome? That combo is rare. He didnt care for these things though. Deus worked hard on Neotic science, barely coming home himself. At the age of 21, he was one of the youngest members to have his own research team. Deus was fascinated by the human mind and the capacities it held. He wanted to continue his father's work.

    Little did Deus know though, that his daily life would soon change. Deus’s team would fail to produce results according to the institute’s needs. Limitations on technology and money would prove to be costly in his research. One night, he received a call from his boss, and institute president Ryan Heimerdinger. He was to report that instant to the Noetic Institute’s 15th Laboratory. There was news that Ryan had to tell him. Deus was waiting for this. He had been petitioning for an increase in budget for some time now and this had to be it. He could feel it. He was close to the answer he was looking for in his research. He just needed more time….and money. He got up out of bed, and threw on some of his institute’s dress cloths. He quickly made it to the institute and approached the big broad door that had the big letters and numbers “Lab 15” on it. He swiped his card key, but noticed the door was already cracked open. Somewhat confused he pushed the door open slowly and walked in.

    “Um… anyone here? Mr. Heimerdinger?”
    Deus walked in and tried to fiddle for the lights. He found the switch and starting to flip it up and down, but the lights wouldn't turn on.

    “Ahhh Deus! Glad you can join me!” Out of the darkness, only the moonlight shining within a small glass window, came out Ryan.

    “Mr. Hiemerdinger. I got your call. Does this have to do with the budget increase!?”

    Ryan said nothing and kept his face hidden in the darkness. Deus could feel the silence of the lab, almost as if it was crawling on his back. He had to break it.

    “I am so close Mr. Hiemerdinger! I am so close to unlocking the secrets of the human mind. I have great faith that this next experiment will work!”

    “I am sorry Deus, but you will not be able to continue your work here at the Institute.” This hit Deus hard. He almost took it as a joke. “What….what are you talking about?”

    Out of the shadow, Deus could see Ryan’s arm stick out, with something in his hand. In a split second, he could feel pain wring down his shoulders. The warmness of blood was dripping into a puddle on the floor. He had been shot, twice, in both shoulders. He fell to his knees staring up in the air.

    “Why….” He said in a low voice before falling unto his back into the ground. Ryan came out of the shadows and leaned over him. “We need you to continue your work with…a new direction in mind.” Ryan smiled, fangs showing their deadliness. Deus could almost not believe it. Being in a school where the abnormal is common, this should have not surprised him.

    “I have been watching you Deus Crimson. My name is Dorian Harbinger. You have the potential to bring the age into a new millennium. I need you to unlock not the human mind, but the vampire mind.” Deus managed to make a small smile.

    “Fu…you” Ryan smiled back. “Well well well, it would be a shame if your sister lost her job and all the work she put into it. We have people in MANY high places Deus. You must acknowledge this.” Ryan stopped for a second, putting his hand to his mouth. “Well, we could also make her a vampire instead of you.”

    Deus’s eyes became wide open. He could feel his life slowly fading. He was losing too much blood. “You leave her alone you bastard....” Ryan put his hand on Deus’s shoulder. “Now now, just be a good boy and lay still as I bring you over.”

    With is last breath one could hear these words “I will kill you one day…. Dorian Harbinger”
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    Name: Seth Green

    Age: 43 (24 human years)

    Gender: Male

    Branch: Relgan

    Dark Powers:

    -Rage: Wither by choice or by force, Seth's beast side comes out. While in this state, his eyes become wild, his fangs grow, and his speed and strength improve drastically. However, Seth also looses control of his actions. This lasts for a few minutes before Seth reverts back to normal, completely exhausted. To this date, Seth has yet to enact this power willingly, but it has happened several times due to injury.

    -Glare of the Beast: In either a dark look, snarl, or some other expression of "You're not wanted here!" Seth lets out the beast side for a second. The expression has been known to cause humans to flee and panic, while the best it can effect vampires or trained hunters is a good startle at most.

    -Beast Kinship: From domestic dogs to mountain lions, Seth just seems to connect with non-plant eating animals.

    Weapons: Glock 22 Pistol, and a meat hook sharpened into a crude sickle.

    Appearance: Nearly always wears a grey bomber jacket, with a black t-shirt. He also wears jeans and tennis shoes.

