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Thread: [SWTOR] BIGMAX Guild - Stepping up guild quality

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    Default [SWTOR] BIGMAX Guild - Stepping up guild quality

    :sy_republic: BIGMAX :sy_republic:

    Alliance: Galactic Republic
    Server: PvE Server
    Ages: 16+

    Website and Features
    Ventrilo Voice Chat (Given After applying), Frequent Updates, Personal Forums, Guild Wiki, User and Character Management, Unique Layout, DKP

    Itís a new guild, simply.

    My Background
    As leading member of the guild I personally have a strong background in video gaming and mmorpgs with over 10 years worth of experience. In the past I have done more co-leading and management then leading in guilds and with a strong passion for Star Wars I thought it would be a good opportunity to lead. Of course Iím going to need some help.

    About the guild
    BIGMAX is intended to be a laid back guild. We accept younger players because we donít plan to exclude any possible hidden talent however our all members are intended to be or act like mature adults with very little room for exceptions. We are looking for casual active members to help build our SWTOR community. We hope to find members who are very knowledgeable and helpful to help guide our padawans.

    The primary goal of the BIGMAX Guild is questing crafting and endgame content. Questing, Heroics, Flashpoints and of course Operations will be top priority. We will be PVPing here and there and players can choose to be PVP focused if they wish however we will be situated on a PVE server.

    Why BIGMAX?
    By joining you'll have an opportunity increase your game play experience through seasoned mmorpg players. You'll be able to meet lots of friendly and helpful players, as well as take part SWTORS greater events and finding a party for quests getting a price checks etc will be all easier with our unique professional site and management.

    Rules and Guidelines
    • Members bust be 16 years of age, or older
    • Donít expect members to spoon-feed you help, google and research then ask. And after that will likely point you in the right direction. Were all busy people.
    • Be respectful and mindful of each other.
    • Were not responsible for your ďReal lifeĒ, keep your personal issues out of game, and out of chat.
    • We will be diligent but your responsible for yourself, ask if you need something.
    • Do NOT beg for gold or equipment from other members

    If you think satisfying the above requirements and complying with the rules are easy...

    Apply HERE

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    This Belongs in shameless promotion.

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    Moved it Delete me!

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