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    ((Okayy, by far this is totally my deepest character evah!))
    Name: AvaRose (Ava) Edwards
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Personality: A sweet girl, very shy, secretive, very trusting and quiet.
    Appearance: Ava is very pretty. She has white-ish blonde hair, and eyes that are so dark seem purple. But they are really blue. Her skin is pale, and almost translucent.
    Profession: Waitress
    Equipment: Carries a small pistol in her handbag.
    History: When Ava was a little girl her father went out to try and get aboveground. Her mother thought he was crazy and kicked him out. She never saw her father since. Ava's mom then had to get a second job to support three kids, Virgil and Thalia, Ava's older fraternal twins, and herself the baby of the house. One day, her mom was cooking and it started a house fire, trapping her family inside. Ava was currently outside, trying to sell clothes her mom made, on the street. When her mother and older siblings didn't make it out of the house, she was sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle on her father's side. They cared for her and homeschooled her, hoping that she can find a good job to support herself. She left her Aunt and Uncle when she turned 22, and got a job waitressing to pay her apartment bills.
    Extra: Due to the devastaing loss of her family, Ava sometimes has extreme manic episodes, that can sometimes lead to hallucinations or fits of rage. And she is really good at cards.
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