    History: Raised in a garden variety American middle-class home, the only thing that seemed to be missing from Seth Green's life was a white picket fence. His father working as a mid level marketer, and his mother working as a low level attorney, Seth and his older brother James had the house to themselves. Well, them and the stash of old comic books they found in their father's room. They spent hours with Wolverine, Hulk, Batman, and Captain America. They talked about what their own superpowers would be, and how they would have their own daring heroics.

    As time passed, James worked his way though high school and received a full ride to college. Seth, and his carefree attitude, did not do so well with the grades. Seth needed funds for college, and with scholarships out of the question, he joined the Navy. His one pen pall though his tour of duty was James, and the two brothers only became closer to each other though time. The next few years of his life, Seth came home, but his plans to go to college never quite panned out. Instead, he began to work the night shift for a taxi agency in his home town of New York, and it was here that his life ended.

    Mid shift, Seth picked up a rather peculiar passenger. Seth had picked up his share of drunkards and weirdoes, that was the main reason why he kept a handgun in his glove compartment, but this one was stranger than the rest. He was pale, paler than anyone Seth had ever seen, he wore dark shades and darker clothing, and perhaps the most disturbing thing of all, he was incessantly talking to himself.

    "No... No no no. Not this time."

    Seth shook his head and patiently waited for the man to give his destination.

    This is too far in the open, I can't... But if I don't... I won't let it... I won't...

    It took him a little while, but eventually, the man stopped and looked at Seth. Registering his existence for the first time.

    It has to be done... I'm not going to be one of them.

    Seth's heartbeat quickened, he slowly began to reach for his glove compartment.

    I have to risk it...

    The man reached forward with supernatural speed, lunging across the cab and digging his fangs into Seth's neck. The world faded from view to the sound of gunshots as Seth tried to fight for his life.

    Seth woke up the next night, stiff and sore. It all came at his so fast, his new reality. He learned that the man, or vampire rather, that night had gone too long without drinking blood. Apparently the only thing that kept Seth from being completely drained that night was the fight he put up a fight and somehow impressed the monster.

    His life, was gone. The police found the cab, abandoned, stained in blood, and filled with several bullet casings. It did not take the police long to rule him as a dead man. This new chapter of his existence began, and, trying to put a positive spin on his new life, Seth has tried to do some good with his new abilities. Over the years he has gone on many hunts against the Crixes. He has yet to take a Crix out on his own, preferring to partner up with another vampire instead of "lone wolfing" it. Otherwise, Seth spends his time trying to avoid drinking live human blood. He has raided the Red Cross on several occasions to provide himself with blood, but it hasn't been the same as live blood.

    The only one that Seth has kept in contact with from his past life is James. Who will occasionally get a postcard from a random city with "Wish you were here Jimmy" on it.

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    Name: Theodore de la Xeshkat ( Some call him just ”Theo” even though he prefers his full name)
    Age: 743 (24 in human years)
    Gender: What is a Man, thee inquire?
    Branch: Time loses its meaning inside this vessel's head.
    Dark Power(s):

    (( OOC: Check the last part of History in order to understand what I mean by the 1st and 2nd mind. ))

    Possession – Just as the name suggests, Theodore can possess people at will. He can send one of the emotions from his 2nd mind and take control of a person, or if he wishes so, he can send more emotions. He can send out a maximum of 4 emotions either in one person or in 4 different people. The result is usually devastating since the emotion(s) takes control of everything the person does. It will appear as if the person is possessed by a demon, a rumor which is quite common among the religious types.

    In truth, Theodore himself doesn't actually possess them, the emotions do. He just shows the emotion the way, nothing more. Once the possessed person dies or becomes unconscious, the emotion will return to its rightful owner. There is one problem with this power. All the emotions he has send out to possess people are inaccessible for Theodore himself so he has to be careful not to send any crucial emotions.

    Control – Similar to his possession skill, Control uses his 1st mind which has all the memories. Just like in possession Theodore sends a piece of his mind, a memory this time, into the person he wishes to control. Once the memory sinks into the victim's brain, their goal in life changes to depict whatever the memory is. Theodore takes a memory and then shapes it into one that suits the situation.

