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Thread: Curse of a Vampire

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    Talking Short post that leaves the ending to YOUR imaginations (until my next post!) :D

    For reasons unknown to Zoth, his body numbed at the sight of Ruki upclose. The munchkin standing so close to him didn't compare to the person he saw at a distance in combat. She darted at her prey like a professional runner with wild speed. When her teeth made contact with the skin of his comrades, the blood seemed to dance in slow motion as it twirled towards the sky. Without a doubt, they were in serious pain, falling unconscious in pale heaps. What was amazing was their resilience in the presence of a monster, though. Avon didn't hesitate a second to protect him, an act Zoth didn't calculate. Then again, that was the point in his experiment: witnessing the unexpected, and boy was everything happening around him unexpected. Granted, Circe was rather predictable for defending Avon from harm, but the confession from Asya was...well, uncharacteristic. Even more uncharacteristis was Damian's kiss of acceptance before a whirlwind of blood took away their consciousness.

    And now it was his turn. Glancing to his side, Zoth spotted Lamia gazing into nothingness, her world far more lonely and meaningless than his own. Was that why Ruki chose to spare his life as well? Each second brought her an inch closer, her fangs preparing to shred his skin apart. Then what? Everything that he did was to meet the vampire itching to knock him out in several painful ways. After all, until the fateful day that he saw her messages on a peculiar site, all he could do was struggle to graduate from high school as soon as possible. How could he work with his hands and do as he believed under the supervision of his overly busy parents?! No matter how much he wanted to live life freely and start over, he was weighed down by who he was and who he should be. And now, even when the greatest of unexplainable phenomenons was right in front of his eyes, there was a sense that he couldn't escape what he was "destined" to become.

    "Wait!" Zoth's voice echoed against the quiet background. Unknowingly, he closed his eyes as he cried out, yet he managed to resist Ruki's bite. "I...I don't get it. I took your hints and found an article about you from the 1950s. It was obviously outdated, but no one could figure out how the murders around one little girl were committed. But the reason is simple: you're a vampire!"

    "So what? Do you want a cookie? I thought nihilist didn't believe in rewards, digging up someone's past, and satisfying themselves." Silence followed, meaning Ruki had finally cornered Zoth. Placing a firm grip on his shoulder, Ruki narrowed her eyes at him, waiting for a reaction. When none came, she smirked. Then she dealt him a falcon punch to his right cheek, sending his face into the dirt below.

    "Are you mental?! So what if I'm not a 'real' nihilist! It was enough to lure you out! I even sent you information on everyo--"

    Ruki pounded her feet into Zoth's stomach, causing him to choke on his words, literally. Talking with Zoth was really pissing Ruki off, and an extra dose of kicks to his ribs didn't satisfy her in the least. What infuriated her more was the fact that Zoth responded to her "hints" by hacking her numerous accounts. Besides, "she will live" was a psychological test for the depressed or possible candidates for becoming vampires. In the end, Ruki got was a bunch of confused teens who couldn't even be looted to pay the rent she owed! What's more, vampires were suppose to be a "hush, hush" topic amongst humans, so Ruki had no choice but to check out Zoth's "masterpiece." No time was wasted to dismantle it.

    "Listen, twit!" Ruki gathered the material of Zoth's shirt and yanked him upwards. It kind of pleased her to no longer be considered a mere "child" in his eyes, but she was still furious. "I've seen Hell, and I know you're not ready for it. Nihilism isn't 'believing in nothing,' but you don't truly believe in nothing ei--"

    "Wh...-y a-re y..-ou so...mad? Ha..." Rolling her eyes, Ruki released her grip on Zoth, but shoved his upper body back into the dirt, the rest of his body following with it. "J-jeez! Are you sure you're not trying to kill me?"

    "How about you respect those superior to you?! And if I wanted to kill you, you'd be in a lot more pain! Now, speak. Your time is dwindling."

    "You think I don't understand? I have five beaming siblings who are younger than me. Four of them are girls, and two of those girls are twins. The last of those five siblings is a boy, but I do have another brother. He's older than me and makes my life a living H- miserable. But I also know that deep down, none of my classmates here want to die."

    "The contraption I made that dysfunctioned was suppose to do exactly what your...friend did to my classmates: terrify them enough to realize what they had all along. It wasn't going to kill them. I made sure of that. But I also wanted a spectacle that would remind you of your past and lure you out. So, it was a two for one--"

    "Who's demented now?!"

    "Please take me with you. I can't go back, and no matter how much I open my heart to them, I...I just can't live the life they live."

