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    In a bar a man waits. He is tired and wishes the war would end. He wants nothing more but to live the rest of his life in uninterrupted peace accompanied by a good old world book and a bottle of nicely aged whiskey.

    In a mine and young man works day and night to provide for the people around him. He is strong and brave, but no one is looking out for him. He needs something. He needs something to keep himself going. Something worth fighting for.

    Deep the central network of tunnels two governments wage war for control of the whole system. The entire surviving force of humanity is underground now and these two factions want control of it all. The Imperial Republic and the United People’s Alliance. Are they the good guys or just another set of monsters?

    The human race was chased underground years ago from a terror we no longer remember. The only ways to the surface are through five very large vault doors. They are all locked and sealed, and each is guarded by a plethora of dangers. The tunnels are large and expand beyond most people’s knowledge. The tunnels were made big enough to allow room for entire space ships, which is a major way for the people to get around. Trains and rails are also a major part of transportation for the people living underground. Humanity is shattered and split up into colonies and small mining towns scattered around the tunnels. The two cities are owned by the governments. The tunnels are also home to many subterranean monsters that are not friendly and will not think twice before tearing you to shreds. Before humanity retreated underground Earth was supposedly a highly active place for the galaxy and many aliens would come there. When the humans were chased underground many aliens were forced to come down too. But life in the underground tunnels isn’t wonderful. It’s hard and dangerous. Everything could kill you. One of the two factions, a raider party, a run in with a monster, or even just a mining accident. But where else can we go?

    Plot: Okay so generations ago humanity decided we couldn’t remain on the surface any more so everyone retreated underground. Now in our generation no one knows why because everyone who had lived through it never talked about it and is dead. For a while a small remnant of the old United World Government was still around, but at the battle of New Washington it was eliminated and replaced by the New World Order. The NWO split into the Imperial Republic and the United People’s Alliance. The IR took over the city of New Washington and made it their capitol. The UPA made a city called Senova their capitol and the two factions have been at war ever since. The war is very trench warfare style however the ships are a large part of it too.
    Groups in the Tunnels:
    The Imperial Republic (IR): The Imperials wear a very strict uniform. They have the better supplies and weapons. They have a very strict set of laws so they can keep “order”. They keep a very tight shift.

    The United People’s Alliance (UPR): The Alliance does not have a strict uniform but they fly the color red with honor. They have more people but are not quite as well supplied with food or weapons. They are very capable fighters and have a lot of courage.

    The Monsters: There are many types of subterranean monsters hidden in the dark tunnels. They are almost insect like but huge and somehow more disgusting then bugs. They will rip you to pieces in no time if you let them. They seem to be on the move and some of the border colonies are running out of ammo.

    Mining Colonists: The Colonists are groups of humans that have found secure areas in the underground tunnels where they can set up homes and mines. These little societies popped up all over the underground tunnels when they humans retreated underground. They aren’t the best places to live but they are free.

    New Washington: This city was once the Capitol of the entire underground back when the United World Government was still around. It is the nicest and most high tech place in the underground. After the UWG was destroyed it was taken over by the IR. Now it is a darker place. Looking in it still appears beautiful and pleasant but no one sees what happens in the dark alley ways or behind the walls of the government buildings.

    Senova: This city is now the capitol of UPR. It is a newer city and was built of scratch. It isn’t very nice but has everything the people need. There isn’t much to tell about it and not much any one knows about it outside the city because no one can ever leave the city unless they are going to the battlefield.

    Mining Colonies: Um just about everything to say has already been said above. They Colonies are like small towns. They tend to all have similar things like a main bar, shopping street, mine ((almost all colonies have mines in the tunnels. Some towns have found suitable land to farm and do that instead. And others run as being trading posts. But most are mining towns.)) And all, absolutely all, towns have a docking bay and engine repair shop for ships.

    The Frontline Caves: These caves have been renamed because they are the frontlines for the war between the two factions. They are a mess and no one lives in them anymore. Only people with a death wish go there.

    The Under Region: The lower tunnels are now completely inhabited by the monsters. It used to be home to some of the last humans to enter the tunnels. One day while they were mining they broke through to a hidden nexus of tunnels underneath the human’s tunnels. That’s when the monsters started to flood out into the Under Regions.

    - No Godmodding!!! I mean it. I want none of it, Bleed!
    - This is in a post-apoc future. We at the mining colonies are not very well supplied and most of our weapons are mining tools and police weapons. It’s all very rusty and poorly created tech.
    - Keep it realistic. We are all human after all. Except the monsters of course. Those are monsters. They are ****ing scary. I mean really scary and dangerous. One on one you would not win against a monster. It would **** you up.
    - There are plenty of futuristic things in this world. In fact we are overflowing with it. But in the mining colonies most of it is rusted and badly forged.
    - We all start in a small mining town called Ranser.
    - Also TK is my co GM so listen to him!

    Charrie Skeleton
    Profession: ((Basic stuff like Miner, bartender, trader, or whatever simple job you can think of))
    Equipment: ((Only tools and stuff like that really, just to start out with. If you are going to be like the sheriff or whatever you can have like a revolver, but not a whole lot of useful stuff.))

    Name: Adam Moore
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is a very brave and healthy man.
    His arm isn’t like that, he just wears gloves. Seriously that’s kinda gross and creepy. Also he doesn't have a beard. Or even just that peach fuzz there.
    Profession: He’s a simple Miner.
    Equipment: He has a few mining tools. One called a Berater, which fires a pulse of pressure, used for dislodging rocks. Another called the Plasma Repeater which fires a small line of plasma use to make precise incisions in the rock. He also has a large Pressure Hammer which is basically just an extremely useful jack hammer. He also has welding tool.
    History: He grew up on the streets like a good many people these days. He quickly got a job at the mines in order to make money so he can have a real life. He can’t remember his parents if he even ever had any. He does remember one day when he was a young boy he ventured from his home town of Ranser and went to a vault door nearby. It was sealed of course so getting out through it would be impossible, but he found something that interested him. A lone dying flower was trying desperately to grow. Seeing that the only plants that can grow underground are things like potatoes and carrots this was very unusual. He never saw a flower since. But it has always tugged at his mind.
    Extra: He collects old world post cards with the pretty pictures on them.
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