The world is made of two sections. The Void and the Earth. The Earth is home to a wide variety of races dominantly home to humans. The Void however is said to be the remnants of a world which was plunged into a never-ending war. Scattered throughout are pieces of what was once land floating around in the nothingness of the cosmos. The Void does not house many species, only two. The Larkons, known by humans as "Demons", and the Heretics, known by humans as "Wisps".

The two worlds first encountered each other unexpectedly due to a highly improbable coincidence. A Shaman and Demon were both conducting a ritual at the exact same time and this pulled both worlds into a singular existence. Naturally the blood thirsty Demons who tore the world apart once before declared war and a bloody battle began.

The fighting lasted five years before a league of higher Demons and Humans both agreed the war would not end until both sides were destroyed. The Demons, though blood thirsty, did not want to see this happen again. Peace was declared and the two races integrated into each other. At this point the humans discovered that the Heretics, the source of the Demons magical power, were actually slaves to them. The humans demanded they be released however the Demons soon explained that the Heretics had been genetically locked to each of them in order to stop them escaping and could only be released if the owner demon died.

As demons began to pass away many years later they each began giving their wisps to select humans they had either trusted or befriended. Others obtained theirs by hunting down and killing rouge demons. Soon humans began to thrive with magical power and the danger of a village or town being destroyed by a monster attack was decreasing significantly. The world was now a great land where Humans and Demons co-existed.

But not everyone thought this was great...

Daniel rubbed his head. "Oh. What happened." He opened his eyes. The area around him was filled with black grass and the ground he was sat on seemed harder than normal. Looking into the distance he saw that the land cut off and lead into a black void of nothingness.
"What are you doing here?" A voice behind him whispered. Daniel turned around suddenly.
"You shouldn't be here...You can't be here!" The voice continued. Daniel found himself looking into the large, orange eyes of a floating black sphere of what he could only describe as "energy"
"What are you talking about?" He asked.
"You can't be here. Humans have never been here." Daniel looked around at the emptiness again.
"Been where?" He asked.
"The Void." Daniel was rather taken back by this. A loud explosion came from behind him. He turned around quickly. Dark red eyes stared into his.
"A mortal? How unexpected." The figure grabbed Daniel by the throat. "I didn't expect to have to fight one of you before the portal was open."
"No matter. I guess it's practice." As they finished their sentence they through Daniel into the dark void below.
Daniel woke up in a hot sweat. He looked around to assure him it was a dream. He walked into the bathroom and looked at his watch. 6:12. He splashed cold water on his face. "It was just a dream." He said to himself. "Just a dream..." He repeated slowly as he examined the bruses on his neck in the mirror.


RUNDOWN: You have all woken up that morning after having a similar dream. Confused and dazed you confront your friends. (The other three RPers) and discuss what has happened. The main objective of the plot will be revealed soon after this.

SETTING: The story is set in a medieval meets futuristic world where robotic mechs and guns exist alongside swords and crossbows. The realm is inhabited by a manner of monsters which you can make up as you first encounter them. Just remember to supply a picture or written description.

  1. Any plot events I issue must be followed to some degree. Leniency is possible if you PM me with why.
  2. You are not the luckiest person alive. Give your character some damage every now and again. It's more fun if we have to just run sometimes.
  3. You are already good friends with the other RPers. Not being the cold loner.
  4. Any major events or character changes must be approved by me first. Send me a PM if you want to make any.
  5. There are only 4 characters. This allows for 3 more people. First come first serve.


Age: (15-19)
Weapon Proficiency: (The type of weapon you are better at using.)
Weapon Deficiency: (You tend to miss and stumble with this type of weapon.)
Appearance: (Picture or description will work)


Name: Daniel
Weapon Proficiency:Ranged
Weapon Deficiency:Close quarters
Appearance:He has brown hair cut just before his neck which is always scruffy despite him always claiming to have combed it. He usually wears a green, short sleeved shirt with a brown jacket over the top which is always open. His trousers are battered and worn from his free running attempts and mountain climbing. His shoes are just as worn.
Personality: Though timid to those he doesn't know he is known to all his friends as "cocky". He tends to push things to far but when one of his friends is in danger he takes everything seriously and will try his best to protect them. His fear of spiders is deeply psychological and will refuse to go into caves no matter what due to the giant spiders which live in some.
Strengths:Agile and acrobatic on his feet
Weaknesses:Not a high upper body strength


Please only join this if you intend to play it to the end.