Hello everyone, i'm completely new to these forums, but i'm no novice at things. I played RO for quite some time but got bored of it a long time ago. While i played though i started a program with Game Maker to help people who wanted to make skins.

My purpose was to make a program that mimicked the way the whole interface looked and to be able to let you place the executable right in the skin folder and see the results immediately instead of having log on to a server. This way you could work on a computer without RO and still see how your skin looked.

Anyway I recently started on the project again as I have learned much about coding in GML (gamemaker language) and using it to do pretty much whatever i want with images. But I have uninstalled RO and the reference pictures i had seem to have disapparated, probably on one of my drive cleaning sprees.

What I need is for somebody to download the skin i made and take a few screenshots showing all of the components the RO interface. I would prefer if you could send it as a bitmap or a png as those formats have the most accuracy pixelwise. I'm attaching my skin to this post so that anyone who wants to help can get it easily. As far as I know it should install like any other skin for RO So if you have any problems let me know.

My Skin, "BlackUltraShock": BlackUltraShock.zip (51.5 Kb)

If i have peaked your curiosity on Game Maker you can go here for more information: Game Maker Website

Thank you for your time,
-Major Victory