    The memory can contain anything, it can be as simple as ”My only goal in life is to kill myself” or it can be something much more complicated.. Control is more like commanding someone to do something while possession only destroys the victim's mind. It is a much more subtle way than possession, thus Theodore likes to use Control more.
    Control also involves a risk, just like possession does. Theodore has to be careful not to take a memory which is crucial for him to retain who he really is, otherwise he would most likely lose himself and thus the attack fails.

    Little Guys – Cute name, isn't it? These guys aren't cute though.. Okay, they might be a bit cute. Theodore can separate an emotion from his 2nd mind, much like in Possession, but instead of sending it into an opponent, he can choose to let the emotion create itself an actual body which to manifest in. Thus, a Little Guy is born. Little Guys are literally small people who are made purely by a single emotion, their frail little bodies can not handle more than one emotion.

    Little Guys have black skin and two bright yellow eyes, their mouth resembles that of a Halloween pumpkin's mouth. They are most of the time under Theodore's control but they have a bad habit of wandering off too far by themselves. With Little Guys taking the defense and Theodore's two other skills handling the attack, Theodore himself rarely needs to even unsheathe his rapier.

    Weapon(s): Because of his old sense of style, he detests using things such as ”portable cannons” (as in guns). Instead he relies on his rapier, no matter the situation. However his rapier is actually his last resort, he won't use it unless the enemy gets close enough to endanger Theodore himself. The rapier is made of steel and has a very royal look with artistic designs in the handle. At first you might even think that it's a work of art rather than an actual weapon.

    (( OOC: In case you can't make the name out of the watermark, credit goes to circus-usagi from deviantART. ))

    Theodore's sense of style is still that of a 13th century's nobleman. Thus the outfit you see in the age old painting which was drawn when he was still alive is the kind of outfit he still wears. Naturally it's not the same pair of clothes. He has connections and through those he orders a new suit every once in a while.

    Theodore is slim and a bit short (5'7''). He was tall for a nobleman back in the 13th century but times change and that's why many consider him short now. His hair is brown, like in the picture, and his eyes are deep brown colored. His skin has preserved it's somewhat natural glow however people still see him as a very pale invidividual. Theodore's fingers are quite long and thin, perfectly suited for a pianist. If he isn't writing, Theodore is most likely playing the piano or the magnificent organ.
    In order to play the organ he has to go to the local church. The priests don't mind him playing because of his generous donations (no one should be complaining, he's been playing for 700 years!).

    Theodore's jacket is a classic choice for a nobleman with all the ruffles and large collar. His jacket is tan colored and the ruffly shirt underneath is pure white with a red ruby inserted in front. Theodore always wears a pair of pure white gloves, you won't see him without the gloves. Part of the reason relates to his past when his estate was burned to the ground. Theodore wears a pair of dark pants and black boots with a short heel. The heel part is very hard so it's easy to hear him from a mile away.

    (13th century)
    Theodore was born in France in the 13th century. He was born into a noble house and thus lived a rather luxurious life while avoiding the ”low rabble”. Both his parents used strict discipline in order to shape their son into one they preferred.
    For instance nobles were never allowed to become blacksmiths or carpenters, such jobs were far too lowly for their rank. Instead most nobles became artists such as painters, sculptors, opera singers or composers. Being an artist meant that you understood the world differently, or that you could see what lie underneath the world.. whatever that meant. In short, it was a sign that you were an educated individual, one that visited high class parties, engaged in cultured debates and laughed like Santa Claus.

    Thus, Theodore's future was set before he was even born. His father, Jacques de la Xeshkat, was a renowned composer and his mother, Isabelle de la Xeshkat, had the most soothing singing voice you could imagine. It was obvious what the two wanted their child to become: composer or an opera tenor, or both.

    Theodore himself didn't mind his to-be career choice, he had a gift for the arts. His intellect far surpassed both his parents, and so did his talents soon after. He became a prodigy at a young age, excelling at composing, singing and writing all at once. He made both his parents as proud as they ever could become, yet he crossed the line by defeating his own father in what he was best at.

    Isabelle was more than proud of her son and could easily disperse any jealousness in her heart. Jacques was different though, as soon as Theodore became more successful as a composer, Jacques's skills started dwindling. Jealousy towards his own son started growing inside his heart which eventually started affecting his composing skills.

