In my search for a online mmorpg game i found this really interesting site, its called MonsterMmorpg. Its really simple gameplay so it wont be hard to understand it, plus they have a live chat in the game so if you have any type of problem you can just ask in the chat, It has cool maps, cool monsters, lost of different items, you can choose between different characters and post a unique and personal picture to your profile, its really great. At the moment the game is still in a testing period (Alpha) since they are still working on it but soon the actual game will be released and trust me it seems to have greate potencial. Well all I want to let you guys know is that I think its a really good mmorpg game. All I ask is for you to cheack out the site and try it, what do you have to loose its free (^_^) so give it a try. Heres the link to the page:
My user names in this site are: "kayus and "chaous magician".
I hope you enjoy this mmorpg as much as I do. (^_^)