    ****** Some Time Later ******

    Ruki panted as the yanked open the door to the HQ. After ranting to a bunch of kids and unleashing her anger out on them, she realized her Digi was buzzing uncontrollably. Since Digi's were way better than cell phones and the early editions of digital phones, Ruki often checked it frequently. When opened, messages and calls were displayed like any cell phone, but by tracing your finger down the center of the phone and speaking your password for access, the phone would split apart to reveal two flaps with screens on them.

    The right screen was for entertainment purposes -- games, movies, TV, etc. The left screen held the internet, news, and online messaging. Upon opening her online messaging inbox, Ruki was devestated to find a flood of e-mails all signitured with a fancy "D." Either "D" was a master hacker who wanted to increase her already bad mood or Ruki was dealing with an amateur who sent frequent messages if you didn't reply fast enough. Ruki chose the latter to describe him.

    "Dear God, if there is a God, why are they multiplying?!"

    "Isn't your job to take my name, not complain about your worthless duty and waste my time?"


    "Ruki Lox. Now open the damn elevator!"

    "Well aren't you uncute. A Fallian, eh? You're the second one with father issues, right? And aren't Fallians suppose to be anti-social? What's with the groupi--"

    "Why don't you shut your face, open the damn elevator, and have fun babysitting?!"

    Without waiting for another word, Ruki stormed into the elevator, rapidly jammed the button for the floor she was designated to, and waited irritably for the door to open. When it did, all the vampires who arrived ahead of her would feel her flaming glare if they dared to turn their heads towards the "Ding" noise behind them. Today just wasn't her day, and neither was it for anyone who crossed her path.

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    (No one want to be the jack of all trade?, Almost want to name the character Punny Jackall, but I knew better.)

    Name: John Smith (AKA The Gardener)
    Age: Appear 58
    Gender: Male
    Branch: Vertrue
    Dark Power(s):
    Omnilinguistic: Although his mother tongue is Latin, and he knows a bit of English and Chinese, everyone can understand him. He has the ability to communicate with every living thing in the world. This can go from as large as a whale, to as small as a bacterium, from the lively insects to the unwavering tree it gnaws upon. If it is alive, then he can talk with it. Simplest way to put it, he can speak Russian in French, and never need to hire an interpreter during business trips. This is also a hassle sometimes, because it means he can’t curse in another language. He still tries sometimes though.

    Master Key: His hand can open or close any lock, in the real, digital or psychological world. It doesn’t really matter what he does with his hands really, as long as he wishes it, and as long as his hand is point in the general point, it will open. Though personally, he likes to do a little twist motion, because he thinks it adds character. He uses it regularly himself such as starting his car to opening his safe. Because of this, he melts every key he possesses. And he never has to remember his password for his multiple email accounts.

    Ability to unlock psychological lock is useless to him, as he is not a mind reader, and could never get access to the information stored within. However, he sometimes does it just on a whim, most times it does nothing, other times it unlock forgotten trauma, or inspiration, to which he claims no responsibility over.

    It should be noted, that his use of this power was not always on the legal side. And a lock must exist before hand for him to use it.

    Ubiquity: He can be everywhere at the same time. He cannot carry something with him, not even his cloth. However, the condition for him to exist in a location is that he must be observed. If he is not seen, he doesn’t exist. And if no instances of him exist, he no longer exists. Observation can be either direct or indirect, from the business partner across the table, or the security camera in the corner.

    His instances can operate individually, and work together holistically. There is no secret between himselves.

    Weapon(s): Golf Club. Not really, he wanted to smash someone’s head with a golf club once, but never did. He uses whatever he could find, prefers improvisation than specialization, which is also the motto of his businesses, much to the fear of his investors.

    Appearance: Imagine a grandfather.

    History: An opportunistic man, he grabbed onto every profitable business he can find, often have to create multiple aliases or proxies to make it work. His early times involved logging, construction, and farming. As needs changed, so did his businesses, when war came, he made weapons, when university was established, he printed the books, when science demanded supplies, he provided them. Gold rush, oil rush, he took his grabs. Insurance, brokers, health agencies, he made people cry. He even claimed to have seen the ingredients of Coca Cola once, and said President’s Choice’s was better. Currently, he’s in the auto industry building smart cars, and the electronic company researching virtual reality. That doesn’t mean his past businesses was put to a stop, no, the Gardener watches every seed he plants, and he leech out his shares every day.

    In the vampire society, he operated his pubs and casinos, collectively called the Hubs. The Hubs collects and share information, myth or facts, related to both human and vampires. It is for this reason that that who knows him calls him the Gardner. For his numerous businesses allowed him to plant the root for the Hubs.

    Besides managing the numerous businesses through instances, there’s always one John Smith that’s weeding his lawn.

    Because Calculus is magical, the constant Euler constant appears when we solve this differential equation. -James Thomson, Biology Professor

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    This is very interesting game. But please give me some game guide about this. Thanks!

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