    To think that he, a renowned composer.. THE Jacques de la Xeshkat, was being overshadowed by a 17-year-old boy? At first he was able to hide his jealousy, but soon he couldn't digest it anymore. That's when he started sabotaging Theodore's acts. He was desperate to be heard and cheered as the best again, thus he kept sabotaging everything Theodore did. Soon Theodore found out that his own father was being a hindrance, blocking his way forward on his career. He confronted Jacques about this and was only given a slap from a white glove as an answer.

    Jacques declared a duel between the two, he wanted to defeat his son at least in something. He had practised fencing in secret and thus clearly had the higher ground. Theodore was forced into the fight since backing down would've brought eternal shame upon him. Jacques went far enough to poison Theodore's food with Ghost Gull which was a potent poison that caused hallucinations to occur during the next few hours after digestion.

    As the two stood ready to face each other, Theodore already suffered from hallucinations. Theodore had prepared for the fight too however. He had seen what his father had became and thus fully anticipated dirty tricks. That is why Theodore poured some strong liquid medicine, it would certainly knockout a person if they smelled it, inside his father's fencing mask before the fight.
    Once the fight was supposed to start, Jacques fell on the ground unconscious. Theodore walked over, with a slight stagger caused by the hallucinations, and pressed the tip of his sword on his father's back while simultaneously announcing his victory.

    The internal dispute within the de la Xeshkat family raged on for 7 years before it all came to an end by a tragic death. Jacques had thrown his son out of the mansion they lived in and was plotting to actually kill his own son. His pride wouldn't let go, no matter what. It is a sad sight to see a man become so depraved only because of his foolish pride. Theodore was now living in an estate far smaller than the castle he had lived in. He would construct a castle once he found himself a companion to share it. He continued composing and writing the same he had before. He felt no passion towards singing however, thus he quit.

    On a certain night when the moon was in it's sharpest crescent form, the estate Theodore lived in was burned to the ground. Jacques had planned to burn away everything he had created. Theodore was able to escape with his life only to meet the reaper who would finally take away his life on a lone alleyway. Theodore died to a stab wound caused by a royal dagger bearing the emblem of the de la Xeshkat -family.

    Just as he was about to die, a vampire walked into his life. She was named Chaiku, and she was an old Likava. She was the one who turned Theodore into a vampire. She never gave a reason for it, she just turned him just like that. Chaiku left briefly but the two would meet again, much later once Theodore had ”adjusted”.

    Once Theodore became conscious again, he noticed how he was rushing towards the de la Xeshkat castle. Somehow his body didn't seem to respond normally, and to top it off, he wasn't exactly sure who he even was. Something forced him to speak out which confirmed for a fact that he wasn't alone inside his body anymore, or maybe he actually was.. he just couldn't control his actions.

    ”This mind's Wrath has come to punish the rotten eggs hiding in the opened egg carton. The pitiful gnome clinging to his foolish pride dances with the reaper inside this cold, stoney, former home of this mind. Thine thread that holds thine life is about to be cut, obscure parent of mine, what shalt be thine last speech this wonders?”

    It was obvious enough that the hatred towards his father was somehow controlling Theodore, at least that's what he figured. He wasn't sure of his feelings anymore, it's as if they had their own wills. If this was true, then there would be as many Theodores as there would be emotions.. which is a rather large amount.

    The conclusion of Theodore's assault on his home shalt be revealed in the 1st post..

    (21st century and some explanation about Theodore's mental state as a Likava)
    After claiming his revenge, Theodore met Chaiku again. They were both Likavas and thus shared some sort of understanding between each other, even if both seemed to spout complete nonsense. She instructed the ways of the vampires to Theodore who was quick to learn them. Shortly after they parted ways again, and to this day they haven't seen each other again.

    Theodore now lives in New York, in a 5-star hotel no less. The wealth his family had gained was enough to live in a hotel for over 100 years, of course he hasn't been living in a hotel the whole time. This is a temporary home for him before he leaves in search of a new city. He still composes and writes, but under an alias which he changes every 50 years. Through composing and writing he gains more wealth by the day, thus he will never have a problem with money.

    Theodore has kept to himself, not really allying himself with anyone but neither making any enemies. He is very neutral towards others, and he has to be if he doesn't want his emotions to take control. By now he has learned the way his mind works, at least half of it. Theodore's mind is his own, however his mind does not have any emotions. Instead he relies on using the wills of his emotions that are scattered throughout his ”new mind” (He can only influence which emotion he uses, not actually choose it).

