{Shiori-Chan~ I didn't think you would join }

Everything was a blur of sounds and sudden bright lights, Erika picked her head up with a groan, eyes glued shut by the sleep that corroded the corners. She wiped it away eyes burning from the sudden light that streamed through her windows. She wandered if her sister had already left for work, if so she would use that to her advantage and get herself dressed before who ever was at the door had a heart attack from ringing the bell so much. She quickly ran to the bathroom, brushing through her hair and putting it up how she normally did so, pulling on her beret and getting dressed quickly before grabbing her bag and cell phone. She looked in the mirror and tilted her head to the side, deciding that she needed a hair cut soon, her long black hair had become longer then it should have been, and was at that almost awkward length that made her look sort of scruffy. She shook her head and rushed from the bathroom, traipsing down the stairs. Whoever was at the door still had yet to stop ringing the doorbell.

"Hold your damn horses!" She shouted loudly, flinging the door open, not in a very good mood after the rude awakening. The light from outside flooded her vision for a moment, before she was able to make out the details of someone she truly didn't want to see. "Ah Izaya~" She said with a smirk, "I should have known it was you" She said, amused at how easily she could tell it was him, for one, he always wore the same damned jacket, and two, he always had that antagonistic smirk on his face.pushing past him with her black and green striped cell phone in her hand. "No doubt Daniel sent you" She said while walking away from him and texting at the same time.

"I cannot begin to fathom why it would be this degenerate fool whom you have sent to my house, therefore I shall not complain, but be warned he woke me up in such a way that later you will all feel my wrath" She sent the text and gave Izaya an Amused smirk. They were alike in so many ways that they could either clash with each other, ending up fighting till no end, or they would team up and be the best of buds. Despite their similar attitudes they were also different in many ways, it was almost like a constant battle between them, and it often annoyed her to no end. Of course, there were always those rare moment when they seemed to actually get along in front of their friends, but it seemed like every moment was either him testing her, or her testing him. Erika let her grin drop, closing her eyes and shoving her hands into her pockets, much like how Izaya did alot. "Are we going or what?" She said simply, not sparing another glance towards him.