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Thread: Legends Of Ophelie: The Wolf Stone

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    Ken Valdez

    (YAY I'M BACK!)

    Ken cleaned his bloody knife, it was only an hour ago when he killed his newest target. He had to admit this one was the hardest. Five guards always guarded him almost anywhere. He sighed remembering that he killed could only kill him while he was sleeping, also he was scared of the rapid firing crossbows that shoots small metal arrows. He almost got hit by one when a guard spotted him. "Guns", that were those infernal contraptions was called. His most favorite vehicle was the motorcycle, a miracle how they got a carriage to be smaller with no horses.

    Ken returned back to the kingdom, "Well" he thought "Home sweet home.
    The SADDEST people, seems to be the NICEST. Because they wouldn't want to mess anyone's MOOD. But you never know what SECRETS hide behind that nice SMILE. If you would look into their eyes, you would see DESPAIR and HOPELESSNESS. Could it have been a BROKEN HEART? Can it be something YOU have done? In every smile you would see a hint of a FROWN.

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    (( Aww, guessed it died? o_o Would be such a shame.. Been dying to get into a nice fantasy RP))
    "Once upon a time, there was a little cat, who thought he could swim, but he couldn't, so he sank."

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