    Yes, Theodore has two minds.. it's almost like having two brains. The other mind has all the memories while the other has all the emotions and functions. You can't call it a split personality for the minds can't act on their own, they have to rely on each other in order to create a personality. This ”feature” makes Theodore all the more harder to understand, but that is exactly what being a Likava means.

    (( OOC: I hope this is acceptable. I just couldn't find a place to add this info. ))
    Additional info: Whether madness is a skill or a curse is debatable, nevertheless Theodore shares a madness that is so common among Likavas. The wills of all the emotions in his 2nd mind keep whispering to Theodore, sometimes the whisper can be full of anger, other times it can be persuasive.

    Whatever the emotion which is whispering to Theodore is, they always relay some sort of message. The message can be a hint from the future, the present or the past. It is never clear which of the three it is, which is rather troubling. These whispers can seriously shake Theodore's trail of thought and thus he might space out even in the middle of a conversation.
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    (( Cybalt and Takesh accepted! Still more people is coming so we wait ))
    ((More peoplez? Really? Ugh I hope it doesnt get too hard to RP with you guys. A lot of people plus thick posts make Groteske a dull boy. A lazy lazy boy))

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    Character sheet

    Name: Lestan de Launchét (Its French so remember the‘t’ in the surname is silent.)

    Age: 498 (24 in human years)

    Gender: Male


    Dark Power(s):
    The Dark Gift:
    The ‘Dark Gift’ is one of Lestan’s primary abilities as a Remetian vampire. The ability allows him to use the blood which he has consumed from his victims in a way which enables him to imbue his fingers with ‘Death’s touch’, much like the Saesvan’s racial power of being able to kill anything which they touch. The power however is different in the way in which the power does not instantly kill anything that Lestan touches, only ‘siphoning’ the life energy of the opponent until they truly are dead, much like cutting a length of string, the more you cut it at each side until you reach the middle is the point in which the victim dies.

    Lestan approaches his enemies in close combat when using this ability, and prefers to throw punches ‘imbued’ with the ‘dark gift’ to kill the opponent’s organs. He can choose whether or not to use this ability at will, and the power can only be used 10 times before the power is depleted.

    ((10 seems like a fair number since he can’t instantly kill an opponent using the ‘dark gift’. He could roughly kill about four people (depending on where he strikes them) with this ability before he has to drink more blood to be able to use it again.))

    Death’s Perception:
    Lestan’s vampire gene causes his brain to process information differently from that of a human. It also uses more of the brains power, up to 90%, like swapping a 300 MHz CPU for a 3 GHz quad-core CPU. This allows the host to take information and divide it between more sections of the brain, when combined with the reflexes of a vampire; the host can slow their perception of time, giving Lestan the impression that he is faster than that of any other vampire who has graced before him.
    Like said before, Lestan can interpret information differently from a human brain, giving him a unique perception of the world around him, as well as allowing him to perform another neat trick which allows him to absorb more information than a normal human. For example, take a sponge. The human brain is like a sponge, and when absorbing water, there is only so much the water the sponge can hold before the water begins to leak (the water being information in this case.) Lestan can break past this barrier and hold more information in his brain without having to lose any other information which he has learned in the process, making him a highly intellectual character.

    Blood Magic:
    The Remetian branch trait allows Lestan to use Blood Magic to his will, things of fairy tale which the human mind cannot begin to comprehend. Lestan still has much to learn about blood magic, but is one of the most powerful Remetian vampires to be ‘born’, second to the Remetian council head. Lestan can perform the most basic of Remetian blood magic, including boiling the blood of a live victim until their bodies explode, to the more advanced, focused, powers of blood magic such as animating a blade from the victim’s or Lestan’s own blood.

    Death’s Cross:
    Since Lestan is a Remetian, he does not claim to use any physical weaponry made from the human world, but instead made his own weaponised contraption capable of killing. The weapon in question is a cross, ironic, if you think about it. The cross itself is not a weapon, but the magic chain which ‘leaks’ out of the top. The length of chain spans across 5 metres, capable of hitting opponents from afar, and up close. Since the chain is imbued with Lestan’s own blood magic, it is highly effective against all kinds of beings, mainly of which it was originally meant to hunt – Crix.
    The cross itself is very gothic in appearance, and does not bear any pureness around it, and reeks only of death.
    The chain itself is red in appearance, much like the colour of blood (since the chain was dipped in Lestan’s blood) and has two individual spikes on each rung of the chain, increasing maximising potential damage, as well as any magical damage.


    ((Kudos goes to circus-usagi, the same artist who drew Takesh's picture!))

    Lestan was born on November 29, 1542, as the fifth son (and the youngest) of the Marquis Launchét in the southern region of France. Only two of his brothers survived to adulthood, Marcel and Florence. Whilst they were technically aristocrats, the de Launchét family’s fortune had been squandered, forcing them to live in relative poverty in their feudal castle. Lestan’s mother, Marie, was the only literate member of the family – excluding Lestan -. His father, on the other hand grown into an old, recluse fool who lost his sight during a great depression in his period of life.

    After 17 years of living in relative poverty inside a dissipated castle, Lestan thought it was time to regain his family fortune, and restore honour to the family name. It was during this time that Lestan began to learn the knowledge of the arts, and became fluent in musical arts, learning the classical piano as well as numerous other instruments. At an early age of 18, Lestan began to compose his own music which he then sold for mass amounts of fortune to famed composers of the time, influencing the works of composers by the likes of Giovanni Palestrina, Orlande de Lassus, and many more.

    Lestan’s father passed away on his 20th birthday, and his mother and two brothers soon after due to a devastating plague that swept across the southern regions of France. Distraught by this event, Lestan fell into deep depression, gambling away his money, attending various whorehouses, basically doing anything to get rid of his wealth. He found that he couldn’t live on with just money alone, but found that he could not take his own life, and on one fateful night, at a tavern, Lestan caught the dear attention of a particular woman who instantly fell entranced by his beauty and disregard for life, wanting to restore him and ignite a light within his sad soul.

    The woman instantly glamoured Lestan, luring him into a false sense of comfort and hope, and it wasn’t long after that she revealed her true self to him, as a vampire. She called herself Adeline.

    Lestan: “I wanted to lose it all, my wealth, my estate, and my sanity…but most of all I longed for death.”

    Adeline: “Do you still wish to welcome death now that it is here? Or would you rather live forever, with me, as your lover.”

    Lestan: “My invitation to death went out to everyone tonight, but it was you that accepted, Adeline. I wish only for you to do whatever it is you please, just take me from this world of living.”

    It was then that Adeline’s cold lips met upon Lestan’s neck, sealing his fate for an eternity to come, forever creating him a vampire, and for a full two centuries, Adeline would teach Lestan the ways of a vampire until unforeseen circumstances saw them separate. Lestan forever searched for the embrace of Adeline’s touch once more, searching the world for any sign or trace, involving himself in many of history’s biggest events including the American civil war, the French Revolution, world war one & two, and various other battles that he should not have been a part of, but still, no trace.

    Lestan is reluctant to join the ‘society of vampires’ as he calls it. Now Lestan finds himself in New York, still searching for his vampire love, hoping for one day to be reunited. In the short seven years that he has stayed in New York, Lestan found himself to become enamoured with a certain rock band’s melodies and found himself in the offhand chance of becoming their new songwriter and lyricist, instantly becoming an international rock star, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen before. His songs involve lyrics which praise the real vampire world, unknowingly to his audience. Praised by a large audience, his band call themselves ‘Death Valley’ -although he makes centre stage, his fellow band members hardly amount to his fame-. However some vampires dislike Lestan’s flamboyant public lifestyle which could reveal the truth about the existence of vampires in modern society, but most adore him, his fanbase is actually mostly made up of other vampires, being not only a Remetian but also an international superstar has made him talk of every vampire's lips that adore him!.
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    Name: "spring heeled" jack clay

    Age: vampire: 578, human:28

    Gender: male

    Branch: Fallian

    Dark Powers:
    Summon mikaj: he can summon a russian night demon. despite its name it can change its form to walk in the day. Mikaj has syuck with jack and is his partner because jack believes in equality. Mikaj was a russian lord in the early 1400's and was good with the ladies, but then he earned the nickname the beast of the night, by the vast amount of women that he had charmed. he was killed by means of frost bite and gangrene. they tied him to a pole in a frozen lake, and untied him after four days and watched him die of infection, frostbite, and gangrene. This took another four days a six day death in total.

    reshape: jack can pull any kind of object out of a flat surface. etc giant spike from a wall.

    Channel: jack can also move through flat surfaces. etc teleport through walls.

    -Weapons: Mikaj uses two giant blades. jack uses a kitana.

    Appearance:jack is by syra-kun of deviantart, mikaj is by Mr--Jack of deviantart. Jack chains himself because of what he has done and what he is afraid to do.


    dispite mikaj's appearance he is extremely fast and agile



    History: He was a servant of a vampire family, but was caught with another servant by their daughter. She chained him and started to chastise him by gauging his body. When she thought he had enough she unchained him and he lashed out at her hitting her into a wall she took her knife and cut his right arm. He took a chair and broke off its leg, he then proceded to defend because his mum said never to hit girls, so he blocked her blows and she got up to his chest and and sent a deep cut to his chest and dropped to the ground and began to weep. He fell to his knees and hugged her she began to sob anew on his shoulder. She said "i can't but father will do it anyway."
    He shook his head and said "it's ok i understand mistress."
    "No, no you don't. I have to kill you and turn into one of us." He wasn't surprised by this, her father dorian was a heartless man until it came to his daughter. He had caught them like this and pulled him by his neck and threw him at the wall."well you are about to be torn in half.""father don't!" " i guess you can be spared you will now have to work for me for an eternity or my say so. does that please you adelaide my dear." she nodded and he passed out from the knife wounds. But before he did he said " thankyou my lord"
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    Name: Arthur Seavers

    Age: 612 (25 in human years)

    Gender: Male

    Branch: Barha

    Dark Power(s):
    Death Armor: Arthur is able to make his skin hard and durable similar to armor. His skin turns a hard looking black and red while he is in the state. His speed and ability is not hindered at all from doing this. The armor is durable enough to the point of it being able to stop bullets and any ordinary strikes to his body.

    Shadow of Death: Arthur makes a doppelganger illusion of himself. The doppelganger deceives all senses even touch. The illusion itself cannot physically harm a person, it could however make them feel an attack. For example the doppelganger can run up to an enemy and cut him. The enemy will feel the cut however there will be no wound or any indication that something had touched him. Arthur can make a few amount of doppelgangers but the more that he makes the harder it is for him to control them and to keep them deceiving the senses.

    Reaper: For a duration Arthur goes to the absolute limits of his body. His speed is dramatically increased, as well as his strength, reaction, and resistance. He is weakened for a short time afterward as his body needs time to restore itself back to normal. Using this ability however can sometimes call upon the beast in Arthur in extreme situations. He fears that if he uses this ability too often that he could transform into a Crix.

    Weapon(s): He carries around a specialized bastard sword. It is made of the finest materials including silver and Damascus steel for efficiency and for aesthetics. He can be seen at times to carry around a spear or two scimitars. He however is skilled in all weapons including hand to hand.


    History: Arthur was a noble in the 15th Century. He was a boy who always looked up to the knights and soldiers fighting in the war. He even went into training to become a chivalrous and heroic knight, the kind that stories tell of. He began his training as a page for a drunkard of a knight. He treated Arthur harshly and even gave him several scars in battle practice. Even with this he continued on in order to walk the path of the blade.

    Finally after many years of hardship and ruin he was officially a knight serving the House of Plantagenet. He participated in several battles in the Hundred Years' War. There he would learn that being a knight wasn't full of adventure and prestige after all. He slaughtered many men and saw many of his men slaughtered. Over the years this made him more cynical and darker of the world. He even with his negative viewpoints was a great knight and swordsman, he was unmatched compared to everyone he had met.

    One day he and a battalion of other knights and infantry were camped deep in the woods in order to maneuver in a coming battle to flank the enemies. The night was dark and the only thing to keep them from being enveloped in it was the flames of the torches and campfires. The small specks of flame rising in the air but ultimately dying out. Arthur was sitting next to a campfire wearing chain mail and other light armor as he was prepared in case their position was discovered.

    "Arthur, calm down we're deep in the woods the enemy won't find us." said one of the knights. Arthur moved the sharpening stone against his swords a few more times before making eye contact with the other knight.

    "It never hurts to be prepared." said Arthur pausing before resuming to sharpen his sword. The other knight looked like he was to say something but decided not to. Arthur was quite calm no matter how he looked, he enjoyed nice quiet nights like these. After a while Arthur got less tense, he sighed and moved his head to look towards the sky. There many stars shone, he remembered a moment in his childhood when he and his father spent a long time looking at the stars the night before he would be sent for war. Arthur truly wondered about the mysteries of the world.

    After an hour Arthur went to his tent to retire, he placed his sword away and started to take off his armor. He yawned and took off his chain mail and started to loosen the laces for the armor guarding his shins. Suddenly he heard a loud scream. He quickly heard the footsteps of several people, Arthur rushed to put his armor back on. He retrieved his sword and ran out of his tent. Outside he had saw that he couldn't see parts of the camp anymore, someone had put out some of the fires. He saw the light of a knight near the darkness go out and soon he was in the dark. Arthur heard a death curdling scream and immediately saw blood splatter everywhere in the light and body parts being ripped apart.

    "What the hell is happening here!" Arthur screamed as one by one his men were being taken into the dark. Arthur in the confusion found himself near the edge of darkness. Quickly he calmed down and used his other senses. He heard footsteps approaching him, quickly Arthur took out his sword and decapitated whatever was in the darkness. He then backed up closer to the light. More fires were being put out and more men were being taken into the darkness to face a thing of unspeakable horrors. Soon he was left with a squad of knights. They all went back to back with each other with their swords held. The darkness was getting closer however.

    Arthur knew that this was to be his end. Blinking quickly trying not to panic at what was to come he saw a torch near him. He quickly grabbed it and put the flame next to a tent. Though this act seemed meaningless as a small flame on the tent only occurred, the flame grew quickly and soon ignited the entire tent. The tent then ignited another tent, and another. Systematically all the tents were being lit into flames. With that they could finally see their enemies, there were 6 of them. They looked like men, but somehow they seemed different. With the ability to see their attackers every knight charged at them the attackers were startled by the tactic Arthur used and this allowed the knights to kill one of them. However they were quickly turned into shreds by the rest.

    Arthur readied himself, in one hand he held his sword, in the other he held the torch. One of the attackers then rushed at Arthur at an amazing speed. Arthur quickly out of reaction cut at the side of him and then thrusting the torch into the man's face. He caught on fire and fell to the ground in burning, agonizing pain. The others seemed to be slightly shocked that their comrade fell. Two of them then rushed at Arthur at the same speed. Arthur stabbed one of them in the chest and tried to ward off the other one with the torch. He however knocked the torch away and clawed through Arthur's chain mail. Arthur fell to the ground with his sword knocked out. The man got on top of him and then showed him fangs stained with the blood of his comrades. As he tried to reach in and do what Arthur presumed to be biting his neck, Arthur pulled out his hidden dagger and slit his throat. The man was surprised and then felt weak and fell on Arthur.

    Arthur moved him out of the way and stood. He was injured heavily from the claw wound on his chest, as well as the bruising he had gotten. His chain mail was falling off his chest and he stumbled a bit. There were two left and one was about to dash towards him, however he was stopped by what appeared to be his superior and instead he stood up. Arthur was feeling weak and knew no matter what he wouldn't survive if their were two more. So Arthur ran at him full speed. With all his remaining strength, combining all of his will, terror, and life in him he swung the strongest and most deadly overhead swing at the man. It was stopped however with two fingers. Arthur was shocked and then immediately punched across the face and flew, the force was the equivalent of getting hit by a horse. Arthur scratched and tumbled against the hard ground, when he opened his eyes he couldn't feel anything but he could see the two men squatting over him.

    "You're strong boy, probably one of the strongest humans I've seen. You suffer however, you are stuck in that weak body. You have no potential to go beyond the limits of the body. I will say this though, join me and you won't have to worry about this. You'll become a creature of the night, an immortal superior to everyone you know. You will become one of us." Said the man who Arthur now could presume was a demon. Arthur was dying, he knew that becoming one of them would be wrong. However he was fascinated by them, the strength, the speed, and the bloodlust.

    "Give me the power that you posses." whispered Arthur without him even realizing. The demon looked into his eyes. He got closer to Arthur's neck and before he knew it Arthur had passed out. When he awoken he was with those two men. They showed him a world he never knew of, a world of darkness, a world of blood, a world of intrigue.
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